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Ultra-microbes are the minerogenetic constructors of oceanic polymetallic nodules
Jianlin Chen,Fusheng Zhang,Lizeng Bian
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF03182634
Abstract: Polymetallic nodules (mangnese nodules) are a typical kind of manganese oncdites. The distribution of smooth surface and knobbly mangaree nodules is cloyely related to the geological background of the mine field. A systematic study on their inner laminae structure and features suggests that they are the products of millions of years reproduction and accumulation of the recently foundMiniactimyces chinensis andSpirisophaerospora pucifia.
Optimal Color Design of Psychological Counseling Room by Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology
Wenjuan Liu, Jianlin Ji, Hua Chen, Chenyu Ye
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0090646
Abstract: Color is one of the most powerful aspects of a psychological counseling environment. Little scientific research has been conducted on color design and much of the existing literature is based on observational studies. Using design of experiments and response surface methodology, this paper proposes an optimal color design approach for transforming patients’ perception into color elements. Six indices, pleasant-unpleasant, interesting-uninteresting, exciting-boring, relaxing-distressing, safe-fearful, and active-inactive, were used to assess patients’ impression. A total of 75 patients participated, including 42 for Experiment 1 and 33 for Experiment 2. 27 representative color samples were designed in Experiment 1, and the color sample (L = 75, a = 0, b = -60) was the most preferred one. In Experiment 2, this color sample was set as the ‘central point’, and three color attributes were optimized to maximize the patients’ satisfaction. The experimental results show that the proposed method can get the optimal solution for color design of a counseling room.
A multi-template combination algorithm for protein comparative modeling
Jianlin Cheng
BMC Structural Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6807-8-18
Abstract: Here we develop an effective multi-template combination algorithm for protein comparative modeling. The algorithm selects templates according to the similarity significance of the alignments between template and target proteins. It combines the whole template-target alignments whose similarity significance score is close to that of the top template-target alignment within a threshold, whereas it only takes alignment fragments from a less similar template-target alignment that align with a sizable uncovered region of the target.We compare the algorithm with the traditional method of using a single top template on the 45 comparative modeling targets (i.e. easy template-based modeling targets) used in the seventh edition of Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP7). The multi-template combination algorithm improves the GDT-TS scores of predicted models by 6.8% on average. The statistical analysis shows that the improvement is significant (p-value < 10-4). Compared with the ideal approach that always uses the best template, the multi-template approach yields only slightly better performance. During the CASP7 experiment, the preliminary implementation of the multi-template combination algorithm (FOLDpro) was ranked second among 67 servers in the category of high-accuracy structure prediction in terms of GDT-TS measure.We have developed a novel multi-template algorithm to improve protein comparative modeling.Protein structure prediction is one of the most important problems in structural bioinformatics [1-3]. Comparative (or homology) modeling is currently the most accurate and practical structure prediction method [4-19].In general comparative modeling involves four steps [11,20,21]: (1) identify a homologous template protein for a target protein; (2) generate an alignment between the template and the target; (3) create a model based on the alignment and the template structure; (4) evaluate and refine the model. The two key factors determ
A neural network approach to ordinal regression
Jianlin Cheng
Computer Science , 2007,
Abstract: Ordinal regression is an important type of learning, which has properties of both classification and regression. Here we describe a simple and effective approach to adapt a traditional neural network to learn ordinal categories. Our approach is a generalization of the perceptron method for ordinal regression. On several benchmark datasets, our method (NNRank) outperforms a neural network classification method. Compared with the ordinal regression methods using Gaussian processes and support vector machines, NNRank achieves comparable performance. Moreover, NNRank has the advantages of traditional neural networks: learning in both online and batch modes, handling very large training datasets, and making rapid predictions. These features make NNRank a useful and complementary tool for large-scale data processing tasks such as information retrieval, web page ranking, collaborative filtering, and protein ranking in Bioinformatics.
Design and fabrication of soft X-ray multilayer for broadband reflection
Zhanshan Wang,Changjun Ke,Yueying Ma,Tieqiang Zhang,Jianlin Cao,Xingdan Chen
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02887116
Abstract: A random method used for improving light throughput of a soft X-ray multilayer has been developed in the 18–20 nm spectral region, based on the traditional theory of periodic multilayer, and an 8% gain in integrated reflectance is obtained. The ensemble calculation is presented at the same time, and the multilayer is fabricated by magnetron sputtering. Finally low-angle X-ray diffraction and reflectance comparative measurement are used for testing the multilayer. The results demonstrate that layer thickness disorder yields band broadening and increased integrated reflectance in the spectral range with respect to periodic multilayer, but is accompanied by a reduction in reflectance peak. Layer thickness disorder makes it more difficult to fabricate broadband multilayer, and improving the techniques of layer thickness control is the keystone of experiments.
A low voltage and small hysteresis C60 thin film transistor

Zhou Jianlin,Chen Rengang,

半导体学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Organic thin film transistors with C60 as an n-type semiconductor have been fabricated. A tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5)/poly-methylmethacrylate (PMMA) double-layer structured gate dielectric was used. The Ta2O5 layer was prepared by using a simple solution-based and economical anodization technique. Our results demonstrate that double gate insulators can combine the advantage of Ta2O5 with high dielectric constant and polymer insulator for a better interface with the organic semiconductor. The performance of the device can be improved obviously with double gate insulators, compared to that obtained by using a single Ta2O5 or PMMA insulator. Then, a good performance n-type OTFT, which can work at 10 V with mobility, threshold voltage and on/off current ratio of, respectively, 0.26 cm2/(V.s), 3.2 V and 8.31 × 104 , was obtained. Moreover, such an OTFT shows a negligible ``hysteresis effect' contributing to the hydroxyl-free insulator surface.
Zircon geochronology and geological implications of ore-bearing porphyries from Zhongdian arc

REN JiangBo,XU JiFeng,CHEN JianLin,

岩石学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Hypabyssal porphyries associated with porphyry copper deposits are widely distributed in Zhongdian island arc in the northwest of Yunnan Province. The LA-ICPMS zircon U-Pb method is used to date the formational age of the porphyries in western and eastern side of the Zhongdian island arc. Zircons separated from Xuejiping ore-bearing porphyry in the western side of Zhongdian yielded mean 206Pb/238Pb ages of 213.4±1.5Ma. Meanwhile zircons separated from Qiansui quartz dioritic porphyrite in the eastern side of Zhongdian yielded mean 206Pb/238Pb ages of 217.1±1.5Ma. These ages are consistent with those of high-precision zircon geochronology reported by other porphyries in this area, which indicate they are coeval and without obvious different ages between western and eastern side porphyries in the Zhongdian island arc. Together with other published geochronological data, these Indo-porphyries related to mineralization were predominantly formed at 223~211Ma and spatially exhibited a planar-shaped distribution. All of these zircons display the same REE patterns with extremely high CeN/CeN* and relatively weak EuN/EuN* ratios, which hints that the magma formation experienced a condition of high oxygen fugacity. We suggest that these porphyries related copper deposits are probably related to the westward subduction of the Ganzhi-Litang ocean plate during Late Triassic. The melts from subducted slab with relatively high oxygen fugacity and fertile in metal possibly play an important role in promoting mineralization of the porphyry copper deposits.
Linear Tuning of Fiber Grating Wavelength Based on Variational Section Beam Without chirp Effect

Chen Chao,Zhao Jianlin,Li Jifeng,

光子学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The basic linear tuning principle of fiber grating wavelength without chirp effect using variational section beam with uniform intensity is theoretically analyzed in this paper. Three kinds of basic design scheme of variational section beam and the condition that the elastic beam section as tuning device of the wavelength of fiber grating without chirp effect must satisfy are presented. The characteristics of the tuning technologies using cantilever beam based on identical section and variational section are discussed. It is shown that by bring lateral load to bear on simple beam and cantilever beam a linear tuning of fiber gating wavelength without chirp effect can be realized, and the setup is simple in structure and easy to design.
Identification and Characterization of MicroRNAs in Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) by Using Solexa Sequencing Technology
Zhiqiang Xu, Jiaping Chen, Xuguang Li, Jiachun Ge, Jianlin Pan, Xiaofeng Xu
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054174
Abstract: Channel catfish (Ictalurus spp.) is an economically important species in freshwater aquaculture around the world and occupies a prominent position in the aquaculture industry of the United States. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in the regulation of almost every biological process in eukaryotes; however, there is little information available concerning miRNAs in channel catfish. In this study, a small-RNA cDNA library was constructed from 10 tissues of channel catfish, and Solexa sequencing technology was used to perform high-throughput sequencing of the library. A total of 14,919,026 raw reads, representing 161,288 unique sequences, were obtained from the small-cDNA library. After comparing the small RNA sequences with the RFam database, 4,542,396 reads that represent 25,538 unique sequences were mapped to the genome sequence of zebrafish to perform distribution analysis and to screen for candidate miRNA genes. Subsequent bioinformatic analysis identified 237 conserved miRNAs and 45 novel miRNAs in the channel catfish. Stem-loop RT-PCR was applied to validate and profile the expression of the novel miRNAs in 10 tissues. Some novel miRNAs, such as ipu-miR-129b, ipu-miR-7562 and ipu-miR-7553, were expressed in all tissues examined. However, some novel miRNAs appear to be tissue specific. Ipu-miR-7575 is predominantly expressed in stomach. Ipu-miR-7147 and ipu-miR-203c are highly expressed in heart, but are relatively weakly expressed in other tissues. Based on sequence complementarity between miRNAs and mRNA targets, potential target sequences for the 45 novel miRNAs were identified by searching for antisense hits in the reference RNA sequences of the channel catfish. These potential target sequences are involved in immune regulation, transcriptional regulation, metabolism and many other biological functions. The discovery of miRNAs in the channel catfish genome by this study contributes to a better understanding of the role miRNAs play in regulating diverse biological processes in fish and vertebrates.

Chen Su,Peng Jianzhong,Shen Jianlin,Chen Yue,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2002,
Abstract: In this paper,the drilling core examination data of 192 DJM piles in the Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou freeway project are analyzed. The adjusting indices and standards of construction quality in drilling core examination of DJM piles are discussed.
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