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Isolation and Sequence Analysis of NBS-type Resistance Gene Analogues in Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.)

CHEN Guan-shui,ZHOU Yi-fei,LIN Sheng,PAN Da-ren,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Degenerate primers based on conserved motif (P-loop and GLPL) of the nucleotide binding site (NBS) region from the cloned plant disease resistance genes were used to isolate resistance gene analogues (RGAs) from genomic DNA of the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) cultivar Qingnong No. 2. The desired bands (~500 bp) were purified from the gel, and then cloned by T/A cloning. After sequencing and analyzing by alignment, 15 RGAs with uninterrupted open reading frames (ORFs) were obtained. Sequence identity among the 15 RGA nucleotide sequences ranged from 41.2% to 99.4%, while the 15 RGAs deduced amino acid sequences showed identity ranged from 20.6% to 100%. The phylogenetic analyses for RGA nucleotide sequences and the deduced amino acids showed that RGAs from sweet potato were divided into two groups, TIR (Drosophila Toll or human interleukin receptor-like) type and nonTIR type. The analysis of RGAs amino acid sequence structures suggested that they contained the domains such as P-loop, Kinase-2, Kinase-3a, and GLPL. These results showed that NBS type RGAs isolated from sweet potato might have the same origin and mechanism of evolution as that in other plants.
The Expression Analysis of Pathogenesis-related Protein Encoding Genes in Chewing Cane Leaves Infected by Gibberella fujikuroi
Gibberella fujikuroi侵染果蔗叶片病程相关蛋白编码基因的表达分析

LIN Sheng,ZHOU Ming-ming,CHEN Ting,CHEN Guan-shui,ZHOU Yi-fei,PAN Da-ren,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 利用实时荧光定量RT-PCR,用梢腐病病原菌(Gibberella fujikuroi)侵染不同果蔗品种叶片,对病程相关蛋白编码基因SoSOD、SoCHIT、SoPOD与SoTPS6P的转录水平进行了分析。结果表明,果蔗的SoSOD、SoCHIT、SoPOD与SoTPS6P受到梢腐病病原菌的诱导表达,丰城紫皮、白鳝、福安与拔地拉果蔗叶片中它们的表达量较高,而在温岭、宁德与歪干担叶片中的表达量较低。这说明这些病程相关蛋白编码基因表达水平与不同果蔗品种的梢腐病抗病性存在一定的关联。
Arabidopsis trichome research sheds light on cotton fiber development mechanisms
XueYing Guan,Nan Yu,XiaoXia Shangguan,Shui Wang,Shan Lu,LingJian Wang,XiaoYa Chen
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-0273-2
Abstract: Aerial surfaces of most land plants have epidermal hairs (trichomes). Both Arabidopsis thaliana trichomes and cotton fibers (seed hairs) are nonglandular hairs with unicellular structure. Here we outline the recent progress on molecular dissection of Arabidopsis trichome development, including the transcription factors regulating trichome initiation, phytohormones influencing trichome density, and the cytoskeleton formation system governing trichome morphogenesis. There is increasing evidence showing that these processes also control cotton fiber production. As several cotton fiber genes are able to rescue the Arabidopsis trichome mutants, we discuss the conservation between Arabidopsis trichome and cotton fiber development.
The Investigation and Analysis of Teachers’ Involvement in Students’ Autonomous Learning  [PDF]
Chen Guan, Feipeng Li
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2014.44044
Abstract: The cultivation of students’ autonomous learning ability is one of the important sections of English teaching reform at college in China. However, it doesn’t mean that teachers’ involvement is becoming less and less necessary; instead, teachers’ involvement is significant and indispensable to guarantee and promote learner autonomy. This paper firstly introduces the basic concept of students’ autonomous learning and teachers’ involvement briefly. Then, it analyzes the statistics of the questionnaire about teachers’ involvement in Baoding University. Finally, this paper illustrates the different roles that teachers should play in and after class with the reference of questionnaire data discussed above. Hopefully, this paper may have some enlightment for teachers’ involvement in students’ autonomous learning.
An Investigation into Culturally-Loaded Words Teaching and Learning by Non-English Majors  [PDF]
Chen Guan, Yanan Zhao
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2016.62004
Abstract: Culturally-loaded words and expressions are the direct and indirect reflection of national culture in the structure of words and expressions. Improper use of culturally-loaded words may result in misunderstanding in cross-cultural communication. By means of paper test and questionnaire, this paper aims at investigating the current situation of culturally-loaded words teaching and learning among non-English majors in Baoding University. Some suggestions are proposed on how to improve culturally-loaded words teaching and learning based on the study result.
Clinical study and electron microscope observation of tapeworm scolices on 548 cases of taeniasis treated with Binlang Chengqi Decoction
CHEN Zhi-Shui
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2003,
Abstract: Objective: To observe the effect and mechanism of Chinese herbs in the treatment of taeniasis. Methods: Five hundred and forty-eight cases of taeniasis were treated with Binlang Chengqi Decoction (BLCQD). The tapeworm scolices of ten cases were observed by electron microscope (EM). Results: Among the 548 cases, 521 cases were cured and 27 cases were improved. The total effective rate was 100%. Foam-like secretion in the sucker of the tapeworm scolices and erosion of the epithelium in the cervical part were observed by scanning electron microscope. Observed by transmission electron microscope, the cortex was seriously damaged. The microvilli were exfoliated. The cells in the muscle layer and parenchyma layer were injured in various degrees. The mitochondria were tumefied or caved.And the nerve cord was damaged. Conclusion: BLCQD can not only paralyze the tapeworm scolex, but also injury the cells of the tapeworm scolex.
Cantor Limit Set of a Topological Transformation Group on S1
Keying Guan,Zuming Chen
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/342759
Abstract: The limit set of a topological transformation group on generated by two generators is proved to be totally disconnected (or thin) and perfect if the conditions (i–v) are satisfied. A concrete application to a Doubly Periodic Riccati equation is given. 1. Introduction The conception limit set of a transformation group plays an important role in both theory and application of modern mathematics. Assume that is a transformation group (or semigroup) formed with some continuous self-mapping on a Hausdorff space . For any , the set is called an orbit through under the action of . For any subset of , let A subset of is called a -invariant set if A subset of is called the least invariant set of if it is a nonempty closed invariant set, in which there is not any nonempty closed proper subset which is -invariant. Based on the continuity of the elements in , it is easy to obtain the following proposition. Proposition 1.1. Let be a least invariant set of . For any , if there is such a point that then For any , a least invariant set of is called a limit set of the orbit if It is easy to prove the following proposition. Proposition 1.2. If the topology space is compact, then under the action of the transformation group (or semigroup) , any least invariant set is perfect if it is not finite. Therefore, it is quite possible that a limit set under the action of may be totally disconnected and perfect (a Cantor set), and that may be with fractal structure when some measure is attached. It is an important subject in the modern nonlinear science to study the exact structure of the limit set for a given nonlinear system, especially, to determine if the limit set is a totally disconnected and perfect set (for simple, called a Cantor set). However, it is usually not an easy task to do so, because of the strong nonlinearity and nonintegrability of the system. So it is necessary to explore the conditions for the existence of Cantor-type limit set. As an example, a traditional dynamical system is a continuous (or discrete) group or a semigroup (or ), acting on a manifold . The related group or semigroup is usually generated by a single generator. Both the -limit set and -limit set of an orbit through a point are limit sets of the corresponding group by the present definition [1]. If a least invariant set or a limit set of a dynamical system is Cantor type, then the related complicated motion is described as deterministic chaos. This kind of complicated motion has been considered widely. And some methods for determining if the least invariant set of a dynamical system is Cantor
The Dual of Generalized Fuzzy Subspaces
Wenjuan Chen,Yanyong Guan
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/932014
Abstract: We define the dual of generalized fuzzy subspaces first. These concepts generalize the dual of fuzzy subspaces. And then we investigate the double dual of generalized fuzzy subspaces.
The Link between Purchase Delay and Resale Price Maintenance: Using the Real Options Approach
Guan-Ru Chen
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v3n1p171
Abstract: Why would a manufacturer want to impose resale price maintenance (RPM)? The traditional explanation of RPM is that it prevents retailers from free riding in providing services. In this paper, we show that the manufacturers still have incentives to impose RPM even their products do not need special services. When making a purchase decision, consumers choose from various alternatives, including options to delay the purchase, especially if they feel the price will be lower in the future. This paper connects frequent markdowns, purchase delay, and resale price maintenance (RPM) by using the real options analysis. The results indicate that the demand quantity under flexible pricing is lower than that under RPM, due to purchase delay. The profits of manufacturer will be lower without the use of RPM. This research also suggests that the manufacturer has more incentives to impose RPM on products with higher demand price elasticity. The results from real options analysis suggests that what we call consumers’ purchase delay, which is caused by retailers’ frequent markdowns makes RPM a desirable strategy for manufacturers.
Super-Tonks-Girardeau gas of spin-1/2 interacting fermions
Liming Guan,Shu Chen
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.105.175301
Abstract: Fermi gases confined in tight one-dimensional waveguides form two-particle bound states of atoms in the presence of a strongly attractive interaction. Based on the exact solution of the one-dimensional spin-1/2 interacting Fermi gas, we demonstrate that a stable excited state with no pairing between attractive fermionic atoms can be realized by a sudden switch of interaction from strongly repulsive regime to the strongly attractive regime. Such a state is an exact fermionic analog of the experimentally observed super-Tonks-Girardeau state of bosonic Cesium atoms [Science 325, 1224 (2009)] and should be possible to be observed by the experiment. The frequency of lowest breathing mode of the fermionic super-Tonks-Girardeau gas is calculated as a function of the interaction strength, which could be used as a detectable signature for the experimental observation.
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