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Estima??o de parametros genéticos entre pesos pré e pós-desmama na ra?a Nelore
Garnero,A.V.; Mu?oz,M.C.C.D.; Marcondes,C.R.; Lbo,R.B.; Lira,T.; Gunski,R.J.;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-05922010000200019
Abstract: correlations among two or more traits indicate the extent to which they are associated. the level and magnitude of this association are key factors in genetic improvement because the goal is to enhance the genetic makeup of a group of traits that act simultaneously. therefore, the aim of this study was to estimate the components of variance and heritability for standard weights at 120, 240, 365, 450 and 550 days of age (p120, p240, p365, p450 and p550, respectively), and the genetic correlation among p120 and other weights in nellore cattle using a database of 29 769 records. bivariate analysis was carried out for all the traits using p120 as an anchor, and additive covariance was fixed as an analytical strategy in order to obtain genetic correlation estimates. heritability (h2) values were 0.21 for p240; 0.37 for p365; 0.36 for p450 and 0.42 for p550. the estimation of h2 varied between 0.23 and 0.31 for w120. genetic correlation estimates were high and positive, 0.96, 0.87, 0.79 and 0.76 among p120 and p240, p365, p450 and p550, respectively. these values indicate that selection for weight at younger ages will lead to a corresponding change in later weight, in the same direction.
Compara??o entre análises para permanência no rebanho de vacas Nelore utilizando modelo linear e modelo de limiar
Marcondes, C.R.;Paneto, J.C.C.;Silva, J.A.II V.;Oliveira, H.N.;Lbo, R.B.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352005000200016
Abstract: heritability and expected progeny difference (epd) for stayability based on progeny records of 4,180 sires from the programa de melhoramento genético da ra?a nelore were estimated. bayesian analyses for threshold and linear models were performed using the software multiple trait gibbs sampler for animal model. gibbs size chain of 225,000, burn-in of 25,000 and thinning interval of 1,000 cycles were considered for implementation purpose. the heritability estimated by linear model (.065) was lower than for threshold model (0.158). the heritability estimate for transformed continuous threshold scale was .13±.05 which is close to the heritability estimate for threshold model. the high rank correlation between the solutions from both models (97%) suggests the stayability analysis under bayesian perspective does not influence the rank of the animal epd. therefore linear model analysis for transformed threshold stayability data, which has a reduced processing time, should be used.
Análise bayesiana do índice perímetro escrotal/peso de animais Nelore do Estado do Tocantins, Brasil
Marcondes,C.R.; Araújo,R.O.; Vozzi,P.A.; Gunski,R.J.; Garnero,A. del V.; Lbo,R.B.;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2011,
Abstract: the aim of this study was to estimate the genetic parameters of the index scrotal circumference/weight standarized for 365 days of age (ind365), via bayesian inference, in two separate models of analysis on nellore animals born in the tocantins state, brazil. the file was composed of 693 records of the ind365 divided into 16 contemporaneous group. variance components were analyzed via bayesian inference, through the programs in fortran language. sampling of every 100 or 500 rounds and a little conservative burn-in can be implemented. means of direct heritabilities were 0.18 (with and without maternal effect) and 0.14 for maternal heritabilities. these results suggest that the ind365 can be used as alternative criterion in breeding programs to nellore cattle and respond satisfactorily to the selection process.
Parametros genéticos da taxa de matura??o e do peso assintótico de fêmeas da ra?a Nelore
Garnero, A. Del V.;Marcondes, C.R.;Bezerra, L.A.F.;Oliveira, H.N.;Lbo, R.B.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352005000500011
Abstract: data from 1158 females nellore beef cattle, born between 1984 and 1995, at 10 breeding farms and located at seven differents states of brazil were used to establish a growth pattern curve of beef cattle females, and to estimate variance components, heritabilities and genetic correlations between the parameters for von bertalanffy, brody, logístic and gompertz models. the nlin procedure and the mtdfreml program under animal model were used for single and two trait analyses. the average weight (a) and growth rate (k) were 515.06 and .071 for von bertalanffy; 552.77 and .045 for brody; 501.11 and .097 for logistic; and 507.00 and .083 for gompertz, respectively. high heritabilities were estimated for a and k parameters: .39 and .42 for von bertalanffy; .42 and .44 for brody; .40 and .41 for logistic; and .39 and .39 for gompertz, respectively. all the models described adequately the growth pattern of those females. the best model to describe the growth curve based on the number of iteractions for convergence, error mean square and the coefficient of determination was brody model, followed by von bertalanffy, logistic and gompetz models. these characteristics (a and k parameters) could be included in selection index for female nelore selection.
Contribui??o dos efeitos de genearcas e de famílias sobre a probabilidade de permanência em rebanhos da ra?a Nelore
Marcondes, C.R.;Vozzi, P.A.;Araújo, R.O.;Glória, W.P.;Lbo, R.B.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352007000400025
Abstract: expected progeny differences (epd) for stayability were estimated for 4,180 sires with daughters in the program for genetic improvement of the nellore breed. the univariate threshold sire-maternal grandsire model was used, following a bayesian methodology. the sires were ranked for stayability in descending order, and those whose epd were higher than 57.6% were regarded as top1%. pedigree analysis was then conducted in order to establish whether a family tendency was present, as well as the contribution of nellore founders and ancestors for the trait under consideration. the main founders, which together were responsible for 18.8% of the genes in top1% sires, were karvadi imp (with 8.2% of genes, basically through its son chummak), godhavari imp (with 6% of genes, through kurupathy and neofito), rast? imp and falo da bv (respectively with 2.5% and 2.1%, through mothers, since they are not related to the ancestor sires). rolex, a polled sire, stayed in twelve lineages - paternal or maternal - through its grandson cardeal. among the seven nellore ancestors with the highest genetic contributions (15.3% of genes when put together), five were of the polled variety. only 28 animals apportioned 50% of the total genetic variability, which is indicative of the small number of animals used as nellore reproducers.
Estudo de modelo alternativo para estima??o de componentes de (co)variancia e predi??o de valores genéticos de características de crescimento em bovinos da ra?a Nelore
Marcondes, C.R.;Gavio, D.;Bittencourt, T.C.C.;Rocha, J.C.M.C.;Lbo, R.B.;Bezerra, L.A.F.;Tonhati, H.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352002000100014
Abstract: the objectives of this study were to estimate genetic parameters for non-standardized weights at nursing (pr120), at weaning (pr240), at yearling (pr365) and at post yearling (pr550), and to predict epd?s (expected progeny differences) for these traits using records from 29,769 nellores. covariance components and genetic parameters were estimated by mixed-model methodology, reml, using an animal model. models for pr120, pr240, pr365 and pr455 included the random direct and maternal animal effects, the dam permanent environmental effect and the error. fixed effects were contemporary group (cg) and age of cow at parturition (civp) and the covariate age of the calf at measuring. two additional models for pr365, pr455 and pr550 analyses were used: the first included cg and civp, animal and maternal direct effect, residual and age of the calf (as covariate), and the second included cg and civp (as fixed effects), animal direct effect, residual and age of calf at measuring. observed means±standard deviations were: 127±25kg (pr120); 191±34kg (pr240); 225±42kg (pr365); 266±51kg (pr455) and 310±56kg (pr550). from single-trait analyses, direct and maternal heritabilities for pr120, pr240, pr365 and pr455 were, respectively, .23 and .08; .19 and .10; .24 and .04; .30 and .04. direct heritabilities were .39; .44 and .43, respectively, for pr365, pr455 and pr550. in the model without permanent effect, direct and maternal heritabilities for pr365, pr455 and pr550 were .25 and .08; .32 and .07; .38 and .03, respectively. when the estimates for standardized traits at the same period were compared, no differences in magnitude were found. rank correlation had important changes when standardized and non-standardized traits were compared.
Variabilidade genética de búfalos em rebanho-núcleo com base na análise de pedigree
Marcondes, C.R.;Vozzi, P.A.;Cunha, B.R.N.;Lbo, R.B.;Araújo, C.V.;Marques, J.R.F.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352010000300027
Abstract: parameters based on the probability of gene origin were used to describe genetic variability in a buffalo population from the embrapa amaz?nia oriental, belém, pará, brazil. the parameters generated medium to low values (around 20 animals) and suggested low founder representativeness. from the 20 ancestors that gave more genes to males (with 71% of alleles), genetic contributions were 39%, 26%, and 5%, respectively, for murrah, mediterraneo, and crossbreds. for females, these values were 42% and 26% for murrah and mediterraneo breeds.
Preliminary Meteorological Results of a Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation Technique in Southern Italy  [PDF]
Elenio Avolio, S. Federico, A.M Sempreviva, C.R Calidonna, L. De Leo, C Bellecci
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2011.13015
Abstract: A four-dimensional data assimilation (FDDA) scheme based on a Newtonian relaxation (or “nudging”) was tested using observational asynoptic data collected at a coastal site in the Central Mediterranean peninsula of Calabria, southern Italy. The study is referred to an experimental campaign carried out in summer 2008. For this period a wind profiler, a sodar and two surface meteorological stations were considered. The collected measurements were used for the FDDA scheme, and the technique was incorporated into a tailored version of the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS). All instruments are installed and operated routinely at the experimental field of the CRATI-ISAC/CNR located at 600 m from the Tyrrhenian coastline. Several simulations were performed, and the results show that the assimilation of wind and/or temperature data, both throughout the simulation time (continuous FDDA) and for a 12 h time window (forecasting configuration), produces improvements of the model performance. Considering a whole single day, improvements are sub-stantial in the case of continuous FDDA while they are smaller in the case of forecasting configuration. En-hancements, during the first six hours of each run, are generally higher. The resulting meteorological fields are finalised as input into air quality and agro-meteorological models, for short-term predictions of renew-able energy production forecast, and for atmospheric model initialization.
Tectal plate tumors
Lázaro, Bruno C.R.;Landeiro, José A.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2006000300015
Abstract: tectal plate is a rare location for a tumor. many papers have described different types of pathology arising in that location including tumors, vascular lesions, inflamatory and infectious processes. in this paper we describe our experience in treating seven patients with tectal plate lesions, with different ages and types of pathology: five patients presented with low grade gliomas, one with lung cancer metastasis and the last presenting with a tectal plate cavernoma. open surgery was performed in three cases (due to tumor enlargement or need for the exact diagnosis). in the other cases, the treatment of non-comunicating hydrocephalus was the only treatment employed. the prognosis is of course dependent on the underlining pathology. in our series, except in the metastatic tumor case and the cavernoma, the other types of lesion consisted of low grade gliomas. these lesions represent a different type of brain stem tumor sharing a common good prognosis, with a benign behavior. we believe that tectal tumors must be managed case by case. when a patient presents with a benign lesions in the tectal region, treating the main symptom - hydrocephalus - should be the first attempt in management of these lesions.
Gross proteinuria is a strong risk predictor for cardiovascular mortality in Brazilian type 2 diabetic patients
Cardoso, C.R.L.;Salles, G.F.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2008005000035
Abstract: increased proteinuria is recognized as a risk predictor for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in diabetic patients; however, no study has evaluated these relationships in brazilian patients. the aim of this study was to investigate the prognostic value of gross proteinuria for all-cause and cardiovascular mortalities and for cardiovascular morbidity in a cohort study of 471 type 2 diabetic individuals followed for up to 7 years. several clinical, laboratory and electrocardiographic variables were obtained at baseline. the relative risks for all-cause, cardiovascular and cardiac mortalities and for cardiovascular and cardiac events associated with the presence of overt proteinuria (>0.5 g/24 h) were assessed by kaplan-meier survival curves and by multivariate cox regression model. during a median follow-up of 57 months (range 2-84 months), 121 patients (25.7%) died, 44 from cardiovascular and 30 from cardiac causes, and 106 fatal or non-fatal cardiovascular events occurred. gross proteinuria was an independent risk predictor of all-cause, cardiovascular and cardiac mortalities and of cardiovascular morbidity with adjusted relative risks ranging from 1.96 to 4.38 for the different endpoints. this increased risk remained significant after exclusion of patients with prior cardiovascular disease at baseline from the multivariate analysis. in conclusion, gross proteinuria was a strong predictor of all-cause, cardiovascular and cardiac mortalities and also of cardiovascular morbidity in a brazilian cohort of type 2 diabetic patients. intervention studies are necessary to determine whether the reduction of proteinuria can decrease morbidity and mortality of type 2 diabetes in brazil.
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