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Neutrino cross section measurements @ SciBooNE
C. Mariani
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We report measurements of cross sections of neutrinos of 0.7 GeV average energy scattering off a carbon target cross sections with by the SciBooNE experiment at Fermilab. These measurements are important inputs for current and future accelerator-based neutrino oscillation experiments in the interpretation of neutrino oscillation signals. Contribution to NUFACT 11, XIIIth International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Super beams and Beta beams, 1-6 August 2011, CERN and University of Geneva (Submitted to IOP conference series)
Review of Reactor Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
C. Mariani
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1142/S0217732312300108
Abstract: In this document we will review the current status of reactor neutrino oscillation experiments and present their physics potentials for measuring the $\theta_{13}$ neutrino mixing angle. The neutrino mixing angle $\theta_{13}$ is currently a high-priority topic in the field of neutrino physics. There are currently three different reactor neutrino experiments, \textsc{Double Chooz}, \textsc{Daya Bay} and \textsc{Reno} and a few accelerator neutrino experiments searching for neutrino oscillations induced by this angle. A description of the reactor experiments searching for a non-zero value of $\theta_{13}$ is given, along with a discussion of the sensitivities that these experiments can reach in the near future.
Solutions to -systems by topological and iterative methods
P. Amster,M. C. Mariani
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/s1085337503209015
Abstract: We study H-systems with a Dirichlet boundary data g. Under some conditions, we show that if the problem admits a solution for some (H0,g0), then it can be solved for any (H,g) close enough to (H0,g0). Moreover, we construct a solution of the problem applyinga Newton iteration.
Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Indranil SenGupta,Maria C. Mariani
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/794040
Abstract: We study the general semilinear second-order ODE 
Gifted Children and Adolescents: Exploring the Perspective of a Group That Still Needs Educational Attention in Brazil  [PDF]
Cristina M. Delou, Fernanda S. Cardoso, Ruth Mariani, Izabel C. P. Paix?o, Helena C. Castro
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.513138

Gifted and talented children are known as those with a valuable potential that may be stimulated to the benefit of humankind. However, in many countries they are known as those that don’t need any specialized educational assistance or stimulation or even worse that they do not exist. In Brazil, the educational Laws recognize this group, but the Brazilian educational system still struggles to properly attend them. Unfortunately, most teachers and professors that are supposed to help this group to get the best of their giftedness and high skills for the good of these kids and humankind, currently ignore them. In 2012 there was the 1st Meeting of Gifted Children and Adolescents sponsored by the Brazilian Council of Giftedness. During this meeting 21 gifted and talented children and adolescents have prepared a document called Declaration of the Gifted Brazilian Child to inform about their expectations and how the society may help them. This gifted group created 8 statements that now we have analyzed and discussed, considering their ideas, the logistics of attending their needs and the limit of these requirements considering Brazilian laws and World rights. According to our results these kids know what they need, what is missing and what they lose when getting no proper educational attention. The maturity of their requests revealed the lack of a proper formation of our professionals involved in their education that ignore and/or suffocate them and their potential knowledge, which may affect not only their future but also the Brazilian development and innovation capacity.

Natural convection heat transfer in partially open enclosures containing an internal local heat source
Mariani, V. C.;Coelho, L. S.;
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-66322007000300007
Abstract: a numerical study was conducted to investigate steady heat transfer and flow phenomena of natural convection of air in enclosures, with three aspect ratios (h/w = 1, 2, and 4), within which there is a local heat source on the bottom wall at three different positions, wh. this heat source occupies 1% of the total volume of the enclosure. the vertical walls in the enclosures are insulated and there is an opening on the right wall. the natural convection is influenced by the difference in temperature between the left and right walls, represented by a rayleigh number (rae), and by local heat source, represented by a rayleigh number (rai). numerical simulations were performed for several values of the rayleigh number ranging between 103 and 106, while the intensity of the two effects - the difference in temperature on the vertical walls and the local heat source - was evaluated based on the rai/rae ratio in the range between 0 and 2500. the analysis proceeds by observing variations in the streamlines and isotherms with respect to the different rae, r ratios, aspect ratios, of the radius and positions of the local heat source. the average nusselt numbers on the hot and cold walls are influenced by different values of the parameters r, rae, wh, and h/w. results show the presence of different flow patterns in the enclosures studied. thus, the flow and heat transfer can be controlled by external heating, and local heat source.
A boundary value problem in the hyperbolic space
P. Amster,G. Keilhauer,M. C. Mariani
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 1999, DOI: 10.1155/s1085337599000251
Recent Results from K2K Experiment
C. Mariani,for K2K Collaboration
Physics , 2005,
Abstract: The latest results from K2K experiment are reported, with focus on muon neutrino oscillation. The results are based on data taken from June 1999 to February 2004, corresponding to 8.9 x 10^19 protons on target.
Measurement of inclusive $π^0$ production in the Charged-Current Interactions of Neutrinos in a 1.3-GeV wide band beam
K2K Collaboration,C. Mariani
Statistics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.83.054023
Abstract: In this paper we report on the measurement of the rate of inclusive $\pi^0$ production induced by charged-current neutrino interactions in a C$_8$H$_8$ target at a mean energy of 1.3 GeV in the K2K near detector. Out of a sample of 11,606 charged current neutrino interactions, we select 479 $\pi^0$ events with two reconstructed photons. We find that the cross section for the inclusive $\pi^0$ production relative to the charged-current quasi-elastic cross section is $$\frac{\sigma_{CC\pi^0}}{\sigma_{CCQE}}=0.426\pm0.032(stat.)\pm0.035(syst.)$$ The energy dependent cross section ratio is also measured. The results are consistent with previous experiments for exclusive channels on different targets.
Deafness and the Educational Rights: A Brief Review through a Brazilian Perspective  [PDF]
Lívia Dias, Ruth Mariani, Cristina M. C. Delou, Erika Winagraski, Helder S. Carvalho, Helena C. Castro
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.57058

In some countries, the human rights involving a proper education are still a privilege for just a few. In some of these regions, the right for a living with dignity and access to the current knowledge is considered a luxury, especially for people with special needs (e.g. deaf children) as the governmental systems still struggle to provide proper conditions to the regular ones. Herein we showed a brief review on deafness, its history on Brazilian education, the Brazilian sign language and the current need of deaf people for teaching resources at the scholar context to. We have also discussed facts that contributed to the Brazilian deaf education and alternative methodologies for the generation of educational resources that can maximize the teaching-learning process by stimulating the interest of deaf students for the science and biotechnological context. The inclusive educational practice with development of proper educational materials and methods may facilitate the teaching and learning process for everyone, including those with hearing loss. This inclusive practice is of great importance for achieving the educational improvement of all people in any society as a whole. Therefore, this article revisited themes that must be considered in the education of people with special hearing needs to guarantee their right of having a proper education and attention.

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