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Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension as a cause of dyspnoea in an older patient with a complex history
C. M. Khler
European Respiratory Review , 2009,
Abstract: A full diagnostic work-up for patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) is vital. Classification and diagnosis of the underlying cause is important to ensure optimal management, but may be complicated by overlapping signs and symptoms. This case study describes how a full work-up identified chronic thromboembolic PH (CTEPH) as the cause of dyspnoea in a 68-yr-old male with a history of pulmonary embolism and an original diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Key indicators included decreased tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion, increased Tei index and elevated systolic pulmonary artery pressure. Multi-slice spiral chest computed tomography and pulmonary angiography showed severe chronic thromboembolic pulmonary disease, both centrally and distally. Diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide was reduced and blood gas analysis revealed a wide alveolar–arterial oxygen pressure difference, which is typical of CTEPH. The patient was eligible for pulmonary endarterectomy according to established criteria. Residual PH after surgery was successfully managed with bosentan.
Effect of Diet, Photoperiod and Host Density on Parasitism of Anisopteromalus calandrae on the Tobacco Beetle and Biological Parameters of the Parasitoid  [PDF]
Kássia C. F. Zilch, Simone M. Jahnke, Andreas Khler, Eduarda Bender
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.812217

Lasioderma serricorne is known to be pest of tobacco, besides of attacking other products in storage. Anisopteromalus calandrae is an ectoparasitoid of coleopteran larvae also parasitizing the tobacco beetle. This study was aimed to evaluate the parasitism of A. calandrae on different densities of L. serricorne larvae grown in different diets and photoperiods, and to record the longevity and reproductive potential of A. calandrae. Individuals of L. serricorne were raised in three diets: wheat flour (F); wheat flour and brewer’s yeast (FY) and wheat flour and dried tobacco (FT). Different amounts of host larvae (10, 20, 50 and 100) for each diet were exposed to a couple of parasitoids. The same larval densities from diet F were exposed for 24 h to a couple of adult parasitoids maintained in three photoperiods (0:24, 12:12 and 24:0 - scotophase: photophase). The highest values of apparent parasitism were in the density of 50 larvae in the FY diet (96.34%) and 100 F (92.91%). There was no significant difference in the parameters in each photoperiod in all larval densities. However, the treatment in which hosts and parasitoids always remained in scotophase, was the one that had a significantly higher sex ratio. Females had longer longevity than males surviving for up to 25 days. On the fourth day of larvae exposure occurred, the maximum number of offspring generated. It is inferred that A. calandrae has potential to be used as a control agent for coleopterans that attack stored products.

Ein kombinierter Operationsansatz zur Therapie der rektovaginalen Endometriose auf der Basis histologischer Befunde
Khler C,Mangler M,Loddenkemper C,Lanowska M
Journal für Gyn?kologische Endokrinologie , 2008,
Abstract: Einleitung: Eine Endometriose des Septum rectovaginale kann oberfl chlich dem Darm aufliegen oder die Darmwand infiltrieren. Durch bildgebende Verfahren kann jedoch pr operativ eine Infiltration des Darms weder hinreichend best tigt noch ausgeschlossen werden, was zu einem therapeutischen Dilemma führt, da nur die Darmwand eindeutig infiltrierende Endometrioseprozesse durch eine Darmresektion behandelt werden sollten. Wir m chten ein neues Operationsverfahren vorstellen, das eine intraoperative Differenzierung zwischen einer oberfl chlichen und einer infiltrativen Darmendometriose erlaubt. Patienten und Methodik: 70 Patientinnen mit rektovaginaler Endometriose wurden nach einem neu entwickelten kombinierten vaginal-laparoskopisch-abdominalen Verfahren operiert. Diese Operationsmethode wird Schritt für Schritt vorgestellt. Die Entscheidung zur Darmresektion wurde dabei allein aufgrund der intraoperativen Befunde und nicht aufgrund der pr operativen bildgebenden Diagnostik getroffen. Alle Resektate wurden standardisiert histologisch aufgearbeitet. Ergebnisse: Ob eine Darmresektion notwendig war, lie sich intraoperativ anhand der Pr paration des rektovaginalen Septums entscheiden. Daher wurden nur bei Patientinnen mit gesichertem infiltrativem Darmbefall Darmresektionen unter Erhalt des Mesointestinums durchgeführt. Weder intraoperative noch postoperative Komplikationen wie Anastomoseninsuffizienzen oder Restharnmengen traten auf. Diskussion: Die vorgestellte Operationsmethode zur Therapie der rektovaginalen Endometriose erlaubt eine exakte Diagnosestellung und pr zise Therapieentscheidung bei minimaler Morbidit t. Die Resektion des Darmschlauches ohne Mesoresektion ist ausreichend, da sich die Endometrioseknoten wie histologisch bewiesen wurde nur im ventralen Darmbereich befinden. Durch die Mesoerhaltung werden die vegetativen Funktionen des kleinen Beckens nicht beeintr chtigt.
Broadband dielectric spectroscopy on benzophenone: alpha relaxation, beta relaxation, and mode coupling theory
P. Lunkenheimer,L. C. Pardo,M. Khler,A. Loidl
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.77.031506
Abstract: We have performed a detailed dielectric investigation of the relaxational dynamics of glass-forming benzophenone. Our measurements cover a broad frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 120 GHz and temperatures from far below the glass temperature well up into the region of the small-viscosity liquid. With respect to the alpha relaxation this material can be characterized as a typical molecular glass former with rather high fragility. A good agreement of the alpha relaxation behavior with the predictions of the mode coupling theory of the glass transition is stated. In addition, at temperatures below and in the vicinity of Tg we detect a well-pronounced beta relaxation of Johari-Goldstein type, which with increasing temperature develops into an excess wing. We compare our results to literature data from optical Kerr effect and depolarized light scattering experiments, where an excess-wing like feature was observed in the 1 - 100 GHz region. We address the question if the Cole-Cole peak, which was invoked to describe the optical Kerr effect data within the framework of the mode coupling theory, has any relation to the canonical beta relaxation detected by dielectric spectroscopy.
A search for double beta decays of tin isotopes with enhanced sensitivity
J. Dawson,D. Degering,M. Khler,R. Ramaswamy,C. Reeve,J. R. Wilson,K. Zuber
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.78.035503
Abstract: A search for the various double beta decay modes of 124Sn and 112Sn has been performed on 75 kg.days of data. New half-life limits for excited states in 124Sn have been obtained including a lower limit for the decay into the first excited 2+ state of 124Te of T_half > 0.87e20 yrs (90% CL) and into the first excited 0+ state of T_half > 1.08e20 yrs (90% CL). Ground state and excited state transitions of 112Sn have also been experimentally explored. A limit for the 2 neutrino double electron capture of T_half > 1.8e19 yrs (90% CL) is obtained. The non-observation of de-excitation gammas from the 0+ at 1888.5keV results in a lower half-life limit on the 0 neutrino double electron capture decay of 112Sn of T_half > 0.8e19 yrs (90% CL), despite a possible resonant enhancement of the decay rate due to degenerated states.
Change in hydraulic properties and leaf traits in a tall rainforest tree species subjected to long-term throughfall exclusion in the perhumid tropics
B. Schuldt, C. Leuschner, V. Horna, G. Moser, M. K hler, O. van Straaten,H. Barus
Biogeosciences (BG) & Discussions (BGD) , 2011,
Abstract: A large-scale replicated throughfall exclusion experiment was conducted in a pre-montane perhumid rainforest in Sulawesi (Indonesia) exposing the trees for two years to pronounced soil desiccation. The lack of regularly occurring dry periods and shallow rooting patterns distinguish this experiment from similar experiments conducted in the Amazonian rainforest. We tested the hypotheses that a tree's sun canopy is more affected by soil drought than its shade crown, making tall trees particularly vulnerable even under a perhumid climate, and that extended drought periods stimulate an acclimation in the hydraulic system of the sun canopy. In the abundant and tall tree species Castanopsis acuminatissima (Fagaceae), we compared 31 morphological, anatomical, hydraulic and chemical variables of leaves, branches and the stem together with stem diameter growth between drought and control plots. There was no evidence of canopy dieback. However, the drought treatment led to a 30 % reduction in sapwood-specific hydraulic conductivity of sun canopy branches, possibly caused by the formation of smaller vessels and/or vessel filling by tyloses. Drought caused an increase in leaf size, but a decrease in leaf number, and a reduction in foliar calcium content. The δ13C and δ18O signatures of sun canopy leaves gave no indication of a permanent down-regulation of stomatal conductance during the drought, indicating that pre-senescent leaf shedding may have improved the water status of the remaining leaves. Annual stem diameter growth decreased during the drought, while the density of wood in the recently produced xylem increased in both the stem and sun canopy branches (marginally significant). The sun canopy showed a more pronounced drought response than the shade crown indicating that tall trees with a large sun canopy are more vulnerable to drought stress. We conclude that the extended drought prompted a number of medium- to long-term responses in the leaves, branches and the trunk, which may have reduced drought susceptibility. However, unlike a natural drought, our drought simulation experiment was carried out under conditions of high humidity, which may have dampened drought induced damages.
Medikament se Therapie der Perikarditis - Bedeutung von Colchicin
P?lzl G,Lorsbach-Khler,Mussner-Seeber C,Gunschl M
Journal für Kardiologie , 2011,
Abstract: Management und Therapie der Perikarditis sind abh ngig vom Schweregrad und von der Ursache der Erkrankung. W hrend in vielen F llen eine ambulante Betreuung vertretbar ist, erfordern Einzelf lle eine intensive Diagnostik und Therapie. Aspirin und nicht-steroidale Antirheumatika (NSAR) stellen nach wie vor die Basistherapie dar, w hrend die systemische Kortisontherapie deutlich an Bedeutung verloren hat. Colchicin hat sich als ausgezeichnete Alternative bei rezidivierender Perikarditis erwiesen. Der uneingeschr nkte Einsatz bei akuter Perikarditis kann erst nach positivem Abschluss einer derzeit noch laufenden Studie empfohlen werden. Bei gr eren Ergüssen, speziell bei Rezidiven oder bei malignen Ergüssen, bew hrt sich die intraperikardiale Therapie mit Tetrazyklin/Gentamycin, Kortison oder Cisplatin/ Thiothepa. Schlie lich wird in dieser übersicht noch auf die spezifische Therapie bei speziellen Indikationen eingegangen.
VLT/NACO astrometry of the HR8799 planetary system. L'-band observations of the three outer planets
C. Bergfors,W. Brandner,M. Janson,R. Khler,T. Henning
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201116493
Abstract: HR8799 is so far the only directly imaged multiple exoplanet system. The orbital configuration would, if better known, provide valuable insight into the formation and dynamical evolution of wide-orbit planetary systems. We present L'-band observations of the HR8799 system obtained with NACO at VLT, adding to the astrometric monitoring of the planets HR8799b, c and d. We investigate how well the two simple cases of (i) a circular orbit and (ii) a face-on orbit fit the astrometric data for HR8799d over a total time baseline of ~2 years. The results indicate that the orbit of HR8799d is inclined with respect to our line of sight, and suggest that the orbit is slightly eccentric or non-coplanar with the outer planets and debris disk.
Relaxation dynamics and ionic conductivity in a fragile plastic crystal
Th. Bauer,M. Khler,P. Lunkenheimer,A. Loidl,C. A. Angell
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3487521
Abstract: We report a thorough characterization of the dielectric relaxation behavior and the ionic conductivity in the plastic-crystalline mixture of 60% succinonitrile and 40% glutaronitrile. The plastic phase can be easily supercooled and the relaxational behavior is investigated by broadband dielectric spectroscopy in the liquid, plastic crystalline, and glassy crystal phases. The very pronounced alpha-relaxation found in the spectra is characterized in detail. From the temperature dependence of the alpha-relaxation time, a fragility parameter of 62 was determined making this material one of the most fragile plastic-crystalline glass formers. A well-pronounced secondary and faint indications for a third relaxation process were found, the latter most likely being of Johari-Goldstein type. In addition, relatively strong conductivity contributions were detected in the spectra exhibiting the typical features of ionic charge transport.
Numerical simulations of homogeneous freezing processes in the aerosol chamber AIDA
W. Haag, B. K rcher, S. Schaefers, O. Stetzer, O. M hler, U. Schurath, M. Kr mer,C. Schiller
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) & Discussions (ACPD) , 2003,
Abstract: The homogeneous freezing of supercooled H2SO4/H2O aerosols in an aerosol chamber is investigated with a microphysical box model using the activity parameterization of the nucleation rate by Koop et al. (2000). The simulations are constrained by measurements of pressure, temperature, total water mixing ratio, and the initial aerosol size distribution, described in a companion paper M hler et al. (2003). Model results are compared to measurements conducted in the temperature range between 194 and 235 K, with cooling rates in the range between 0.5 and 2.6 K min-1, and at air pressures between 170 and 1000 hPa. The simulations focus on the time history of relative humidity with respect to ice, aerosol size distribution, partitioning of water between gas and particle phase, onset times of freezing, freezing threshold relative humidities, aerosol chemical composition at the onset of freezing, and the number of nucleated ice crystals. The latter four parameters can be inferred from the experiments, the former three aid in interpreting the measurements. Sensitivity studies are carried out to address the relative importance of uncertainties of basic quantities such as temperature, total H2O mixing ratio, aerosol size spectrum, and deposition coefficient of H2O molecules on ice. The ability of the numerical simulations to provide detailed explanations of the observations greatly increases confidence in attempts to model this process under real atmospheric conditions, for instance with regard to the formation of cirrus clouds or polar stratospheric ice clouds, provided that accurate temperature and humidity measurements are available.
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