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Promotores de justi?a e novas formas de atua??o em defesa de interesses sociais e coletivos
Silva, Cátia Aida;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092001000100007
Abstract: the article discusses the ways in which public prosecutors have been acting in the defense of collective and social interests. it tries to show the fluid contours that this kind of intervention has acquired when it takes into account the new institutional design of the brazilian public ministry (ministério público), the regulation of new rights and the introduction of new judicial or extra judicial concepts and procedures in brazil.
Desempenho da gest?o pública: que variáveis comp?em a aprova??o popular em pequenos municípios?
Lubambo, Cátia W.;
Sociologias , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222006000200005
Abstract: the analysis of public management carried out in this study focuses on explanatory elements associated to government performance in small towns. differences found on public management performance in towns, defined according to some specific elements that we try to explain, reveal not only the variety of contexts and conditions but also the diversity of constraints that decentralization finds in local governments. in literature, some studies point out that structural elements such as government's tax performance would determine the higher or lower possibility for success of a given local government. other works present elements directly associated to the level and nature of demands and the resulting form of local provision as being crucial for approval or not of the administration. yet other studies suggest that investigations proceed in the perspective of effective political-institutional conditions of implementation of social policies at municipal level. in face of evidence of so many distinct elements that seem to be relevant for the performance of the municipal management, we ask: is there any correlation between the administration's attributes and its approval ratings? this work examines a universe of 75 towns of northeastern brazil, distributed over the states of pernambuco, rio grande do norte, and paraíba, during the 1993-1996 term. it discusses and elects the approval rating as the indicator of each administration's performance and it investigates the influence of specific factors, which allegedly explain such performance. after an analysis of "clusters", results of the study end up pointing out similarities and differences between groups of towns, with distinct levels of administration performance, stressing the prevalence of elements associated to the effective action of the administration as determinants for popular approval.
A história da análise de redes e a análise de redes em história
Cátia Antunes
Revista da Faculdade de Letras : Historia , 2012,
Abstract: This article defines the concept of network when applied to historical research, underlining the importance of social network analysis for historical studies. The article starts with a state of the art regarding the conceptualization, definition and application of the concept ‘networks’ to different disciplines, moving then towards the effects of this type of analysis among historians dedicated to themes of Economic and Social History in general.
Rela es entre profissionalismo e política nas carreiras jurídicas
Silva Cátia Aida
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2003,
Promotores de justi a e novas formas de atua o em defesa de interesses sociais e coletivos
Silva Cátia Aida
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2001,
Abstract: O artigo discute as formas de atua o dos promotores de justi a na defesa de interesses coletivos e sociais. Procura mostrar os contornos fluidos que as interven es vêm adquirindo, tendo em vista o novo desenho constitucional do Ministério Público, a regulamenta o de novos direitos e a introdu o de novas concep es e procedimentos judiciais e extrajudiciais no Brasil.
Levantamento de Ericaceae Juss. no Núcleo Curucutu, Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, S o Paulo. Survey of Ericaceae Juss. in Núcleo Curucutu, Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, S o Paulo.
Revista do Instituto Florestal , 2009,
Abstract: Este trabalho consiste no levantamentoflorístico e estudo taxon mico de Ericaceae Juss.no Núcleo Curucutu, Parque Estadual da Serra doMar, S o Paulo. Para reconhecimento das espéciess o apresentadas chaves de identifica es,descri es, ilustra es, distribui o geográfica efenologia. Foram identificados dois táxons: Gaylussacia brasiliensis(Spreng.) Meisn. var. Brasiliensise G. rhododendron Cham & Schltdl.This work consists of a floristic surveyand taxonomical study of the Ericaceae Juss. atNúcleo Curucutu, Parque Estadual da Serra doMar, S o Paulo. Keys of identification, descriptions,illustrations, geographic distribution and phenologyare presented. Two taxons were recorded: Gaylussacia brasiliensis(Spreng.) Meisn. var. Brasiliensisand G. rhododendron Cham. & Schltdl.
Católicas e Femininas: Identidade Religiosa e Sexualidade de Mulheres Católicas Modernas
Cátia S. Lima Rodrigues
REVER : Revista de Estudos da Religi?o , 2003,
Abstract: Based on 22 qualitative interviews the article deals with Brazilian Catholic women between 20 and 60 years old from the Sao Paulo who suffered from contradictions of personal sexual experiences and their former catholic socialization. More precisely, the focus of the analysis is the conflict between the values and patterns proposed by the Catholic Church regarding sexual behavior and the sexual praxis supported by the life conditions in the modern culture of Brazil’s biggest city. In reference to five major topics, i.e., birth control, abortion, extramarital sexual relations, divorce and artificial fecundation, the article investigates of how these women experienced a metamorphosis of identity in their adult sexual life.
Educa o, mutualismo e nacionaliza o: aspectos de uma escola étnica italiana no Paraná (1905-1918)
Elaine Cátia Falcade Maschio
Roteiro , 2010,
Abstract: No presente trabalho analisa-se a constitui o da escola étnica na Società Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso Christoforo Colombo viabilizada por imigrantes italianos que se estabeleceram na ent o col nia Alfredo Chaves, no Paraná, no final do século XIX. Procura-se compreender o processo de implanta o, abertura, funcionamento e fechamento dessa escola étnica italiana, processo este que ocorreu n o em detrimento à escola pública, mas paralelo a ela. Busca-se identificar os sujeitos que fizeram parte daquele processo de escolariza o étnico e reconhecer os impactos do nacionalismo na busca da desconstru o das fun es daquela escola, bem como as estratégias utilizadas pelo grupo para a manuten o da identidade étnica. O recorte temporal abrange o ano de 1905, período em que ocorreu a instala o da Società Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso Christoforo Colombo, até o ano de 1918 quando essa institui o, em virtude das iniciativas de repress o nacionalista, modifica o seu registro e seus estatutos, declarando ser uma sociedade italiana católica. A substitui o aparente da fun o e a mudan a de nomenclatura e dos estatutos da Società Italiana para Sociedade Catholica Italiana de Mútuo Soccorso Christoforo Colombo, resultantes do movimento nacionalista da época, n o evitaram a busca pela manuten o da identidade étnica do grupo. Esse movimento caracterizou-se como estratégia de manuten o da unidade étnica, ressignificando a educa o por intermédio da religi o católica.
Espa?o Ameríndio , 2012,
Abstract: resenha
A pain in the ACC
Paul W Frankland, Cátia M Teixeira
Molecular Pain , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1744-8069-1-14
Abstract: Because survival may depend upon it, we learn about painful stimuli quickly and efficiently through a process known as Pavolvian fear conditioning [1]. Viewed in this framework, stimuli present in the environment at the time of injury (or conditioned stimuli; CSs) are likely to become associated with the painful stimulus (or unconditioned stimulus; US). This is adaptive since when these cues are next encountered, an animal can take measures (or conditioned responses; CRs) that help to reduce the likelihood of injury.A painful stimulus may have a number of different attributes [2]. These include sensory-discriminative attributes, such its location, intensity and quality, as well as affective attributes, such as its unpleasantness (or negative emotional valence). Recent studies in humans and experimental animals have established that these different attributes are processed by partially dissociable brain networks [2,3]. For example, in human imaging studies activity in the primary somatosensory cortex is closely related to the sensory-discriminative properties of a painful stimulus, whereas activity in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is closely related to the affective features of pain, such as subjective feelings of unpleasantness [4]. Taking their lead from these studies, Tang and colleagues [5] first asked whether the ACC plays a similar role in processing the affective features of pain stimuli in mice. They reasoned that activation of the ACC should evoke a similar set of behaviors as would presentation of an actual painful stimulus, such as a footshock. Consistent with this, they first show that electrical stimulation of the ACC evokes high frequency ultrasonic vocalizations – a typical sign of distress in rodents. Similarly, chemical stimulation of these neurons evokes immobility or freezing – species-typical signs of fear. While it is difficult to evaluate subjective feelings of unpleasantness in animals, this set of behaviors evoked by ACC activation is cl

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