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Janaína Manh?es Chartuni,Lívia Santos Sossai,Cássia Gomes Teixeira
Perspectivas Online : Biológicas e Saúde , 2011,
Abstract: Localized lipodystrophy represents a regional accumulation of adipose tissue whose cells count on α1, α2and β adrenergic receptors which control lipolytic processes. Therapeutic ultrasonography has been shown as an efficient auxiliary resource in the reduction of measures, as well as in the elimination of localized fat onceits action can be effectively potentialized by phonoforesis. Ultrasonography mechanical and/or thermal effectpromotes modifications on the intercellular linkage and an increase in the cellular membrane permeability,what leads to a better diffusion of substances through the skin. Metilxantines (such as caffeine andaminofilin), besides being α1 blockers, also block phosphodiesterase, while ioimbin blocks α2, whatcontributes for the activation of adenylatecyclase and for lipolysis. The present study aimed to assess theeffects of 3MHz ultrasound associated to the use of lipolytic actives in the reduction of localized fat in theinfra-abdominal region. In a double-blind, longitudinal, randomized, and experimental clinic study, 27sedentary women with ages ranging from 18 to 30 y-o (without hormonal disturbs, and in current use ofcontraceptive medication) were enrolled. All voluntaries underwent a total of 12 sessions (3 times a week) ofphonoforesis with 2% caffeine, aminofilin and ioimbin each. The sample was divided in three groups: GroupUS – 3MHz continuous ultrasound with gel and without lipolytic actives; Group US+Actives – 3MHzcontinuous ultrasound with gel containing lipolytic actives; and Group CTRL – unplugged 3MHz ultrasound(control group). The variables assessed were adipometry, perimetry, and pre- (1st session) and post- (12thsession) treatment ultrasound. Our findings exhibit post-treatment reductions both in infra-abdominaladipometry and perimetry for all groups when compared to pre-treatment values (p<0.05). No post-treatmentultrasonography scores were found to be different from pre-treatment values (p>0.05). Group US+Activesshowed differences in adipometry when compared to Group CTRL (p<0.05). Group US showed differencesin adipometry, perimetry and ultrasonography when compared to Group CTRL (p<0.05). According to thisstudy, It may be concluded that therapeutic 3MHz ultrasound associated to lipolytic actives is as effective inthe reduction of infra-abdominal adiposity as therapeutic ultrasonography alone was also significantlyfavorable. Control group subjects loss of weight may be due to uncontrolled changes in diet.
O uso de metodologias ativas no ensino de gradua??o nas ciências sociais e da saúde: avalia??o dos estudantes
Gomes, Maria PaulaCerqueira;Ribeiro, Victoria MariaBrant;Monteiro, Dilva Martins;Leher, Elizabeth Menezes Teixeira;Louzada, Rita de Cássia Ramos;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132010000100011
Abstract: this paper describes a case study about a proposed innovation in health and social sciences education, at the federal university of rio de janeiro, in which relevance is evidenced by the successful cooperation between teaching practices and the health service segments, and by the use of active learning methodologies in undergraduate courses. corresponding to 100% of the subjects, 50 questionnaires have been analyzed, filled at the end of the course by students who had attended a course in public politics in mental health, during the first semester of 2007. the study aimed to identify the effectiveness of the adopted method.
Estudo comparativo da for?a muscular da m?o entre cadetes homens e mulheres da For?a Aérea Brasileira
Teixeira, Marcela Donatelli Meibach;Gomes, Daniele Aparecida;Gon?alves, Gláucia Helena;Shimano, Suraya Gomes Novais;Shimano, Antonio Carlos;Fonseca, Marisa de Cássia Registro;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502009000200009
Abstract: the aim of this study was to quantify the hand muscle strength during grip and pinch movements, and to compare results between men and women. thirty-one cadet pilots (17 men and 14 women) from the brazilian air force academy were assessed by means of jamar dynamometer (grip) and preston pinch gauge (pinch). female cadets mean grip was 31.4 kgf at dominant hand and 29.3 kgf at non-dominant hand; in male subjects, corresponding values were 43.6 kgf and 41.2 kgf. mean female lateral pinch at the dominant hand was 7.4 kgf and men's, 10.2 kgf (p<0.01); tripod pinch values were 7.2 kgf at dominant side and 7.1 kgf at non-dominant for women, and 9.8 kgf and 9.50 kgf for men, respectively (p<0.01); women pinch values were 4.9 kgf and 4.6 at dominant and non-dominant hands, and men's, 6.5 kgf and 5.7 kgf respectively (p<0.01). grip, pinch, lateral pinch, and tripod pinch were all significantly higher (p<0.01) in men than in women. both sexes showed higher strength at the dominant side, except of the tripod pinch. when compared to the population in general, there are little differences among cadets, both as to sex and dominance. these findings may be of relevance both for pilots performance and physical therapy assessment.
For?a de preens?o palmar e pin?a digital em diferentes grupos de pilotos da Academia da For?a Aérea brasileira
Gon?alves, Gláucia Helena;Gomes, Daniele Aparecida;Teixeira, Marcela Donatelli Meibach;Shimano, Suraya Gomes Novais;Shimano, Antonio Carlos;Fonseca, Marisa de Cássia Registro;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502010000200009
Abstract: pilots from brazilian air force academy (afa) perform strentgth- and accuracy-demanding hand movements, which may modify muscle strength. the aim of this study was to analyse hand isometric strength of grip and pulp-to-pulp, tripode and lateral pinch in three groups of male afa pilots: ads (air demonstration squadron), n=15; ip (instructor pilots), n=16; and tp (training pilots), n=6. pilots body positioning during tests followed the standards of the american society of hand therapists; the sequence of assessed movements was predefined in order to prevent muscle fatigue. the maximum isometric muscle force was collected in a contraction kept for 6 seconds. as to grip, results show significant differences within all groups, favouring dominant hands; also, mean ads grip values were significantly higher than the other groups'. tripode pinch ads mean values were significantly higher than training pilots'; and dominant hands significantly overtopped non- dominant ones in ads and ip groups. it may thus be said that specific hand muscle training during flight, as well as training specialization and duration influence hand isometric muscle strength.
Adaptabilidade e estabilidade de genótipos de soja avaliados para resistência ao oídio
Pereira, Derval Gomes;Sediyama, Tuneo;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Reis, Múcio Silva;Gomes, José Luiz Lopes;Teixeira, Rita de Cássia;Nogueira, Ana Paula Oliveira;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000700006
Abstract: the objective of this research was to identify soybean genotypes with good adaptability and stability of behavior for resistance to powdery mildew in field conditions. the work was carried out at the professor diogo alves de mello experimental station, agronomy department of the federal university of vi?osa (ufv), vi?osa, minas gerais. the experiment was arranged in a randomized block design, in split-plots, with 15 genotypes (plots) and seven evaluation times (subplots), with four repetitions. evaluation of incidence and severity of powdery mildew in the genotypes were accomplished by visual quantification of fungus infection level (il), assessing the level of infection of the leaf area infected (niafi) by the powdery mildew and the level of infection of the most infected leaflet (nifi). data were examined by analysis of variance and analysis of adaptability and stability according to eberhart & russell (1966). the results allowed to get to the following conclusions: the genotypes that showed the highest resistance levels, were, in general, also the ones of higher adaptability and stability, both for niafi and nifi, standing out ufv 89-361826 t2, ufv 94-334268, ufv-16 and ufv-19, ft-10 rc5 (f3), ft-abyara rc6 (f2), doko rc, ft-abyara rc5 (f4), whereas the most susceptible genotypes were the ones of worse predictability, standing out ufv 94-5126, ft-104, ufv 94-3500, ft-cristalina, ft-estrela and br-16.
Inheritance of DNA Transferred from American Trypanosomes to Human Hosts
Mariana M. Hecht,Nadjar Nitz,Perla F. Araujo,Alessandro O. Sousa,Ana de Cássia Rosa,Dawidson A. Gomes,Eduardo Leonardecz,Antonio R. L. Teixeira
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009181
Abstract: Interspecies DNA transfer is a major biological process leading to the accumulation of mutations inherited by sexual reproduction among eukaryotes. Lateral DNA transfer events and their inheritance has been challenging to document. In this study we modified a thermal asymmetric interlaced PCR by using additional targeted primers, along with Southern blots, fluorescence techniques, and bioinformatics, to identify lateral DNA transfer events from parasite to host. Instances of naturally occurring human infections by Trypanosoma cruzi are documented, where mitochondrial minicircles integrated mainly into retrotransposable LINE-1 of various chromosomes. The founders of five families show minicircle integrations that were transferred vertically to their progeny. Microhomology end-joining of 6 to 22 AC-rich nucleotide repeats in the minicircles and host DNA mediates foreign DNA integration. Heterogeneous minicircle sequences were distributed randomly among families, with diversity increasing due to subsequent rearrangement of inserted fragments. Mosaic recombination and hitchhiking on retrotransposition events to different loci were more prevalent in germ line as compared to somatic cells. Potential new genes, pseudogenes, and knockouts were identified. A pathway of minicircle integration and maintenance in the host genome is suggested. Thus, infection by T. cruzi has the unexpected consequence of increasing human genetic diversity, and Chagas disease may be a fortuitous share of negative selection. This demonstration of contemporary transfer of eukaryotic DNA to the human genome and its subsequent inheritance by descendants introduces a significant change in the scientific concept of evolutionary biology and medicine.
Environment, interactions between Trypanosoma cruzi and its host, and health
Teixeira, Antonio R. L.;Gomes, Clever;Lozzi, Silene P.;Hecht, Mariana M.;Rosa, Ana de Cássia;Monteiro, Pedro S.;Bussacos, Ana Carolina;Nitz, Nadjar;McManus, Concepta;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2009001300004
Abstract: an epidemiological chain involving trypanosoma cruzi is discussed at the environmental level, and in terms of fine molecular interactions in invertebrate and vertebrate hosts dwelling in different ecosystems. this protozoan has a complex, genetically controlled plasticity, which confers adaptation to approximately 40 blood-sucking triatomine species and to over 1,000 mammalian species, fulfilling diverse metabolic requirements in its complex life-cycle. the tr. cruzi infections are deeply embedded in countless ecotypes, where they are difficult to defeat using the control methods that are currently available. many more field and laboratory studies are required to obtain data and information that may be used for the control and prevention of tr. cruzi infections and their various disease manifestations. emphasis should be placed on those sensitive interactions at cellular and environmental levels that could become selected targets for disease prevention. in the short term, new technologies for social mobilization should be used by people and organizations working for justice and equality through health information and promotion. a mass media directed program could deliver education, information and communication to protect the inhabitants at risk of contracting tr. cruzi infections.
Gera??o de renda: enfoque nas mulheres pobres e divis?o sexual do trabalho
Carloto, Cássia Maria;Gomes, Anne Grace;
Servi?o Social & Sociedade , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-66282011000100008
Abstract: this paper presents a discussion of income-generating projects aimed at poor women. aims to reflect on what opportunities they offer, while public policy, financial autonomy and the breaking of patterns based on the traditional sexual division of labor rooted in the false dichotomy between public and private. it also brings a debate on poverty among women since the prospect of these projects is to increase earnings from the family focus on women.
Análise retrospectiva de 504 colonoscopias
Oliveira, Rodrigo Guimar?es;Faria, Flávia Fontes;Lima Júnior, Ant?nio Carlos Barros;Rodrigues, Fábio Gontijo;Braga, áurea Cássia Gualberto;Lanna, David de;Valle Júnior, Heraldo Neves;Teixeira, Ricardo Guimar?es;Neves, Peterson Martins;Alvarenga, Isabella Mendon?a;Constantino, José Roberto Monteiro;Ferreira, Renata Magali Ribeiro Silluzio;Silva, Ilson Geraldo da;Cruz, Geraldo Magela Gomes da;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802010000200008
Abstract: the authors retrospectively analyzed 504 outpatient undergoing colonoscopy, performed from june 2008 to may 2009, in the "center for medical specialties" of santa casa de belo horizonte, by the group of coloproctology of santa casa de belo horizonte and school of medical sciences of minas gerais (cpg). the study deserve special highlights the analysis of gender, age, specialty of referring physicians, indications of colonoscopy, bowel preparation used, height achieved by colonoscopy and colonoscopic findings. regarding gender, 67% (337) were women and 33% (167) men, and as to age, stood sixth (130 patients, 26%) and seventh (113 patients, 22%). the examination was self-generated by the gcp in 79.56% (401 colonoscopies) and the most common indications were low bleeding (76 cases, 13.0%) and control patients undergoing surgical approach to colorectal cancer (70 cases; 12.0%). bowel preparation was done with mannitol, lactulose and sodium picosulphate, according to the clinical status, allowing for 71% (359 cases) of excellent results. colonoscopy reached the cecum in 445 patients (88.0%), having reached the terminal ileum in 293 cases (58.0%). the main findings were polyps (163 cases, 28.0%), followed by normal findings (149 cases, 26.0%) and diverticular disease of the colon (141 cases, 24.0%). of the 151 polyps that had marked its size, 130 polyps were the largest diameter less than 10 mm (86.0%). of 207 histopathological examinations performed, either in biopsies or in polyp resection, the polyp was the most common finding (163 cases, 78.8%), and among the 163 polyps resected the most common finding was the adenoma with low grade dysplasia (116 cases ; 71.2%). there were no complications. the data were compared with some published reports, all within the usual standards.
Cirurgia no cancer colorretal: abordagem cirúrgica de 74 pacientes do SUS portadores de cancer colorretal em programa de pós-gradua??o lato sensu em coloproctologia
Oliveira, Rodrigo Guimar?es;Faria, Flavia Fontes;Lima Junior, Antonio Carlos Barros;Rodrigues, Fabio Gontijo;Andrade, M?nica Mourthé de Alvim;Gomes, Daniel Martins Barbosa Medeiros;Neves, Peterson Martins;Constantino, José Roberto Monteiro;Braga, áurea Cássia Gualbeto;Ferreira, Renata Magali Silluzio;Alvarenga, Isabella Mendon?a;Lanna, David de;Teixeira, Ricardo Guimar?es;Valle Junior, Heraldo Neves;Leite, Sinara M?nica Oliveira;Costa, Luciana Maria Pyramo;Silva, Ilson Geraldo da;Cruz, Geraldo Magela Gomes da;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802011000100007
Abstract: in the framework of postgraduate coloproctology for 2009, two graduate students conducted the second year as principal surgeons, 129 major surgeries, always assisted effectively by one or two tutors. all surgeries were performed on public patients in santa casa de belo horizonte, with absolute presence of members of the grupo de coloproctologia da santa casa de belo horizonte e faculdade de ciências médicas de minas gerais (gcp-cbhs-fcmmg). a retrospective analysis of 74 medical records of patients from the brazilian national health system, resected of colorectal cancer by resident r2, supervised and assisted by mentors, could get into the following conclusions: the average age of patients was 57.2, and the sixth and seventh decades accounted for 51.4% of the patients. the rectal cancer was predominant in women (54.1%). the most common sites of tumors were in the sigmoid (31.1%), rectum (24.3%), and cecum (17.6%). the most commonly performed procedures were retossigmoidectomy with colorectal anastomosis (36.6%) and right hemicolectomy with ileo-transverse anastomosis (21.7%). the anatomical characteristics of the tumors based on tnm classification findings were: t3 (62.1%), n0 (59.5%), and m0 (77.0%) (p<0.05). the average number of lymph nodes found in surgical specimens was 10.4. sixty-three anastomoses (85.1%) were carried out, being 38 (60.3%) mechanical and 25, manual (39.7%). there were 14 comorbidities (18.9%), the cachexia having more prominence (eight cases). the rate of surgical complications was 12.2% (nine cases), and the surgeries that have caused more complications were total colectomy with ileo-rectal anastomosis (40.0%), and double stapled abdominal retossigmoidectomy (20%). the most common complications were anastomotic fistula (five cases). complications (nine) were more caused by comorbidities (seven) than by the surgical procedure (two). the surgeries that required less time were: laparotomy with ileostomy (average of 75 minutes) and with colostom
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