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Serial exercise testing in children, adolescents and young adults with Senning repair for transposition of the great arteries
Buys Roselien,Budts Werner,Reybrouck Tony,Gewillig Marc
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2261-12-88
Abstract: Background Patients with Senning repair for complete transposition of the great arteries (d-TGA) show an impaired exercise tolerance. Our aim was to investigate changes in exercise capacity in children, adolescents and adults with Senning operation. Methods Peak oxygen uptake (peak VO2), oxygen pulse and heart rate were assessed by cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) and compared to normal values. Rates of change were calculated by linear regression analysis. Right ventricular (RV) function was assessed by echocardiography. Results Thirty-four patients (22 male) performed 3.5 (range 3–6) CPET with an interval of ≥ 6 months. Mean age at first assessment was 16.4 ± 4.27 years. Follow-up period averaged 6.8 ± 2 years. Exercise capacity was reduced (p<0.0005) and the decline of peak VO2 ( 1.3 ± 3.7 %/year; p=0.015) and peak oxygen pulse ( 1.4 ± 3.0 %/year; p=0.011) was larger than normal, especially before adulthood and in female patients (p<0.01). During adulthood, RV contractility changes were significantly correlated with the decline of peak oxygen pulse (r= 0.504; p=0.047). Conclusions In patients with Senning operation for d-TGA, peak VO2 and peak oxygen pulse decrease faster with age compared to healthy controls. This decline is most obvious during childhood and adolescence, and suggests the inability to increase stroke volume to the same extent as healthy peers during growth. Peak VO2 and peak oxygen pulse remain relatively stable during early adulthood. However, when RV contractility decreases, a faster decline in peak oxygen pulse is observed.
A genetic predisposition score for muscular endophenotypes predicts the increase in aerobic power after training: the CAREGENE study
Tom Thomaes, Martine Thomis, Steven Onkelinx, Robert Fagard, Gert Matthijs, Roselien Buys, Dirk Schepers, Véronique Cornelissen, Luc Vanhees
BMC Genetics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2156-12-84
Abstract: 935 Coronary artery disease patients (CAD) who performed an incremental exercise test until exhaustion at baseline and after three months of training were included. Polymorphisms of the genes were detected using the invader assay. Genotype-phenotype association analyses were performed using ANCOVA. Different models for a genetic predisposition score (GPS) were constructed based on literature and own data and were related to baseline and response VO2 scores.Carriers of the minor allele in the R23K polymorphism of the glucocorticoid receptor gene (GR) and the ciliary neurotrophic factor gene (CNTF) had a significantly higher increase in peakVO2 after training (p < 0.05). Carriers of the minor allele (C34T) in the adenosine monophosphate deaminase (AMPD1) gene had a significantly lower relative increase (p < 0.05) in peakVO2. GPS of data driven models were significantly associated with the increase in peakVO2 after training.In CAD patients, suggestive associations were found in the GR, CNTF and the AMPD1 gene with an improved change in aerobic capacity after three months of training. Additionally data driven models with a genetic predisposition score (GPS) showed a significant predictive value for the increase in peakVO2.In patients with ischemic heart disease aerobic power and skeletal muscle strength are often reduced in comparison with age and sex-matched healthy subjects [1]. Regular physical activity improves aerobic power and skeletal muscle strength and is accompanied with an increase in survival in these patients. Moreover, aerobic power has been shown to be an independent prognostic factor of survival in patients with heart disease [2-4]. Therefore, participation in a cardiovascular exercise training program is strongly recommended in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients [5-7]. Recently, we reported an average increase in aerobic power of 26% ± 22% (Standard Deviation; SD) after a training period of three months in 1909 CAD patients [8]. A considerable inter
Australian Consumer Attitudes and Decision Making on Renewable Energy Technology and Its Impact on the Transformation of the Energy Sector  [PDF]
Jeff Sommerfeld, Laurie Buys
Open Journal of Energy Efficiency (OJEE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojee.2014.33009
Abstract: This paper critically examines research on consumer attitudes and behavior towards solar photovoltaic (PV) and renewable energy technology in Australia. The uptake of renewable energy technology by residential consumers in Australia in the past decade has transformed the electricity supply and demand paradigm. Thus, this paper reviews Australian research on consumer behavior, understanding and choices in order to identify gaps in knowledge. As the role of the consumer transforms, there is a critical need to understand the ways that consumers may respond to future energy policies to mitigate unforeseen negative social and economic consequence of programs designed to achieve positive environmental outcomes.
Paediatric triage in South Africa: Where are we?
H Buys
Continuing Medical Education , 2013,
Abstract: CME, January 2013 Vol. 31 No. 1
Reflections on the value concept in accounting
P. Buys
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 2009, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v74i3.135
Abstract: The recent meltdown in global finances and the reasons for it may make people doubtful about the stewardship function of accounting. In the global financial markets, there is a great fascination with the reality that accounting values intend to reflect. However, what many people considered valuable is now suddenly of no value. The question can therefore be asked what is meant by the value concept as a foundation to modern-day accountancy. “Value” is a concept that is open to different interpretations, based on the needs, perspectives and personal values of the interpreter. This article aims to reflect on the value concept from an accounting perspective in analysing the fundamental quali-tative perspectives and how these perspectives might affect the quantitative value measurements, as reported in the financial statements. From a quantitative perspective, accounttancy aims to measure and report the monetary values of items. However, there is a move towards a mixed valuation model with many financial statements, including both historical cost and value-based accounting information. The article concludes that this questionable development opens up many additional and subjective interpretations of accounting value measurement and reporting. Both valuation measurement methods have merit when considered in the overall purpose of accounting information. However, subjective value-based mea-surements may cast a shadow of doubt on the reliability and comparability requirements of accounting value information.
In pursuit of a foundational accountancy philosophy
P. Buys
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 2008, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v73i3.171
Abstract: Recent accounting history is characterised by many developments, including several high-profile corporate failures, such as Enron, Parmalat and even Saambou, as well as major developments in financial reporting standards, such as the broadbased acceptance of international financial reporting standards and the convergence efforts between the UK-based International Accounting Standards Board and the US-based Financial Accounting Standards Board. As a result, long-accepted accounting assumptions are being challenged in favour of new principles and practices. Furthermore, in academic circles the scientific foundation of accounting is being questioned. At many universities, limited education is taking place in the underlying theory and philosophy of accounting in favour of teaching prospective accountants how to pass difficult professional exams. Seen against this backdrop, a reconsideration of the objectives and purpose of accountancy may be overdue. This article attempts to illuminate the intrinsic assumptions and objectives of accountancy, seen in the light of modern-day accounting issues and developments.
Kultuur, lewensvisie en ontwikkeling. ’n Ontmaskering van die gode van die onderontwikkelde Afrika en die oorontwikkelde Weste
Flip Buys
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 2000, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v65i2.477
Primary Nutritional Content of Bio-Flocs Cultured with Different Organic Carbon Sources and Salinity
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2010,
Abstract: Application of bio-flocs technology (BFT) in aquaculture offers a solution to avoid environmental impact of high nutrient discharges and to reduce the use of artificial feed. In BFT, excess of nutrients in aquaculture systems are converted into microbial biomass, which can be consumed by the cultured animals as a food source. In this experiment, upconcentrated pond water obtained from the drum filter of a freshwater tilapia farm was used for bio-flocs reactors. Two carbon sources, sugar and glycerol, were used as the first variable, and two different levels of salinity, 0 and 30 ppt, were used as the second variable. Bio-flocs with glycerol as a carbon source had higher total n-6 PUFAs (19.1 + 2.1 and 22.3 + 8.6 mg/g DW at 0 and 30 ppt, respectively) than that of glucose (4.0 + 0.1 and 12.6 + 2.5 mg/g DW at 0 and 30 ppt). However, there was no effect of carbon source or salinity on crude protein, lipid, and total n-3 PUFAs contents of the bio-flocs.
The Effectiveness of Energy Feedback for Conservation and Peak Demand: A Literature Review  [PDF]
Desley Vine, Laurie Buys, Peter Morris
Open Journal of Energy Efficiency (OJEE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojee.2013.21002
Abstract: This paper reviews electricity consumption feedback literature to explore the potential of electricity feedback to affect residential consumers’ electricity usage patterns. The review highlights a substantial amount of literature covering the debate over the effectiveness of different feedback criteria to residential customer acceptance and overall conservation and peak demand reduction. Researchers studying the effects of feedback on everyday energy use have observed substantial variation in effect size, both within and between studies. Although researchers still continue to question the types of feedback that are most effective in encouraging conservation and peak load reduction, some trends have emerged. These include that feedback be received as quickly as possible to the time of consumption; be related to a standard; be clear and meaningful and where possible both direct and indirect feedback be customised to the customer. In general, the literature finds that feedback can reduce electricity consumption in homes by 5 to 20 percent, but that significant gaps remain in our knowledge of the effectiveness and cost benefit of feedback.
Comparative study of the nesting behaviour of Tachysphex inconspicuus (Kirby) (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in two locations in southeast Brazil
Buys, Sandor C.;
Neotropical Entomology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2007000300001
Abstract: the nesting behaviour of the solitary wasp tachysphex inconspicuus (kirby) was comparatively studied based on observations made in two environmentally distinct locations in southeast brazil: upper portions of two sandy beaches and a dirt road in a forested area. motor patterns related to nest construction were similar in all observed wasps, but some behavioural features, which were different among the observed wasps in the two environments, seem to be constrained by ecological factors. t. inconspicuus can be behaviourally differentiated from several other species of the genus by the following combination of features: they close the nest temporarily during its provision, do not let the excavated sand to form into a mound in front of the nest entrance, construct unicellular nests, and provision the nest with cockroaches. moreover, females t. inscospicuus use their hind legs in a peculiar way to manipulate the prey, which allows them to associate the use of the mandibles in prey transport with the possibility of excavating the temporary plug and entering the nest without releasing the prey. chorisoneura lopesi albuquerque, c. excelsa albuquerque & silva, and unidentified species of riatia (blattodea: blatellidae) were found as prey and amobia floridensis (towsend) (diptera: sarcophagidae) as parasitoid of t. insconspicuus.
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