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Andi Yasmon,Fera Ibrahim,Budiman Bela
Makara Seri Sains , 2010,
Abstract: Considering importance of N protein for study of viral pathogenesis or development of immunodiagnostic assay, wereported effects of several conditions on purity and homogeneity of recombinant SARS-CoV N protein expressed in E.coli BL21. The SARS-CoV N gene was reverse transcribed and amplified by the reverse transcription-polymerase chainreaction (RT-PCR) technique. The amplicons were cloned into pGEX-6P1 and followed by subcloning of the targetgene into pQE-80L. After inserting the recombinant plasmid (pQE80-N) into E. coli, the recombinant protein (6 x Histag-N protein fusion) was expressed by inducing the bacterial cells with 0.1-0.5 mM isopropyl-1-thio-Dgalactopyranoside(IPTG) for 1-5 h. The protein recombinant were extracted from the bacterial cells by NTT buffercontaining 0-20 mM imidazol, and followed by Ni-NTA affinity resin purification. The results showed that induction ofE. coli BL21 with 0.2 mM IPTG for 4 h and followed with lysis of bacterial cells in NTT buffer containing 10 mMimidazol were optimal conditions to obtain the pure recombinant SARS-CoV N protein.
Aroem Naroeni,Hatiyowidi Yuliawuri,Fera Ibrahim,Budiman Bela
Makara Seri Kesehatan , 2010,
Abstract: Indonesian National Committee for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has reported the significant increase of HIV infected individual in Indonesia. A sensitive accurate diagnostics are urgently needed to prevent the dissemination of HIV and also to provide a suitable therapy. For this reason, we have developed HIV diagnostic method based on PCR to elucidate this problem. For this research, samples were collected from hospitals and Indonesian Red Cross that consist of samples possesing HIV serological test positive and indeterminate. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) were isolated from blood plasma. These RNA then were amplified after Reverse transcriptase reaction by using primers which have been designed using env (C2V3C3), Long Terminal Repeats (LTR) (U3) and Capsid gag (p24) as target regions. The obtained results shown 26/34 (76.5%) positive in LTR, 10/33 (36.4%) positive in Env and 11/33 (33.3%) positive in p24. These results showed that LTR primers detect HIV more than other primers. It suggests that LTR could be used as detection target as complement of env and p24 These results need to be explored further by using sequencing method.
Budiman Budiman
Mukaddimah : Jurnal Studi Islam , 2011,
Abstract: This article attempts to explore the history of Qur’anic codification which leads to the debate on the authenticity of the Quran. Some approaches and issues on the topic are discussed throughout the article. Artikel ini menjelaskan sejarah kodifikasi al-Qur’and yang pada gilirannya memicu perdebatan seputar autentisitas al-Qur’an. Beberapa pendekatan dan isu terkait dengan tema tulisan akan dijelaskan secara mendalam. Kata Kunci: autentisitas al-Qur’an, Kodifikasi al-Qur’an, sejarah al-Qur’an.
Algoritma Pengujian Komposisi Material
Hendri Budiman
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2003,
Abstract: The dynamic change of environment has made the factory must more competitive if they don't want to lose their market. To anticipate it can be by loosing un normal condition in production process. Material composition un appropriate by standard is un normal condition in foundry industry. To reach standard material composition is not simple because needed testing instrument and adjustment process. In software design needed a artificial intelligent can be adjust material composition. In the paper will be covered material composition testing algorithm for adjust material composition than material standard. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Kondisi lingkungan yang dinamis membuat perusahaan harus lebih kompetitif dan meningkatkan fleksibilitas sistem manufakturnya agar tidak kehilangan pangsa pasarnya. Hal tersebut dicapai dengan menghilangkan kondisi tidak normal dalam proses produksinya. Komposisi material yang yang tidak sesuai dengan standar adalah suatu kondisi tidak normal dalam suatu pabrik pengecoran. Untuk mencapai komposisi yang sesuai dengan standar tidaklah mudah karena memerlukan alat uji dan proses penyesuaian (adjustment). Dalam perencanaan piranti lunak diperlukan suatu kecerdasaan buatan yang dapat menyesuaikan komposisi material . Dalam tulisan ini akan diulas algoritma pengujian komposisi material untuk menyesuaikan komposisi material yang dilebur dengan standar material. Kata kunci: Komposisi Material, Penyesuaian, Piranti lunak, kecerdasan buatan.
Analysis of Consumer Attitudes to Purchase Intentions of Counterfeiting Bag Product in Indonesia
Santi Budiman
International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (IJMESS) , 2012,
Abstract: Fashion handbags are products that occupy the third position of the 11 types of products most often hijacked. According to the United States Customs and Border Protection and European Commission, Indonesia is a country that ranked the 8th largest country after Hong Kong with the highest levels of product piracy in Asia in 2006. This study investigate the effect of product cues factors, including extrinsic cues and intrinsic cues, Attitudes towards counterfeits, religiosity, lawfulness attitudes, status of consumption on purchase intentions. This study aims to explain the process of forming an intention to buy pirated bag products that rest on the primary relationship of independent variables like attitudes towards counterfeit, lawfulness attitudes and consumption status of the intention to buy pirated products as well as test patterns bag relationship between variables. The data was collected by using a questionnaire enclosed with the statement that based on the Likert scale. The respondents were all employed women who are in the area of Yogyakarta with 200 respondents. These results show that intrinsic factors had positive influence on consumer attitudes towards pirated handbags addition, a more positive attitude of consumers towards pirated bags will further strengthen the purchasing intentions and conversely the higher the status of a consumer's consumption will only further weaken the intention of purchasing the product bag pirated.
Treading the Path of the Shari’a: Indonesian Feminism at the Crossroads of Western Modernity and Islamism
Manneke Budiman
Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities , 2009,
Abstract: The downfall of Suharto’s New Order in 1998 has opened up a new era of political freedom and participation for activists and for groups that try to promote emancipatory agendas as well as for political Islamists keen on introducing tougher conservative, religious measures to society. Women’s activism and participation in different sectors has flourished, and their voices have had much stronger echoes in the political dynamics of the country. However, the new era has also given rise to Islamic radicalism that is also hostile to feminist causes and perceives feminism as part of the Western hegemonic project. In such a slippery political terrain, women’s movements in Indonesia have to remake the image of feminism in Indonesian terms so that it cannot be dismissed as an ideology imported from the West and, simultaneously, they must develop a home-grown counter-discourse against the mainstream interpretation of sacred texts by using the same sources of knowledge that the Islamists employ. To what extent women activists have succeeded or failed in their struggles to free Indonesian Muslim women from the shackles of the male-dominated reading of Islamic dogma, and what the future trajectories of their struggles might be, are the primary concerns of this essay.
Budiman Proboyo
Civil Engineering Dimension , 1999,
Abstract: Successfully executing construction project within schedule is one of the most important aims, both for the owner and the contractor. Construction delay is a condition which is completely unwanted, because it will cause lost of money and time for both parties. Research in finding factors which are dominant or having great influences as the causes of delay, is intended to prepare and build the construction planning and scheduling more complete and accurate; so that delay can be avoided or controlled. Confirmation to the founded causes by site surveys using questionaire distributed to contractors, have shown that problems arisen from inaccurate workplan, lack of resources. lack of communication/coordination, were dominant factors for causing construction delay from contractor side. On the other hand, the owner side, problems arisen from incomplete and unclear design and scope of works, inspection and control system of the project were dominant for causing delay. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Keberhasilan melaksanakan proyek konstruksi tepat pada waktunya adalah salah satu tujuan terpenting, baik bagi pemilik maupun kontraktor. Keterlambatan adalah sebuah kondisi yang sangat tidak dikehendaki, karena akan sangat merugikan kedua belah pihak dari segi waktu dan biaya. Penelitian ini bertujuan menemukan faktor-faktor yang sangat berperan atau mendominasi sebagai penyebab keterlambatan, dengan maksud agar proses perencanaan dan penjadwalan proyek konstruksi dapat dilakukan dengan lebih lengkap dan cermat; sehingga keterlambatan sedapat mungkin dihindarkan atau dikendalikan. Temuan penyebab-penyebab keterlambatan, yang dikonfirmasikan dengan sigi lapangan menggunakan kuesioner yang didistribusikan kepada kontraktor, menunjukkan bahwa masalah-masalah tidak seksamanya rencana kerja, tidak tersedianya sumber daya dan kurangnya komunikasi/koordinasi, merupakan faktor-faktor yang dominan sebagai penyebab keterlamabatan dari sisi kontraktor. Dari sisi pemilik proyek, masalah ketidaklengkapan dan ketidakjelasan desain dan lingkup pekerjaan, masalah sistim pengawasan dan pengendalian proyek, merupakan faktor yang dominan sebagai penyebab keterlambatan. Kata kunci : keterlambatan pelaksanaan, penyebab keterlambatan, perencanaan dan penjadwalan, kontraktor, pemilik
AIDS Vaccine for Asia Network (AVAN): Expanding the Regional Role in Developing HIV Vaccines
Stephen J. Kent,David A. Cooper,Mean Chhi Vun,Yiming Shao ,Linqi Zhang,Nirmal Ganguly,Budiman Bela,Hiko Tamashiro,Rossana Ditangco,Supachai Rerks-Ngarm,Punnee Pitisuttithum,Nguyen Van Kinh,Alan Bernstein,Saladin Osmanov,for the AIDS Vaccine for Asia Network investigators and supporters
PLOS Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000331
Bioaccumulation of Trace Metals in Tissues of Rohu Fish for Environmental Risk Assessment  [PDF]
Nazima Noor, Bela Zutshi
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2016.84040
Abstract: In the present study, the two lakes, Vengaiah lake (Lake A-Sewage polluted receiving discharge from storm water drain) and Yellamallappa Chetty lake (Lake B-Industrially polluted) situated near Krishnarajpuram-Hoskote taluk, Bangalore, Karnataka were selected for analysis of trace metals viz., arsenic, aluminium, cadmium, lead, mercury, iron, copper and zinc in water samples. Muscle and gill tissues of freshwater fish Labeo rohita reared in these water bodies were analysed for bioaccumulation of trace metals. Hebbal fish farm was considered as a reference site (Control site) for water and fish samples. Trace metals were analysed by atomic absorption spectroscopy and values were compared with those recommended by FAO/WHO in water and fish samples. Trace metals such as Al, As and Hg were detected in the water sampled from lake B which is attributed to the differences in the sources of pollutants. Fish tissues viz., muscle and gills sampled from Lake B exhibited high concentration of Al, Pb and Cd content showing a positive correlation with their concentration in water samples. The remaining metals as Cu, Zn and Fe were detected in water sampled from all water bodies and also in the fish tissues. Gills exhibited higher concentration of metals in fish from lake B. Bioaccumulation of these trace metals in fish tissues may cause potential danger to human health when consumed on regular basis. Thus necessary remedial measures are required to combat water contamination and its management keeping in view the aquatic ecosystem and public health. Values were statistically significant at P < 0.0001.
Dedi Budiman Hakim
Jurnal Manajemen & Agribisnis , 2005,
Abstract: Multilateral trade agreement under the auspice of the GATT/WTO is expected to change the nation’s competitiveness in the global economy. In the context of the agricultural agreement, there are three mayor changing policies to be committed by the WTO members: (a) market access, (b) export subsidies and (c) domestic support. Likewise, ASEAN regional agreement (AFTA) will reduce the relative price of international prices to the domestic prices and the exploitation of the comparative advantage. The questions to be answered is whether such multilateral agreements affect agricultural trade in the region. A recursive-dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) and the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) database were used to assess such impacts. Two important scenarios were then considered: APEC and AFTA scenarios. The results indicate that as import tariff levels are completely removed, the demand for imported goods would certainly be increased. This is because domestic consumers (private consumers and industries) would face decreasing domestic prices. However, the size of import changes depends on the initial tariff rates. The higher the initial intra-regional tariffs, and the larger the tariff cuts, the higher the gains from the trade creation. Under the AFTA trade liberalisation, rice output in the ASEAN member countries with the exception of Thailand is projected to shrink. The AFTA tariff reduction would cause an increase in exports in most ASEAN economic sectors. Focusing on the export changes in the agricultural sectors, it is reported that the cereal and processed milk sectors are predicted to have noticeable increases in their exports. However, since trade liberalisation would have adverse effects on the uncompetitive producing sectors, adjustment assistance is highly recommended in order to compensate for any losses; for instance, reduced farm incomes.
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