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Risk and Protective Factors in Child Development and the Development of Resilience  [PDF]
Ann Buchanan
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.24025
Abstract: It was the distinguished UK psychiatrist, Professor Sir Michael Rutter, who first promoted the idea that there were risk and protective factors within the wider ecological framework of the child which profoundly influenced the child’s development. This paper based on 20 years of research at the Centre for Research into Parenting and Children at University of Oxford will explore some of these risk and protective factors and demonstrate how it is possible to artificially create protective conditions for those children who do not have them naturally, and to promote their resilience, so necessary in this fast changing world.
The Impact of Declining Fertility on Children, Parents and Policy  [PDF]
Ann Buchanan
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.29052
Abstract: This paper, based on an international study of declining fertility, highlights the impact on children, parents and policy. Though in general, fewer children per family, are associated with young people’s increased health, well-being and education, the increase in the numbers of elderly will put pressure on women to carry the burden of, not only caring for their young, but also large numbers of elderly relatives, while at the same time contributing to a declining work force. Although there is little evidence that lone children do worse than children from a two-child family, the pressure on young people is great as they bear the hopes and aspirations of their family members and their societies to fill the gap in a world with fewer children. The paper concludes that social policy the world over will need to be alert to the impact of changing demography and the importance of investing in children so that they can contribute in a future world where they will be at a premium.
Associations between Feeling and Judging the Emotions of Happiness and Fear: Findings from a Large-Scale Field Experiment
Tony W. Buchanan,David Bibas,Ralph Adolphs
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010640
Abstract: How do we recognize emotions from other people? One possibility is that our own emotional experiences guide us in the online recognition of emotion in others. A distinct but related possibility is that emotion experience helps us to learn how to recognize emotions in childhood.
Preservation of Differentiation and Clonogenic Potential of Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells during Lyophilization and Ambient Storage
Sandhya S. Buchanan,David W. Pyatt,John F. Carpenter
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0012518
Abstract: Progenitor cell therapies show great promise, but their potential for clinical applications requires improved storage and transportation. Desiccated cells stored at ambient temperature would provide economic and practical advantages over approaches employing cell freezing and subzero temperature storage. The objectives of this study were to assess a method for loading the stabilizing sugar, trehalose, into hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HPC) and to evaluate the effects of subsequent freeze-drying and storage at ambient temperature on differentiation and clonogenic potential. HPC were isolated from human umbilical cord blood and loaded with trehalose using an endogenous cell surface receptor, termed P2Z. Solution containing trehalose-loaded HPC was placed into vials, which were transferred to a tray freeze-dryer and removed during each step of the freeze-drying process to assess differentiation and clonogenic potential. Control groups for these experiments were freshly isolated HPC. Control cells formed 1450±230 CFU-GM, 430±140 BFU-E, and 50±40 CFU-GEMM per 50 μL. Compared to the values for the control cells, there was no statistical difference observed for cells removed at the end of the freezing step or at the end of primary drying. There was a gradual decrease in the number of CFU-GM and BFU-E for cells removed at different temperatures during secondary drying; however, there were no significant differences in the number of CFU-GEMM. To determine storage stability of lyophilized HPC, cells were stored for 4 weeks at 25°C in the dark. Cells reconstituted immediately after lyophilization produced 580±90 CFU-GM (~40%, relative to unprocessed controls p<0.0001), 170±70 BFU-E (~40%, p<0.0001), and 41±22 CFU-GEMM (~82%, p = 0.4171), and cells reconstituted after 28 days at room temperature produced 513±170 CFU-GM (~35%, relative to unprocessed controls, p<0.0001), 112±68 BFU-E (~26%, p<0.0001), and 36±17 CFU-GEMM (~82%, p = 0.2164) These studies are the first to document high level retention of CFU-GEMM following lyophilization and storage for 4 weeks at 25°C. This type of flexible storage stability would potentially permit the ability to ship and store HPC without the need for refrigeration.
When Psychology Went Online: Review of "Psychological Aspects of Cyberspace: Theory, Research Applications", Edited by Azy Barak (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
Tom Buchanan
International Journal of Internet Science , 2008,
Abstract: Azy Barak is well known for his prolific contributions to several areas of the literature dealing with psychological investigation of the Internet and related technologies, and also the exploitation of the Internet as a space in which the profession of psychology may be conducted. These efforts fall within the domain of what some call "cyberpsychology" - essentially, the application of psychology to the Internet - and that is the focus of this book. In this 300-page volume he has assembled an excellent collection of contributors, all familiar names who have done much to advance their respective fields of expertise. Many of the real pioneers in the area are represented here, bringing to the project a considerable depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. They are drawn from a variety of nations, institutions, and areas of psychology, and thus bring a variety of perspectives to the work.
Symptomotology and Racial Politics in Australia
Ian Buchanan
Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia , 2012,
Abstract: Jindabyne (a movie directed by Ray Lawrence, 2006) begins with the murder of a young aboriginal woman, but its real focus is the way people respond to this murder. In doing so, it tells several interesting truths about race relations in Australia today. I want to suggest that Jindabyne can usefully be read as a national allegory (in Jameson’s sense of the word). It maps or diagrams the cultural and political tropes of the present moment in history. My basic hypothesis is that it cannot be a coincidence that Jindabyne should give such prominence to the cultural problematic of the apology at this particular juncture in Australia’s history. Although this aspect of the film is scarcely mentioned in any of the reviews that accompanied the film’s premier, it strikes me that the timing is symptomatic: it is a topic that as Deleuze once said about difference was very much in the air. Produced only two years before the official national apology the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd made to the Indigenous peoples of Australia on February 13, 2008, Jindabyne responds to a complex assemblage of cultural problematics that have been on the national political agenda ever since the release in 1995 of Bringing Them Home, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s report on its national inquiry into the so-called “Stolen Generation”.
Reconceptualizing Law and Politics in the Transnational: Constitutional and Legal Pluralist Approaches
Ruth Buchanan
Socio-Legal Review , 2010,
Abstract: Despite the apparent fluidity that characterizes this historical moment as well as this moment in legal scholarship, this paper argues that there is also an enduring rigidity that is found in the persistence of a modernist conception of law. It is revealed in debates surrounding transnational constitutionalism, which even as they purport to transcend the nation-state, cannot escape some form of re-inscription of the relation between law and a centralized sovereign authority.
Fleeing the Drug War Next Door: Drug-related Violence as a Basis for Refugee Protection for Mexican Asylum-Seekers
Holly Buchanan
Merkourios : Utrecht Journal of International and European Law , 2011,
Abstract: The death toll in Mexico due to drug-related violence has continued to rise since President Felipe Calderón initiated the Mexican Government's crackdown on drug trafficking organizations in 2006. Pervasive corruption among state and local government officials and alleged human rights violations by the Mexican military have added to the gravity of the endemic drug-related violence in Mexico. In response to the continuous violence in Mexico perpetrated by drug trafficking organiza- tions, a substantial number of Mexican citizens have fled to the United States seeking asylum. Due to the strict requirements for refugee status under international law and asylum protection under U.S. law, individuals seeking protection based on drug-related violence face several legal obstacles. This Article addresses the extent to which drug-related violence may con- stitute a basis for refugee status protection under international refugee law and U.S. asylum law. It seeks to provide insight into the potential viability of claims for refugee status brought by Mexican asylum-seekers fleeing drug-related violence. This Article concludes with a discussion on complementary protection under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment for Mexican asylum-seekers.
Fran Herman, Music Therapist in Canada for over 50 years
Jennifer Buchanan
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy , 2009,
Decolonizing the Archives: The Work of New Zealand's Waitangi Tribunal
Rachel Buchanan
Public History Review , 2007,
Abstract: If history is to be decolonized, then the archives it is made from must be too. This article uses the work of the Waitangi Tribunal in Aotearoa New Zealand to explore how this might be possible. The tribunal is a permanent commission of inquiry that investigates contemporary and historical breaches of the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. Tribunal hearings are rich sites of public history-making. A hearing involves the research and production of ‘traditional’ and ‘historical’ tribal narratives as well as the performance of dozens of individual testimonies from Maori. By collecting and archiving the family and tribal histories that Maori claimants have chosen to speak, write or sing before it, the tribunal has made the private public. In the process, the colonial archive has been expanded, democratised and decolonised. This article argues that while the work of the tribunal is necessarily constrained by its brief to investigate post-contact grievances, the voluminous and precious archive generated by inquiries and by the settlement process that sometimes follows, provide the seeds for other more satisfying and challenging stories about New Zealand’s past and present. It reads the archives generated by the Taranaki inquiry to demonstrate how a significant feature of claimant testimony is the challenge it poses to conceptions of time that are central to academic history-making. The subaltern histories shared at tribunal hearings collapse the distinctions between past and present, placing ‘historical actors’ and ‘historical events’ on the same stage as present ones. Tribunal archives, then, are a new and overlooked collection of documentary evidence that refuses to locate colonisation in the past. The tribunal archives challenge historians to rethink ‘history’ and ‘the colonial archive’. If colonisation is something that is not over yet then the colonial archive is still being created (by bodies like the tribunal). It is a collection of documents that can be viewed as both historical and contemporary.
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