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Evidence and experience: what is the balance in surgeons' training?
Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502007000400002
Abstract: surgeons' training requires professionalism, continuing medical education, and appropriate environment to ensure the desirable success. however, generally, this goal is pursued in an inefficient way, based upon intensive training skills founded in the age-old philosophy of "the way i have learned it". there is, usually, a lack of patient outcome evaluation, especially of long-term follow-up of surgical procedures, which in turns provide little evidence of senior surgeons for adequate training junior surgeons. on the other hand, questioning the established knowledge is not stimulated, or even not tolerated by the seniors. it seems like the "truth" is absolute and allows no change for the new knowledge, which would mean no additional progress. there is a need to significantly alter the implementation of new knowledge, if possible based on evidence, to ensure the best medical care for the surgical patient. experimental surgery, and nowadays bench model surgery, may be useful in minimizing the predictable complications of patients under the surgeon training responsibility, while on learning curve. surgery based on evidence should be one of the tools for improving patient surgical care, since this important branch of medical activity must rest on two pillars "art and science"; and surgeon in good training needs to be close to both.
Editora??o científica: as duas faces - analógica e digital
Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502004000600002
Abstract: the brazilian association for the scientific editors (abec) promoted in september, 2004, the iii workshop for the scientific editors in recife, pernambuco - brazil. the main focus was in the way that the scientific knowledge needs to be spread out : analogical or digital. however, the financial support for the production and the divulgation of this knowledge was also discussed. in the production it was agreed that it is made in the research institutes; universities and scientific societies. it has been observed a trend towards the electronic management of the publishing steps and the divulgation. especially because a lower cost and greater facility; if the human resources of the information sciences are available; however, both form of publishing (analogical and digital) are expected to live side by side for some time to come. it was presented an idea of an electronic site for the scientific editors, with the safety of digital certification, where the authors could send their manuscript in an easier way. the scientific paper selection would be made by the editorial board of several scientific journals, which would provide some orientation for the authors in how to improve those manuscripts. it is hoped that this approach would allow an increase in the divulgation of science, especially the one produced in the university post graduation courses. it was evident, throughout the meeting the essentiality of the knowledge production as basic element for the evolution of the human society.
Projeto Mutir?o de Catarata em centro de referência oftalmológico, em Pernambuco: perfil, grau de satisfa??o e benefício visual do usuário
Ventura, Liana O;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492004000200009
Abstract: purposes: to identify the social and demographic patient profile, and to evaluate the visual outcome of patients enrolled in the medical social cataract project, developed by the "altino ventura foundation" - pernambuco state, brazil. methods: 163 patients who underwent cataract surgery and were seen at follow-up in october and november 2002. data were obtained by a questionnaire, which also included questions about the service qualities provided by several sectors of the institution. the patients were also evaluated as regards the visual acuity and clinical outcome. results: the patient mean age was 68.4 years. females were more frequent (67%). illiteracy was present in 20% of the patients. housewifeliness (44%) represented the majority of the patient activities. it was found that the relative frequency of several parameters used to assess patient satisfaction with the hospital care was greater than 95%. there was statistically significant improvement, of visual acuity after surgery, in both eyes. right eye - preoperative = x± sd - 0.193 ± 0.135 - postoperative = 0.650 ± 0.293 "t" = 13.469 - p < 0.0001. left eye - preoperative = x± sd - 0.217 ± 0.197 - postoperative = 0.666 ± 0.301, "t" = 11.300 - p < 0.0001. conclusions: the degree of satisfaction in this group of patients, with high illiteracy and excluded from the work force, was very good. an association between the quality of the provided services and benefit of visual acuity improvement was observed. these results were fundamental for greater credibility of the institution.
Varicocele e volume testicular em adolescentes e adultos jovens portadores de esquistossomose hepatoesplênica cirúrgica
Brandt, Frederico Teixeira;Albuquerque, Carla Daisy Costa;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;Barbosa, Carolina Duarte;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502003000400015
Abstract: purpose: this case-control study was aimed at evaluating testicular volume, puberal and genital development, and the prevalence of varicocele in adolescents and young adults with shistosomiasis in the hepatosplenic form associated with bleeding esophageal varices. methods: the study involved 22 young males with schistosomiasis as described, submitted to splenectomy, left gastric vein ligature and auto-implant of splenic tissue in the greater omentum during childhood. the mean follow-up period was 4 years after surgery. the control group included healthy volunteers from a school in the same region where the cases lived. they were randomly selected, matched by age and epidemiological characteristics, and had schistosomiasis ruled out. all participants had complete history taken and were submitted to a thorough clinical and ultrasonographic examinations. special attention was given to sexual characteristics, testicular ultrasonography and dopplerfluxometry of spermatic veins. results and conclusions: patients with schistosomiasis had significant deficits in puberal and genital development, testicular volume, specially the left one, and a high prevalence of varicocele (61.5%) without a straight association with testicular atrophy.
Differential densities of nitric oxide synthesizing nerves in the sphincteric and non-sphincteric smooth muscles of human gut during fetal development
Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;Graham, Andrew;Tam, Paul Kwong Hang;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86501997000100004
Abstract: nitric oxide (no) is involved in the inhibitory neurotransmission in the sphincteric and non-sphincteric smooth muscles. however, the relative contribution of nitric oxide synthesizing innervation to these functionally diverse parts of the gut, particularly during development, is unknown. gastrointestinal sphincters and adjoining non-sphincteric bowel segments were obtained from 14 human fetuses with gestational ages between 12 and 23 weeks. no synthesizing nerves were examined by nicotinamide adenine deoxinucleotide phosphate (nadph) diaphorase histochemistry. the densities of nadph positive nerves in the smooth muscle were quantified using a computerized image analyzing system on random sections. the no synthesizing nerve density in intestinal smooth muscles decreased during fetal development as a result of increased interspacing between myenteric ganglia and a disproportionately larger increase in smooth muscle area than neuronal area. similarly, the nerve densities were lower in sphincteric regions than adjoining non-sphincteric regions at the same gestational ages. there is a relative reduction of the density of no synthesizing nerves in intestinal smooth muscle particularly in sphincteric regions during development. these findings may have relevance to the occurrence of congenital dysmotility disorders of the sphincteric regions.
Manifesta??es oculares em pacientes que tiveram desnutri??o nos primeiros seis meses de vida
Dantas, Alessandra Pereira;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;Leal, Daena Nascimento Barros;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492005000600009
Abstract: purpose: to investigate possible ophthalmologic alterations in patients who had severe malnutrition during the first six months of life. methods: 182 eyes of 91, 2 to 11-year-old, children who had had severe malnutrition during the first six months of life (study group) were analyzed. as a control group 88 children selected according to similar characteristics of age, gender, demographic and economic conditions were included. results: in the study group, a higher frequency of children with visual acuity from 0.3 to 0.1 and less than 0.1 (11.5% versus 0.7% - p<0.0001) was observed. there was a higher frequency of astigmatism and myopia in the study group. a higher frequency of astigmatism of one diopter or more in the study group (p<0.0001) was also observed. the fundoscopic alterations were pale optic nerve (2.2%), increased disc cup (4.4%), increased vascular tortuosity (6.6%), alteration of retina color (13.2%) and retinal pigment epithelium cell atrophy (12.0%). conclusions: the present data support the concept that early malnutrition interferes in the individual's visual health. further studies are necessary to establish a more precise cause-effect relationship.
Ceratoplastia autóloga ipsilateral rotacional em ceratocone após 24 meses de seguimento
Cunha, Fernando J. M.;Lira, Wagner;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492011000300008
Abstract: introduction: ipsilateral rotational penetrating autokeratoplasty technique may be an alternative to minimize the problem of long waiting lists for transplantation due to keratoconus. purpose: to report the visual outcomes in keratoconus patients after ipsilateral rotational penetrating autokeratoplasty technique (irpak) associated with a crescent-shape resection of 0.5 mm of the inferior cornea. methods: according to a prospective, longitudinal, interventional, analytic study, the authors investigated the visual results of 15 patients (18 eyes) with keratoconus, who underwent an ipsilateral rotational penetrating autokeratoplasty, by two coincident trepanations superiorly and with a difference of 0.5 mm inferiorly. after resection of this corneal crescent, a 180° rotation of the corneal disk was performed, which was fixed with 24 sutures diametrically opposed. the patients were followed-up for a period of 24 months. results: comparing data of the first and second postoperative years to preoperative data, there were: significant improvements in visual acuity, vision lines and spherical equivalent; reduction of topographic astigmatism and maximum and mean corneal curvatures. there was also a decrease in corneal thickness associated to a reduction of corneal endothelial cell count. conclusion: there was an improvement of ophthalmologic parameters 6, 12 and 24 months after ipsilateral rotational penetrating autokeratoplasty associated with a crescent-shape resection of 0.5 mm of the inferior cornea, but along the follow-up there was reduction of visual acuity with increased astigmatism.
índices de resistência nas artérias ovariana e uterina na fase lútea média em portadoras de esquistossomose mans?nica na sua forma hepatoesplênica
Sivini, Flávio Nunes;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;Belo Filho, Djalma;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032009000900002
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the repercussion of portal hypertension in the indexes of the ovarian, uterine and luteus body periphery arterial resistance, at the medium luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. methods: in an observational study with transversal cohort, 28 patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis mansoni, submitted to splenectomy and ligation of the left gastric vein (heso), a similar group of 28 patients who had not had the surgery (hesno) and 29 healthy volunteers (hv) were submitted to doppler fluxmetry in the medium luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. pourcelot's resistance index has been used as ri=[(s-d)/s], in which s means the highest systolic speed, and d, the end of diastole. the best record in the ascendant branch of the uterine artery, in the ovarian artery, when accessible, or in the intraovarian artery, was chosen. when the luteus body was present, the ri was measured in its periphery. the data obtained were analyzed by kruskal-wallis and mann-whitney tests. results: there was no significant difference among the groups, concerning the mean ri of the ovarian arteries (kruskal-wallis, p=0.50). there was a tendency for higher right uterine artery ri in the hesno group (kruskal-wallis, p<0.07), but it was similar in the left uterine artery (kruskal-wallis, p=0.14). arterial ris significantly lower have been observed in the luteus body periphery, when compared to the contralateral ovarian arteries in all the groups (mann-whitney, p<0.0001). conclusions: there was no difference among the groups, regarding the ovarian and uterine ris. the portal hypertension in patients with hepatosplenic schistosomiasis does not affect the natural phenomenon of arterial ri decrease in the ovary where ovulation occurs.
Complexo miointimal das carótidas comum e interna em portadores de esquistossomose mans?nica hepatoesplênica
Guimar?es, André Valen?a;Brandt, Carlos Teixeira;Ferraz, Adriana;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912009000400004
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the intima-media thickness (imt) of common and internal carotid arteries in patients with hepatosplenic schistomiasis mansoni and those who underwent portal decompression surgery (splenectomy and left gastric artery ligature). both groups were compared with a health volunteer control group, living in the same social-economic-environmental conditions. mehtods: an ultrasound doppler with a 7.5 mhz probe was used. the imt was measured in the three groups with 20 individuals each, of both gender, with ages ranging from 20 to 60 years. the mean and standard deviations of common and internal carotid arteries maximt, medimt, minimt were assessed. risk factors: age, systemic arterial hypertension and cigarette smoking were investigated as regard to imt measurements. results: there were no statistical differences in imt between right and left side, and among surgical, non-surgical and control groups. the surgical treated patients and controls showed correlation to known atherosclerotic risk factors: age, hypertension and cigarette smoking. however, non-surgically treated patients did not present the same correlation. conlcusion: it is tempting to believe that non-operated schistosomotic patients may have "some protection" against atherogenesis in human beings; however, the data do not lend full support to this hypothesis.
Estrutura de oferta e desenvolvimento agrícola: um modelo de equa es recursivas Estrutura de oferta e desenvolvimento agrícola: um modelo de equa es recursivas
José Geraldo Teixeira,Hideharu Carlos Ikehara,Sergio Alberto Brandt
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2010, DOI: 10.5433/
Abstract: A hipótese central desta pesquisa é a de que as elasticidades de oferta agrícola variam entre tipos de agricultura (moderna, tradicionais e de fronteira) e orienta es de produ o (autoconsumo e comercial). Para verifica o empírica da hipótese, usa-se um modelo recursivo de área e rendimento que admite a possibilidade de intera o entre essas duas variáveis. Os dados básicos utilizados s o séries temporais (1947-77) e o método de ajustamento é o de mínimos quadrados ordinários. O teste de Chow é usado para compara o das elasticidades de resposta agrícola. Os resultados obtidos indicam a impossibilidade de se estabelecer na ordena o geral das elasticidades de resposta e das respostas de rendimento em rela o à área, para os diferentes tipos de agricultura e de produto. Constatou-se também que o pressuposto geralmente aceito de que a elasticidade de resposta de área é um limite inferior da elasticidade de oferta n o é, em geral, válido. Politicas agrícolas e de pre os deveriam considerar as diferen as em graus de resposta de área e de rendimento, entre tipos de agricultura e entre orienta es da produ o. The basic hypothesis of this research is test farm supply elasticity varies between types of farming an between types of product. The empirical testing of that hypothesis is based upon a recursive model of acreage and yield responses allowing for acreage-yield interaction. Time series data (1947-77) and ordinary least squares were used and Chow's test was applied for comparison among supply elasticities. The empirical evidence indicates the impossibility of establishing a general ordering of acreage and yield response elasticities according to types of agriculture and types of products (modern, tradicional, frontier and subsistence, market agriculture). Results also point out that acreage response elasticity is not always a lower limit of supply elasticity. Nonetheless, price policy should allow for differences in supply structure among types oj jarming and output orientation.
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