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Corporate Entrepreneurship Performance: Slovenia and Romania = Notranje podjetni tvo in poslovni rezultati: Slovenija in Romunija
Bostjan Antoncic,Cezar Scarlat
Management , 2008,
Abstract: Entrepreneurship development is an imperative agenda for the improvement of competitiveness of current and future EU member countries. Corporate entrepreneurship activities and orientations can be considered important predictors of organizational performance. Hypotheses on the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship (organizational-level entrepreneurial behaviors) and performance elements and between alliance and corporate entrepreneurship elements were developed and tested. The analyses were done by using questionnaire data collected in two countries: Slovenia and Romania. Findings indicated very minor differences in corporate entrepreneurship and alliance item means between the two countries. Innovation in products and services can be considered crucial for performance of firms and economic growth. Strategic alliance relationships can be important for corporate entrepreneurship development.
The Mediating Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Organizational Support–Performance Relationship: An Empirical Examination
Bostjan Antoncic,Otmar Zorn
Managing Global Transitions , 2004,
Abstract: Corporate entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important element in organizational performance. Organizational support in terms of training and trusting individuals within the firm to detect opportunities and in terms of resource availability has been proposed to positively influence a firm’s entrepreneurial activities. Despite the recognition of the organizational support–corporate entrepreneurship– performance linkage, this relationship has been approached in different ways from the theoretical and empirical perspective. Some unsolved mediation issues of past research are addressed in this study by testing three alternative hypotheses. The research design was a cross-sectional, mailed questionnaire. The findings indicate that corporate entrepreneurship (new firm formation, product/service and process innovation) can be considered a potent mediator in the organizational support–performance relationship.
Strategic Planning and Small Firm Growth: An Empirical Examination
Branka Skrt,Bostjan Antoncic
Managing Global Transitions , 2004,
Abstract: Strategic thinking is important for small firms in the time of global competition, technological change and increased dynamics in markets. Even if many entrepreneurs do not formulate business plans, the strategic planning and systematic decision-making can be considered a key determinant of survival and success of small firms. The paper examines the relationship between strategic planning and small firm growth in terms of empirical analyses that include various strategic planning elements, which have not been given enough attention in past research. Seven hypotheses on the relationship between strategic planning and growth are developed and empirically tested by using data collected via questionnaire from 114 Slovenian smaller firms. The study has practical implications. Entrepreneurs need to be aware that strategic planning practices, processes and techniques can be beneficial for growth of the firm. In order to enable their firms to grow, entrepreneurs may like to consider exactly formulating vision and strategy, incorporating the elements of internationalization and networking in the firm vision, focusing on growth, profit, and market, among strategic analysis techniques paying special attention to analysis of market and competition, and exactly formulating generic business strategies. All these strategic planning efforts need to be reinforced by practices that follow the key growth and market orientations, and have company-wide support. The key implication of this study for research is that the assessment of the relationship between strategic planning and small firm growth needs to be done across various elements or dimensions.
The Quality of Entrepreneurship Education and the Intention to Continue Education: Slovenia and Romania
Bostjan Antoncic,Cezar Scarlat,Barbara Hvalic Erzetic
Managing Global Transitions , 2005,
Abstract: Entrepreneurship and management education is important in developing knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs. In this paper, entrepreneurship education satisfaction and quality are compared between two countries: Slovenia and Romania, and the relationship between education quality and education continuation is assessed in both countries. Multi-item measures were used, questionnaire data were obtained in both countries, measurement scales were tested, and differences between the two countries were assessed by comparing means and regression analysis coefficients. We found that education content and process quality and education satisfaction of participants tend to be the strongest predictors of a subsequent decision to continue education in both countries. Room and equipment adequacy may also be important, but our findings showed this result only for Romania. Some other findings and recommendations are also presented.
An Approach to Analysis of Daily Living Dynamics
Bostjan Kaluza,Matjaz Gams
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
Flexoelectricity and piezoelectricity - reason for rich variety of phases in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Mojca Cepic,Bostjan Zeks
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.87.085501
Abstract: The free energy of antiferroelectric liquid crystal which takes into account polar order explicitly is presented. Steric, van der Waals, piezoelectric and flexoelectric interactions to the nearest layers and dipolar electrostatic interactions to the nearest and to the next nearest layers induce indirect tilt interactions with chiral and achiral properties, which extend to the third and to the fourth nearest layers. Chiral indirect interactions between tilts can be large and induce helicoidal modulations even in systems with negligible chiral van der Waals interactions. If indirect chiral interactions compete with chiral van der Waals interactions, the helix unwinding is possible. Although strength of microscopic interactions change monotonically with decreasing temperature, effective interlayer interactions change nonmonotonically and give rise to nonmonotouous change of modulation period through various phases. Increased enatiomeric excess i.e. increased chirality changes the phase sequence.
Innovative earthquake resistant timber-glass buildings  [PDF]
Bostjan Ber, Miroslav Premrov, Iztok Sustersic, Bruno Dujic
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.58A1008

Over the past decade the use of large size glazing has increased with timber structures. Most of the research works done so far have focused on the building physics aspects of the glazing. This paper, however, deals with the seismic behaviour of timber-glass systems. A series of experiments were performed on the shaking table of the IZIIS institute inSkopje,Macedonia. Oneand two-story full scale structures were subjected to a series of ground motions, namely sinus sweep testing, natural and modified ground motion accelerograms. All together 8 different setups were tested in elastic and inelastic behaviour range. Displacements and accelerations were measured in each floor as well as the slipping of walls, uplifting of their corners and the shear deformation of the adhesive between the glass panels and the timber frames. The tested combination of timber-glass walls exhibited a rocking type of behaviour, resulting in a desirable ductile failure of steel hold-downs and not brittle failure of the glazing nor failure of the adhesive. Hence such a combination of glass and timber in wall systems could potentially be used in seismically active areas.

Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This research paper focuses on the compliance of the actual system of nancing local selfgovernment in Slovenia with the basic principles of the theory of decentralization and guidelines ofthe European Charter of Local Self-Government. It addresses the level of costs coverage within the municipal competence by using the allocated appropriate expenditure resources calculated according to the Law of Financing MunicipalityAct. The purpose of the paper is, therefore, to look for an answer to the question whether and to what extent the obtained funds correspond to the actual workload that municipalities have for performing statutory tasks and for exercisingtheir competences. Analysis shows that, on an aggregate level, these actual systems ensureenough resources for local governments to cover their actual costs and current expenditures;some groups of municipalities, e.g. larger urban municipalities, municipalities with large proportions of elderly people etc. are faced with lack of funding, according to the actual costs data available, while other groups of municipalities receive more fundsthan they need.
Differential Mechanisms Associated with Vascular Disrupting Action of Electrochemotherapy: Intravital Microscopy on the Level of Single Normal and Tumor Blood Vessels
Bostjan Markelc, Gregor Sersa, Maja Cemazar
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059557
Abstract: Electropermeabilization/electroporation (EP) provides a tool for the introduction of molecules into cells and tissues. In electrochemotherapy (ECT), cytotoxic drugs are introduced into cells in tumors, and nucleic acids are introduced into cells in gene electrotransfer. The normal and tumor tissue blood flow modifying effects of EP and the vascular disrupting effect of ECT in tumors have already been determined. However, differential effects between normal vs. tumor vessels, to ensure safety in the clinical application of ECT, have not been determined yet. Therefore, the aim of our study was to determine the effects of EP and ECT with bleomycin on the HT-29 human colon carcinoma tumor model and its surrounding blood vessels. The response of blood vessels to EP and ECT was monitored in real time, directly at the single blood vessel level, by in vivo optical imaging in a dorsal window chamber in SCID mice with 70 kDa fluorescently labeled dextrans. The response of tumor blood vessels to EP and ECT started to differ within the first hour. Both therapies induced a vascular lock, decreased functional vascular density (FVD) and increased the diameter of functional blood vessels within the tumor. The effects were more pronounced for ECT, which destroyed the tumor blood vessels within 24 h. Although the vasculature surrounding the tumor was affected by EP and ECT, it remained functional. The study confirms the current model of tumor blood flow modifying effects of EP and provides conclusive evidence that ECT is a vascular disrupting therapy with a specific effect on the tumor blood vessels.
The prolate-to-oblate shape transition of phospholipid vesicles in response to frequency variation of an AC electric field can be explained by the dielectric anisotropy of a phospholipid bilayer
Primoz Peterlin,Sasa Svetina,Bostjan Zeks
Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/19/13/136220
Abstract: The external electric field deforms flaccid phospholipid vesicles into spheroidal bodies, with the rotational axis aligned with its direction. Deformation is frequency dependent: in the low frequency range (~ 1 kHz), the deformation is typically prolate, while increasing the frequency to the 10 kHz range changes the deformation to oblate. We attempt to explain this behaviour with a theoretical model, based on the minimization of the total free energy of the vesicle. The energy terms taken into account include the membrane bending energy and the energy of the electric field. The latter is calculated from the electric field via the Maxwell stress tensor, where the membrane is modelled as anisotropic lossy dielectric. Vesicle deformation in response to varying frequency is calculated numerically. Using a series expansion, we also derive a simplified expression for the deformation, which retains the frequency dependence of the exact expression and may provide a better substitute for the series expansion used by Winterhalter and Helfrich, which was found to be valid only in the limit of low frequencies. The model with the anisotropic membrane permittivity imposes two constraints on the values of material constants: tangential component of dielectric permittivity tensor of the phospholipid membrane must exceed its radial component by approximately a factor of 3; and the membrane conductivity has to be relatively high, approximately one tenth of the conductivity of the external aqueous medium.
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