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Solar Energy and Residential Building Integration Technology and Application  [PDF]
Ding Ma, Yi-bing Xue
International Journal of Clean Coal and Energy (IJCCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijcce.2013.22B002

Building energy saving needs solar energy, but the promotion of solar energy has to be integrated with the constructions. Through analyzing the energy-saving significance of solar energy, and the status and features of it, this paper has discussed the solar energy and building integration technology and application in the residential building, and explored a new way and thinking for the close combination of the solar technology and residence.

Global integrability of the Jacobian of a composite mapping
Shusen Ding,Bing Liu
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2006,
Abstract: We first obtain an improved version of the H lder inequality with Orlicz norms. Then, as an application of the new version of the H lder inequality, we study the integrability of the Jacobian of a composite mapping. Finally, we prove a norm comparison theorem.
Global integrability of the Jacobian of a composite mapping
Ding Shusen,Liu Bing
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2006,
Abstract: We first obtain an improved version of the H lder inequality with Orlicz norms. Then, as an application of the new version of the H lder inequality, we study the integrability of the Jacobian of a composite mapping. Finally, we prove a norm comparison theorem.
Whitney covers and quasi-isometry of -averaging domains
Ding Shusen,Liu Bing
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2001,
Abstract: This is a part of our series studies about the -averaging domains. In this paper, we first characterize -averaging domains using the Whitney covers. Then we prove the invariance of -averaging domains under some mappings, such as -quasi-isometric mappings, -quasi-isometric mappings.
Exploration on the Development Path of the Activation of Ethnic Minority Villages—Take Radish Village as an Example  [PDF]
Guanqun Ding, Bing Zhao
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2019.710016
Abstract: The radish village in Yanmen Township of Wenchuan County is one of the most representative Qiang villages in the Qiang nationality area. By investigating the development status of the village, this paper analyses the traditional resources and current situation of the village, and puts forward the protection and activation from the perspectives of historical features, human settlement environment, village texture, street space and innovative tourism. The purpose of this paper is to explore the path of protection and activation of minority villages through case analysis, and to realize the activation of villages in minority areas.
Preparation of a Modified PTFE Fibrous Photo-Fenton Catalyst and Its Optimization towards the Degradation of Organic Dye
Zhizhong Ding,Yongchun Dong,Bing Li
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/121239
Abstract: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber was grafted with acrylic acid to impart the carboxyl groups onto the fiber surface, which were used to coordinate with both transition metal ions Fe(III) and Cu(II) and a rare metal ion Ce(III) to prepare the metal grafted PTFE fiber complexes as the novel heterogeneous Fenton catalysts for the degradation of the azo dye in water under visible irradiation. Some factors affecting the preparation process, such as nature and concentration of metal ions in the coordination solution, grafting degree of PTFE and reaction temperature were optimized with respect to the content and strength of metal fixation on the fiber and dye degradation efficiency. The results indicated that increasing metal ion concentrations in solution and grafting degree of PTFE fiber as well as higher coordination temperature led to a significant increase in metal content, especially Fe(III) and Cu(II) content of the complexes. Fe(III) ions fixed on the fiber showed the better catalytic performance than Cu(II) and Ce(III) ions fixed when three different complexes with similar metal content being employed, respectively. Moreover, Increasing Fe content or incorporation of Cu(II) ions could significantly improve the catalytic activity of the complexes. 1. Introduction Dye-containing wastewater from different industrial fields is a principal source of environmental contamination. And these dyes are known to be largely nonbiodegradable and toxic to aquatic plants and animals. In recent years, heterogeneous Fenton process has become a research focus in the treatment of these dyes in water because of its application over a wide pH range and easy separation of the catalyst after the reaction. The modified polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber Fe complexes have been regarded as the attractive heterogeneous Fenton catalysts with low cost and high effectiveness [1–5]. However, it was reported that the modifications, especially amidoximation can lead to a significant decrease in the mechanical performance of PAN fiber. Moreover, the tensile strength of the amidoximated PAN fiber was found to be further lower after coordinating with Fe ions in our previous work [2, 6]. This may limit its commercial applications in the future because good mechanical performance is necessary for effective using of the fibers as the catalysts for Fenton system. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber has received more and more attention in the past decades because of their outstanding thermal, chemical stability, and mechanical properties even under very harsh conditions [7–9]. In recent
Effect of feeding ratios on the structure and electrochemical performance of graphite oxide/polypyrrole nanocomposites
YongQin Han,Bing Ding,XiaoGang Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-011-4646-1
Abstract: Graphite oxide (GO)/polypyrrole (PPy) nanocomposites (GPYs) were synthesized using in situ polymerization. The effect of the feeding ratios of pyrrole and GO on the structure and electrochemical performances of GPYs was investigated. The structure was characterized via Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The electrochemical performance was characterized via cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic charge-discharge and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The results indicate that the more pyrrole is added to GO (with GO concentrations of 20% and 50%), the more agglomeration of both PPy and GO layers occurs. This is detrimental to the capacitance utilization of PPy. When the feeding ratio of GO:pyrrole is 80:20, PPys with nanofibrils are dispersed homogenously in/on the exfoliated layer of GO and the conductivity is enhanced. The capacitance utilization of PPy in a composite with a GO concentration of 80% (383 F/g) is higher than that of pure PPy (201 F/g), which indicates the presence of a synergistic effect between GO and PPy.
In situ cryogenic Raman spectroscopic studies on the synthetic fluid inclusions in the systems H2O and NaCl-H2O
Pei Ni,Junying Ding,Bing Rao
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-004-0256-5
Abstract: Salt-hydrates have diagnostic cryogenic Raman spectra, which can reflect the composition of the parent solutions. As analogue to the natural fluid inclusions, the synthetic inclusions can be used to validate numerous assumptions related to fluid inclusion research. They can also be used to test the feasibility of application of laser Raman spectroscopy to individual fluid inclusion analysis. Using the technique proposed by Sterner and Bodnar(1984), synthetic inclusions of the systems H2O and NaCl-H2O (with NaCl as 5.12 wt%, 9.06 wt%, 16.6 wt% and 25 wt%) were formed under the pressures from 50Mpa to 100Mpa and at the temperatures from 500°C? to 600°C. In situ cryogenic Raman spectra were collected at about 180°C by combined use of freezing-heating stage and Laser Raman Microscopy. It is shown that hydrohalite (NaCl·2H2O), the salt-hydrate of NaCl in the fluid inclusions has the specific Raman spectrum and can be used as the standard to verify the existence of NaCl in the aqueous inclusions. The crystalline ice other than amorphous ice (glasses) formed from the aqueous phase whthin the synthetic inclusions during the initial freezing, but hydrohalite did not form. Subsequent warming of these inclusions induced a phase change, typically between approximately 40 and 22°C, that represents the hydrohalite crystallization event but not a eutectic melting event. So, for fluid inclusions in the system NaCl-H2O, interpretation of phase behavior below the eutectic temperature ( 20.8?) should be made with caution. The ratios of the relative intensity and the area of Raman spectra between 3423 cm 1 peak of hydrohalite and 3098 cm 1 peak of ice show positive correlations to the salinities in aqueous inclusions, which can be used to determine the salinity of NaCl-H2O system inclusions.
Cabomba Aublet.(Cabombaceae), a newly naturalized genus of China

DING Bing,Yang,

植物分类学报 , 2000,
Abstract: This paper reports a newly naturalized aquatic genus Cabomba Aublet. (Cabombaceae) in China.


中国物理 B , 1999,
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