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Mr Keyur V Shastri,Dr. Vishal Vijay Pande,Prof. Jain Brijendra Brajmohan,Bincy Thomas
Pharmaceutical Reviews , 2007,
Abstract: Chiropractic (from Greek chiros and praktikos meaning "done by hand") is a health care profession whose purpose is to diagnose and treat mechanical disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system with the intention of affecting the nervous system and improving health.Manual therapies have been practiced in virtually all societies and cultures throughout recorded history. In western civilization, its practice is recorded in the works of Hippocrates and Galen and has survived to the present in various forms in different societies. In Japan, the majority of practitioners of spinal manipulation are lay practitioners, while in Europe a large percentage are medical physicians who have additional training in the practice. In North America, some medical and osteopathic physicians offer spinal manipulation. Although the osteopathic profession was the first in the USA to organize a body of knowledge in the practice, the great majority of osteopaths do not practice manipulation. At this point of time chiropractors provide the vast majority of these services in North America as well as in many other parts of the world, and are equated in the public perception with the practice of spinal manipulation. Currently, well in excess of 90% of spinal manipulations in the USA are delivered by chiropractors. They also provide a growing percentage of these treatments in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many parts of Europe. This article concerns itself with the current state of chiropractic, focusing on its place in the health-care system in the USA.
A Review Of Chikungunya
Bincy Thomas,A.R.Tekade,Pande V.V
Pharmaceutical Reviews , 2007,
Abstract: Vaccines and new drugs against chikungunya are urgently needed. Chikungunya is generally not fatal.However, in 2005-2007, many deaths have been associated with chikungunya worldwide and still it is continuing. Currently there is no vaccine and fully satisfied drugs to treat all symptoms of chikungunya.Treatment are just symptomatic and in many cases improper use of NSAIDS leads to more complications. Every year 1000s are getting infected and many are dying. So it is high time to turn health organisation’s concentration to find a solution for this health issue.IntroductionThe word chikungunya meaning "that which bends up", which is derived from its arthritic symptoms. It is the hottest topic of discussion among public today, so is necessary to know the causes, symptoms, treatment and preventive measures of this viral fever. Usually chikungunya virus or CHIKV is spread by mosquito bites from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, Aedes albopictus (Tiger mosquito), Aedes luteocephalus, or A. taylori.. There is no reported case of human-human transmission of CHIKV. The outbreak of infection and studies about it reveals that people living near to forest and water stores are more prone to this viral desease, since these areas provide better environment for mosquito breeding.High fever and arthritic pain, especially severe pain on extremes is characteristic of chikungunya fever. In allopathic, treatment is based on the symptoms and no preventive drugs are available. Siddha system claims some medicines for both treatment and prevention, but is not scientifically proven. By taking proper precaution against mosquito bites by using insecticides, repellents and other measures, transmission of CHIKV can be prevented to greater extent.
Inhibition of Copper Corrosion in 1 M Nitric Acid - Electro Analytical and Theoretical Study with (E)-(4-(4-Methoxybenzylideneamino)-4H-1, 2, 4-Triazole-3, 5diyl) Dimethanol (MBATD)
Bincy Joseph,Abraham Joseph
Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta , 2011,
Abstract: The inhibition of copper corrosion in 1 M HNO3 by (E)-(4-(4methoxybenzylideneamino)- 4H-1, 2, 4-triazole-3, 5-diyl) dimethanol (MBATD) was investigated by polarization, ac impedance, adsorption studies, quantum chemical calculations, molecular dynamics methods and surface morphological studies. Polarization studies showed that MBATD acts as a mixed type inhibitor. Adsorption followed the Langmuir isotherm with negative value of free energy. Various thermodynamic and kinetic parameters were calculated to understand the energy changes associated during the inhibition process. The correlation between inhibitive effect and molecular structure is ascertained by quantum chemical calculations using density functional theory and Fukui functions. The molecular dynamics method has also been used to simulate the adsorption of inhibitor molecule on the metal surface.
Intermittent gastric outlet obstruction caused by a prolapsing antral gastric polyp
Mehul Parikh,Brian Kelley,Gabriel Rendon,Bincy Abraham
World Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology , 2010,
Abstract: Most gastric polyps have an asymptomatic presentation and are an incidental finding on upper endoscopy. Symptomatic presentations can range from an ulcerated polyp leading to anemia and occult bleed to complete gastric outlet obstruction. We report a case of an 89-year-old woman who presented with postprandial nausea and early satiety. Her upper endoscopy revealed a 2 cm pedunculated hyperplastic polyp arising from the antrum of the stomach which was seen prolapsing into the pylorus causing intermittent gastric outlet obstruction. In the present report, we statistically analyzed 39 prolapsing gastric polyps previously reported in the English literature and demonstrate the current utility of monopolar snare polypectomy in establishing a histological diagnosis while offering simultaneous treatment. Additionally, we review the literature for the management of all hyperplastic gastric polyps in relation to advancements in digestive endoscopy.
Solvation model for the oxidation of methionine by imidazolium fluorochromate in aqueous acetic acid medium
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2006,
Abstract: The oxidation of methionine by imidazolium fluorochromate (IFC) were studied, in the presence of chloroacetic acid, in water–acetic acid mixtures of varying molar compositions. The reaction is first order with respect to methionine, IFC and acid. The reaction rates were determined at different temperatures and the activation parameters were computed. The reaction rate increases with increasing mole fraction of acetic acid in the mixture and specific solvent–solvent–solute interactions were found to predominate (86 %). Asolvation model and a probable mechanism for the reaction are postulated.
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of methionine by quinolinium chlorochromate
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2005,
Abstract: The oxidation of methionine by quinolinium chlorochromate (QCC) has been studied, in the presence of chloroacetic acid, and in water acetic acid mixtures of varying mole fractions. The reaction is first order with respect to methionine, QCC and acid. The reaction rates were determined at three different temperatures (25, 35 and 45 °C) and the activation parameters were computed. The reaction rate increased with increasing mole fraction of acetic acid in the mixture and specific solvent solvent solute interactions were found to predominate (81 %). A solvation model and a suitable mechanism for the reaction are postulated.
Surface enhanced resonance Raman and luminescence on plasmon active nanostructured cavities
Frances Lordan,James H Rice,Bincy Jose,Robert J Forster,Tia E Keyes
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3500836
Abstract: Presented here are studies of the impact of excitation angle on surface enhanced Raman and luminescence spectroscopy of dye immobilised on a plasmon active nanocavity array support. Results show that both Raman and luminescence intensities depend on the angle of incidence consistent with the presence of cavity supported plasmon modes. Dependence of scattering or emission intensity with excitation angle occurs over the window of observation.
Global Chemical Leasing Award 2010  [PDF]
Thomas Jakl
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.21003
Abstract: The Global Chemical Leasing Award was presented for the first time in March 2010 to organizations, companies and individuals for their outstanding efforts to enhance the visibility of Chemical Leasing around the world and reward successful Chemical Leasing initiatives and implementation. Chemical Leasing is the new business model in the field of sound use of chemicals, initiated and subsidized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Management and jointly promoted with UNIDO. The decisive new aspect of this business model, which distinguishes itself from the traditional supplier-user relation, is to make the service performed by the chemical substance the basis of payment for the business operation, e.g. according to cleaned area, treated number of pieces, or performed hours of operation (= unit of payment). In this way an efficient use of chemicals is in the interest of all parties involved. The award was jointly organized by UNIDO and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Management. Organizations, companies and individuals worldwide were able to take part in the competition. The cases of the winners are described in detail and show the applicability of Chemical Leasing to the different industrial processes. Among these are water clarification and oil dehydration in Colombia, mineral water and beverage production in Serbia, oil & gas exploration and production and specifically deep gas field development projects in different places, industrial cleaning with solvents in Austria and textile dyeing in India.
The Effect of Different Movement Exercises on Cognitive and Motor Abilities  [PDF]
Monika Thomas
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2012.24030
Abstract: The influence of physical activity on motor and cognitive performance has been approved in several studies. However, it is still unclear which functions are affected, and why. It also remains unknown what type of physical training is best suitable. The present study focuses on special movement aspects based on the Brain Gym? program. Four groups of subjects (n = 64) participated in two experiments with pre-post intervention design. In experiment 1 two groups of subjects were exposed to a sensorimotor adaptation study design by executing center out pointing movements under distorted visual feedback conditions with their dominant and non-dominant arm to test for intermanual transfer (IMT) as pre- and posttest. The intervention in both groups consisted of specified movement exercises with the right and left extremities: participants of Experimental group executed movements crossing the body midline and participants of Control group movements without crossing the body midline. Results showed a decreased retention of adaptation but larger IMT for Experimental group during posttest. We conclude that movements crossing the body midline impede retention but enhance IMT of sensorimotor adaptation. A potential relationship to an improvement of communication between the cerebral hemispheres evoked by the movement exercises crossing the body midline is rather speculative. In experiment 2 two groups were exposed to the d2-test measuring concentration and attention and a dice-test testing for visual-spatial abilities as pre- and posttest. The interventions were similar to experiment 1. Results yielded no differences between groups such that different effects of both interventions could not have been shown.
Russell’s Bismarck: Acquaintance Theory and Historical Distance  [PDF]
Thomas Aiello
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2013.21003
Abstract: The role of acquaintance in Bertrand Russell’s theory of descriptions is antithetical and, indeed, antagonistic toward the practice and assumptions of history. In his 1910 paper “Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description,” Russell attempts to reconcile direct acquaintance (or its inability to determine the personal self of others) with a descriptive knowledge that is both logical and personal. Russell tries to reconcile the internal and external worlds, attempting to explain access to impersonal knowledge inside a framework that doesn’t allow acquaintance with physical objects—he distorts the historical space between researcher and subject. In so doing, he argues for the superiority of acquaintance as an arbiter of knowledge, narrowly avoiding solipsism and wrongly devaluing the most basic of historiograhpical assumptions. His conception creates false historical goals and distorts the space of historical distance, illustrated in this paper through the American slavery studies of Herbert Aptheker, Stanley Elkins, and Kenneth Stampp.
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