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Saha Rajsekhar,Bhupendar Kuldeep
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2011,
Abstract: The importance of natural flora is well known by the scientific community. The medicinal plant gifted by nature have by explored by the humans to find out there respective values in the medical field. Times to time there have been report regarding the medicinal plants having huge possibilities for use. In the above article a similar kind of plant have been described, which have been reported of having many medicinal uses. The plant Nigella sativa have been reported to have significant activity agnist many diseased condition such as pancreatic cancer, asthma, bronchitis, and coughing, antitumor (tumors of the abdomen, eyes, and liver), opioid dependence. The potency of the above plant can be stated with a simple statement that six patent of the use of above plant have been granted for different countries. Various part of the plant has been used in traditional medicine, such as seeds, fruits. The above article is a sincere effort to describe the pharmacology and pharmacognosy of the above important plant.
Saha Rajsekhar,Bhupendar kuldeep,Amol Chandaker,Neeraj Upmanyu
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2012,
Abstract: The sources of drug are classified as plant, animal, minerals sources. The products from plants are used in many ways by human in there day today life. The best and the most important use are as food, and as spices. It does not matter which ever the civilization, what ever be the race and color of humans the main food comes from the plant. The spices are the vegetative substances used for to flavor the food. They are also used as preservative and are useful for the humans in many other ways. A spice could be dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance used in nutritionally insignificant quantities as a food additive for flavor, color, or as a preservative that kills harmful bacteria or prevents their growth. It may be used to flavor a dish or to hide other flavors. In the kitchen, spices are distinguished from herbs, which are leafy, green plant parts used for flavoring or as garnish. The above article is an effort to bring out the importance of some daily used spices as antimicrobial agents.
TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Mrk421 and H1426+428 with TACTIC Imaging Telescope
Kuldeep Yadav
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: We have observed extragalactic sources Mrk421 (z=0.30) and H1426+428 (z=0.129) in very high energy gamma region using TACTIC telescope at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. Mrk421 was observed during 07 December 2005 to 18 April 2007 for a total of ~331hours while H1426+428 was observed for ~244 hours between 22 March 2004 and 11 June 2007. Detailed analysis of Mrk421 data revealed the presence of a gamma signal with the excess of (~951\pm 82) gamma like events corresponding to a statistical significance of ~12.0 \sigma in ~97 hours during 27 December 2005 to 07 February 2006. The combined average flux was measured to be ~(1.04\pm0.14) Crab units. Observed time averaged differential energy spectrum was found to be consistent with both a pure power law $d\Phi/dE=(4.66\pm0.46)\times 10^{-11}\,E^{(-3.11\pm0.11)}\,\,cm^{-2}\,s^{-1}\,TeV^{-1}$ and power law with an exponential cutoff functions $d\Phi/dE=f_0E^{-\Gamma}exp(-E/E_0)$ with $f_0=(4.88\pm0.38)\times10^{-11}\,cm^{-2}\,s^{-1}\,TeV^{-1}$, $\Gamma=2.51\pm0.26$ and $E_0=(4.7\pm2.1)TeV$. The later function fits the observed spectrum well with lower value of reduced $\chi^2$. However, during the observation period from 18 December 2006 to 18 April 2007, the source was found to be in a low emission state and we have placed an upper limit of $1.44\times\,10^{-12}\,photons\,cm^{-2}\,s^{-1}$ at $3\sigma$ level on the integrated \gam flux above $1\,TeV$. Detailed analysis of H1426+428 data does not indicate the presence of any statistically significant $TeV$ \gam signal. Accordingly we have placed an upper limit of $\leq1.18\times10^{-12}\,photons\,cm^{-2}\,s^{-1}$ on the integrated $\gamma$-ray flux above $1\,TeV$ at 3$\sigma$ significance level.
Evaluation of Energy Band Gap, Thermal Conductivity, Phase Transition Temperature and Elastic Response of PS/CdS Semiconducting Optical Nanocomposite  [PDF]
Vishal Mathur, Kuldeep S. Rathore, Kananbala Sharma
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2013.33013
Thick film of Polystyrene (PS)/CdS semiconducting optical nanocomposite has been synthesized by dispersing nanofiller particles of CdS in PS matrix. The nanostructure of the CdS particles has been ascertained through X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Small angle x-ray scattering analysis has been performed in order to ascertain nanocomposite character of the PS/CdS sample. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) analyses of these samples have been carried out to establish the surface morphology. Optical Absorption Spectroscopy is used to measure the energy band gap of PS/CdS nanocomposite by using Tauc relation whereas Transient Plane Source Technique is used for the determination of thermal conductivity of the prepared samples. The phase transition temperature and elastic response of the prepared samples have been ascertained through Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA). This study reveals that the thermal conductivity, Young’s modulus and the toughness of the material are greatly influenced by the existence of interfacial energetic interaction between dispersed CdS nanofiller particles and matrix of PS.
Computational Exploration of the Biological Basis of Black-Scholes Expected Utility Function
Sukanto Bhattacharya,Kuldeep Kumar
Advances in Decision Sciences , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/39460
Abstract: It has often been argued that there exists an underlying biological basis of utility functions. Taking this line of argument a step further in this paper, we have aimed to computationally demonstrate the biological basis of the Black-Scholes functional form as applied to classical option pricing and hedging theory. The evolutionary optimality of the classical Black-Scholes function has been computationally established by means of a haploid genetic algorithm model. The objective was to minimize the dynamic hedging error for a portfolio of assets that is built to replicate the payoff from a European multi-asset option. The functional form that is seen to evolve over successive generations which best attains this optimization objective is the classical Black-Scholes function extended to a multiasset scenario.
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Stainless Steel Utensil Manufacturing Unit Using Fuzzy Reliability
Kuldeep Kumar,Pawan Kumar
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: PURPOSE: The purpose of present paper is to compute the fuzzy reliability of the stainless steel utensil manufacturing unit for the constant failure and repair rates. The effect of variations of fuzzy reliability with time and system coverage factor for a set of failure and repair rates is also studied. METHODOLOGY/APPROACH- The mathematical model of Stainless Steel Utensil Manufacturing Unit hasbeen developed using Markov birth – death Process. Equations are solved with the help of matlab 6.5 FINDINGS- The study of analysis of reliability can help in increasing the quality and production of Stainless Steel Utensil Manufacturing Unit. To ensure the system performance throughout its service life, it is necessary to set upproper maintenance planning and control, which can be done after studying the variation of fuzzy reliability with respect to time.ORIGINALITY/VALUE- Industrial implications of the results have been discussed.
Nectar In A Sieve: Survival Of The Most Adaptable
Kuldeep Singh Duhan
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Set in an India village, Kamala Markandaya's Nectar in a Sieve is a gripping story of one woman'ssurvival of a checkered life, one that had no margin for misfortune. In this novel Kamala Markandaya depicts thelives of optimistic and accepting characters as superior to those who insist on keeping every aspect of their life andcultur the same. By being intolerant of change, these characters attempt to keep their lives stationary, something thatis virtually impossible. In her novel primarily about the changes brought upon a rural Indian society Markandayaexpresses her opinion that change is essential, and that one who attempts to ignore it to stay happy cannot succeed.The story is about Rukmani, a young woman born into the upper crust of Indian society, but this birth status does notautomatically guarantee her the prosperous future it might suggest. Conflicts of tradition and the outside worldbegin to insinuate themselves into Rukmani's life, bringing change almost faster than she can adjust. Strugglingthrough poverty and heartbreak, as well as the changing socioeconomic culture of their village, she demonstrates aquiet, pragmatic dignity that is concerned with life. By telling the story of a young Indian woman as she weds herhusband and grows old with him, raises a family and suffers several hardships along the way, author strives topresent a picture of a changing world and how it is the love of a family that overcomes these tremendous challenges.Rukmani is indeed presented as the epitome of self-sacrifice and patience within the novel, consistently working touphold the traditional beliefs of her Hindu heritage, a background that was well-known by the author who grew upwithin the Hindu world.
Torsional Effect on the Nonlinear Electroelastic Response of a Circular Cylinder
Kuldeep Kumar,Rajesh Kumar
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2012,
Pure Azimuthal Shear of an Elastic Dielectric Material
Kuldeep Kumar,Rajesh Kumar
Mathematical Sciences Quarterly Journal , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of polarization for the problem of pure azimuthal shear of an elastic dielectric material. The present problem is investigated in context of finite deformation theory. In this paper, the author studied the effect of polarization on the stresses for Neoprene rubber and compare the results with elastic material (Mooney-Rivlin material) graphically. Twisting of a rigid cylinder in an infinite elastic medium is considered as a special case in this research.
Plica neuropathica
Bansal N,Kuldeep C
Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology , 1992,
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