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Constitutional Basis for the Civil Rights of Illegitimate Children
Bernadeta Resti Nurhayati
Pattimura Law Journal , 2017, DOI: -
Abstract: The specification of children into "legitimate children" and "illegitimate children" is well-known legally and socially. Illegitimate children suffer discrimination because of their status. In law, they only have their mothers and mother's family. Although there has been a Constitutional Court Decision No. 046 / PUU-VIII / 2010, but it does not automatically raise the dignity of illegitimate children. On the other hand Law No. 24 of 2014 has made the children who were not born from a marriage by religion lose their rights to be recognized. This paper was aimed to find the constitutional basis for the civil rights of illegitimate children as the basis to provide the civil rights for illegitimate children so that their civil rights are protected.The method used in this paper was normative.Based on the review, there is a constitutional basis to provide the protection to the civil rights of illegitimate children.
Effects of Palm Kernel Cake and Onggok Fermented by Aspergillus niger on Broiler Carcasses
Journal of Animal Production , 2008,
Abstract: The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of the different crude protein and crude fiber content caused by usage level of palm kernel cake (PKC) and onggok (cassava byproduct) fermented by Aspergillus niger in ration on carcass weight and its components (thighs and breast, giblet, and abdominal fat) of broiler. This research used 96 DOC broiler of Lohman Platinum MB202. The chicken were reared in litter floor pen and was fed 0 (P0), 10 (P1), 20 (P2), and 30% (P3) of the fermented PKC-onggok mixture in the total ration. The broilers were reared for 6 weeks and fed ration and water ad libitum. The experiment was designed using a Completely Randomized Design with four ration treatments and four replications and each replication consisted of six chicken. Data were analyzed by analysis of variance, and continued with Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. The result showed that the different crude protein and crude fiber content caused by usage level of the fermented PKC-cassava byproduct mixture in broiler ration affected (P<0.05) weight of carcass, giblet, and abdominal fat, but did not affect (P>0.05) edible meat (thighs and breast). Carcass and its component on usage level of fermented PKC-cassava byproduct mixture until 30% in the ration was better than control. (Animal Production 10(1): 55-59 (2008) Key Words: Palm kernel cake, cassava byproduct, fermentation, carcass, broiler
Sea-Surface Dynamics Changes in the Subpolar North Atlantic Ocean (IODP Site U1314) during Late Pliocene Climate Transition Based on Calcareous Nannofossil Observation  [PDF]
Resti Samyati Jatiningrum, Tokiyuki Sato
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.710103
Abstract: Calcareous nannofossils were observed to reconstruct the surface water conditions during late Pliocene climate transition (2.55 to 2.88 Ma) from the southern Gardar Drift, in the subpolar North Atlantic IODP Site U1314 (56°21.9’1N, 27°53.3’W). A total of 24 species from 14 genera were identified by polarizing microscope observation. The coccolith assemblages are dominated by species belonging to genus Reticulofenestra with different (size-defined) morphotype. Hence, changes in paleoceanographic condition are shown by the size variation of Reticulofenstraspecimens. Before ~2.76 Ma, the studied interval is characterized by the presence of an abundant larger Reticulofenstra group. It indicates warm oligotrophic and stable surface waters. At ~2.76 Ma the abundance of large Reticulofenstra decreased abruptly and alternated with small Reticulofenstra, suggesting collapse of sea surface stability with strong mixing condition. This event coeval with the final closure of the Central American Seaway (CAS) and the onset of intensified North Hemisphere Glaciation (NHG). Subsequently, the size variation of Reticulofenestra specimens exhibits a sequential pattern that is somewhere consistent with the interglacial-glacial cycle. The pattern begins with a gradual increase in size upward during interglacial suggesting warm oligotrophic and stable condition, and ends with an abrupt decrease in coccolith size during glacial suggesting eutrophic or strong mixing condition and destabilized sea surface waters.
Zinc homeostasis and neurodegenerative disorders
Bernadeta Szewczyk
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience , 2013, DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2013.00033
Abstract: Zinc is an essential trace element, whose importance to the function of the central nervous system (CNS) is increasingly being appreciated. Alterations in zinc dyshomeostasis has been suggested as a key factor in the development of several neuropsychiatric disorders. In the CNS, zinc occurs in two forms: the first being tightly bound to proteins and, secondly, the free, cytoplasmic, or extracellular form found in presynaptic vesicles. Under normal conditions, zinc released from the synaptic vesicles modulates both ionotropic and metabotropic post-synaptic receptors. While under clinical conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke or epilepsy, the excess influx of zinc into neurons has been found to result in neurotoxicity and damage to postsynaptic neurons. On the other hand, a growing body of evidence suggests that a deficiency, rather than an excess, of zinc leads to an increased risk for the development of neurological disorders. Indeed, zinc deficiency has been shown to affect neurogenesis and increase neuronal apoptosis, which can lead to learning and memory deficits. Altered zinc homeostasis is also suggested as a risk factor for depression, Alzheimer's disease (AD), aging, and other neurodegenerative disorders. Under normal CNS physiology, homeostatic controls are put in place to avoid the accumulation of excess zinc or its deficiency. This cellular zinc homeostasis results from the actions of a coordinated regulation effected by different proteins involved in the uptake, excretion and intracellular storage/trafficking of zinc. These proteins include membranous transporters (ZnT and Zip) and metallothioneins (MT) which control intracellular zinc levels. Interestingly, alterations in ZnT and MT have been recently reported in both aging and AD. This paper provides an overview of both clinical and experimental evidence that implicates a dysfunction in zinc homeostasis in the pathophysiology of depression, AD, and aging.
“Mom, why don’t you just look for a new good daddy?” Women’s lived experience in an abusive marriage
Elly Nurhayati
Journal of Educational, Health and Community Psychology , 2013,
Abstract: This study aimed to understand women’s experiences of domestic violence and their decision to terminate the abusive marriage in Yogyakarta. Criterion sampling of three woman survivor of domestic violence was performed. These consented to be interviewed and a semi structure interview guide was used. The women shared their life experiences since the dating time up to the time after divorce. A phenomenological approach was employed to analyze the data, to explore, share, and validate their feelings and insights on their life experiences. From this study numerous factors that facilitated as well as hindered the women to terminate their abusive relationships, and the dynamics of the transition process were identified. The women’s experiences reflect the complexity of domestic violence. The women’s transformation from victims, meaning women living under the authorities, into survivors, meaning woman with self-autonomy, is demonstrated through their stories. The complexity of domestic violence among Indonesia women is only a little known. By comprehending the complexity of domestic violence, a more visible and practical programs to address the national commitment to improve the Indonesian women’s situation can be developed. Keywords: domestic violence, phenomenological approach, women survivor of domestic violence, Indonesia.
Elly Nurhayati
Abstract: Abstrak Bidang kesehatan sudah tidak lagi berurusan dengan bakteri dan penyakit menular. Saat ini faktor penyebab penyakit lebih banyak datang dari fakor gaya hidup, kondisi psikososial dan lingkungan. Psikologi dapat berperan banyak dalam bidang kesehatan masyarakat untuk melakukan intervensi, baik di tingkat individual, komunitas hingga kebijakan publik. Psikologi sangat dibutuhkan perannya untuk upaya promosi kesehatan. Kata kunci: Gaya hidup, kesehatan masyarakat, promosi kesehatan
Approximation numbers of Sobolev embeddings of radial functions on isotropic manifolds
Leszek Skrzypczak,Bernadeta Tomasz
Journal of Function Spaces and Applications , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/549247
Abstract: We regard the compact Sobolev embeddings between Besov and Sobolev spaces of radial functions on noncompact symmetric spaces of rank one. The asymptotic formula for the behaviour of approximation numbers of these embeddings is described.
Sekar Tuti,Rita Marleta Dewi,Nurhayati Nurhayati
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Siti Rohmah Nurhayati
Abstract: Abstrak Kekerasan dalam rumah tangga merupakan peristiwa yang menekan dan menyakitkan bagi para korban. Perempuan korban kekerasan dalam rumah tangga selama ini cenderung menggunakan emotion focused coping dalam menghadapi kekerasan yang dialaminya. Penggunaan strategi ini cenderung mengungkung mereka dalam situasi kekerasan yang tidak berakhir. Para perempuan korban kekerasan perlu diberdayakan dengan cara meningkatkan kemampuan mereka dalam menggunakan problem focused coping. Kekerasan adalah suatu hal yang harus dihentikan, bukan ditolerir. Salah satu cara untuk menghentikannya adalah melalui pengatasan-pengatasan yang berkaitan langsung dengan tindakan kekerasan itu sendiri. Upaya tersebut dapat dilakukan dengan cara membantu mereka untuk melihat penyebab kekerasan secara realistis, merestrukturisasi keyakinan yang salah tentang penyebab kekerasan, serta meningkatkan kesadaran mereka terhadap kesetaraan gender. Hal ini akan kian membantu mereka menilai diri mereka secara lebih positif serta mempengaruhi mereka untuk memilih pengatasan-pengatasan yang lebih aktif dan konstruktif. Kata Kunci : problem focused coping, kekerasan dalam rumah tangga
Recent Developments in the Bioconversion of Lignocelluloses into Ethanol
Microbiology Indonesia , 2008,
Abstract: Ethanol has been commercially produced using sugars derived from sugarcane and corn. Recently, research has been focused on the development of thermotolerant and ethanol-tolerant yeast or bacteria that are able to produce ethanol efficiently, as well as the development of lignocellulosic materials as the carbon sources of fermentation. Utilization of lignocellulosic materials as fermentation substrate is promising since they are available in large amounts, renewable and relatively cheap. A lignocellulose biomass is a complex mixture of carbohydrate polymers. In order to develop an efficient process, there have been many attempts to obtain more efficient ways in the conversion of lignocelluloses to ethanol, including pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocelluloses and direct co-culture fermentation. This paper describes the production process of ethanol from starch-containing material, recent developments on the enzymatic bioconversion of lignocelluloses into sugars and their subsequent fermentation into ethanol and the possible recombination of microbes for the direct conversion of lignocelluloses into ethanol.
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