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A problematiza??o e a aprendizagem baseada em problemas: diferentes termos ou diferentes caminhos?
Berbel, Neusi Aparecida Navas;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32831998000100008
Abstract: two important new proposals are described and analyzed: methodology of problematization and problem-based learning. the two proposals, which develop from distinct theories, have common and divergent points. however, according to both proposals, teaching and learning develop from problems. according to methodology of problematization, the students are led to identify the problems from a certain reality, while according to problem-based learning, the problems are formulated by specialists, so that they involve all the disciplines which compose a certain curriculum. although these two proposals are different, they provide the students with new opportunities to learn.
The Determinants of Farmer’s Intended Behaviour Towards the Adoption of Energy Crops in Southern Spain: an Application of the Classification Tree-Method
Giacomo Giannoccaro,Julio Berbel
Bio-based and Applied Economics , 2012,
Abstract: Despite growing interest in biomass over the last number of years, bio-energy derived from biomass currently contributes to a very small share of the total Spanish energy market. How individual farmers choose to respond to the opportunities presented by these relatively novel crops has still received scarce attention. In this paper, farmers’ intentions towards the adoption of energy crops are analyzed. A survey of 201 farm- households in Southern Spain is explored using a non-parametric approach based on classification tree algorithms. The main outcome of this analysis is that off-farm labour factor affects the adoption of energy crops on farm, together with farm specializations, size of owned land and farmer’s education. While the study confirms the relevance of the main determinants available from the literature, need for further research is emphasised.
A hispanical dimension of the luso- american revolution (1820-1823)
Regina Berbel, Marcia
Revista de Indias , 2008,
Abstract: The Independence of Brazil was proclaimed in September 1822 after two years during which constituent deputies elected on both sides of the Atlantic and gathered in Lisbon endeavoured to achieve unification with the former Portuguese metropoli. Due to the failure of these attempts a Constituent Assembly settled in independent Brazil in July 1823. Those two parlamentary experiences —the first to take place in the Portuguese dominions— were strongly influenced by the decisions adopted in Cádiz (1810-1814), and in Madrid (1820-1823), and by the independentist processes developed at the time in Spanish America. This work aims at observing that influence on the decisions adopted in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro vis-à-vis the autonomical reivindications of several Brazilian provinces. La Independencia de Brasil fue proclamada en septiembre de 1822 después de dos a os de tentativas de unificación con la antigua metrópoli portuguesa, proyectadas por diputados constituyentes electos en los dos lados del Atlantico y reunidos en Lisboa. Después del fracaso de esa empresa, se instaló una Asamblea Constituyente de Brasil independiente en julio de 1823. Esas dos experiencias parlamentarias, las primeras en dominios portugueses, fueron fuertemente influenciadas por las decisiones adoptadas en Cádiz (1810-1814) y en Madrid (1821-1822), y recibieron el impacto de los procesos independentistas ya en marcha en la América espa ola. Aquí, pretende observarse esa influencia en las decisiones adoptadas, en Lisboa y en Río de Janeiro, frente a la reivindicaciones autonomistas presentadas en las diversas provincias de Brasil. (Traducción para la versión electrónica)
Active methodologies and the nurturing of students’ autonomy As metodologias ativas e a promo o da autonomia de estudantes
Neusi Aparecida Navas Berbel
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2011,
Abstract: In this article, a literature-based reflection is registered, taking studies aimed at the nurturing of students’ autonomy and the potential of the pedagogic area with active methodologies as interface to achieve results in the same direction. The main objective of the text is to identify converging points between these two study areas and share them with educators and their professors, inciting critical thinking and possible experiments in order to increase the amount of data as well as discussions about the quality of teaching. Methodological alternatives are exemplified in their essential characteristics, emphasizing the problematization methodology within Maguerez′s Arch to guide students to autonomy learning as well as the studies that have been used. Com este artigo, registra-se uma reflex o respaldada na literatura, tomando como interface estudos voltados para a promo o da autonomia de alunos e o potencial da área pedagógica, com o uso de metodologias ativas, para a obten o de resultados na mesma dire o. O objetivo maior da elabora o do texto é o de, ao identificar pontos de convergência entre essas duas linhas de estudos, compartilhá-los com educadores e seus formadores, provocando uma reflex o crítica e possíveis experimentos, no sentido de ampliar registros e discuss es com vistas à qualidade do ensino. S o exemplificadas alternativas metodológicas com suas características essenciais, com ênfase na metodologia da problematiza o com o arco de Maguerez, pelo potencial de levar alunos a aprendizagens para a autonomia, assim como estudos que a utilizaram.
Estudo dos estágios curriculares na universidade estadual de londrina parte I- Os estágios curriculares no 3o. grau
Neusi Aparecida Navas Berbel
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2010, DOI: 10.5433/
Abstract: Conceitua o e caracteriza o dos estágios curriculares no ensino de 3° grau, diferenciando-os dos estágios extracurriculares. Implica es de um estágio voltado para a obten o de resultados efetivos. Identifica o de características da legisla o de ensino vigente no país e os principais atos normativos que, em ambito nacional, respaldam o enfoque dado a este trabalho.
Methodology of problematizatlon: a methodological alternative suitable for higher education Metodologia da problematiza o: uma alternativa metodológica apropriada para o ensino superior
Neusi Aparecida Navas Berbel
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 1995, DOI: 10.5433/
Abstract: Due to the reaffirmed evidence that the Pedagogy of Knowledge Transmission in Higher Education is predominant which Is characterized as a teacher centered method and his knowledge, instead of on the student learning process, In this article a Methodology of Problematization is presented as an alternative with great potential to prepare the new professional and citizen that is required for a rapid changing society. This article was written following the steps of the same methodology: observation of the reality and definition of a problem to be studied, key points, theorization, hypothesis for the solutions, and its application on the reality. The characteristics of this methodology are explained, discussed, analyzed, based on Juan Dias Bordenave and other authors. In addition, some experiences are stressed as support for the process of action-reflexion, for the solution hypothesis and its possible applications to the reality closer to Higher Education context from wich the problem was formulated. Diante da reiterada constata o da predominancia da Pedagogia da Transmiss o no Ensino Superior, o que caracteriza um ensino centrado no professor e seu saber ao invés da aprendizagem do aluno, neste artigo apresenta-se a Metodologia da Problematiza o, como uma alternativa metodológica com grande potencial pedagógico para preparar o futuro profissional e cidad ,o, requerido para uma· sociedade em rápidas transforma es. O texto foi construído seguindo-se os passos da própria Metodologia: observa o da realidade e defini o de um problema de estudo, pontos-chave, teoriza o, hipóteses de solu o e aplica o à realidade. As características dessa Metodologia s o explicadas, discutidas, analisadas, com apoio e outros autores e algumas experiências s o destacadas como suporte do processo de a o-reflex o, para as hipóteses de solu o e aplica es possíveis à realidade do contexto próximo do Ensino Superior, a partir do qual foi formulado o problema.
Enquadramentos de transgênicos nos jornais paulistas: informa??o como potencial subsídio à participa??o política
Rothberg, Danilo;Berbel, Danilo Brancalh?o;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702010000200011
Abstract: in 2007, brazil's national health surveillance agency (anvisa) conducted an online public consultation to obtain input on its proposed technical regulations for assessing the safety of transgenic food products. the article describes the context and results of a research study that identified the main ways in which the newspapers folha de s.paulo and o estado de s.paulo framed and addressed topics related to the subject matter of this consultation. our goal was to evaluate the gamut of information available that could contribute to this form of political participation. the journalistic coverage in question was generally fragmented; 70% of articles offered incomplete views on the topics in question.
Miocardiopatía dilatada: a propósito de un caso
Berbel León,S.; Iglesias Franco,H.;
Medifam , 2003, DOI: 10.4321/S1131-57682003000400013
Abstract: dilated cardiomyopathy is a primary cardiac disease which aetiology is usually unknown. the most frequent secondary cause of dilated cardiomyopathy is chronic alcohol consumption. in the following article we are going to present you the case of a patient with an excessive consumption of alcohol that debuted with symptomatic congestive heart failure. with this article we want to enhance the importance of primary health care physician in the precocious identification of dilated cardiomyopathy, as well as in the patient?s later pursuit for the precocious identification of the complications.
Metodologia da problematiza o como alternativa para o desenvolvimento do pensamento crítico em cursos de educa o continuada e à distancia Methodology of Problematization as an alternative for the development of the critical thinking in longdistance continuing education courses
Maria Julia Giannasi,Neusi Aparecida Navas Berbel
Informa??o & Informa??o , 1998, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.1998v3n2p
Abstract: Este texto procura refletir sobre as mudan as aceleradas nos diversos setores da sociedade atual, caracterizada como sociedade da informa o, em fun o, principalmente, das tecnologias de informa o e comunica o hoje disponíveis. Refor a também a necessidade de desenvolvimento de habilidades de raciocínio de ordem superior, como o pensamento crítico, através da Metodologia da Problematiza o, a qual trabalha com quest es complexas e informa es associadas a problemas específicos da realidade social. Sugere a utiliza o desta metodologia em cursos de educa o continuada e à distancia, para suprir possíveis deficiências conjunturais e lacunas existentes nos cursos profissionalizantes, na área da informa o.
Beneficios y costes ambientales en la Directiva Marco del Agua: conceptos y estimación
Martín-Ortega, Julia,Berbel, J.
Estudios Geográficos , 2008,
Abstract: Environmental costs and benefits play a major role in the economic analysis prescribed by the Water Framework Directive for the achievement of a sustainable management of water resources. The definition of these concepts is not explicit in the text of the Directive, while there is an urgent need to apply then for analysing whether the implementation of the WFD is disproportionately costly. This paper tries to contribute to the reflexion on the concepts of environmental costs and benefits in the context of the WFD. We discuss the different interpretations and valuations that have been made up to date in Europe and some of the key issues for their estimation. Dentro del análisis económico que la Directiva Marco del Agua (DMA) prescribe para alcanzar una gestión sostenible de los recursos hídricos, destaca la necesidad de evaluar los beneficios y costes ambientales. Dada la falta de una definición explícita de estos conceptos en el texto de la Directiva y, al mismo tiempo, la necesidad acuciante de evaluar la desproporcionalidad de los costes de la implementación de la DMA, este artículo pretende contribuir a la reflexión sobre los conceptos de beneficio y coste ambiental en este contexto. Se discuten la diferentes interpretaciones y valoraciones que se han hecho hasta el momento en Europa y se profundiza en aspectos claves para su estimación.

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