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Basile L. AGBA,Francois GAGNON,Ammar KOUKI
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics , 2008,
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are very difficult to design in terms of scenarios specification and propagation modeling. All these aspects must be taken into account when designing MANET. For cost-effective designing, powerful and accurate simulation tools are needed. Our first contribution in this paper is to provide a global approach process (GAP) in channel modeling combining scenarios and propagation in order to have a better analysis of the physical layer, and finally to improve performances of the whole network. The GAP is implemented in an integrated simulation tool, Ad-SMPro. Moreover, channel statistics, throughput and delay are some key points to be considered when studying a mobile wireless networks. A carefully analysis of mobility effects over second order channel statistics and system performances is made based on our optimized simulation tool, Ad-SMProl. The channel is modeled by large scale fading and small scale fading including Doppler spectrum due to the double mobility of the nodes. Level Cross Rate and Average Duration of Fade are simulated as function of double mobility degree, a defined to be the ratio of the nodes' speeds. These results are compared to the theoretical predictions. We demonstrate that, in mobile ad hoc networks, flat fading channels and frequency-selective fading channels are differently affected. In addition, Bit Error rate is analysed as function of the ratio of the average bit energy to thermal noise density. Other performances (such as throughput, delay and routing traffic) are analysed and conclusions related to the proposed simulation model and the mobility effects are drawn.
Finite size scaling of meson propagators with isospin chemical potential
G. Akemann,F. Basile,L. Lellouch
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2008/12/069
Abstract: We determine the volume and mass dependence of scalar and pseudoscalar two-point functions in N_f-flavour QCD, in the presence of an isospin chemical potential and at fixed gauge-field topology. We obtain these results at second order in the \epsilon-expansion of Chiral Perturbation Theory and evaluate all relevant zero-mode group integrals analytically. The virtue of working with a non-vanishing chemical potential is that it provides the correlation functions with a dependence on both the chiral condensate, \Sigma, and the pion decay constant, F, already at leading order. Our results may therefore be useful for improving the determination of these constants from lattice QCD calculations. As a side product, we rectify an earlier calculation of the O(\epsilon^2) finite-volume correction to the decay constant appearing in the partition function. We also compute a generalised partition function which is useful for evaluating U(N_f) group integrals.
Wide Band Time-Correlated Model for Wireless Communications under Impulsive Noise within Power Substation
Fabien Sacuto,Fabrice Labeau,Basile. L Agba
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The installation of wireless technologies in power substations requires characterizing the impulsive noise produced by the high-voltage equipment. Substation impulsive noise might interfere with classic wireless communications and none of the existing models can reliably represent this noise in wide band. Previous studies have shown that impulsive noise is characterized by series of damped oscillations with the amplitude, the duration and the occurrence times of the impulses that are random. All these characteristics make this noise time-correlated and the partitioned Markov chain remains an efficient model that can ensure the correlation between the samples. In this study, we propose to design a partitioned Markov chain to generate an impulsive noise that is similar to the noise measured in existing substations, in time and frequency domains. We configure our Markov chain to produce the impulses with the damped oscillation effect, then, we determine the probability transition matrix and the distribution of each state of the Markov chain. Finally, we generate noise samples and we study the distribution of the impulsive noise characteristics. Our Markov chain model can replicate the correlation between the measured noise samples; also the distributions of the noise characteristics are similar in the simulations and the measurements.
Eliciting Guilty Feelings: A Preliminary Study Differentiating Deontological and Altruistic Guilt  [PDF]
Barbara Basile, Francesco Mancini
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2011.22016
Abstract: Guilt has been identified as both an intrapsychic and an interpersonal emotion. The current study presents evidence of the existence of two senses of guilt, deontological and altruistic guilt, induced through different experimental paradigms. Deontological guilt evolves from having slighted moral authority or norms, while altruistic guilt arises from selfish behavior and the distress of others. We hypothesize that specific stimuli would evoke, separately, deontological guilt and altruistic/interpersonal guilt feelings. Two different procedures were used to test our hypothesis, adding two emotions as control conditions (i.e. anger and sadness). Results clearly indicate that two different guilt emotions can be evoked separately, by appropriate stimulation. Findings and possible clinical implications are discussed.
Light and soil humidity influencing oak seedling growth and physiology in mixed hardwood gaps
Raddi S,Basile L,Anichini M,Pozzi D
Forest@ , 2009, DOI: 10.3832/efor0589-006
Abstract: In “S. Rossore, Migliarino, Massaciuccoli” Natural Park (Pisa, I) six-month-old pedunculate oak seedlings (Quercus robur L.) were transplanted within natural gaps of a mixed oak forest. Micro-environmental variability for radiation and water soil content were measured for 145 seedlings during the year. Irradiation relative to the open field (IR) ranged from 5% to 57%. Seven classes of IR each with 20 seedlings were selected. Leaf mass per area was strongly influenced by IR. In the first 3 years survival was high (95, 76 and 75%, respectively) and seedling reached 14±6 cm, 27±13 cm and 39±19 (sd) cm of height. Even if IR and soil water content (SWC) were negatively associated, indicating a lower SWC at the centre of the gaps, height and its relative growth rate increased with IR (explored range: 8-40%) with a significant interaction with SWC in the 1st year, indicating the positive effect of soil moisture. In the 3rd year dimensional traits were higher in L+W+ (high light and humidity) followed by L-W+ (low light and high humidity), L+W- and finally by L-W-. Summer drought typical of the Mediterranean climate was evaluated by chlorophyll fluorescence of PSII on apical leaves of seedlings and mature trees at the beginning (21 June) and in mid-summer (20 July). While in June physiological traits did not differ between low and high IR, in mid-summer (at the peak of water-stress) seedlings of the two highest light classes showed chronic photoinhibition (Fv/Fm<0.75) and an increase in thermal dissipation (D) by constitutive term (Dc=1-Fv/Fm) and by regulated mechanisms of dissipation through xanthophyll-cycle term (Dx). Moreover, in July seedling leaf physiology largely differed with IR: leaves acclimated to high IR have higher photosynthetic potentialities, as shown by electron transport rate (ETR) and quantum yield (P) at saturating light maintained by an increase of the fraction of open reaction centres (qP), counterbalancing the efficiency decrease of the single reaction centres (Fv’/Fm’) dynamically protected via xanthophyll-cycle (Dx). Tree apical leaf physiology behaved differently from seedling leaves both in June (except Fv/Fm) and in July (except Dx). In June photochemistry was higher in tree apical leaves with higher ETR, P, qP and Fv’/Fm’ with a lower fraction of energy dissipated and in particular through lower loss by photoprotection through Dx as expected for high light conditions without stress; in July no chronic photoinhibition was observed in tree light leaves, the efficiency of single reaction centres (Fv’/Fm’) remained high but a drop in
Biomembrane models and drug-biomembrane interaction studies: Involvement in drug design and development
Pignatello R,Musumeci T,Basile L,Carbone C
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Contact with many different biological membranes goes along the destiny of a drug after its systemic administration. From the circulating macrophage cells to the vessel endothelium, to more complex absorption barriers, the interaction of a biomolecule with these membranes largely affects its rate and time of biodistribution in the body and at the target sites. Therefore, investigating the phenomena occurring on the cell membranes, as well as their different interaction with drugs in the physiological or pathological conditions, is important to exploit the molecular basis of many diseases and to identify new potential therapeutic strategies. Of course, the complexity of the structure and functions of biological and cell membranes, has pushed researchers toward the proposition and validation of simpler two- and three-dimensional membrane models, whose utility and drawbacks will be discussed. This review also describes the analytical methods used to look at the interactions among bioactive compounds with biological membrane models, with a particular accent on the calorimetric techniques. These studies can be considered as a powerful tool for medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, in the steps of designing new drugs and optimizing the activity and safety profile of compounds already used in the therapy.
An analysis of transient impulsive noise in a Poisson field of interferers for wireless channel in substation environments
Minh Au,Basile L. Agba,Fran?ois Gagnon
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: In substations, the presence of random transient impulsive interference sources makes noise highly non-Gaussian. In this paper, the primary interest is to provide a general model for wireless channel in presence of these transient impulsive noise for space-time signal processing problems. We assume a superposition of independent interference sources randomly distributed in space-time in a Poisson field of interferers. By using stochastic geometry approach, first order and second order statistics can be derived from basic waveforms of impulsive interferers. We use discrete-time series model to simulate the random transient impulsive waveforms. It is demonstrated that the amplitude distribution and density of the proposed model converges to $\alpha$-stable distributions and their power spectral densities are $\sim 1/(f-f_{0})^{k}$ where $f_{0}\geq 0$ is a resonant frequency and $k > 0$. Measurements and computer simulations are provided where impulsive noise are to demonstrate the efficiency of the analysis.
Revolta e cidadania na Corte regencial
Basile, Marcello;
Tempo , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-77042007000100003
Abstract: this article analyzes the rebellion that took place in the s?o pedro de alcantara theatre, rio de janeiro, in september 1831. that was a political uprising conducted by the liberais exaltados in which several different social layers also took part. the movement was similar to others that took place in the beginning of the regency period. it is also understood as one of a set of axles for informal citizenship development and an incipient sense of nacionality. both were forged from below in an emergent political action public space.
Calcium Mass Balances in Bicarbonate Hemodialysis
Carlo Basile
International Journal of Nephrology , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/540592
Abstract: Dialysate calcium (Ca) concentration should be viewed as part of the integrated therapeutic regimen to control renal osteodystrophy and maintain normal mineral metabolism. The goals of this integrated approach are to keep the patient in a mild positive Ca mass balance (CaMB), to maintain normal serum Ca levels, to control plasma parathyroid hormone values to two to three times above normal levels, and to avoid soft-tissue calcifications. Thus, a correct net CaMB during hemodialysis (HD) is crucial in the treatment of renal osteodystrophy. Very few studies have been published which measured CaMBs in bicarbonate HD. This is mainly due to the technical difficulties in achieving an accurate measurement of CaMBs owing to the need for the collection of the total spent dialysate or of a proportional aliquot of it. Whereas no doubt exists about the fact that an inlet dialysate Ca concentration (CaD) of 1.75?mmol/L leads to a positive CaMB, more controversial is this issue, when dealing with a CaD of 1.50?mmol/L and, even more, when dealing with a CaD of 1.25?mmol/L. Another important issue is the appropriate CaD in long-hour slow-flow nocturnal HD. Finally, which CaMB should we study: ionized CaMB or total CaMB? This issue is largely discussed in the review. Disturbances in mineral and bone metabolism are highly prevalent and are a major cause of morbidity and mortality among chronic kidney disease patients. To address this issue, current guidelines recommend a number of therapeutic strategies, such as the use of phosphate binders, vitamin D analogues, or calcimimetics [1]. However, in current practice, little attention is paid to the dialysate calcium (Ca) concentration. On the contrary, it should be viewed as part of the integrated therapeutic regimen to control renal osteodystrophy and maintain normal mineral metabolism. The goals of this integrated approach are to keep the patient in a mild positive Ca mass balance (CaMB), to maintain normal serum Ca levels, to control plasma parathyroid hormone (PTH) values from two to three times above normal levels, and to avoid soft-tissue calcifications [2]. Thus, a correct net CaMB during hemodialysis (HD) is crucial in the treatment of renal osteodystrophy. CaMB during HD is influenced by both diffusive and convective transport. The driving force which determines the diffusive transport is given mainly by the inlet dialyzer diffusion concentration gradient between the ionized calcium (iCa) levels in the dialysate and in the plasma water. It is expressed as where 1.12 is the Gibbs-Donnan factor [3, 4]. CaMB is
Il diritto penale nelle società multiculturali: i reati culturalmente motivati
Política criminal , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-33992011000200004
Abstract: i massicci flussi immigratori degli ultimi decenni hanno portato in italia ed in altri stati europei individui e famiglie provenienti da luoghi e culture diverse. l’immigrato, nel paese d’arrivo, trova regole di condotta e, in particolare, norme penali, diverse da quelle presenti nel suo paese d’origine, e tale diversità è dovuta, almeno in alcuni casi, alla diversità di cultura. ciò potrebbe, quindi, indurre l’immigrato a commettere un fatto previsto come reato nel paese d’arrivo, ma che risulta, invece, conforme, o per lo meno tollerato, nella sua cultura d’origine. come deve reagire il diritto penale a siffatti reati culturalmente motivati? deve conferire un qualche rilievo alla ‘motivazione culturale’ che ha spinto l’autore alla loro commissione, ad esempio attraverso le c.d. cultural defenses di cui parla la dottrina statunitense? e tale riconoscimento necessita di una previsione legislativa speciale, o a tal fine sono sufficienti gli strumenti normativi ordinari? si tratta di interrogativi centrali per il diritto penale delle società multiculturali occidentali, ai quali il presente articolo tenta - anche sulla scorta di un’ampia casistica giurisprudenziale - di fornire una risposta, capace di conciliare il rispetto della diversità culturale con il rispetto della uniformità e della credibilità del sistema penale.
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