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Barbara BradaHojnik,Miroslav Rebernik
Economic Review : Journal of Economics and Business , 2012,
Abstract: This paper examines the outsourcing of research and development and of innovation activities in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). As the results of these activities enable companies to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, it is crucial to manage them properly. As SMEs generally lack internal resources to perform R&D and innovation activities internally, is the outsourcing of theseactivities a viable solution for them? This paper examines the basic characteristics of outsourcing R&D and innovation activities inSMEs, based on a survey among Slovenian companies in the manufacturing and service industries. We tested five hypotheses. Empirical results show that one third of SMEs outsourceR&D and innovation activities in different forms, and that small companies outsource these activities more often. The biggest share ofSMEs partially outsources R&D and innovation activities, followed by SMEs that outsource all those activities, and by SMEs that perform R&Dand innovate in co-operation with other firms. When comparing the type of R&D and innovation activities that are outsourced, theresults show that SMEs mainly outsource experimental development, followed by basic research and applied research. However, theymostly outsource R&D and innovation activities to universities and independent research organisations and only occasionally to privateorganisations from industry and individual researchers.
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2011,
Abstract: The institutional framework in which companies have to act establishes the rules of the game. It is limited and controlled by a public administration system, which may be more or less open and contemporary for companies. The aim of this paper is to analyse administrative procedures and costs for companies when dealing with public administration from a theoretical and empirical point of view. The paper’s goals are to compare administrative burdens and to find the advantages and weaknesses of administrative systems in selected countries. During a company’s operation, from its establishment to its closure, entrepreneurs are constantly exposed to administrative systems and their requirements. They have to carry out different procedures regarding the company’s establishment, the hiring and firing of employees, obtaining various licenses, state regulatory statistical and tax reporting, tax burdens etc. Fulfilling all those administrative procedures may negatively impact the establishment and operation of companies in particular countries.
Scientific Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi : Economic Sciences Series , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to presents reasons for outsourcing and links them with different financial and non-financial effects of outsourcing. For the purpose of the paper, we use broad definition of outsourcing; as the fundamental decision of a company regarding the external supply of certain products and/or services.However, only few studies can be found that examine the connection between the reasons that led to the decision to outsourcing and the measurement of the actual effects achieved. Therefore, we examine the correlation between reasons for outsourcing and its effects in small and medium sized companies. The paper presents results of empirical study among Slovenian SME's which shows that there exist statistically significant connections between reasons and effects of outsourcing.
Comparative Analysis of Cartographic Literacy in the Selected Curricula at the Primary Level  [PDF]
Vlasta Hus, Tina Hojnik
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412107
Abstract: Basic knowledge of maps, because of its widespread use, has become a part of the individual’s modern literacy. This is why we were interested in how this kind of literacy is represented in schools, when it occurs and how it is upgraded. Based on the study of literature we have formed criteria of cartographic literacy and based on the comparative method we have compared curricula for the lower stage of primary education of two countries (England and Slovenia). We found that cartographic literacy is given most attention, as well as in content as in didactic recommendations, in the Slovene curriculum for Social Studies (second triad). But according to the pupils’ cognitive abilities, it is being introduced too late. In the English curriculum for Geography initial cartography is far more dependent on the teachers and their cartography knowledge (or lack of it) because of the general definition of objectives and lack of recommendations. A combination of such an open curriculum and teacher’s cartography knowledge (or lack of it) can push cartographic literacy a step back from other content. That is why educating teachers and paying attention to the matter either in the curriculum or in textbook sets is of utmost importance.
Ekonomska u inkovitost notranjega trga EU (EU internal Market and Its Economic Efficiency)
Janja Hojnik
LeXonomica : Journal of Law and Economics , 2010,
Abstract: Process of regional economic integration in Europe has in the last decades been determined by expansions in various dimensions – substantially as well as geographically. Market integration is thereby presented as an instrument to enhance prosperity. The article analyses economic effect of the EU internal market, i. e. whether and to what extend has the internal market enhanced economic prosperity and income in Europe in the last half-century. From methodological point of view we are dealing with a very complex question, which has been approached in various ways by various economic studies. The article is based on a study performed by a Dutch bureau CPB, which was assessing additional economic effect of the EU internal market – i.e. in addition to alternative forms of market integration, existing also in economic relations with third countries. The authoress concludes that the EU internal market has achieved the highest economic effect in the field of foreign direct investments; economic effect of free movement of goods is comparable to foreign direct investments, whereas the economic effect of free movement of services is being more moderate, however, having considerable potential for increase. Economic effect of free movement of workers is not analysed in the article considering low level of migration flows between the EU member states.
Ordoliberalizem - teorija povezovanja prava in ekonomije (Ordoliberalism - Theory of Law and Economics Connecting )
Janja Hojnik
LeXonomica : Journal of Law and Economics , 2009,
Abstract: The article deals with theory of ordoliberalism, which is a less known theory of connecting law and economy into a single system of so-called economic constitution. It is a liberalistic theory of understanding market relations, nevertheless, it emphasises that freedom on the market is not to be achieved without legal intervention, considering that power of entities on the market differs and therefore more powerful entities restrict freedom and rights of the weaker – which results in monopolies, asymmetries of information and negative externalities. Ordoliberalism is a theory of authoritative liberalism that emphasises that law is an indispensable market accompanier, since it assures order on it. Theory of ordoliberalism is relevant also for EU market integration, because it advocates the need for strong supranational institutions, bound by the EU economic constitution, which replaces compartmentalized state market interventions.
Radiotherapy and radiosurgery for Cushing's disease
Minniti, Giuseppe;Brada, Michael;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302007000800024
Abstract: patients with residual or recurrent cushing's disease receive external beam radiotherapy (rt) with the aim of achieving long-term tumour control and normalization of elevated hormone levels. treatment is given either as conventional radiotherapy using conformal techniques or as stereotactic radiotherapy, which is either used as fractionated treatment (scrt) or as single fraction radiosurgery (srs). we describe the technical aspects of treatment and report a systematic review of the published literature on the efficacy and toxicity of conventional rt, scrt and srs. there are no studies directly comparing the different radiation techniques and the reported results are inevitably of selected patients by investigators with interest in the treatment tested. nevertheless the review of the published literature suggests better hormone and tumour control rates after fractionated irradiation compared to single fraction radiosurgery. hypopituitarism represents the most commonly reported late complication of radiotherapy seen after all treatments. although the incidence of other late effects is low, the risk of radiation injury to normal neural structures is higher with single fraction compared to fractionated treatment. stereotactic techniques offer more localized irradiation compared with conventional radiotherapy, however longer follow-up is necessary to confirm the potential reduction of long-term radiation toxicity of fractionated scrt compared to conventional rt. on the basis of the available literature, fractionated conventional and stereotactic radiotherapy offer effective treatment for cushing's disease not controlled with surgery alone. the lower efficacy and higher toxicity of single fraction treatment suggest that srs is not the appropriate therapy for the majority of patients with cushing's disease.
The New Comparative Economics versus the Old: Less Is More but Is It Enough?
Josef C. Brada
The European Journal of Comparative Economics , 2009,
Abstract: The seeming demise of the field of comparative economics as it evolved in the 20th century is often seen as the result of the collapse of the communist economy, which left us with only one economic system, capitalism. Moreover, the old comparative economics has been replaced by the new comparative economics, which focuses on varieties of capitalism and ascribes an almost exclusive explanatory role to institutions. I argue that the demise of the old comparative economics has more to do with the fact that it was fatally flawed in terms of the criteria it used for comparing economic systems rather than with the demise of communism or the fact that it failed to understand the causes of inter-system differences in outcomes. The great advantage of the new comparative economics is in its choice of a single criterion for judging the performance of an economic system. I illustrate these advantages of such a single criterion by examining the contributions of the new comparative economics to the cross country analysis income levels, and, on the basis of this analysis, I then suggest that there is still value in the approach of the old comparative economics to the analysis of economic outcomes.
Finite Disks with Power-Law Potentials
R. Brada,M. Milgrom
Physics , 1994, DOI: 10.1086/175583
Abstract: We describe a family of circular, and elliptical, finite disks with a disk potential that is a power of the radius. These are all flattened ellipsoids, obtained by squashing finite spheres with a power-law density distribution, and cutoff at some radius Ro. First we discuss circular disks whose circular rotation speed v is proportional to r^alpha, with any alpha> -1/2. The surface-density of the disks is expressed in terms of hypergeometric functions of 1-(Ro/r)^2. We give closed expressions for the full 3-D potentials in terms of hypergeometric functions of two variables. We express the potential and acceleration in the plane at r>Ro, and along the rotation axis, in terms of simple hypergeometric functions. All the multipoles of the disk are given. We then generalize to non-axisymmetric disks. The potential in the midplane is given in terms of the hypergeometric function of two variables. For integer values of 2 alpha the above quantities are given in more elementary terms. All these results follow straightforwardly from formulae we derive for the general, cutoff, power-law, triaxial ellipsoid.
Exact Solutions and Approximations of Mond Fields of Disk Galaxies
R. Brada,M. Milgrom
Physics , 1994,
Abstract: We Consider models of thin disks (with and without bulges) in the Bekenstein-Milgrom formulation of MOND as a modification of Newtonian gravity. Analytic solutions are found for the full gravitational fields of Kuzmin disks, and of disk-plus-bulge generalizations of them. For all these models a simple algebraic relation between the MOND potential field and the Newtonian potential holds everywhere outside the disk. We give exact expressions for the rotation curves for these models. We also find that the algebraic relation is a very good approximation for exponential disks. The algebraic relation outside the disk is then extended into the disk to derive an improved approximation for the MOND rotation curve of disk galaxies that requires only knowledge of the Newtonian curve and the surface density.
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