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A Research on the Relationship between FDI and Jiangsu’s Regional Economy Disparity  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Cheng Wang
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2012.33018
Abstract: Through reading and summarizing relevant articles, the authors analyze two different kinds of effects that FDI influence the regional economy. Location and digesting ability reflects such non-equilibrium. By using regression analysis, the authors discover, in south Jiangsu, which the unit FDI increase contributes most to the GDP development, with middle and north Jiangsu lagging behind. The regression coefficient is 1.198, 0.429 and 0.572 respectively. Considering the index of digestion ability, unit FDI increase and unit GDP contribution rate still share strong relevant relationship. However, the coefficients change. The effects that FDI stimulate GDP growth are weakened, been made up by the endogenous ability. The granger test shows that in south Jiangsu, there exists a cycle of accumulative effect, namely both the FDI increase and the GDP growth do well with each other. However, in the rest of Jiangsu province, such effect is not obvious. Considering the elements of location and digesting ability, this paper offers tactics for Jiangsu for a better coordinate of future development.
The Research of the Relationship between Low Carbon-Based Marketing Innovation and Organizational Performance  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Xianyan Zheng
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2013.43019
Abstract: Based on relevant literature, this study attempts to provide a conceptual model for how green complex orientation influences organizational performance by using low carbon-based incremental marketing innovation and low carbonbased radical marketing innovation as mediator, 213 firms from Jiangsu province were investigated as empirical samples. The results show that low carbon-based marketing innovation plays a complete role in mediating the relationship between green complex orientation and organizational performance, low carbon-based incremental marketing innovation plays a complete role in mediating the relationship between green market orientation and organizational performance, and low carbon-based radical marketing innovation plays a complete role in mediating the relationship between green innovation orientation and organizational performance.
A Study on the Relationship between Tourism Industry and Regional Economic Growth—A Case Study of Jiangsu Gaochun District  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Meilin Xia
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.47052

According to the tourism income and GDP data of Gaochun district from year 2001 to 2011, by using ADF unit root test, it can draw to a conclusion that the series of the economic growth (GDP) and the tourism revenue (TOUR) of Gaochun district shows first-order difference stationary. This paper confirms that there is a long-term integration relationship between the economic growth of Gaochun and tourism revenue and study the dynamic coherence between economic growth and tourism revenue by using error correction model and dynamic conditional correlation. As is shown by the Granger causality test, “GDP of Gaochun is the Granger reason for tourism revenue” while “tourism revenue is not the Granger reason for GDP”.

A Research on Interbank Loan Interest Rate Fluctuation Characteristics and the VaR Risk of China’s Commercial Banks  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Cheng Wang, Xikun Zhang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.36097
Abstract: According to the historical time series data of commercial interbank, this paper examines the interest rate fluctuation distribution characteristics, indicating that EGARCH Model can better fit the rate volatility of the interbank market interest. This paper calculates the value at risk (VaR) of five major commercial banks using EGARCH Model with such a conclusion that the difference that major commercial banks face is various. The interest risk of state-owned commercial banks and other financial institutions is more serious than the city commercial banks and foreign banks. The interest risk of rural credit cooperatives is the least serious.
Research on the Announcement Effects of the Convertible Bonds in the A-Share Market of China  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Jing Miao, Fengxian Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/me.2014.54033

This paper studies the announcement effects of the convertible bonds of 50 listed companies in the A-share market of China. The result shows that there are significant negative effects when the convertible bonds are issued, in other words, issuing announcement of the convertible bonds can lead stock prices to decline. However, the significances of the negative effects are different in different markets, bond types, released years and time windows. The volatility of share prices in Shanghai Stock Exchange is less than in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and the negative effects are more significant than in SZSE. The announcement effect of the ordinary convertible bonds is more significant than the convertible bonds with warrants.

A Research on the Level of the Coordinated Development in the Yangtze River Delta  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Jingjing Li, Cheng Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/me.2014.54040

By using the Factor Analysis, this paper estimates the level of coordinated development among the 16 cities in Yangtze River Delta. The absolute value of the Moran I index from 2007 to 2011 is 0.3759, 0.3307, 0.3496, 0.2608 and 0.1547 respectively, indicating a relatively close spatial relationship among city growth poles. The database taken into the empirical analysis meets the request of the KMO and Bartlett tests. The empirical results show that the Skewness value of the economic, social and environmental value is 1.821, -0.096, 0.743, and 1.373 respectively and with a correspondent Kurtosis value of 3.618, -0.722, -0.774 and 1.607. It is revealed that the diversity of the comprehensive index value is serious, which deprived mainly from the economic difference. On the other hand, the diversity of the society and environment is benefit for the coordinated development among the cities in Yangtze River Delta. In the future development, the 16 cities should seek for individualized development with its own resource basement. While for the social and environmental development, the policy integration of the society, environment and human resource should be realized to promote the mobility of the resources hence to raise the level of coordinated development.

The Researches on Exchange Rate Risk of Chinese Commercial Banks Based on Copula-Garch Model  [PDF]
Baoqian Wang, Tingting Cao, Shu Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/me.2014.55051

After the exchange rate reforms in 2005, China has transformed the fixed exchange rate system into a floating exchange rate system dominated by market supply and demand. Commercial banks will face with greater exchange rate risk. Therefore, how to estimate exchange rate risk and keep the optimal portfolio of foreign exchange is an important research subject. This article chooses the date of the RMB exchange rate against the dollar and the yen from the January 1, 2008 to May 21, 2012 as samples, describes the joint distribution of the two assets using Copula-Garch model, thus eventually works out the optimal holding ratio of the two foreign currency assets under minimal risk situations.

Continuous Extraction of Subway Tunnel Cross Sections Based?on Terrestrial Point Clouds
Zhizhong Kang,Liqiang Zhang,Lei Tuo,Baoqian Wang,Jinlei Chen
Remote Sensing , 2014, DOI: 10.3390/rs6010857
Abstract: An efficient method for the continuous extraction of subway tunnel cross sections using terrestrial point clouds is proposed. First, the continuous central axis of the tunnel is extracted using a 2D projection of the point cloud and curve fitting using the RANSAC (RANdom SAmple Consensus) algorithm, and the axis is optimized using a global extraction strategy based on segment-wise fitting. The cross-sectional planes, which are orthogonal to the central axis, are then determined for every interval. The cross-sectional points are extracted by intersecting straight lines that rotate orthogonally around the central axis within the cross-sectional plane with the tunnel point cloud. An?interpolation algorithm based on quadric parametric surface fitting, using the BaySAC (Bayesian SAmpling Consensus) algorithm, is proposed to compute the cross-sectional point when it cannot be acquired directly from the tunnel points along the extraction direction of interest. Because the standard shape of the tunnel cross section is a circle, circle fitting is implemented using RANSAC to reduce the noise. The proposed approach is tested on terrestrial point clouds that cover a 150-m-long segment of a Shanghai subway tunnel, which were acquired using a LMS VZ-400 laser scanner. The results indicate that the proposed quadric parametric surface fitting using the optimized BaySAC achieves a higher overall fitting accuracy (0.9 mm) than the accuracy (1.6 mm) obtained by the plain RANSAC. The results also show that the proposed cross section extraction algorithm can achieve high accuracy (millimeter level, which was assessed by comparing the fitted radii with the designed radius of the cross section and comparing corresponding chord lengths in different cross sections) and high efficiency (less than 3 s/section on average).
Phosphoproteins regulated by heat stress in rice leaves
Xinhai Chen, Wenfeng Zhang, Baoqian Zhang, Jiechao Zhou, Yongfei Wang, Qiaobin Yang, Yuqin Ke, Huaqin He
Proteome Science , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1477-5956-9-37
Abstract: Phosphoprotein in the leaves of rice under heat stress were displayed using two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) and Pro-Q Diamond dye. Differentially expressed phosphoproteins were identified by MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS/MS and confirmed by Western blotting.Ten heat-phosphoproteins were identified from twelve protein spots, including ribulose bisphos-phate carboxylase large chain, 2-Cys peroxiredoxin BAS1, putative mRNA binding protein, Os01g0791600 protein, OSJNBa0076N16.12 protein, putative H(+)-transporting ATP synthase, ATP synthase subunit beta and three putative uncharacterized proteins. The identification of ATP synthase subunit beta was further validated by Western-blotting. Four phosphorylation site predictors were also used to predict the phosphorylation sites and the specific kinases for these 10 phosphoproteins.Heat stress induced the dephosphorylation of RuBisCo and the phosphorylation of ATP-β, which decreased the activities of RuBisCo and ATP synthase. The observed dephosphorylation of the mRNA binding protein and 2-Cys peroxiredoxin may be involved in the transduction of heat-stress signaling, but the functional importance of other phosphoproteins, such as H+-ATPase, remains unknown.The inherent immobility of plants limits their abilities to avoid stress, requiring them to cope with abiotic stresses through innate defense mechanisms [1]. Some abiotic stresses, such as drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, chemical toxicity and oxidative stresses, are serious threats to agriculture and abiotic stresses have become the primary cause of crop loss worldwide, reducing average yields for most major crop plants by more than 50% [2]. High temperature is one of the most important abiotic stresses that reduce crop yield and quality [3,4]. Rice production is likely to be affected severely by an increase in mean global temperature [5,6]. The overall global temperature has steadily increased in recent decades due to rapid increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas conc

JIA Baoqian,LIU Baicheng,WANG Dongtao,

金属学报 , 1997,
Abstract: As regard to several cases of real hot tearing ZG45 bars (C 0.42%-0.52%,Mn 0.5%- 0.8%, Si 0.2%- 0.45%), numerical simulation of stress-strain during solidification was conducted. The formation mechanism of hot tearing was discussed, and the conclusion is drawn that hot tearing originates from Bingham body and is caused when strain of Bingham body being over preserved plastic strain. The simulated results show that relative hot spot gives rise to increase in concentration strain of Bingham body, and that case of proper chilI could effectively decrease concentration strain of Bingham body, uponthere to reduce possibility of hot tearing.
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