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Functional electrical stimulation with surface electrodes
Bajd Tadej,?rt Marin?ek,Munih Marko
Journal of Automatic Control , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/jac0802003b
Abstract: The review investigates the objective evidences of benefits derived from surface functional electrical stimulation (FES) of lower and upper extremities for people after incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) and stroke. FES can offer noticeable benefits in walking ability. It can be efficiently combined with treadmill and body weight support. Voluntary muscle strength and endurance gain can be achieved through FES assisted gait training together with increased gait velocity in absence of electrical stimulator. Cyclic FES, FES augmented by biofeedback, and FES used in various daily activities can result in substantial improvements of the voluntary control of upper extremities.
Static analysis of two-fingered grips
Kurillo Gregorij,Bajd Tadej,Kamnik Roman
Journal of Automatic Control , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/jac0201038k
Abstract: In the paper a static analysis of two-fingered grips is presented. Importance of grasp analysis in human performance engineering and hand therapy is discussed and assessment methods are proposed. Two precision grips were examined in the study: nippers pinch and tip pinch. We have built a grip-measuring device assessing the endpoint forces of two-oppositional grips. The instrument developed is based on a robotic force-wrist sensor and designed to suit human fingers. Through the simultaneous use of an optical measuring system and the grip-measuring device, the finger positions and the grip force acting on the object were obtained. A static model of the hand was also developed. A recursive computational method was used to calculate the joint torques of the fingers from the measured coordinates and the endpoint force vector. The estimated joint torque corresponds to the amount of load on the tendon during isometric muscle contraction. The force output of the two grips considered is presented and compared in two healthy individuals. The calculated joint torques for the index finger and thumb are presented and the maximal values of the finger joint torques acquired in the study are shown.
Planning, Research and Karstological Monitoring of Expressways Crossing Classical Karst (Slovenia)  [PDF]
Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.37B009

Over the last fifteen years the construction of modern expressways in Slovenia has been one of the major construction projects aimed at connecting important parts of the country and opening them to Europe. Almost half of Slovenia is karst and more than half of the water for the supply of the population comes from karst aquifers. Slovenia is home to the classical karst region of Kras that gave its name for this unique carbonate rock landscape to numerous world languages and is also the cradle of karstology. We need to better understand this fragile karst landscape and do everything to preserve it since it is an important part of our natural and cultural heritage.

Du?an Krnel,Barbara Bajd
Acta Didactica Napocensia , 2009,
Abstract: This paper addresses the use of e-materials in learning. Under pressure from the public,which is becoming increasingly conversant with IT, schools and also other non-formal types of learning are changing into e-classrooms and e-learning. Among parents and teachers, too, there is a widespread opinion that e-learning is more motivating and is more effective. On the other hand, a mass of research shows that e-materials are more effective only in specific areas, where a multimedia approach is needed, for instance in ophthalmic surgery, while everywhere else they are comparable to traditional teaching and learning in terms of both effectiveness and motivation. The paper also highlights the methodological problems of measuring motivation and learning success. Finally it presents e-material which was created taking into account the results of research in this field.
Software preservation
Tadej Vodopivec
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2011,
Abstract: Comtrade Ltd. covers a wide range of activities related to information and communication technologies; its deliverables include web applications, locally installed programs,system software, drivers, embedded software (used e.g. in medical devices, auto parts,communication switchboards). Also the extensive knowledge and practical experience about digital long-term preservation technologies have been acquired. This wide spectrum of activities puts us in the position to discuss the often overlooked aspect of the digital preservation - preservation of software programs. There are many resources dedicated to digital preservation of digital data, documents and multimedia records,but not so many about how to preserve the functionalities and features of computer programs. Exactly these functionalities - dynamic response to inputs - render the computer programs rich compared to documents or linear multimedia. The article opens the questions on the beginning of the way to the permanent digital preservation. The purpose is to find a way in the right direction, where all relevant aspects will be covered in proper balance. The following questions are asked: why at all to preserve computer programs permanently, who should do this and for whom, when we should think about permanent program preservation, what should be persevered (such as source code, screenshots, documentation, and social context of the program - e.g. media response to it ...), where and how? To illustrate the theoretic concepts given the idea of virtual national museum of electronic banking is also presented.
Permutation Equivalence Classes of Kronecker Products of Unitary Fourier Matrices
Wojciech Tadej
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Kronecker products of unitary Fourier matrices play important role in solving multilevel circulant systems by a multidimensional Fast Fourier Transform. They are also special cases of complex Hadamard (Zeilinger) matrices arising in many problems of mathematics and theoretical physics. The main result of the paper is splitting the set of all kronecker products of unitary Fourier matrices into permutation equivalence classes. The choice of permutation equivalence to relate the products is motivated by the quantum information theory problem of constructing maximally entangled bases of finite dimensional quantum systems. Permutation inequivalent products can be used to construct inequivalent, in a certain sense, maximally entangled bases.
Defect of a Kronecker product of unitary matrices
Wojciech Tadej
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: The generalized defect D(U) of a unitary NxN matrix U with no zero entries is the dimension of the real space of directions, moving into which from U we do not disturb the moduli |U_ij| as well as the Gram matrix U'*U in the first order. Then the defect d(U) is equal to D(U) - (2N-1), that is the generalized defect diminished by the dimension of the manifold {Dr*U*Dc : Dr,Dc unitary diagonal}. Calculation of d(U) involves calculating the dimension of the space in R^(N^2) spanned by a certain set of vectors associated with U. We split this space into a direct sum, assuming that U is a Kronecker product of unitary matrices, thus making it easier to perform calculations numerically. Basing on this, we give a lower bound on D(U) (equivalently d(U)), supposing it is achieved for most unitaries with a fixed Kronecker product structure. Also supermultiplicativity of D(U) with respect to Kronecker subproducts of U is shown.
Defect and equivalence of unitary matrices. The Fourier case
Wojciech Tadej
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Consider the real space D_U of directions moving into which from a unitary N x N matrix U we do not disturb its unitarity and the moduli of its entries in the first order. dim( D_U ) is called the defect of U and denoted D(U). We give an account of Alexander Karabegov's theory where D_U is parametrized by the imaginary subspace of the eigenspace, associated with lambda = 1, of a certain unitary operator I_U on the N x N complex matrices, and where D(U) is the multiplicity of 1 in the spectrum of I_U. This characterization allows us to establish dependence of D(U_1 x ... x U_r) - where x stands for the Kronecker product - on D(U_k)'s, to derive formulas expressing D(F) for a Fourier matrix F of the size being a power of a prime number, as well as to show the multiplicativity of D(F) with respect to Kronecker factors of F if their sizes are pairwise relatively prime. Also partly due to the role of symmetries of U in the determination of the eigenspaces of I_U we study the 'permute and enphase' symmetries and equivalence of Fourier matrices, associated with arbitrary finite abelian groups.
Lightning-triggered electroporation and electrofusion as possible contributors to natural HGT among prokaryotes
Tadej Kotnik
Quantitative Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.plrev.2013.05.001
Abstract: Phylogenetic studies show that horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is a significant contributor to genetic variability of prokaryotes, and was perhaps even more abundant during early evolution. Hitherto, research of natural HGT has mainly focused on three mechanisms: conjugation, natural competence, and viral transduction. This paper discusses the feasibility of a fourth such mechanism - cell electroporation and/or electrofusion triggered by atmospheric electrostatic discharges (lightnings). A description of electroporation as a phenomenon is followed by a review of experimental evidence that electroporation of prokaryotes in aqueous environments can result in release of non-denatured DNA, as well as uptake of DNA from the surroundings and transformation. Similarly, a description of electrofusion is followed by a review of experiments showing that prokaryotes devoid of cell wall can electrofuse into hybrids expressing the genes of their both precursors. Under sufficiently fine-tuned conditions, electroporation and electrofusion are efficient tools for artificial transformation and hybridization, respectively, but the quantitative analysis developed here shows that conditions for electroporation-based DNA release, DNA uptake and transformation, as well as for electrofusion are also present in many natural aqueous environments exposed to lightnings. Electroporation is thus a plausible contributor to natural HGT among prokaryotes, and could have been particularly important during the early evolution, when the other mechanisms might have been scarcer or nonexistent. In modern prokaryotes, natural absence of the cell wall is rare, but it is reasonable to assume that the wall has formed during evolution, and at least prior to this, electrofusion could also have contributed to HGT. The concluding section outlines several guidelines for assessment of the feasibility of lightning-triggered HGT.
Ce anomaly at the Permian-Triassic boundary in the Idrijca Valley as evidence of changing redox conditions at the P/Tr transition in the western Tethys (Slovenia)
Tadej Dolenec,Sonja Lojen
Geologija , 2000,
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