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Student Theological Research as an Invitation
William Badke
Theological Librarianship , 2012,
Abstract: Seminary students, despite having graduated from bachelors programs, struggle to make sense of the goals, processes, skills, and resources of research as graduate students. Beyond brief introductions to research, a scattered number of seminaries have developed either a separate theological information literacy course or have taken a through-the-curriculum approach to enhancing the information abilities of students. The former, however, separates information literacy from the curriculum, while the latter is difficult to implement and maintain. Living in a world of information glut, seminary professors are finding that traditional information dissemination models of education are becoming less viable. What is more, such models tend to teach students about a discipline rather than inviting them into it. These problems present a unique opportunity to place the teaching of information literacy at the foundation of theological education. With such an approach, students may be invited into the disciplines of their professors and enabled to practice these disciplines, thus becoming equipped to turn knowledge into praxis.
Estimation of linkage disequilibrium in four US pig breeds
Yvonne M Badke, Ronald O Bates, Catherine W Ernst, Clint Schwab, Juan P Steibel
BMC Genomics , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-13-24
Abstract: Average r2 between adjacent SNP across all chromosomes was 0.36 for Landrace, 0.39 for Yorkshire, 0.44 for Hampshire and 0.46 for Duroc. For markers 1 Mb apart, r2 ranged from 0.15 for Landrace to 0.20 for Hampshire. Reducing the marker panel to 10% of its original density, average r2 ranged between 0.20 for Landrace to 0.25 for Duroc. We also estimated persistence of phase as a measure of prediction reliability of markers in one breed by those in another and found that markers less than 10 kb apart could be predicted with a maximal accuracy of 0.92 for Landrace with Yorkshire.Our estimates of LD, although in good agreement with previous reports, are more comprehensive and based on a larger panel of markers. Our estimates also confirmed earlier findings reporting higher LD in pigs than in American Holstein cattle, especially at increasing marker distances (> 1 Mb). High average LD (r2 > 0.4) between adjacent SNP found in this study is an important precursor for the implementation of marker assisted selection within a livestock species.Results of this study are relevant to the US purebred pig industry and critical for the design of programs of whole genome marker assisted evaluation and selection. In addition, results indicate that a more cost efficient implementation of marker assisted selection using low density panels with genotype imputation, would be feasible for these breeds.The extent of non-random association of gametes at different loci, or linkage disequilibrium (LD), has become the focus of many recent studies in both humans and animals [1-4]. Gaining knowledge of the distribution of LD in livestock populations is important for genetic mapping of economically important traits such as disease resistance [5], and it can reveal population history and breed development [6,7]. Moreover, genome wide association (GWAs) studies as well as genomic selection in livestock rely on the existence of LD between causative variants and genetic markers [8,9]. Recent advance
Plantas medicinais: o saber sustentado na prática do cotidiano popular
Badke, Marcio Rossato;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Silva, Fernanda Machado da;Ressel, Lúcia Beatriz;
Escola Anna Nery , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452011000100019
Abstract: the objective of this work was to know the daily life of people living in the community assisted by a family health unit in a rio grande do sul city, about the therapeutic use of medicinal plants in health care. this is a qualitative research, with data collection through semi-structured interview and observation as participant. the ten interviewees, users of medicinal plants, nominated to the unit, were selected by the network of relationships. thematic analysis was performed that allowed the emergence of categories. it was verified that the use of homemade tea is common among the participants and that most of the medicinal plants used by the interviewees have their popular therapeutics indications as those found in scientific literature. it is believed that the research has relevance for nurses and for society, so it points to a necessary approach between the popular and scientific knowledge, and also to create projects that work with this theme.
Práticas culturais de cuidados de mulheres m?es de recém-nascidos de risco do sul do Brasil
Iserhard, Ana Rosa Müller;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Neves, Eliane Tatsch;Badke, Marcio Rossato;
Escola Anna Nery , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452009000100016
Abstract: nowadays, the issues related to woman health, seek to get a new integrality focus. it will be able to go beyond the limited effects of a biomedical model in health. not considering the life experience and cultural aspects of the women and their family. this study aimed to understand the influence of the cultural context during pregnancy and in the baby's care among high risk newborn mothers. it is an exploratory-descriptive study. high risk newborn mothers hospitalized in a maternity in the southern brazil were interviewed. after thematic analyses two main categories emerged: socio-cultural context influencing the pregnancy and the popular knowledge in the baby's care. the results showed that the majority, among the women, were not influenced by their culture, thoughts, feelings and actions. in the conflict situations the professional knowledge won the credibility, upon the population.
Saberes e práticas populares de cuidado em saúde com o uso de plantas medicinais
Marcio Rossato Badke,Maria de Lourdes Denardin Budó,Neide Aparecida Titonelli Alvim,Gilberto Dolejal Zanetti
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: El objetivo fue conocer el origen de los conocimientos y prácticas sobre el uso terapéutico de plantas medicinales por los residentes de la comunidad en la región central de Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Se trata de una investigación cualitativa con recolección de datos que se dio a través de entrevistas semi-estructuradas y observación participante. Los encuestados fueron seleccionados a través de la misma red de relaciones. Los datos fueron analizados a través del análisis temático. Se encontró que: aprender el uso y manipulación de las hierbas medicinales tiene su origen en el contexto familiar; se resaltó la influencia de la mujer en la transmisión de los conocimientos, las plantas se encuentran generalmente en el hogar, la mayoría de las plantas utilizadas son respaldadas por el conocimiento científico. Se cree que la investigación tiene relevancia para los enfermeros y la sociedad en su conjunto, que apunta a una conexión necesaria entre el conocimiento popular y científico, así como para inversiones en proyectos que trabajan con este tema.
Fernanda Machado da Silva,Maria de Lourdes Denardin Bud,Celso Leonel Silveira,Marcio Rossato Badke
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2013,
Abstract: El objetivo fue comprender los conceptos del proceso de la salud-enfermedad-cuidado de los individuos con hipertensión, así como la importancia de esta enfermedad en sus vidas. Investigación cualitativa, descriptiva con nueve pacientes hipertensos, seguido con un equipo de salud de la familia. Fue utilizada la entrevista semi-estructurada, observación y análisis de documentos para recopilar datos. Se realizó el análisis temático de los datos. Fue unánime entre los participantes el concepto de que la hipertensión, a pesar de ser un agravo crónico, no presenta una condición de enfermedad. Se atribuye al hecho que esta enfermedad no presenta síntomas físicos, combinado con la estabilidad de sus niveles de presión arterial, el uso correcto de los medicamentos, incluso con el largo período de tiempo que vivencian con esta enfermedad crónica. Por estas razones, estos individuos se definen como personas sanas. Así, personas han aprendido a vivir "con" hipertensión y no "a pesar" de ella.
Rheological and biological properties of a hydrogel support for cells intended for intervertebral disc repair
Karin Benz, Claudia Stippich, Claudia Osswald, Christoph Gaissmaier, Nicolas Lembert, Andreas Badke, Eric Steck, Wilhelm K Aicher, Juergen A Mollenhauer
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-13-54
Abstract: A hydrogel composed of chemically activated albumin crosslinked by polyethylene glycol spacers was produced. The visco-elastic gel properties were determined by rheological measurement. Human intervertebral disc cells were cultured in vitro and in vivo in the hydrogel and their phenotype was tested by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. Matrix production and deposition was monitored by immuno-histology and by biochemical analysis of collagen and glycosaminoglycan deposition. Species specific in situ hybridization was performed to discriminate between cells of human and murine origin in xenotransplants.The reproducibility of the gel formation process could be demonstrated. The visco-elastic properties were not influenced by storage of gel components. In vitro and in vivo (subcutaneous implants in mice) evidence is presented for cellular differentiation and matrix deposition within the hydrogel for human intervertebral disc cells even for donor cells that have been expanded in primary monolayer culture, stored in liquid nitrogen and re-activated in secondary monolayer culture. Upon injection into the animals, gels formed spheres that lasted for the duration of the experiments (14 days). The expression of cartilage- and disc-specific mRNAs was maintained in hydrogels in vitro and in vivo, demonstrating the maintenance of a stable specific cellular phenotype, compared to monolayer cells. Significantly higher levels of hyaluronan synthase isozymes-2 and -3 mRNA suggest cell functionalities towards those needed for the support of the regeneration of the intervertebral disc. Moreover, mouse implanted hydrogels accumulated 5 times more glycosaminoglycans and 50 times more collagen than the in vitro cultured gels, the latter instead releasing equivalent quantities of glycosaminoglycans and collagen into the culture medium. Matrix deposition could be specified by immunohistology for collagen types I and II, and aggrecan and was found only in areas where predomina
Sorologia positiva para Leptospira butembo em bovinos apresentando problemas reprodutivos
Saldanha, Guilherme Bastos;Cavazini, Neimar Cristiano;Silva, Aleksandro Schafer da;Fernandes, Mariana Bertini;Badke, Manoel Renato Teles;Pivetta, Cristian Gilberto;
Ciência Rural , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000400046
Abstract: this research was aimed at reporting an outbreak of infertility in milking cows at a farm in the state of santa catarina, brazil, that could be caused by leptospira butembo. eleven serovars of leptospira were used for testing 13 cow serum samples against leptospirosis by using the microscopic agglutination test (mat). all serum samples of the animals reacted with l. butembo serovar with titles between 100 and 800. after treatment with streptomycin sulfate, 92% of the animals returned to reproductive life. these results suggest that l. butembo may have been responsible for the bovines reproductive problems.
Saberes e práticas populares de cuidado em saúde com o uso de plantas medicinais
Badke, Marcio Rossato;Budó, Maria de Lourdes Denardin;Alvim, Neide Aparecida Titonelli;Zanetti, Gilberto Dolejal;Heisler, Elisa Vanessa;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072012000200014
Abstract: the objective of this study was to identify the origin of the knowledge and practices regarding the therapeutic use of medicinal plants, by individuals living in a community in the central region of rio grande do sul, brazil. this is a qualitative study, in which the data collection was performed through semi-structured interviews and participant observation. the participants were selected through their own relationship network. a thematic analysis of the data was performed. it was found that the participants learn how to use and manage medicinal plants in their family context; it is highlighted that women have a strong influence on the transmission of this particular knowledge; they usually obtain the plants at their own homes; and most plants that are used also have their indication supported by scientific evidence. it is believed that the present study is important for nurses and the society as a whole, as it points to the need for an approximation between popular and scientific knowledge, as well as the need to invest in projects that address this particular topic.

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