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Growth Kinetics of Single Inclusion Particle in Molten Melts

BW Zhang,BW Li,

金属学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: On the basis of the single-particle framework, a new theory on inclusion growth in metallurgical melts is developed to study the kinetics of inclusion growth on account of reaction and collision. The studies show that the early growth of inclusion depends on reaction growth and Brawnian motion collision, and where the former is decisive, the late growth depends on turbulence collision and Stokes' collision, and where the former is dominant; collision growth is very quick during the smelting process, lessened in the refining process, but nearly negligible in the continuous casting process.
Determinants of Condom use in Botswana: An empirical Investigation of the Role of Gender
BW Malema
Botswana Journal of Economics , 2012,
Abstract: This article is largely motivated by the observation that gender imbalance have tended to aggravate females susceptibility to HIV infection as men used their dominance to dictate on issues of sexual activity with their female counterparts. The paper analyses factors influencing the use of condoms by both sexes and discovers that both males and females respond in similar fashion albeit at differing intensities to determinants of condom use. Using logistic regression analysis we note that education, the never married, those living together, the perception that the partner could be unfaithful and age at first sex are positively correlated to condom use for both males and females. In cases where the faithfulness of the partner was unknown, females were more likely to use condoms whereas there was no observable relationship for males in such cases. There was a negative relationship between condom use and age differences with partner for females whereas the relationship was positive for males. Females who were Professionals, legislators, associate professionals and technicians were less likely to use condoms than the unemployed females. In the case of males it was the associate professionals and technicians who were less likely to use condoms than the unemployed whereas the other professions were not statistically different to the unemployed males in terms of condom use. In conclusion we note that there is no conclusive evidence that gender imbalance impedes the propensity of women to use condoms.
Impact of Culture on Financial Management in Africa
BW Mwangi
Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa , 2007,
Abstract: One of the major challenges of the accounting profession in Africa is the impact of culture on accounting systems. People from different societies view accounting as an imposed idea from another continent. They also find it culturally imposing and punitive and in most cases the demands of accounting go contrary to the cultural norms in a given society. Perhaps it is the way people perceive and react to the word accounting or the ‘idea of accounting'. It is important to note that every society has its norms and standards of language use in communication. These norms and standards play a significant role in the way messages are coded (worded) by the sender, the way they are transmitted (relaying of the message) and the way the receiver of the message decodes (understands and reacts to the message). Journal of Language, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Africa Vol. 1 (1) 2007 pp. 84-96
To Depreciate or not to Depreciate Non-governmental Fixed Assets
BW Mwangi
Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa , 2009,
Abstract: In the last two decades Africa and particularly Kenya has experienced an exponential growth of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This is attributed to the fact that they are established to solve immediate humanitarian problems that result from war, famine, poverty and bad governance in most countries in Africa. Given the magnitude of the resultant social challenges, NGOs have in time grown to control immense amounts of financial resources. It is therefore pertinent that they not only account for their social activities but also for these financial resources. The focus of this discussion is on the accounting of these funds and specifically in the area of depreciation. In an attempt to establish rules and regulations that ensure that NGOs account for their financial resources business accounting principles and standards have largely been prescribed for the accounting and auditing of NGOs. And this has been without due consideration of the significant differences between the nature of operation of NGOs and business enterprises. One of the major differences is that the core business of NGOs is to provide humanitarian services which are not measurable in monetary terms, while that of business enterprises is to carry out activities that will generate profit and subsequently increase the wealth of owners of the business.
Water solubility enhancements of PAHs by sodium castor oil sulfonate microemulsions
Zhu Li-Zhong,Zhao Bao-Wei,Li Zong-Lai,
Zhu LZ
,Zhao BW,Li ZL

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2003,
Abstract: Water solubility enhancements of naphthalene(Naph), phenantherene(Phen) and pyrene(Py) in sodium castor oil sulfonate(SCOS) microemulsions were evaluated. The apparent solubilities of PAHs are linearly proportional to the concentrations of SCOS microemulsion, and the enhancement extent by SCOS solutions is greater than that by ordinary surfactants on the basis of weight solubilization ratio(WSR). The logK(em) values of Naph, Phen, and Py are 3.13, 4.44 and 5.01 respectively, which are about the same as the logK(ow) values. At 5000 mg/L of SCOS concentration, the apparent solubilities are 8.80, 121, and 674 times as the intrinsic solubilities for Naph, Phen, and Py. The effects of inorganic ions and temperature on the solubilization of solutes are also investigated. The solubilization is improved with a moderate addition of Ca2+, Na+, NH4+ and the mixture of Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and NH4+. WSR values are enhanced by 22.0% for Naph, 23.4% for Phen, and 24.6% for Py with temperature increasing by 5 degrees C. The results indicated that SCOS microemulsions improve the performance of the surfactant-enhanced remediation (SER) of soil, by increasing solubilities of organic pollutants and reducing the level of surfactant pollution and remediation expenses.
Genetic evaluation for a quantitative trait controlled by polygenes and a major locus with genotypes not or only partly known
A Hofer, BW Kennedy
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1993, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-25-6-537
Koinonia (Deelgenootskap) - 'n gemis in ons 21ste-eeuse kerkbegrip
BW de Wet
Acta Theologica , 2008,
Abstract: Koinonia (partnership ) — lacking in our church concept of the 21st century This article argues that in translating koinonia one should not use terms such as “fellowship”, as koinonia focuses on the idea of “sharing”, in particular within a dynamic relationship of active participation and shared interests. After showing how Paul succeeds in applying the koinonia dynamics when addressing some of the issues of the Corinthian church in, for instance, 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1, it becomes clear that one should rather attempt to make koinonia part and parcel of our current church concept.
Long-term safety and efficacy of endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Propper BW,Abularrage CJ
Vascular Health and Risk Management , 2013,
Abstract: Brandon W Propper, Christopher J Abularrage Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA Abstract: Endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR) is a safe and efficacious treatment for both unruptured and ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms. While perioperative mortality is lower with EVAR, long-term outcomes are similar between EVAR and open repair, including quality of life and cost-effectiveness. We review the long-term outcomes from the EUROSTAR registry, and DREAM, EVAR 1, and OVER trials. Keywords: EVAR, endovascular, aneurysm, aortic, outcome, long-term
A Hub Matrix Theory and Applications to Wireless Communications
Kung HT,Suter BW
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2007,
Abstract: This paper considers communications and network systems whose properties are characterized by the gaps of the leading eigenvalues of for a matrix . It is shown that a sufficient and necessary condition for a large eigen-gap is that is a "hub" matrix in the sense that it has dominant columns. Some applications of this hub theory in multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) wireless systems are presented.
BW Li,XY Tian,EG Wang,and JC He,

金属学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: In recent years, thin slab continuous casting technology has been widely used to improve the quality of the product and to reduce the cost. One of the challenges faced by this technology is to design reasonable flow patterns, which strongly affect the surface and inner properties of the final slab in the mold. With the fixed scales and complex geometrical structures of nozzle and funnel type mold,a series of numerical simulations are made to analyze the flow patterns in melt steel using finite volume method based on structured body fitted coordinate grids. The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) package is validated first using one typical case described in previously published studies,and then it is developed to study the effect of operational parameters on fluid flow in thin slab caster.Two operational parameters, casting speed and SEN (submerged entry nozzle) depth, are mainly considered for numerical analysis. On the basis of present simulations, the reasonable SEN submergence depths corresponding to different casting speeds are suggested according to fluid flow characteristics like, flow jet impingement on the narrow side of the mold, flow speed of the melt steel beneath the meniscus and the recirculation region. This is the first stage of study on the numerical analysis of the whole thin slab casting process with electromagnetic brake.
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