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Análise molecular de segmento do RNA2 de comovirus isolados de soja no estado do Paraná
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582002000500014
Abstract: in bean (phaseolus vulgaris) producing areas of paraná state, bean rugose mosaic virus (brmv) has been found in mixed infections with bean golden mosaic virus (bgmv) increasing the severity of symptoms and crop losses. the association of cowpea severe mosaic virus (cpsmv) with bud blight symptoms in soybean (glycine max) plants was recently observed in paraná for the first time. in this work rt-pcr products of 600 bp of brmv-pr rna2 and 594 bp of cpsmv-pr rna2 were cloned and sequenced. the amino acid sequences coded by the rna2 segment from these isolates were compared with sequences of the same rna2 genomic region of six comovirus species from the genbank. the cpsmv-pr showed 85% homology with the cpsmv rna2 from the genbank. moreover, the brmv-pr isolate showed 39 and 44% homology with cpsmv and bean pod mottle virus (bpmv), respectively. this work shows, for the first time, partial sequencing data for brmv. this data may be helpful for the complete molecular characterization of this virus and for establishing strategies to obtain virus resistant plants.
Identification, geographical distribution and host plants of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) biotypes (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in the State of Paraná, Brazil
Martinez, Sueli S.;Carvalho, Alfredo O. R. de;Vieira, Luiz G.;Nunes, Liliane M.;Bianchini, Anésio;
Anais da Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0301-80592000000300023
Abstract: this work was carried out in order to identify bemisia tabaci (genn.) biotypes present in the state of paraná and to determine their geographical distribution and host plants. about 50 adults were collected in several host crops, weeds and ornamental plants in north, northwest, northeast, west and central areas of the state, from january to may, 1998 and 1999. the species were identified by means of rapd-pcr, using the primer operon h-16. whitefly populations were detected mainly from february on, in both years, seldom achieving more than one adult per leaf. the insect was found in only 66% of the sampled areas. bean golden mosaic was almost never observed during the period. both biotype a and biotype b of b. tabaci were found in the state of paraná, the last one being more restricted to the north region. although biotype b was found colonising a wider range of host plants, it has not spread out in all the state and most of the whitefly specimens found are still the biotype a. a banding pattern distinct of those obtained for a and biotype b of b. tabaci was obtained exclusively with the populations collected from cassava, thus indicating the possible presence of a biotype specific for this crop.
Crescimento da parte aérea de plantas cultivadas em vaso, submetidas à irriga??o subsuperficial e a diferentes graus de compacta??o de um Latossolo Vermelho-Escuro distrófico
Silva, Geovani José;Maia, Jo?o Carlos de Souza;Bianchini, Aloísio;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832006000100004
Abstract: compaction is a process that can occur in soils managed inadequately, affecting crop growth and yield directly or indirectly. the shoot development was evaluated as a function of different degrees of subsoil compaction in soybean, corn, cotton, and brachiaria brizantha plants grown in pots filled with soil material from a dystrophic dark-red latosol, with water supply through subsurface irrigation. the experiment was carried out in screened greenhouse at the school of agronomy and veterinary medicine of ufmt, in rigid pvc pots with 195 mm internal diameter in a completely randomized design in a 4 × 5 factorial scheme (four species and five soil densities - 1.0; 1.2; 1.4; and 1.5 mg m-3). the water content in the soil/pot system was maintained above 60% of its maximum water retention capacity. at the end of the experiment, the plant height was measured and the plants cut at ground level; the leaf area estimated, and cotton, corn and soybean yield and the shoot dry matter evaluated. soil densities above 1.4 mg m-3 led to significant reduction in the development of shoot growth of cotton, corn, and soybean, while in brachiaria brizantha plants the reduction was verified only at a density of 1.5 mg m-3. soybean presented the largest increment of the evaluated characteristics at a density of 1.2 mg m-3. brachiaria brizantha presented higher tolerance to compaction, whereas cotton plants were the most sensitive to effects of soil compaction. in general, the quadratic model adequately explained the growth of the studied plants as a function of soil compaction.
Análise molecular de segmento do RNA2 de comovirus isolados de soja no estado do Paraná
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2002,
Abstract: Nas áreas produtoras de feij o (Phaseolus vulgaris) do Estado do Paraná observa-se anualmente a ocorrência do vírus do mosaico em desenho do feijoeiro (Bean rugose mosaic virus, BRMV), principalmente em infec es mistas com o vírus do mosaico dourado do feijoeiro (Bean golden mosaic virus, BGMV), acarretando maior severidade de sintomas e causando perdas na produ o. Recentemente constatou-se a presen a do vírus do mosaico severo do caupi (Cowpea severe mosaic virus, CPSMV) associado a sintomas de queima do broto em planta es de soja (Glycine max) na regi o de Londrina, sendo este um fato novo no Estado. Neste trabalho, parte do RNA2 de dois comovirus isolados de soja no Paraná foram clonados e sequenciados, sendo 600 pares de bases (pb) do BRMV-PR e 594 pb do CPSMV-PR. Posteriormente, as seqüências correspondentes de aminoácidos foram comparadas com seis seqüências de vírus do gênero Comovirus depositadas no GenBank. Com base nestes dados observou-se que o segmento do RNA2 do isolado CPSMV-PR apresentou homologia de 85% com parte de uma seqüência já conhecida do RNA2 do CPSMV, enquanto que o segmento do RNA2 do isolado BRMV-PR apresentou homologia de 39% com o CPSMV, e de 44% com o Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV). Este trabalho apresenta pela primeira vez dados de sequenciamento parcial do BRMV, o que poderá contribuir para sua completa caracteriza o molecular e para o estabelecimento de estratégias para obten o de plantas resistentes ao vírus.
Detec??o do Southern bean mosaic virus no Paraná, e separa??o do Bean rugose mosaic virus em feijoeiro
Gasparin, Marcos D. G.;Bianchini, Anésio;Souto, Eliezer R. de;Gaspar, José Osmar;Almeida, álvaro M. R.;Kitajima, Elliot W.;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582005000100013
Abstract: plants of bean (phaseolus vulgaris), showing symptoms of stunt, stem necrosis and chlorotic mosaic, similar to those induced by virus infection were found in a bean field in londrina, paraná. electron microscopy examinations showed isometric virus particles in the cell cytoplasm. double immunodifusion serological tests with antiserum for southern bean mosaic virus (sbmv) gave positive results when tested against plant sap from infected bean plants. the virus was purified and the molecular mass of its coat protein was estimated as 30 kda, the expected value for the coat protein of viruses from the genus sobemovirus. the host range of the virus was restricted to bean and some soybean (glycine max) cultivars. it was possible to separate two isometric viruses commonly found in bean based on the immunity reaction of crotalaria sp., chenopodium quinoa and mucuna deeringiana to sbmv, and on the susceptibility reaction of the same hosts to bean rugose mosaic virus (brmv).
Penetrógrafo eletr?nico automático
Bianchini, Aloísio;Maia, Jo?o C. de S.;Magalh?es, Paulo S. G.;Cappelli, Nelson;Umezu, Cláudio K.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662002000200024
Abstract: this paper presents the development of an automatic recording penetrometer, which operates at the touch of a button. it incorporates a data acquisition system, which can store data of 187 tests and has a serial pc interface. the test characterization such as dates, location (latitude and longitude) can be recorded as well. the maximum working depth may be set and the load cell calibration can be verified through a keyboard with 2 lines display. a speed variation error of < 5% compared to asae standard was verified for cone indices between 500 and 5,684 kpa. the equipment is compact, easy to handle and can realize one test every minute.
Composi??o florística e fitossociologia do componente arbóreo das florestas ciliares da Bacia do Rio Tibagi: 3. Fazenda Bom Sucesso, Município de Sapopema, PR
Silva, Francisco das Chagas e;Fonseca, ésio de Pádua;Soares-Silva, Lúcia Helena;Muller, Cláudio;Bianchini, Edmilson;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061995000200009
Abstract: it was studied in this paper the floristic composition and the phytosociology of lha of riverine forest, placed at tibagi riversides, in sapopema county, pr (24o01's, 50o41'w), 780m above sea level. for such purpose, a 100 x 100m plot was divided in 100 of the 10x10m contiguous subplots, using a dbh greater or equal to 5cm. 1560 specimens were sampled, gathered in 41 families, 82 genera and 125 species. the diversity index (shannon-weaner) was h'=4,2. the most important species were: anaderanthera colubrina, casearia sylvestris, lueliea divaricata, esenbeckia febrífuga e parapiptadenia rígida. the families vvith most specimens sampled were fabaceae (214) and myrtaceae (209), which had the highest number of species (18).
Varia??o de atributos físico-hídricos em latossolo vermelho-amarelo do Cerrado mato-grossense sob diferentes formas de uso
Silva, Geovani José;Valad?o Júnior, Daniel Dias;Bianchini, Aloísio;Azevedo, Emílio Carlos de;Maia, Jo?o Carlos de Souza;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832008000500034
Abstract: the search for production forms that meet the increasing worldwide demands, maintaining the potential of the natural resources and in a systemic view of the social, economic and environmental sustainability, must be everybody's interest and above all a concern of professionals of agrarian sciences. aiming at a contribution in this direction, the effect of no-till and cultivated pasture production on the physical and water properties of a typic haplustox (distrophic red-yellow latosol) were evaluated. the study was conducted on a private farm (lat 15 ° 31 ' 58 " s, long, 55 ° 18 ' 07 " w, at 726-809 m asl) in a gentle sloping topography. ten randomly chosen points in a maize field under no-till management (pd for eight years), brachiaria humidicola pasture (pc - grazed for seven consecutive years), and native cerrado pasture (cp) were tested for soil resistance to mechanical penetration (rsp) and sampled in the layers 5-10 and 10-15 cm. in the disturbed samples the current water content (ca), particle texture and density (dp) were determined, and in the undisturbed samples the total porosity (pt), macroporosity (ma) and microporosity (mi), saturated soil water conductivity (ks), characteristic curves of soil water retention, and bulk density (ds), as well as the available water content (ad). the data were submitted to analysis of variance and the averages compared at p < 0.05, using a completely randomized design with split plots (3 soil uses x 2 sampling depths). in the soils under pd an increase of up to 13.38 % was observed in ds, 45.83 % in srp, 29.81 % in ad and decreases of up to 45.61 % in ma and up to 91.89 % in ks. the magnitude of effects on soil properties were ranked as follows: pd > pc > cp. the rsp, ma and ks were the attributes most affected by the distinct soil uses.
Attività del giudice di pace in ambito penale: una ricerca presso il Tribunale di Bologna / The activity of the Judge of the Peace under the criminal jurisdiction: a study carried out in the Law Court of Bologna / L'activité du juge de paix en matière pénale: une étude empirique auprès du Tribunal de Bologne
Bianchini Elena
Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza , 2008,
Abstract: This article analyses the reform of the Justice of the Peace, provided for by the legislative decree n. 274/2000. This law introduces some changes in the Italian justice system: a faster proceeding than in other Courts, the institutions of the immediate claim and the low degree of seriousness of the crime, two new types of punishments (community service and house imprisonment), the reconciliation between the victim and the offender and, for the first time, the victim has achieved a greater importance and a central role.Moreover, some documents that belong to the Tribunal of Justice of Peace in Bologna have been studied. The data discussed in the article are referred to dismissed cases and sentences which became final in 2002 to 2006.Cet article analyse la réforme de la justice de paix aux termes du décret législatif n° 274 du 28 ao t 2000. Cette loi a introduit plusieurs nouveautés dans le système de justice italien. En particulier, se sont mises en place des mesures aidant à une justice plus rapide (par example, grace à la possibilité de déclarer l'extinction de l'infraction à la suite d'une conduite réparatrice), des sanctions qui visent à resocialiser et pas seulement à punir (le travail d'intérêt général et la détention domiciliaire), et des mesures permettant de privilégier la réconciliation des parties.Enfin, les données d'une recherche réalisée sur une série de dossiers pénaux jugées et classées par les juges de paix du Tribunal de Bologne sont présentées.
Unaccompanied asylum-seeker children: flawed processes and protection gaps in the UK
Katia Bianchini
Forced Migration Review , 2011,
Abstract: My experience of working as an immigration lawyer on unaccompanied asylum-seeker children’s cases has highlighted a number of serious flaws in the processes which determine their futures....
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