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Traffic Maps and Smartphone Trajectories to Model Air Pollution, Exposure and Health Impact  [PDF]
Erik Skjetne, Hai-Ying Liu
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2017.811084
Abstract: In this study, we explored to combine traffic maps and smartphone trajectories to model traffic air pollution, exposure and health impact. The approach was step-by-step modeling through the causal chain: engine emission, traffic density versus traffic velocity, traffic pollution concentration, exposure along individual trajectories, and health risk. A generic street with 100 km/h speed limit was used as an example to test the model. A single fixed-time trajectory had maximum exposure at velocity of 45 km/h at maximum pollution concentration. The street population had maximum exposure shifted to a velocity of 15 km/h due to the congestion density of vehicles. The shift is a universal effect of exposure. In this approach, nearly every modeling step of traffic pollution depended on traffic velocity. A traffic map is a super-efficient pre-processor for calculating real-time traffic pollution exposure at global scale using big data analytics.
Antibacterial activities and volatile oil component analysis of extracts of Calvatia gigantea fruiting bodies in different maturity period

YOU Yang,BAO Hai-Ying,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Antibacterial activity of extracts segregated by different extracting solution from fruiting bodies of Calvatia gigantea of different maturity stage was studied.Volatile oil from C.gigantea was extracted by steam-distillation method,and its components were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).The antibacterial activity of volatile oil was also studied.The results indicated that chloroform extract of immature fruiting body had obvious inhibiting activity to Escherichia coli ATCC8099 and S...
Antitumor active constituent in fruiting body of Phellinus yamanoi against Hepatoma H_(22) cell

LIANG Wei,BAO Hai-Ying,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Three kinds of extracts were made from the fruiting body of Phellinus yamanoi by gradient extraction method using petroleum ether,methanol and water as extracting solution,and 4,6,8(14),22(23)-tetraen-3-one-ergostane was isolated from petroleum ether extract.The anti-tumor activities of the three extracts and the monomer compound against mice Hepatoma H22 were studied in vivo.Inhibition rates of tumor,immune organ indexes and the contents of immune factors were evaluated as indicators.The results showed tha...
Purification and inhibiting effects on SMMC-7721 cell and mice-bearing H_(22) tumor of α-amanitin (α-AMA)

XU Lu,BAO Hai-Ying,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: α-鹅膏毒肽(α-Amanitin,α-AMA)是鹅膏毒肽的一种,是RNA聚合酶Ⅱ的专一性抑制剂,在生命科学领域有着广泛的应用(张志光等1999)。在抗肿瘤方面α-AMA也有着很好的开发前景。曾有
Fermentation culture of Naematoloma fasciculare and antitumor activities of its fermented broth in vivo

BAO Hai-Ying,ZHANG Xiu,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Optimum conditions of fermentation culture of Naematoloma fasciculare were investigated by using central composite rotatable design. Antitumor activities of fermented broth of N. fasciculare were observed on H22 implanted mice in vivo. The results showed that the maximal biomass was 15.06g/L when the composition of the medium was 59.27g/L maltose, 8.04g/L peptone:yeast powder=1:1 and 2.27g/L KH2PO4:MgSO4:(NH4)2SO4=1:1:1. There was an obvious dose-effect relationship between dosages of fermented broth of N. fasciculare and antitumor rates, and the maximum inhibition rate reached 54.71% at concentration of 200mg/kg. In addition, WBC (109/L) and content of IL-2 of the mice in the group at concentration of 200mg/kg were all improved obviously as compared with control group.
Some Spectral Properties and Characterizations of Connected Odd-bipartite Uniform Hypergraphs
Jia-Yu Shao,Hai-Ying Shan,Bao-feng Wu
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: A $k$-uniform hypergraph $G=(V,E)$ is called odd-bipartite ([5]), if $k$ is even and there exists some proper subset $V_1$ of $V$ such that each edge of $G$ contains odd number of vertices in $V_1$. Odd-bipartite hypergraphs are generalizations of the ordinary bipartite graphs. We study the spectral properties of the connected odd-bipartite hypergraphs. We prove that the Laplacian H-spectrum and signless Laplacian H-spectrum of a connected $k$-uniform hypergraph $G$ are equal if and only if $k$ is even and $G$ is odd-bipartite. We further give several spectral characterizations of the connected odd-bipartite hypergraphs. We also give a characterization for a connected $k$-uniform hypergraph whose Laplacian spectral radius and signless Laplacian spectral radius are equal, thus provide an answer to a question raised in [9]. By showing that the Cartesian product $G\Box H$ of two odd-bipartite $k$-uniform hypergraphs is still odd-bipartite, we determine that the Laplacian spectral radius of $G\Box H$ is the sum of the Laplacian spectral radii of $G$ and $H$, when $G$ and $H$ are both connected odd-bipartite.
Chemical constituents and antibacterial activity of petroleum ether extract from fruit bodies of Tricholoma mongolicum

TONG Chun-Lan,BAO Hai-Ying,BAU Tolgor,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Anti-tumor activity of the nano-scale fruiting body powder and the wall-broken spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum in vitro

GAO Ge,BAO Hai-Ying,BAU Tolgor,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: The yields of petroleum ether extract (PE), chloroform extract (CE), acetone extract (AE), methanol extract (ME) and water extract (WE) of Ganoderma lucidum nano- and micron-sized fruiting body powder, and the yields of PE, CE, AE, ME as well as WE of Ganoderma lucidum wall-broken nano-sized and wall-unbroken spore powder, were compared. GC-MS spectrometer was used for analysis and identification of constituents of the PEs. The total sugars of the WEs were determined. In vitro proliferation effect on the human uterine cervical cancer cell line (Hela cells) and the human lens epithelial cells line (SRA01/04 cells) and dose effect relationship of the aqueous extracts were studied. This study aims at providing a theoretical basis for the resource protection and further development and utilization of Ganoderma lucidum. The results showed that the different solvent extraction yields of the nano-sized Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body powder and the wall-broken nano-sized spore powder increased significantly. The aqueous extract of the nano-sized Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body powder has an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of Hela cells and SRA01/04 cells, while the various solvent extracts of the wall-broken nano-sized spore powder did not show obvious proliferation inhibition.
Chemical constituents of Fomitiporia ellipsoidea fruiting bodies

LIU Han-Bin,BAO Hai-Ying,CUI Bao-Kai,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 从椭圆嗜蓝孢孔菌Fomitiporia ellipsoidea子实体的石油醚提取物中分离得到6个化合物,分别是麦角甾-7,22,25-三烯-3-酮,21-羟基羊毛甾-7,9(11),24-三烯-3-酮,麦角甾-7,22-二烯-3β-棕榈酸酯,麦角甾-7,22-二烯-3-酮,麦角甾醇和过氧化麦角甾醇;从其脱脂后的氯仿提取中分离得到了3个化合物,分别是:苯并(1,2-b;5,4-b′)二呋喃-3,5-二酮-8-甲酸甲酯,麦角甾-7,22-烯-3b-醇和b-谷甾醇。其中苯并(1,2-b;5,4-b′)二呋喃-3
Solid culture conditions of Phellinus mori

CAO Chun-Lei,CUI Bao-Kai,BAO Hai-Ying,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Phellinus mori was a recently described species of Phellinus.In order to investigate the influence of different carbon sources,nitrogen sources,initial pH and temperature on mycelial growth of P.mori,its solid culture conditions were studied.The results showed that starch gave the maximum growth rate with less biomass,and glucose and maltose did the opposite.Yeast extract powder was the optimum nitrogen source.The variation of pH value between 5.5-8.0 did not affect the mycelial growth significantly,and the...
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