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Diurnal variation of summer rainfall over the Tibetan Plateau and its neighboring regions revealed by TRMM Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis

BAI Ai-Juan,LIU Chang-Hai,LIU Xiao-Dong,

地球物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: This paper investigates the diurnal variations of summertime precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau and its neighboring regions using the TRMM Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis(TMPA)product during 2002~2006.We first compare the TMPA data with rain-gauge observations to demonstrate their applicability and fidelity.Both diurnal composite and harmonic analyses are employed to examine the diurnal cycles of precipitation intensity and frequency.Results show remarkable daily variability in summer precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau and nearby areas.The strongest diurnal oscillation occurs in the central Plateau,and other significant diurnal signal is present in the Indian Peninsula,to southwest of the Plateau.The occurrence of the maximum/minimum rainfall intensity and frequency has salient geographical dependence.On the whole,a late-afternoon-evening maximum is dominant in the central Plateau,whereas a late-night maximum is prevalent around the Plateau periphery and in Sichuan Basin,and a morning and afternoon maximum appear in the upper and mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River,respectively.There is a coherent diurnal variation pattern east of the Plateau,characterized by systematically delayed precipitation away from the Plateau.The significant nocturnal rainfall in Sichuan Basin is likely associated with eastward-propagating convective systems originated over the Tibetan Plateau.
China’s Contemporary Trends of Trade in Educational Services and It’s Countermeasures under the Opening Environment
Ai-juan CHEN,Min YI
Canadian Social Science , 2006,
Abstract: While China is opening its educational market to the outside world, the main international trends of trade in educational services are: the developed countries are still the chief exporters while the developing countries are increasing their involvement; aside from the overseas consumption there is also remarkable development in other forms of educational service trade. This text analyzes the main trends of China’s educational service trade under the opening environment, which include: there is a progressively increasing population of overseas students; the number of overseas students whose schooling is paid by themselves is increasing, so is the returning rate; China becomes more and more attractive to foreign students by its unique advantages; Educational mid-organizations have been developing rapidly and other forms of educational service trade have also been experiencing a considerable development. To deal with these trends, we may take several measures as follows under the opening environment: to carry out researches into the law of development of trade in educational services; to standardize the domestic intermediary market; to prefect relevant laws and regulations. Key words: trade in educational services/educational service trade, trend, countermeasure Résumé: Lors de l’ouverture du marché éducatif de la Chine vers l’extérieur, les tendances principales du secteur de service éducatif sont : les pays développés restent encore les exportateurs essentiels alors que les pays en développement augmentent leur part. En plus de la consommation étrangère il y a encore un développement remarquable sous d’autres formes du service éduatif. Cet article analyse les principales tendances du secteur de service éducatif de la Chine dans un environnement ouvert, qui englobent : la population des étudiants étrangers s’agrandit progressivement ; le nombre des étudiants étrangers dont la scolarité est à leur charge augmente, d’où le taux de retour ; la Chine devient de plus en plus attractive pour les étudants étrangers grace à ses avantages uniques ; les intermédiaires éducatifs se développent rapidement et d’autres formes du service éducatif connaissent aussi un développement considérable. Face à ces tendances, on peut prendre dans un environnement ouvert des mesures comme suite : effectuer des recherches sur la loi de développement sectoriel du service éducatif, standardiser le marché intermédiaire domestique, perfectionner les lois et régulations concernées. Mots-Clés: secteur du service éducatif, tendance, contre-mesure
The Game Analyses of the Effect of Bank Claim, Penalty and Compensation to High Educational Aid-Loan
Duo HUANG,Dao-hong ZHANG,Ai-juan CHEN
Canadian Social Science , 2007,
Abstract: The paper mainly researches behavior of banks and students which affects the efficiency of Chinese high-educational aid-loan. Using the game theory, the paper analyzes the behavioral selection of bank and students in the domestic process of education aid-loan. The paper emphatically anatomizes the impact of the reliability of the bank’s claim, the intensity of penalty and the degree of the compensation to the behavior of banks and students. Gets the conclusion that, under the condition of the credit system lagging, the government should intervene to reduce the cost of the claim, raise the success probability of the claim and increase the degree of the penalty to the students who default in loan contract,to ensure the healthy development of the education aid-loan. Key words: Behavior Analysis, Educational Aid-Loan, Game Theory Résumé: Cet article examine principalement les comportements des banques et des étudiants qui influent l’efficacité du prêt d’études supérieur chinois. Utilisant la théorie du jeu, l’article analyse la sélection comportementale des banques et des étudiants dans le processus du prêt d’études. Il disséque catégoriquement les impacts de la fiabilité de la réclamation de la banque, l’intensité de la pénalité et le degré de la compensation sur les comportements des banques et des étudiants. Il en résulte que, dans le contexte du système de crédit en retard, le gouvernement doit intervenir pour réduire le co t de la réclamation, augmenter la probabilité de succès de la réclamation et élever le degré de la pénalité infligée aux étudiants qui ne s’aquitte pas de leur prêt, et enfin pour assurer le développement sain du prêt d’études. Mots-Clés: analyse comportementale, prêt d’études, théorie du jeu
The Effects of Land Utilization Type on Soil Property in Coastal Saline Alkali Wetland
GUO Ai-juan,LIU Cun-qi,WANG Jun-xia,ZHANG Ya-juan
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2013,
Abstract: The effects of four types of land utilization(i.e.cotton growing area,corn growing area,alfalfa growing area and natural reed area)on physicchemical factors and enzymatic activities in soil of Nandagang wetland were investigated in order to improve the property of saline alkaline soil.Results showed that the soil salinization in Nandagang wetland was severe.Compared to the alfalfa area and the natural reed area,pH was lower in the cotton and the corn area.Soil organic matter,total nitrogen,nitrate nitrogen,ammonium nitrogen,and total phosphorus(TP)were also relatively higher.Activities of alkaline phosphatase,dehydrogenase,and FDA hydrolase also were enhanced accordingly,which were related to high soil fertility.The crops could reduce the soil pH of Nandagang saline alkline land,increase the level of nutrients,and improve soil quality obviously.
Design of Fuzzy Tuning PID Controller of DC/DC Converter
DC/DC 变换器的模糊自整定PID 控制器设计

JIN Ai-Juan,ZHANG Li,LI Shao-Long,

计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: The self-tuning PID controller was designed based on set theory of fuzzy control. It can attain on-line tuning of the control parameters and realize the optimal control by measuring control error and error varying and fuzzy-reasoning. Simulation study was made with the toolboxes of Simulink and fuzzy inside MATLAB, the simulation results show that the fuzzy control system can improve the dynamic and static performance and improve the robustness of the system compared with the routine PID.
Impacts of recent cultivation on genetic diversity pattern of a medicinal plant, Scutellaria baicalensis (Lamiaceae)
Qing-Jun Yuan, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Juan Hu, Lan-Ping Guo, Ai-Juan Shao, Lu-Qi Huang
BMC Genetics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2156-11-29
Abstract: Thirty-two haplotypes of S. baicalensis (HapA-Y and Hap1-7) were identified when three chloroplast spacers were combined. These haplotypes constituted a shallow gene tree without obvious clusters for cultivated populations, suggesting multiple origins of cultivated S. baicalensis. Cultivated populations (hT = 0.832) maintained comparable genetic variation with wild populations (hT = 0.888), indicating a slight genetic bottleneck due to multiple origins of cultivation. However, a substantial amount of rare alleles (10 out of 25 haplotypes within wild populations) lost during the course of S. baicalensis cultivation. The genetic differentiation for cultivated group (GST = 0.220) was significantly lower than that of wild group (GST = 0.701). Isolation by distance analysis showed that the effect of geographical isolation on genetic structure was significant in wild populations (r = 0.4346, P < 0.0010), but not in cultivated populations (r = 0.0599, P = 0.2710). These genetic distribution patterns suggest that a transient cultivation history and the extensive seed change among different geographical areas during the course of S. baicalensis cultivation.Although cultivated S. baicalensis maintains comparable genetic diversity relative to wild populations, recent cultivation has still imposed profound impacts on genetic diversity patterns of the cultivated S. baicalensis populations, i.e., the loss of rare alleles and homogenization of cultivated populations. This study suggests that conservation-by-cultivation is an effective means for protecting genetic resources of S. baicalensis, however, the wild resources still need to be protected in situ and the evolutionary consequences of extensive seed exchange mediated by human being should be monitored carefully.The World Health Organization has estimated that more than 80% of the world's population depends on herbal medicine for primary healthcare needs [1]. Most materials used in herbal medicine and vitamin supplements are t
Variation Rules and Chemotype Classification of Atractylodes Lancea Essential Oil based on Bio-Information Science

GUO Lan-ping,HUANG Lu-qi,HU Juan,SHAO Ai-juan,

资源科学 , 2008,
Abstract: 借鉴生物信息学的思路,收集文献报道的数据资料,在分析不同产地问及同一产地不同个体间苍术挥发油变异的基础上,总结苍术种内挥发油变异特点和规律,并使用聚类分析、主成分分析等多变量分析方法探索苍术种内化学型的划分。结果表明,不同产地及同一产地不同个体间苍术挥发油均有很大变异,苍术挥发油组分及含量变异与地理分布有一定相关性,挥发油中6个主要组分含量从南向北方呈现连续递减。苍术挥发油主要呈现两种化学型,一种是以湖北苍术为代表,主要位于湖北、安徽、陕西、河南南部等地,以茅术醇、(-桉油醇为主要组成.不舍或含极微量苍术酮和芹烷二烯酮,简称湖北苍术型(HBA);另一种主要以江苏茅山为代表,主要位于江苏、山东、河北、河南北部等北方地区,主要有苍术酮、苍术素为主组成,简称茅山苍术型(MA)。
Decoloration of Reactive Turquoise Blue by Acidified Sludge-Bentonite Granule

YUE Qin-yan,YUAN Ai-juan,LI Qian,GAO Bao-yu,LI Jing,

环境科学 , 2009,
Abstract: 以污泥和膨润土为原料,硫酸为酸化剂制备了酸化污泥膨润土颗粒.对制得的样品进行了比表面积和SEM等表征,并用于染料活性翠蓝的脱色.考察了pH值、投加量、反应时间和反应温度的影响,并进行了方程的拟合,计算了热力学参数(ΔH0、ΔS0、ΔG)和吸附活化能Ea.结果表明,酸化污泥膨润土颗粒对活性翠蓝的吸附量随温度和初始浓度的增加而增大,吸附等温线符合Langmuir吸附模型,其吸附动力学更适于伪二级动力学方程所述规律,吸附速率大小为313 K>303 K>293 K;吸附活化能较低,为5.52 kJ·mol-1,说明吸附过程以物理吸附为主.同时ΔH0>TΔS0和ΔG>0表明整个吸附过程活化焓的影响大于活化熵,且属于非自发反应.
Application of Tetra-Water Balance Model in Utilization and Protection of Water Resources in the Bosten Lake Basin

DONG Xin-guang,MI Ai-juan,WU Yong-guang,

资源科学 , 2005,
Abstract: 本文从水量分配、行业需水、供水能力、水利工程、水管理等方面分析干旱内陆区地表水、地下水、供需水和耗水等四水平衡,以及盐份的积-脱与分布,建立流域水平衡模型,通过各平衡量之间的相互制约、联合计算、相互检验以提高水均衡计算精度.以新疆博斯腾湖流域1980年~1998年逐月来水、引水、水位等监测资料为依据,率定与检验模型参数.应用该模型分析现状流域年总耗水量26.88×108m3,年脱盐18.7×104t,博斯腾湖水矿化度平均1.81g/L,地下水平均埋深1.76m,孔雀河年平均水量为12.62×108m3.用1960年~2000年41年水文系列资料,以1998年为现状水平年,模拟流域2010年以前可行的工程措施(保持现有耕地面积,农田节水、渠道防渗、地下水开采、排水渠疏竣、湖滨湿地恢复等)对水、盐、环境的影响,结果表明:流域年总耗水量24.25×108m3,年脱盐19.3×104t,博斯腾湖水矿化度平均1.12g/L,地下水平均埋深3.11m,流域环境逐渐改善;孔雀河年平均水量为15.71×108m3,达到了博斯腾湖向塔里木河输水的预期目标.模型较好地模拟各项工程措施对流域水环境、水平衡、水转换、水盐以及耗水等的影响.
Adsorption of Chromium(VI) from Aqueous Solution on Bentonite Modified by Cationic Polymers

LI Jing,YUE Qin-yan,LI Qian,LU Guang-jiang,GAO Bao-yu,YUAN Ai-juan,

环境科学 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用阳离子聚合物聚环氧氯丙烷二甲铵(EPIDMA)和聚二甲基二烯丙基氯化铵(PDMDAAC)分别对钠基膨润土进行了改性,研究了改性膨润土吸附Cr(Ⅵ)的主要影响因素.结果表明,膨润土经阳离子聚合物改性处理后,吸附Cr(Ⅵ)的能力提高了5倍以上.改性膨润土所使用的阳离子聚合物量、阳离子聚合物/膨润土的投加量、溶液pH值、温度、振荡时间影响其对Cr(Ⅵ)的吸附行为.阳离子聚合物负载量分别为99.6 mg/g的EPIDMA/Bt和55.1 mg/g的PDMDAAC/Bt,在20℃、pH=4.0的溶液中,投加量为10 g/L反应120 min时,对Cr(Ⅵ)的吸附量分别为0.71 mg/g和0.56 mg/g.EPIDMA/Bt和PDMDAAC/Bt对Cr(Ⅵ)的吸附符合伪二级动力学方程和Langmuir等温吸附模式.
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