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B.K.N. Muthugobal
Journal of Global Research in Mathematical Archives , 2013,
Abstract: The concept of s-k-Idempotent and s-Idempotent are introduced. Some basic results in s-k-Idempotent matrices and their properties are given
Schur Complement of con-s-k-EP Matrices  [PDF]
B. K. N. Muthugobal
Advances in Linear Algebra & Matrix Theory (ALAMT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/alamt.2012.21001
Abstract: Necessary and sufficient conditions for a schur complement of a con-s-k-EP matrix to be con-s-k-EP are determined. Further it is shown that in a con-s-k-EPr matrix, every secondary sub matrix of rank “r” is con-s-k-EPr. We have also discussed the way of expressing a matrix of rank r as a product of con-s-k-EPr matrices. Necessary and sufficient conditions for products of con-s-k-EPr partitioned matrices to be con-s-k-EPr are given.
Groundwater Quality in Sand Dune Area of Northwest Honshu Island in Japan
B.K. Mitra,C. Sasaki,K. Enari,N. Matsuyama
Journal of Agronomy , 2007,
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the groundwater quality in sand dune area of northwest Honshu island, Japan. Three observation wells were installed with three plastic tubes to collect ground water of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 m depth. Groundwater samples were analyzed for EC, pH, DO, concentration of Fe, K and NO3-N during the period of April, 2004 to March, 2005. Groundwater level and soil environment from 0.1 m through 3.0 m was also evaluated. The groundwater level of the study field was observed within a range of 114.43 to 169.33 cm below ground surface. The results showed that EC, pH, DO and K concentration in groundwater were decreased with increasing depth whereas the opposite trend was observed for Fe. The groundwater of the study area was found not to be suitable for irrigation since concentration of Fe was more than 5 mg L-1. Average concentrations of NO3-N in groundwater of the study area were 0.026 mg L-1. Since concentration of NO3-N was very low in groundwater, there would not be any threat to human health and environment.
Unusual Presentation Of Carcinoma Tongue With Distant Skin Metastases
More N.B,Shewalkar B.K
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 2002,
Abstract: Cutaneous metastasis from head and neck cancers is uncommon. More rarely, it is found as the initial presentation. Herein, we report an old lady with carcinoma tongue, who had cutaneous metastasis at the time of initial presentation.
Protein and lipid deposition rates in growing pigs following a period of excess fattening
N.S. Ferguson, B.K. Theeruth
South African Journal of Animal Science , 2002,
Abstract: The objective of this experiment was to test the proposition that fatter pigs, when fed a high crude protein (CP) diet, would attempt to correct the effects of excess fattening on body composition by returning to a state that is consistent with pigs grown under non-limiting nutritional conditions. The experiment was divided into two phases: Phase 1 was from 15 to 30 kg in which 72 of the 96 Large White x Landrace x Duroc pigs (equal male and female) were made fatter by consuming a low CP food (LP1) (181 g/kg (as fed)). The remaining 24 pigs were fed a high CP food (HP1) (223 g/kg (as fed)) to provide the rate and composition of growth associated with unrestricted or normal growth. Phase 2 was the rehabilitation phase and was divided into two periods: 30 to 45 kg and 45 to 60 kg. Pigs that were fed LP1 were randomly allocated to one of a high CP (HP2) (204 g/kg (as fed)), low CP (LP2) (159 g/kg (as fed)) or medium CP (MP2) (181 g/kg (as fed)) food, respectively. Pigs fed HP1 in Phase 1 continued to be fed HP2 in Phase 2. During Phase 1, pigs fed HP1 consumed less food but grew at a similar rate to pigs fed LP1. Pigs fed LP1 were significantly fatter, had less body water and had a higher lipid:protein ratio (0.86±0.04 vs. 0.67±0.09 g/g, respectively) at the end of Phase 1. Between 30 and 45 kg, pigs fed HP2 and previously fed LP1, retained significantly less lipid and had the lowest lipid growth:protein growth ratio (0.38±0.05) than all other treatments. By 45 and 60 kg, there were no significant differences in the lipid content and lipid:protein ratio of pigs across all treatments. It can be concluded that nutritionally induced, fat pigs will attempt to restore their body lipid contents, to those levels in animals not previously nutritionally deprived, by reducing their rate of lipid retention when fed a higher crude protein food. South African Journal of Animal Science Vol.32(2) 2002: 97-105
Sakhale, B.K.,Pawar, V.N.
Jurnal Teknologi dan Industri Pangan , 2007,
Abstract: An investigation was carried out for justify the suitability of various dehydration techniques for desired quality of finished products. The cabbage (brassica oleracea L. Var. Capitata), one of the commonly consumed green leafy vegetables was assessed fot its commercial processing potential through dehydration technology. The fresh cabbage procured from commercial growing farms near aurangabad city were washed, chopped into strips of uniform size and subjected to hot water blanching containing 2.0 percent common salt. The pretreated cabbage were dehydrated under different during conditions i.e. sun, shade and tray drying to safe moisture level. The dried sample were evaluated for their dehydration process features, nutritional and sensorial characteristics. The data on the dehydration technology revealed that tray dried cabbage found comparatively more wholesome, palatable and reported maximum retention of nutrients like vitamin C (42.9%), calcium (87.2%), iron (83.3%) coupled with superior dehydration and rehydration ratios and processing characteristics. The tray dried cabbage method was found comparatively superior in retention of sensorial quality features (appearance, color and overall acceptability) over sun drying and at par with shade drying.
Trends Of Cancer Admissions At Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Manipal
Udaya Kiran N,Chakladar B.K,Mallya Prema V
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1989,
Abstract: Hospital records of kasturba medical college hospital, manipal, Karnataka from 1975 through 1986 were analyzed for cancer admissions. The study period was grouped into two halves. A significant rising trend of proportional case rate of cancer admissions was observed between the two halves. When the cancer trends by site was studied, a rising trend was seen only in cancers of breast, lung, bladder and colorectal region, whereas a declining trend was noted in cancers of orpharyngeal region and that of the uterine cervix. There was a general male predominance in all cancer cases with M.F. ratio of 1.6. In males the most common type of cancer was of the oropharyngeal region and in females, of the uterine cervix.
Hyphomycetous fungi from rhizosphere and rhizoplane of root-knot nematode affected cucurbitaceous crops from trans-Yamuna river belt of Delhi
Indian Phytopathology , 2012,
Artificial Insemination (AI) by Raw Semen: its Advantages and Disadvantages in Deshi Chicken (Gallus domesticus)
S.K. Das,G.N. Adhikary,M.N. Islam,B.K. Paul
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2004,
Abstract: To judge the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Insemination (AI) by raw semen in deshi chicken a test experiment was conducted in Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) poultry farm, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Male birds (RIR) were collected from the BAU poultry farm, whereas the female birds (deshi hens) were purchased from nearby local village market. Both types of birds were kept in individual cage with adlibitum food and water and were given abdominal massage at least for three days (at the same time of the day) prior to AI. Collected semen was inseminated (0.20-0.25 ml/hen) directly by soft dropper into the female genital tract. The result of the present experiment showed that 1-2 females could be covered by semen collected from single ejaculate from one cock. It was also found that very small amount of semen was wastage by container. Thus it can be concluded that AI by raw semen is not profitable (except experimental point of view) until we use semen diluents for commercial purpose.
Epidemiological studies on stem rot of chickpea
Indian Phytopathology , 2012,
Abstract: Investigation were carried out on epidemiology of stem rot of chickpea [Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary] in relation to weather variables during the Rabi season of 1993 and 1994 at Regional Research Station Dhaulakuan.

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