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Racism and Its Presuppositions: Towards a Pragmatic Ethics of Social Change
B. Lanre-Abass
Human Affairs , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10023-010-0037-5
Abstract: Racism has been described as a litmus test or a barium meal which reveals other disorders and injustices within the body politic. It presupposes the legitimacy of racial classifications and the metaphysical reality of races and therefore provides a vital area of scrutiny for philosophical traditions. This paper examines racism and its anti-social effects both on the individual and the society at large. It argues that racism is generally driven by fear and hatred hence all forms of racism are dangerous, socially harmful and morally wrong in practice. The paper recommends ways of overcoming the evil of racism by emphasizing social intelligence and self-realization as moral ideals drawing on John Dewey's pragmatism in ethics. It concludes by stressing Dewey's moral pragmatism as a potent instrument of social change.
Autonomy and interdependence: quandaries in research ethics  [PDF]
Bolatito Lanre-Abass
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.44026
Abstract: The autonomy of research participants is crucial in research ethics without which it will be difficult to carry out research. Central to the concept of autonomy is the debate on whether the cultural norms of individuals (particularly women) should be given priority in settings where these norms require that researchers should go through male heads such as husbands and traditional leaders. This paper examines issues relating to the autonomy of women in research ethics. It highlights the far-reaching implications of autonomy for women participating in research using Islam as a religion and Africa as case studies. The paper takes a look at what obtains in Ghana and Nigeria as African countries with diverse religious sects highlighting at the same time the extent to which women are autonomous in some Islamic parts of India and Pakistan. The paper stresses that in spite of certain factors limiting the autonomy of women in Africa and Islam, there is need for a more robust account of autonomy. It takes a relational approach to autonomy concluding at the same time that the best way to do bioethics is to be culture-sensitive.
Poverty and maternal mortality in Nigeria: towards a more viable ethics of modern medical practice
Bolatito A Lanre-Abass
International Journal for Equity in Health , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1475-9276-7-11
Abstract: Since high levels of poverty limit access to quality health care and consequently human development, this paper suggests ways of reducing maternal mortality in Nigeria. It emphasizes the importance of care ethics, an ethical orientation that seeks to rectify the deficiencies of medical practice in Nigeria, notably the problem of poor reproductive health services.Care ethics as an ethical orientation, attends to the important aspects of our shared lives. It portrays the moral agent (in this context the physician) as a self who is embedded in webs of relations with others (pregnant women). Also central to this ethical orientation is responsiveness in an interconnected network of needs, care and prevention of harm.This review concludes by stressing that many human relationships involve persons who are vulnerable, including pregnant women, dependent, ill and or frail, noting that the desirable moral response is that prescribed by care ethics, which thus has implications for the practice of medicine in Nigeria.Poverty exists when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs. These may be defined narrowly as "those needs necessary for survival"[1] or broadly as "those needs reflecting the prevailing standard of living in the community"[2]. Reproductive ill health is both a cause and consequence of poverty [3]. Sexual and reproductive health problems account for approximately 20 percent of the ill-health of women globally, and 14 percent of men due to lack of appropriate sexual and reproductive health services [4]. It is against this background that this review examines poverty as a major cause of maternal deaths in Nigeria. It offers an insight into the practice of medicine in Nigeria which is different from that of modern medicine because it falls short of the principle of showing care. The consequence of this is the uncaring attitude of many health care providers in the context of maternal care. It suggests ways of reducing maternal deaths in Nigeria, emphasizing
Modernism and Secularization: Towards a Reconciliation of Religious Freedom and National Security in the Realization of Peace in Nigeria
Lanre Abass Bolatito
Canadian Social Science , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/3281
Abstract: This paper examines religious violence in some Northern parts of Nigeria and its effects on national security. It argues that Modern religiously motivated violence has affected the balance between individual religious liberty and national security in this country. The paper attributes this to modernism and its feature of secularization particularly as it displaces some religious values such as love, peace, concern for others, the fear of God and so on. The paper underscores the need for peace in Nigeria and for government to address the conflicting duties of allowing people to exercise their religious freedom and maintaining national security. It draws on W.D Ross’s prima facie and actual duties to argue that when duties conflict, there is need to arrive at a substantive duty after a fully considered deliberation. Unfortunately, one cannot be allowed without it having a negative effect on the other. In order to avoid a situation whereby attempts at resolving conflicting duties on the part of government degenerates into a more intense violent conflict, there is need to reconcile religious freedom and national security. The paper concludes by stressing that since religious freedom and national security are crucial elements in the functioning of the society, there is need for Nigerian government to reconcile both without one necessarily affecting the other in a negative sense; this will give room for peaceful co-existence in this country. Key words: Violence; Peace; Security; Secularization; Modernism; Religion
Bovine tunica vaginalis: a new material for umbilical hernioplasty in sheep
B. T. Abass
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: In this study, fresh patches of bovine tunica vaginalis (BTV), was used as implants for the repair of experimentally-created umbilical hernias in eight sheep. The scrotum were harvested immediately after slaughter and thoroughly washed with sterile distilled water for 5-7 times. The scrotal skin together with the fatty tissues and the loose connective tissues and the tunica adventitia were mechanically stripped by means of a sterile surgical knife, and finally washed with sterile physiological saline solution for 5-7 times. The prepared patches were immersed in the sterile saline solution and preserved at 2-4 oC in sterile jars, ready for use within 4 hrs from their harvesting for hernioplasty of sheep umbilical hernias. The eight implanted grafts were examined clinically and histologically, and all were successfully healed except one (87.5%). Clinically, the successfully implanted BTV patches didn't show signs of rejection, except for the presence of cardinal signs of local inflammatory reaction which were subsided 48 hrs post-operation, and disappeared within 4-5 days post-operation. The healing processes showed no significant abnormalities, except for the occurrence of a few simple multifocal stitch abscess infections. The histopathological examinations showed invasion of dense fibrous connective tissues, consisted of heavy bundles of collagen fibers, through which newly formed capillaries and mononuclear inflammatory cells and melanin pigments deposition, were infiltrated through the graft. As a first report on this new tissue implant in sheep, BTV is proved to be a suitable biocompatible heterogenic surgical patch for reconstruction of umbilical hernias, because of its availability as a cheap tissue, with a high tensile strength and flexibility. However, further investigation is required regarding preservation efficiency and employment for reconstruction of soft tissue defects in man and animals.
Comparison of laparoscopic and conventional surgery of intestinal anastomosis in dogs
B. T. Abass,O. J. Ali
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate operative laparoscopy in comparison with conventional laparotomy for intestinal resection and anastomosis in dogs. Eighteen adult dogs were equally and randomly divided into 3 groups: Group I: Intestinal anastomosis was performed extracorporeally, by laparoscopic-assisted surgery, in which a 5cm loop of small bowel was exteriorized through a mini-laparotomy opening (an enlarged trocar incision 1.5-2 cm in length), then surgically resected and anastomosed by simple interrupted suture 3-0 polygalactine. Group II: Underwent laparoscopic intracorporeal intestinal resection and anastomosis, in which the loop of the small bowel was suspended into the ventral abdominal wall, then it was resected and anastomsed with simple continuous suture by polygalactine 3-0. Group III: Small bowel resection and anastomosis was conducted by conventional laparotomy technique with simple interrupted pattern by polygalactine 3-0 suture. The result showed that laparoscopic intestinal resection and anastomosis by either intra- or extracorporeal techniques can be applied in dogs safely and have less morbidity rate. Intra abdominal adhesion of the omentum and even the bowel to the abdominal wall occurred in group III but not in groups I and II. The post operative hospitalization time was earlier in group I and II, as indicated by the earlier return of intestinal motility and appetite, in comparison to group III where it was delayed.
Stability of Production Planning Problem with Fuzzy Parameters  [PDF]
Samir Abdou Abass
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.23028
Abstract: The traditional production planning model based upon the famous linear programming formulation has been well known in the literature. The consideration of uncertainty in manufacturing systems supposes a great advance. Models for production planning which do not recognize the uncertainty can be expected to generate inferior planning decisions as compared to models that explicitly account the uncertainty. This paper deals with production planning problem with fuzzy parameters in both of the objective function and constraints. We have a planning problem to maximize revenues net of the production inventory and lost sales cost. The existing results concerning the qualitative and quantitative analysis of basic notions in parametric production planning problem with fuzzy parameters. These notions are the set of feasible parameters, the solvability set and the stability set of the first kind.
Numerical Solution of Klein/Sine-Gordon Equations by Spectral Method Coupled with Chebyshev Wavelets  [PDF]
Javid Iqbal, Rustam Abass
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.717167
Abstract: The basic aim of this paper is to introduce and describe an efficient numerical scheme based on spectral approach coupled with Chebyshev wavelets for the approximate solutions of Klein-Gordon and Sine-Gordon equations. The main characteristic is that, it converts the given problem into a system of algebraic equations that can be solved easily with any of the usual methods. To show the accuracy and the efficiency of the method, several benchmark problems are implemented and the comparisons are given with other methods existing in the recent literature. The results of numerical tests confirm that the proposed method is superior to other existing ones and is highly accurate
Social Engineering Threat and Defense: A Literature Survey  [PDF]
Islam Abdalla Mohamed Abass
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2018.94018
Abstract: This article surveys the literature on social engineering. There are lots of security application and hardware in market; still there are several methods that can be used to breach the information security defenses of an organization or individual. Social engineering attacks are interested in gaining information that may be used to carry out actions such as identity theft, stealing password or gaining information for another type of attack. The threat lies with the combinations of social engineering with another type of attacks like Phishing and Watering hole attack which make it hard to defense against. This research aims to investigate the impact of modern Social Engineering on the organization or individual. It describes the categories of Social Engineering, and how the attacker takes advantage of human behavior. At the same time, I also discuss the direct and indirect attack of social engineering and the defense mechanism against this attack.
Microstructure and Strength of Diffusion Bonded 2014 AA Alloys Using Copper Interlayer  [PDF]
Abass Ali Saleh
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2019.95028
Abstract: The major awkwardness when joining AA2014 lies in the presence of creation of oxide films and brittle intermetallic in the bond region. However, diffusion bonding can be used to join these alloys without much difficulty. This paper reveals the characterization of diffusion connection of aluminum alloy AA 2014 with and without applying copper powder. Joining was achieved in vacuum up to (1 × 10-5 mbar) by means of vacuum system. Aluminum alloy AA2014 samples were done as cylinder form and interlayer thickness was equal 100 μm, under joining conditions of (325°C - 475°C) and 4 MPa and period of (1 hour). The ultimate strength was found equal to 188.36 MPa. Bonding joint was examined using light microscope, (SEM) with (EDS) for determining microstructure and depth of diffusion and microhardness was also used at connection zone. XRD outcomes display that the main intermetallic compound phase formula was Al2C. The maximum depth of diffusion obtained was 19.1 μm.
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