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Arbitration on Unauthorized Trades by the Trading Member of the Stock Exchange: An Empirical Study  [PDF]
Dr. B. Brahmaiah
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.76105
Abstract: This case is an appeal matter with the Stock Exchange on the award passed by the sole arbitrator with regard to a dispute between a client and trading member of the Stock Exchange. Mumbai Capitals Ltd. contended that the award passed by the arbitrator did not take into account of the evidences, supported documents and rules of stock exchange appropriately while determining the case matter and passing the award. Appellant challenged the Award on grounds that the award was beyond the scope of submissions to the arbitration, pre-mediated conclusion, non-application of mind, ignorance of established judicial principles, and misreading of the provisions of stock exchange. The Appellate Tribunal had to determine whether there had been any lapses on the part of the arbitrator in applying the trading rules and procedures of the exchange while analyzing the matter, determining the case and passing the award. Based on that, the Appellant Arbitral Tribunal had to decide whether to set aside the award passed by sole arbitrator, modify the award or uphold it.
Dispute Resolution on Unauthorized Trading in Indian Securities Market: A Case Study Approach  [PDF]
Bezawada Brahmaiah
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.76123
Abstract: The paper examines the regulatory compliances of the trading rules and regulations of the Stock Exchanges by trading members while serving its clients in the securities market in India. The paper opted for a case study approach to study the unauthorised trading practices of trading members on Indian Stock Exchange system and identified the nature and complexity of securities market’s misuses and abuses. The paper identifies how trading members are violating and avoiding the compliances of trading regulations of the Stock Exchange. The paper provides empirical evidences and insights how the trading members were indulging in unauthorised trades and recovering the losses on account of unauthorised trades from the respective clients. The paper finds that these practices are not only violation of trading rules of the Stock Exchange but also unfair and unethical trading practices. The limitation in a case study approach, the research findings and results may lack generalizability. Hence, researchers are encouraged to study results in other countries. This paper provides inputs for the development of appropriate regulatory framework for prevention of unauthorised trading in Indian securities market, curtails capital market abuses and enables the investor protection. The findings and results provide critical perspectives on regulatory challenges and encourage the regulatory authorities to issue relevant guidelines to stock brokers to prevent executing unauthorised trades for clients. These guidelines will certainly prevent the menace of unauthorised trades and curtail capital market abuses and enhance investor protection.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper, a new topology of cascaded multilevel inverter with a high number of steps associated with a low number of switches is presented. A multilevel voltage is obtained by cascading two H-bridges and an inverter. Voltage sources are connected in series/parallel by the switching devices. The size, complexity and power consumption in the gate driving circuits is also reduced. Reduction of rating of the switches is another advantage. The total harmonic distortion (THD) is reduced with more number of steps in output voltage without using pulse width modulation techniques. The proposed setup configures theoretical approach along with simulations carried on MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Simulation results are shown and compared with theoretical results.
Formulation and Dissolution Study of Valsartan Immediate Release Tablets
B. Brahmaiah*, K. Sasikanth, Sreekanth Nama , P.Suresh, Patan Adam Khan
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research , 2013,
Abstract: In the present study, design of oral immediate release tablets of Valsartan by direct compression techniquewas carried out. The main aim and objective of the work is to formulate immediate release tablets usingdifferent direct compression vehicles (DCV’S) in different ratios. The main motive is to compare thedissolution profile of these formulations and conclude the best formulation which release drug at a fasterrate. To determine the best fit dissolution profile for the dosage forms. Valsartan tablets were formulated byusing microcrystalline cellulose (diluents), potato starch, acacia (binder) and magnesium stearate(lubricant). The granules were compressed into tablets and were subjected to dissolution studies. Thedissolution profile of the formulation F2 was found to have better dissolution rate compared to others. TheIn-vitro dissolution studies of all the formulations were conducted and the results were obtained, it wasconcluded that formulation F2 was the best with fast release of drug compared to others.
Dividend Policy and Firm Valuation—A Study of Indian Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Industry  [PDF]
Brahmaiah Bezawada, Ravi Kumar Tati
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.75083
Abstract: Dividend policy relevance has been researched extensively, but little consensus has been built from the findings. There are many factors that affect a given firm’s dividend policy which can be found in the literature such as risk faced by the firm, cash flow situation of the firm, agency costs etc. According to Bhattacharya (1979) dividend decision of a firm can be seen as a source of signal which shows that profitable firms with good project investment opportunities will pay higher dividends to present themselves distinct from other firms which are having projects with lesser profits. This paper attempts to analyze whether the dividend policy of a firm affects the market value of a firm and the shareholders’ wealth. We have set our objective to find out the impact of dividend policy on the shareholders’ wealth in the Indian electrical equipment manufacturing industry. For this, we have adopted a sample of dividend paying electrical machinery manufacturing companies listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). There were totally 439 companies in the industry of electrical machinery manufacturing. Out of them 194 companies were listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and there were 72 companies paying dividends frequently. Therefore the data of these 72 companies were taken into consideration. Our study revealed the empirical evidence with some of the dividend irrelevance theories such as M&M. The results indicate that there is a negative non-linear association between market value of a share and the dividend yields.
Gender Based Emotion Recognition System for Telugu Rural Dialects Using Hidden Markov Models
Prasad Reddy P. V. G. D,A. Prasad,Y. Srinivas,P. Brahmaiah
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: Automatic emotion recognition in speech is a research area with a wide range of applications in human interactions. The basic mathematical tool used for emotion recognition is Pattern recognition which involves three operations, namely, pre-processing, feature extraction and classification. This paper introduces a procedure for emotion recognition using Hidden Markov Models (HMM), which is used to divide five emotional states: anger, surprise, happiness, sadness and neutral state. The approach is based on standard speech recognition technology using hidden continuous markov model by selection of low level features and the design of the recognition system. Emotional Speech Database from Telugu Rural Dialects of Andhra Pradesh (TRDAP) was designed using several speaker's voices comprising the emotional states. The accuracy of recognizing five different emotions for both genders of classification is 80% for anger-emotion which is achieved by using the best combination of 39-dimensioanl feature vector for every frame (13 MFCCs, 13 Delta Coefficients and 13 Acceleration Coefficients) and a classifier using HMM. This outcome very much matches with that acquired with the same database with subjective evaluation by human judges. Both gender-dependent and gender-independent experiments are conducted on TRDAP emotional speech database.
Petrography of Bethampudi Anorthosites Layered Complex from the Khammam Schist Belt, Telangana, India  [PDF]
Thallapalli Brahmaiah, Chinthala Ravi, Kandukuri Sai Krishna, Gugulothu Papanna, Katta Satya Sai Prasad
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2016.611102
Abstract: The Bethampudi layered anorthosite complex at the border zone of Archaean supracrustal rocks of Khammam district, Eastern Ghats shows normal stratification predominantly in the form of rhythmic layering and often exhibits of zebra layering. Graded bedding and cumulate structures are also noticed. The rocks of the study area are classified based on petrography into anorthositic rocks, gabbroic rocks and ultramafic rocks and amphibolites. The field relations and major element composition suggest that these anorthosite rocks are of calc-alkaline in nature and petrogenitically related to the gabbroic rocks by the fractional crystallization at <750.
The Mélange of Innovation and Tradition in Maltese Law: The Essence of the Maltese Mix?
B Andò
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad , 2012,
Abstract: Aim of this paper is to provide valuable insights into the Maltese legal system with a special focus on private law. The assumption is that this legal system is the byproduct of the "mixing" of innovation and tradition, resulting from the interaction of English law and continental law. A major role in the development of the system is played by courts. Some examples (moral damages and pre-contractual liability) are considered which highlight the importance of the function displayed by Maltese judges. KEYWORDS: Tradition; English law; continental law; hybridity; mixed legal systems; Maltese courts; moral damages; pre-contractual liability; lacunae
B. Харченко,О. Ал?кс??в,Д. Бабейчук,М. Повознюк
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2011,
Abstract: At present, the problem who can and who should solve the question concerning the preparationand recurrent training of pilots of Ukrainian civil aviation is not solved. The necessity of updatingof aircraft’s park in aviation branch and aircraft operation, which was ripened 10 years ago,demands a corresponding infrastructure. It is necessary to understand, that the pilots ready toperform the flights on modern aircrafts, will not appear by themselves, therefore the real actions onmodernization of existing system of aircrew and the aviation personnel preparation as a whole arerequired. Main objective of this work is the determination of the basic components concerning thesolving of the problematic questions on preparation of aircrew on modern types of aircrafts. Duringthe problem analysis it was specified that the present development of system of aircrew preparationin Ukraine is not perfect, and does not correspond the ICAO and EU requirements, therefore needsan immediate intervention at the highest State level. Trainings are not complex, as do not containthe elements of selection of aircrew members cooperation. Programs of recurrent training ofaircrew, courses of pilots training flight preparation were not reconsidered for many years Розглянуто проблему п дготовки п лот в цив льно ав ац Уккра ни, яка на сьогодн нев дпов да вимогам ICAO та С. Визначено основн складов п дготовки льотного складу насучасн пов трян судна.Ключов слова: аеронав гац йне обслуговування, керована множина, керован об’ кти,рад олокац йне та рад онав гац йне забезпечення польот в, системи керування пов трянимрухом. Розглянуто проблему п дготовки п лот в цив льно ав ац Уккра ни, яка на сьогодн нев дпов да вимогам ICAO та С. Визначено основн складов п дготовки льотного складу насучасн пов трян судна.
С. Павлова,B. Павлов,В. Чеп?женко
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2011,
Abstract: Substantially nonlinear objects function at limitations of arbitrary kind. These limitations are not necessarily convex areas. For such objects the construction of area of the fully the fully-controlled state area is a serious problem. In the article it has been suggested to replace this task the task of the fully-controlled state area estimation from within. The secure estimation method of the fully-controlled state area has been developed for this purpose. Other dynamic system has been used as a tester (measure) of the fully-controlled state area. Construction and estimation of controllability and accessibility area of this dynamic system well methodically validate and deserved researchers confession. The descriptions concordance requirements of this new object with properties of initial object must be executed and provide property of immersion of new object in an initial object. Possibility is thus opened on the the fully-controlled state area of new object to define the the fully-controlled state area of the initial system На основ процедури мерсування м рних об’ кт в у вих дний об’ кт розроблено методгарантованого оц нювання област повн стю керованого стану.On the basis of procedure of immersion of the measuring objects in an initial object the secureestimation method of the fully controlled state area has been developed.На основе процедуры иммерсирования мерных объектов в исходный объект разработанметод гарантированного оценивания области полностью управляемого состояния. Показано, що для стотно нел н йних об’ кт в, що функц онують в умовах наявност обме-жень дов льного виду, як не обов’язково опуклими областями, побудова област повн стюкерованого стану проблематична. Запропоновано зам нити це завдання оц нюванням област повн стю керованого стану зсередини. Для цього розроблено метод гарантовано оц нюванняобласт повн стю керованого стану. Як вим рника (м ра) област повн стю керованого станувикористана нша динам чна система, п

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