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Optimization of brain MRA withcontrast injection in 1.5 T field
B. Rafiee,N. Riyahi Alam,B. Bolori,M.A. Aqabiyan
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Background and purpose: Selection of suitable parameters for brain MRA requires accurate measures, because the image quality depends on the location of arteries, veins and also the velocity differences of blood, taking into account the low blood flow in small veins and arteries, use of paramagnetic contrast media is recommended. Hence, in present study, we investigated the imaging optimization of brain vessels using contrast media in 1.5 T field.Materials and Methods: For image optimization blood T1 was estimated after the injection of 0.1mmol/kg of Gd-DTPA and the relative blood signals were measured at T1=300, 600, 900 and 1200ms using TR=20ms and TE=7ms parameters. Ernest angle and relative signal increased as the T1 decreased. MRA was obtained in three groups, each including five volunteer patients using parameters TR=20ms, TE=7ms and flip angle 10, 20 & 30 degrees in two series without and during contrast injection.Signals of carotid, M.C.A and thorcolar herofili and SD in air were measured and it was shown that in 20 degrees flip angle, C/N was maximum.At the last stage, three series of MRA, without, during c.i and 15 minutes after c.i where obtained in 20 volunteer patients using parameters TR=20ms, TE=7ms and flip angle 20 degrees and calculated C/N .Results: After statistical analysis the highest C/N was observed during c.i MRA. Paired t-student test was performed to compare the differences between the C/N ratios. For clinical purposes one vein and two arterles were graded in 5 definite levels.Conclusion: Results indicated an important effect of paramagnetic contrast media on better observing of small arteries and vein. The best quality was taken during c.i, but in some arteries contrast media did not improve the quality of MRA.
Is There Any Difference of Financial Features between Bidder and Target Banks in Nigeria Mergers and Acquisitions?  [PDF]
Bukar Umar Bolori
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104729
The Nigerian Banking sector has suffered problematic times since 1999, when the sector was facing problems of corporate governance as identified by the Central Bank of Nigeria. However, CBN started embarking on a comprehensive reform agenda since that time and many measures have been taken to bring the sector on the right track by imposing an IMF Code of Good Practices on Transparency in Monetary and Financial policies. Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) is a process “where two or more companies are combined to achieve certain strategic and business objectives”. Therefore, Merger and Acquisition seems as a means of achieving business and strategy objectives. The study examined the differences of financial features among bidder and target banks in the Nigerian commercial banking sector. The findings of paired t-test on financial features among bidder and target banks show that bidders and targets’ mean of each variable and financial features between bidder and target banks for 3 years (2002-2004) average indicates that bidders and targets’ mean of each variable are statistically different at 5%. Similarly, the findings for bidder banks’ performance of 5 years (2000-2004) before and 5 years (2006-2010) after mergers and bidder banks’ performance of 3 years (2002-2004) before and 3 years after mergers (2006-2008) are also statistically different at 5%. The study recommends that managers of large and efficient banks seeking to go for merger and acquisition should halt from targeting small and less efficient banks because it will lead to operational inefficiency.
Behaviour of People Living with HIV Aids in Northeastern Nigeria  [PDF]
Mohammed Tahiru Bolori, Mary Olubisi Amodu, Isah Muhammad Ahmad, Haruna Yusuph, Jalal-Eddeen Abubakar Saleh
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103944
Introduction: Human Behavior is important as one of the determinants of transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. The risk of getting infected with HIV as well as subsequent developments and reactions after the infection has a direct bearing on human behavior. Positive behavior change of HIV infection prevention is less than the level of awareness and knowledge pertaining the disease among PLWHA. Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out on PLWHA attending clinic at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. A structured interviewer administered questionnaire was used to collect data by systematic random sampling technique. The objective of the research was to understand more about the behaviour of PLWHA and make recommendations on how to improve the behavioral change communications among PLWHA to curb the menace of HIV infection. Results: The people living with HIV/AIDs may be knowledgeable and having high awareness on HIV/AIDS but may not necessarily reflect into good behaviors concerning, taking the right steps to prevent menaces of HIV infection. The behavior of PLWHA was found to have gaps that portend danger in regard to making life more miserable to victims and portend more risk of getting others infected. The gaps are mainly related to psychological issues (e.g., lack of enjoyment or with condom use), beliefs, stigma and financial issues. Conclusion: Counselling should be used to inculcate technic, good morals, attitude and practices among PLWHA to prevent them from deliberate or spontaneous attempts to infect others with the virus. Safer and satisfying sex can be promoted through expanding knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS and removing stigma among the general populace through community health education as well as through schools’ curricula. Empowerment of the youths in public and private settings discourages exchanging sexual intercourse for financial gains.
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Skin Whitening among Female University Students in Northeastern Nigeria  [PDF]
M. O. Amodu, M. T. Bolori, I. M. Ahmad, A. Kale, A. Kuchichi
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104501
Introduction: Skin whitening is the act of brightening the skin complexion by using substances that are applied on the skin or administered into the body by other means. The use of skin whitening agents has its drawback in terms of causing harmful effects such as skin disorders like depigmentation, rashes, pimples, discolorations, kidney damaged, cancers, neurological and psychiatric disorders depending on how the agents for skin whitening are used. Objective: The paper examines the knowledge, attitude and practice of skin whitening by university female students in north eastern Nigeria, where some dark skinned women in particular tend to bleach their skin. Method: A cross sectional descriptive study. Results: The awareness level of the students about skin whitening agents and their harmful effects was found to be high among the students and little below, half of them are already users of such agents mainly for beautification. Few of them think the use of skin whitening agents can be addictive and lead to social stigma but they don’t believe that the use of such agents should be restricted to medical only. Conclusion: Majority of the female students in the Universities in north-eastern Nigeria bleach their skin with dangerous chemical agents meant for other reasons mainly to attract the opposite sex despite having high knowledge of the harmful effects. Government is highly recommended to take the necessary steps to curtail such menace.
Female Genital Mutilation in Northeastern Nigeria  [PDF]
M. O. Amodu, M. T. Bolori, A. Kuchichi, Ibrahim Musa Ngoshe, F. L. Bukar
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105827
Introduction: Different forms of cultural practices are being practiced in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Some of such are beneficial while others lead to negative impacts. Female genital mutilation as one type of harmful traditional practices is a form of violence against women. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), practiced in many parts of the world, also known as female circumcision or female genital cutting (FGC), is the practice in which a female child undergoes a process involving the female external genital organ being removed partially or totally for nonmedical reasons, causing a lot of health and other problems during, shortly after the procedure and later in life. Objective: The objective of the study was to understand knowledge and thoughts of women towards female genital mutilation. Method: A cross sectional descriptive study. Results: Most of the respondents were aware of FGM but not as high as in the southern part of Nigeria. The majority knew the meaning of FGM and thought it as a harmful practice done for various reasons. Conclusion: FGM has negative impacts. It is highly recommended for government to enlighten parents more about menace of FGM through community and school health education.
Malnutrition among Children under 5 Does Not Correlate with Higher Socio Economic Status of Parents in Rural Communities  [PDF]
Ahmad Isah Muhammad, Isa Yunusa, Mohammed Tahiru Bolori, Lawrence Uchenna Sunday Ezeanyika, Hamisu Abdullahi Walla, Zulaihat Mukhtar Gidado
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103906
Introduction: Understanding the socioeconomic characteristics of families with undernourished children is very critical to providing solution to the menace especially in rural communities where there is complexity in the relationship between economic activities, education and parental care and the undernutrition. Objectives: The study is aimed at understanding the nutritional status of children under the age of 5 years in relation to the socio economic status of the family so as to determine causes of vulnerability. Methods: Hospital based cross sectional study was carried among 505 children under the age of 5 years, taking measurement of their Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) using standard techniques and also taking records of their families’ socioeconomic data using structured questionnaire. Results: Record of nutritional status of the children sampled shows that undernourished children were 345 (68.3%) and the nourished were 160 (31.7%). The number of times each child felt sick within the last one year shows that out of the total 505 children, 140 (27.72%) fell sick once, 155 (30.69%) fall sick twice in the previous year, 65 (12.87%) felt sick three times, 55 (10.89%) felt sick four times due to either malaria, undernutrition or other factors. Children born to farmers, constituting 51.5% of the sampled children have as high as 69.2% prevalence of undernutrition, compared to those born to beggars (0%). The highest prevalence is recorded in children born to petty traders (80%), followed by government workers and commercial motorcyclist with 75% each. Prevalence of 100% was recorded in the sampled children whose father attains tertiary level of education, followed by those who attain only secondary level of education (68%). Conclusion: There is high prevalence of undernutrition among children in rural communities which is often underestimated for the fact that rural dwellers of Kano are mostly farmers and that they are adequate to provide for their children. Frequency of illnesses among the children of rural dwellers is associated with the nutritional status of the children. Malnutrition is not always dependent on the occupation and educational status of the parents or whether child parents are alive or not. Children of farmers and learned persons are also very susceptible to malnutrition in the rural communities of Kano. Nutritional education and programs should as well target all families with varied socioeconomic status, including farmers, petty traders and those with high educational status without making assumptions that they are less susceptible to malnutrition.
The Mélange of Innovation and Tradition in Maltese Law: The Essence of the Maltese Mix?
B Andò
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad , 2012,
Abstract: Aim of this paper is to provide valuable insights into the Maltese legal system with a special focus on private law. The assumption is that this legal system is the byproduct of the "mixing" of innovation and tradition, resulting from the interaction of English law and continental law. A major role in the development of the system is played by courts. Some examples (moral damages and pre-contractual liability) are considered which highlight the importance of the function displayed by Maltese judges. KEYWORDS: Tradition; English law; continental law; hybridity; mixed legal systems; Maltese courts; moral damages; pre-contractual liability; lacunae
B. Харченко,О. Ал?кс??в,Д. Бабейчук,М. Повознюк
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2011,
Abstract: At present, the problem who can and who should solve the question concerning the preparationand recurrent training of pilots of Ukrainian civil aviation is not solved. The necessity of updatingof aircraft’s park in aviation branch and aircraft operation, which was ripened 10 years ago,demands a corresponding infrastructure. It is necessary to understand, that the pilots ready toperform the flights on modern aircrafts, will not appear by themselves, therefore the real actions onmodernization of existing system of aircrew and the aviation personnel preparation as a whole arerequired. Main objective of this work is the determination of the basic components concerning thesolving of the problematic questions on preparation of aircrew on modern types of aircrafts. Duringthe problem analysis it was specified that the present development of system of aircrew preparationin Ukraine is not perfect, and does not correspond the ICAO and EU requirements, therefore needsan immediate intervention at the highest State level. Trainings are not complex, as do not containthe elements of selection of aircrew members cooperation. Programs of recurrent training ofaircrew, courses of pilots training flight preparation were not reconsidered for many years Розглянуто проблему п дготовки п лот в цив льно ав ац Уккра ни, яка на сьогодн нев дпов да вимогам ICAO та С. Визначено основн складов п дготовки льотного складу насучасн пов трян судна.Ключов слова: аеронав гац йне обслуговування, керована множина, керован об’ кти,рад олокац йне та рад онав гац йне забезпечення польот в, системи керування пов трянимрухом. Розглянуто проблему п дготовки п лот в цив льно ав ац Уккра ни, яка на сьогодн нев дпов да вимогам ICAO та С. Визначено основн складов п дготовки льотного складу насучасн пов трян судна.
С. Павлова,B. Павлов,В. Чеп?женко
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2011,
Abstract: Substantially nonlinear objects function at limitations of arbitrary kind. These limitations are not necessarily convex areas. For such objects the construction of area of the fully the fully-controlled state area is a serious problem. In the article it has been suggested to replace this task the task of the fully-controlled state area estimation from within. The secure estimation method of the fully-controlled state area has been developed for this purpose. Other dynamic system has been used as a tester (measure) of the fully-controlled state area. Construction and estimation of controllability and accessibility area of this dynamic system well methodically validate and deserved researchers confession. The descriptions concordance requirements of this new object with properties of initial object must be executed and provide property of immersion of new object in an initial object. Possibility is thus opened on the the fully-controlled state area of new object to define the the fully-controlled state area of the initial system На основ процедури мерсування м рних об’ кт в у вих дний об’ кт розроблено методгарантованого оц нювання област повн стю керованого стану.On the basis of procedure of immersion of the measuring objects in an initial object the secureestimation method of the fully controlled state area has been developed.На основе процедуры иммерсирования мерных объектов в исходный объект разработанметод гарантированного оценивания области полностью управляемого состояния. Показано, що для стотно нел н йних об’ кт в, що функц онують в умовах наявност обме-жень дов льного виду, як не обов’язково опуклими областями, побудова област повн стюкерованого стану проблематична. Запропоновано зам нити це завдання оц нюванням област повн стю керованого стану зсередини. Для цього розроблено метод гарантовано оц нюванняобласт повн стю керованого стану. Як вим рника (м ра) област повн стю керованого станувикористана нша динам чна система, п
С. Павлова,B. Павлов,В. Чеп?женко
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2012,
Abstract: The system method of immersion and virtualization of measured systems in real process is offered. The method works out problem of virtual systems formation and sets conditions at which virtual object to become measuring system for of completely controlled condition field. Here the system of interactively oriented rectangular n-dimensional parallelepipeds is used as measuring system. Imbeddedness of measuring system in real process is understood as process of approximation of a real system controlled condition cone by system of rectangular n-dimensional parallelepipeds. Запропоновано системний метод мерсування та в ртуал зац м рних систем вреальний динам чний процес як процедуру утворення вкладених в ртуальних систем,визначених на погоджено-ор нтованих прямокутних п-вим рних паралелеп педах.Ключов слова: в ртуал зац я, в ртуальний м рний процес, мерс я, складна нел н йнадинам чна система. Запропоновано системний метод мерсування та в ртуал зац м рних систем в реальний динам чний процес як процедуру утворення вкладених в ртуальних систем, визначених на погоджено-ор нтованих прямокутних п-вим рних паралелеп педах.
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