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Miniature Suspended-Substrate Bandpass Filter
B. A. Belyaev;Aleksandr A. Leksikov;A. M. Serzhantov;Vladimir V. Tyurnev
PIER C , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIERC10070604
Abstract: A new quasi-lumped suspended-substrate stripline structure admitting implementation of miniature highly selective narrowband filters is studied. Appreciable improvement of the device selectivity is achieved with supplementary strip conductors introduced between the resonators, which induce attenuation poles near both passband edges. Furthermore, these supplementary conductors reducing the coupling between the resona-tors allow diminishing the inter-resonator spacing and the total size. A four-resonator filter is synthesized using the intelligence optimization method. Experimental results of the manufactured filter are presented.
Highly Selective Suspended Stripline Dual-Mode Filter
B. A. Belyaev;Aleksandr A. Leksikov;A. M. Serzhantov;Vladimir V. Tyurnev
PIER Letters , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL11053001
Abstract: Miniature bandpass filter constructions based on a novel dual-mode suspended stripline resonator are proposed. Because of a special structure of the resonator, the frequencies of two first oscillation modes may be brought closer together. That allows realizing narrowband filters with the wide upper stopband. The filters have low insertion loss in the passband at small dimensions. Several transmission zeros substantially improve the filter performance. The derived coupling coefficients account for some features in the frequency response of the filter. The second-order and fourth-order filters with transmission zeros have been fabricated and measured.
Dual-Mode Split Microstrip Resonator for Compact Narrowband Bandpass Filters
Vladimir V. Tyurnev;A. M. Serzhantov
PIER C , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERC11062104
Abstract: A straight split dual-mode microstrip resonator is proposed. The frequencies of the two first oscillation modes in the resonator may be brought closer together by adjusting a split parameter whereas the frequency of the third mode remains approximately equal to the doubled average frequency of the first and the second modes. It is shown that formulas derived within 1D model give qualitatively true relations between the resonant frequencies and the structure parameters of the resonator. Examples of narrowband bandpass filters of the fourth and the sixth order are described. Transmission zeros below and above the passband substantially improve the filter's performance. The simulated frequency response of the three-resonator dual-mode filter is compared with the measured response of the fabricated filter.
Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructured (Bi, Sb)2Te3 (Review)  [PDF]
Igor A. Drabkin, Vladimir V. Karataev, Vladimir B. Osvenski, Aleksandr I. Sorokin, Gennady I. Pivovarov, Natalie Yu. Tabachkova
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2013.32018

The investigation of the structure and thermoelectric properties of nanostructured solid solutions (Bi, Sb)2Te3 p-type has been carried out. The samples were obtained by grinding of original compositions in a planetary ball mill and by spark plasma sintering (SPS). Initial powder has an average particle size of 10 - 12 nm according to transmission electron microscopy, and the size of the coherent scattering region (CSR) obtained by X-ray line broadening. During sintering at Ts = 250°C - 400°C, the grain size and CSR increased, which was associated with the processes of recrystallization. The maximum of size distribution of CSR shifts to larger sizes when Ts increases so that no broadening of X-ray lines at Ts = 400°C can take place. At higher Ts, the emergence of new nanograins is observed. The formation of nanograins is conditioned by reducing of quantity of the intrinsic point defects produced in the grinding of the source materials. The study of the electrical conductivity and the Hall effect in a single crystal allows to estimate the mean free path of the holes-L in the single crystal Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 which at room temperature is 2 - 5 nm (it is much smaller than the dimensions of CSR in the samples). The method for evaluation of L

First Single Bubble Sonoluminescence in Dubna
V. B. Belyaev,M. B. Miller,A. V. Sermyagin
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: At the Institute in Physical-Technical Problems experiments on sonoluminescence was started by our group at the beginning of 1998. The study was focused at properties of the SBSL, and the aim was to find more optimum conditions for a search for some recently predicted rare effects in SBSL- process.
Molybdenum Carbide Nano-Powder for Production of Mo-99 Radionuclides  [PDF]
Vladimir D. Risovany, Konstantin V. Rotmanov, Genady I. Maslakov, Yury D. Goncharenko, Grigory A. Shimansky, Aleksandr I. Zvir, Irina M. Smirnova, Irina N. Kuchkina
World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (WJNST) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjnst.2012.22010
Abstract: At present, there are two ways to produce 99Mo in a reactor: 1) fission process—from U fission product by reaction 235U (n, f) 99Mo and 2) activation process—by radiation capture reaction 98Mo (n, γ) 99Mo. This paper presents the results of experiments performed with molybdenum carbide nano-powder to produce 99Mo. These results show the implementation of the above idea in practice.
Synthesis and Investigation of Three-Section Microstrip Filter on Folded Dual-Mode Stepped-Impedance Resonators
Ivan A. Dovbysh;Vladimir V. Tyurnev
PIER M , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIERM10012507
Abstract: A new structure of an ultra-wide bandpass filter is considered. An intelligence method of optimization is applied first for synthesis of three-section filter on dual-mode resonators. An area of fractional bandwidth values and values of dielectric constant of the substrate, where synthesis problem for the filter has a solution, is determined theoretically. Experimental results show good agreement with simulated values.
Correlation-stability approach to elasticity mapping in OCT: comparison with displacement-based mapping and \textit{in vivo} demonstrations
Vladimir Yu. Zaitsev,Lev A. Matveev,Grigory V. Gelikonov,Aleksandr L. Matveyev,Valentin M. Gelikonov
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1612-2011/10/6/065601
Abstract: A variant of compression optical coherence elastography for mapping relative tissue stiffness is reported. Unlike conventionally discussed displacement-based (DB) elastorgaphy, in which the decrease in the cross-correlation is a negative factor causing errors in mapping displacement and strain fields, we propose to intentionally use the difference in the correlation stability (CS) for deformed tissue regions with different stiffness. We compare the parameter ranges (in terms of noise-to-signal ratio and strain) in which the conventional DB- and CS-approaches are operable. It is shown that the CS approach has such advantages as significantly wider operability region in terms of strain and is more tolerant to noises. This is favorable for freehand implementation of this approach. Examples of simulated and real CS-based elastographic OCT images are given.
Peculiarities of localization of several sonoluminescent bubbles in spherical resonators
V. B. Belyaev,B. F. Kostenko,M. B. Miller,A. V. Sermyagin
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: Experiments on generation of 1, 2, 4, and 6 sonoluminescent bubbles in water with an external ultrasound source in an acoustic sphere resonator with glass walls have been carried out. Theoretical examination has shown that the observed excitation frequencies could be described with a good accuracy taking into account that the velocities and pressures of the contacting media on the external and internal resonator surfaces are equal. The necessity of accounting for oscillations with non--zero self--values of angular momentum operator has been shown when describing the features of localization of several bubbles. To explain a strangely small distance between the bubbles in the case of two--bubble sonoluminescence the following possible explanations have been proposed: a) mechanism of space splitting of a mode with a singular angular momentum and b) mechanism of secondary excitation when one of the bubbles is trapped into the acoustic trap created by high--frequency vibrations arising simultaneously when the other bubble sonoluminescence occurs.
Polyphyletic Origin of Ornamental Goldfish  [PDF]
Aleksandr V. Podlesnykh, Vladimir A. Brykov, Lubov A. Skurikhina
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2015.611104
Abstract: Mitochondrial DNA fragment of cytb was compared in all species Carassius auratus complex and three forms of ornamental goldfish. It is shown that the phylogenetic relationships between complex species correspond to the existing views, based on mtDNA data and geographical distribution. All forms of ornamental goldfish have a monophyletic origin from Chinese goldfish C. auratus auratus. The analysis showed that three nuclear genes (rps7, GH1 and Rh) in the two forms of ornamental goldfish (Oriental twintail goldfish and Chinese Ranchu) were almost identical C. auratus auratus genes, while all three gene in another more simple form of goldfish (common goldfish) were highly homologous to carp Cyprinus carpio nuclear genes. The obtained data suggested that in the history of aquarium goldfish breeding occurred the stage of distant hybridization between goldfish and common carp. Subsequently, the nuclear genomes of some ornamental forms could be enriched by goldfish genes (a relatively recent form as Oriental twintail goldfish and Chinese Ranchu) or common carp genes (the simplest and most ancient forms like common goldfish) as a result of multidirectional breeding and selection of aquarium goldfish various forms.
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