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TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2005,
Abstract: Avian influenza (bird flu) is a contagious disease of animals caused by influenza A viruses. These flu viruses occur naturally among birds. Actually, humans are not infected by bird flu viruses.. However, during an outbreak of bird flu among poultry, there is a possible risk to people who have contact infect birds or surface that have been contaminated with excreations from infected birds. Symptoms of bird flu in humans have ranged from typical flu-like symptoms to eye infections, pneumonia, severe respiratory diseases and other severe and life-threatening complications. In such situation, people should avoid contact with infected birds or contaminated surface, and should be careful when handling and cooking poultry.
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2006,
Abstract: All over the world, it was determined that the morbidity and the mortality rates due to infection in international travels was 10% and 1%, respectively. Military personnel expose more often to infections because of their special duties when an international task force is planned and spreading of an infection is more rapid in this selected population due to their special living condition. In this review, the prophylactic measures needed to be taken for military personnel and their family members stationed for an international task are mentioned here with the coverage of many points of the matter.
Brucellar Epididymo-Orchitis: A Retrospective Study
?mer CO?KUN,Hanefi CEM GüL,Gürkan MERT,Ahmet Bülent BE??RBELLOLU
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Objectives: Epididymo-orchitis is a focal form of human brucellosis described in 2-20% of patients with brucellosis.Patients and Methods: In this retrospective study, the records of 190 adult male patients (mean age 27.5 years; range 17 to 71 years) with brucellosis were evaluated. Ten of these cases presented with epididymo-orchitis. Among these cases, epididymitis or epididymo-orchitis were diagnosed on the basis of a typical history of gradual onset of scrotal pain and findings of enlarged tender testes and/or epididymis. Results: The most common symptoms were fever, scrotal pain, and swelling (100%). There were different focal Brucellar involvements other than the epididymo-orchitis in eight patients (80%). All of the patients had unilateral epididymo-orchitis. A testicular abscess was detected in one patient. Combined antibiotic therapy was started and continued for 6-8 weeks. Orchiectomy was required for one patient (10%) and granulomatous orchitis was detected in the resected specimens. Relapse was not observed in any patient. Conclusion: Brucellosis should be considered in the diagnosis of scrotal diseases in endemic areas. Clinical and serological data are sufficient for the diagnosis. Conservative management combined with antibiotic therapy is adequate for managing brucellar epididymo-orchitis.
?mer CO?KUN,H. Cem GüL,A. Bülent BE??RBELLOLU,Canpolat EY?GüN
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin , 2006,
Abstract: In our study; we evaluated hospital infections in Eskisehir Military Hospital in two-year period between 2004 and 2005. The diagnosis of hospital infections was done according to Centers for Disease Control criteria using laboratory-based surveillance system. In the study period, a total of 10.600 patients were hospitalized and hospital infection rate was 0.2 %. The age of the hospitalized patients was 0-85 years (mean 39.2 years) and the age of patients with hospital infections was 2-75 years (43.4 years). Urinary tract infection was the most leading infection (81%) and it was followed by surgery site infection with a rate 10%. The mostly identified agents were E. coli (83%), Pseudomonas spp. (%8), Klebsiella spp. (%5), and the others (4%).
Hakan Salim ?A?LAYAN,?. Bülent F??EKC?OLU
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2004,
Abstract: This study, prepared with the examination fo sosyo-economic and cultural factors thatorientate Konyaspor spectators to violence.The research group was the spectators of Konyaspor who came to Konyaspor-Ak aabatsebatspor competition at Konya Atatürk Stadium which included 2.League A Categoryin 2002-2003 football season.The study made with the site of place that spectator’s place they watched the match, by usingchance meeting way, 121 covered stands, spectator, 114 goal post back, 107 another goal postback, 117 marathon stand and 65 numbered stands spectator. The total of them was 524.Research, transfered to SPSS for Windows 10.0 packet program and f there has any relationbetween fretvercy dispersion and variables was evalvated with usinf Ki-Sguare test.
Impacts of Watching Television and Computer Using on Students' Reading Habits rencilerin Televizyon zlemeleri ve Bilgisayar Kullanmalar n n Okuma Al kanl klar üzerine Etkisi
Ay?e Gül Aksa?l?olu,Bülent Y?lmaz
Türk Kütüphanecili?i , 2007,
Abstract: Reading habits contribute both to the cognitive and social developments of individuals in so many aspects. This function of the reading habit continues in the rapid social changing process of today's world. However, children's habits of television watching and computer using have been recently seen to affect their reading habits. Therefore, defining the positive or negative impacts of television and computers on children and finding solutions carries significant importance. The aim of this study is to determine the influences of the television watching and computer using on children's reading habits. In order to find out the influences, a survey was performed on all 5thgrade students at Bilkent Private Primary School and ankaya Public Primary School located within Ankara Büyük ehir Municipality borders. The questionaire was applied to 222 students in these two schools. As a result of the study, it is clear that students prefer to play on computers and watch television in their leisure time to reading books. There is an inverse proportion apparent between the time spent using computers and watching television and the time spent on reading. Okuma al kanl , bireylerin zihinsel ve toplumsal geli imlerine ok y nlü katk da bulunmas i levini, ya anan h zl toplumsal de i im sürecinde de sürdürmektedir. Ancak, son d nemlerde ocuklar n televizyon izlemelerinin ve bilgisayar kullanmalar n n, onlar n okuma al kanl klar n etkiledi i g rülmeye ba lanm t r. Olumluya da olumsuz y nde olabilecek bu etkinin belirlenmesi ve bu y nde zümler üretilmesi büyük nem ta maktad r. Bu al ma, rencilerin televizyon izleme ve bilgisayar kullanmalar n n, onlar n okuma al kanl klar üzerine etkisini belirlemek amac yla yap lm t r al ma, Ankara Büyük ehir Belediyesi s n rlar i inde bulunan zel Bilkent lk retim Okulu ve ankaya lk retim Okulu'nda e itim g ren be inci s n f rencileri üzerinde 2005 y l nda ger ekle tirilmi tir. Bu er evede, bu okullardaki 222 renciye anket uygulanm t r. Ara t rma sonucunda, rencilerin bo zamanlar nda kitap okumay , bilgisayar kullanma ve televizyon izleme etkinli inden daha sonra tercih etti i bilgisayar kullanma süresi ve televizyon izleme süresi ile kitap okuma s kl aras nda ters orant l bir ili kinin oldu u anla lm t r.
Efficacy and Tolerability of Sertaconazole Nitrate in Mycotic Vaginitis
Cüneyt Eftal TANER,Bülent ELVEREN,Deniz BALSAK,Süleyha H?LM?OLU POLAT
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2008,
Abstract: Objectives: In this research, single-dose of 300 mg sertaconazole nitrate ovule in mycotic vaginitis has been evaluated in terms of clinical and microbiological efficacy and safety. Patients and Methods: The study included 177 patients (mean age 31.8±7.8 years; range 15 to 53 years) who applied to our polyclinics with vaginitis complaints. Patients having cottage cheese-like discharge, vaginal pH<4.5, Whiff test (-) were accepted as mycotic vaginitis. To determine mycotic agents in vaginal discharge, samples were cultured in Sabouraud glucose agar. As a treatment, patients were administered a single-dose of 300 mg sertaconazole nitrate ovule. Its clinical and microbiological aspects have been evaluated in the first visit, a week after and finally one month after the first visit. Symptoms related to vaginitis, clinical and microbiological recovery rates and adverse effects have been noted. Results: All symptom scores were significantly lower in the second visit, and all except dysuria complaint in the third visit. Clinical recovery rates in the second and third visit were in 76.0% and 79.5%. According to mycotic culture test results, the microbiologic recovery rates were 88.8% in the second and 91.4% in the third visits. Conclusion: Single-dose sertaconazole nitrate ovule was evaluated as a convenient, symptom-relieving and safe treatment for mycotic vaginitis.
Diagnostic value of heart-type fatty acid binding protein determined by the rapid qualitative chromatographic immunoassay method for the detection of minor myocardial damage in patients presenting with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome
Yüksel ?avu?olu,Bülent G?k,Canan Demirüstü,Alparslan Birdane
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) determined by qualitative immunoassay method for the detection of minor myocardial damage (MMD) in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome (NSTE-ACS).Methods: The study consisted of 62 patients with NSTE-ACS. Cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and creatine kinase MB isoenzyme (CK-MB) values were measured at arrival. Myoglobin and H-FABP were obtained if cTnI level was found to be elevated. A control group included 20 subjects with normal cTnI and CK-MB values. H-FABP was determined by a rapid qualitative immunochromatographic test. Patients were classified as MMD-ACS group if they had abnormal cTnI and normal CK-MB (n=24) and as NSTEMI-ACS group if they had elevated both cTnI and CK-MB (n=38). The diagnostic accuracy of H-FABP for minor myocardial damage was determined using ROC analysis. Results: The sensitivity of the H-FABP was significantly higher for NSTEMI-ACS than for MMD-ACS (44.7% vs 0%, p<0.001) and its specificity was 95% for both groups. The diagnostic efficacy rates for myoglobin and H-FABP were 75% and 43% for MMD-ACS, 74% and 62% for NSTEMI-ACS. Positive predictive value for H-FABP and myoglobin were found to be 0% and 80.8% in MMD-ACS, 94% and 87% in NSTEMI-ACS and negative predictive value was 44% and 69.5% in MMD-ACS, 47.5% and 59% in NSTEMI-ACS, respectively. AUC for myoglobin was significantly greater than that for H-FABP in MMD-ACS group (0.754 vs 0.525, p=0.027). The sensitivity of the H-FABP was significantly higher in patients with >3-fold increase in cTnI than those with <3-fold increase in cTnI (46.8% vs. 6.7%, p< 0.001). A positive correlation was found between the magnitude of cTnI rise and H-FABP results (r=0.45, p<0.001).Conclusions: H-FABP determined by the rapid qualitative immunochromatographic test has almost similar diagnostic value to that of myoglobin for identifying NSTEMI-ACS, however, does not seem to represent diagnostic potential for the detection of MMD.
Devlet Memurlar n n Bo Zaman De erlendirme E ilimleri, Antropometrik ve Fiziksel Uygunluk Seviyeleri
Sel?uk ?ZDA?,Mustafa YEN??ER?,?. Bülent F??EK??OLU,Fahri AK?AKOYUN
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: The main basis of this research is that The free time tendency of civil servents who work in Mugla city center ,the free timeactivity establishment and activity possibilities in Mu la,the establishment and activity that are wished for future and the idea thatthe positive affects of full free time activity on human health. as it is known According to the social ,economik and culturaldeveloping level of country nation, Rekreasyon is very important for the interest of human.This research is very important beucause it explains the proplems of civil servents ,in Mu la city center while they have freetime , shows establishment and activity for free time activities in Mu la and what kind of establishment and activity they hope forfree time activities. With this research it will be possible that shortages will be copmleted,the wished activities and investmentwill be planned, limited oppartinity of goverment will be used rationally and the private establishment and activities wiil beperfect to needs of civil servants. Nations always perceive ; productivity in business life is responsibility but free time ispersonel preference and desire. If the civil servant is more healtier as physiological and antropometrik t is imporyant for theirmorals,the enviroment sensitivity,smilling face and to be people love life. The healty human needs less health outgoings. Soorganizations can make disposition.It is wished that Healty, strong people from moral and physical side will be moreproductive and willing. In our world , which kind of activities of people are interested in their free time is related to their jobsor education levels and it is very important.The free time activities should have a place in private and goverment programsbecause it is very important for the increase of job productive and quality ,the health of workers , a peace working and familylife. In democratic countries the free time is the private of person.It is possible to change wishes of free time, so free time isimportantnot only for the person but also nations.Not only education is important but also correct spending of free time isimportant ; to transfer of culture from generation to generation without degeneration and to have healty , happy people. In ourcountry there is less researches about recreasyon,so the result of research can be source to teachers,tutors,students andresearches.It is certain that this research will be advantage to the knowledge of recreasyon. In this research,literatures wereresearched and necessary information and sources were found.Also the approach of sivil servents and publi
Can More than One Fistula Be Treated by a New Type of Seton Concomitantly?  [PDF]
Bülent Ereno?lu, Kemal Arslan, Hande K?ksal, Osman Do?ru
Surgical Science (SS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2013.41006

Objective: The treatment of trans-sphincteric fistulas is a surgical challenge since eradicating the fistula tract while maintaining the anal continence is vitally important. In this study we documented the outcomes of the patients with one or more fistulas treated at the same operation with a new type of seton. Patients and Methods: The study included 78 patients with 107 high anal fistulas who were treated with seton between 2007 and 2011. Fifty seven patients had only one fistula, 13 patients had two isolated fistulas and 8 patients had three isolated fistulas. Group I was the patients with one fistula and Group II was the patients having more than one fistula. Postoperative complications, hospital stay, cutting through the sphincter and healing times and Wexner’s scores were compared between the two groups. Results: In Group I, there were 57 patients and in Group II, 21 patients were operated for 50 fistulas. No postoperative complications were observed except urinary retentions (4 patients in Group I, 3 patients in Group II). No infection on the operation site was documented in both groups, in Group I none of the patients needed extra dose of narcotic analgesic but in Group II two of the patients who had 3 fistulas were discharged on the second postoperative day because of pain on the operation site. The median for the cutting seton to cut through the sphincter was 31 days and complete healing was achieved with a median of 40 days in Group I, whereas it was 56 and 65 days respectively for Group II. There were no recurrences in our patients in both groups. Although the Wexner scores of the both groups were low, the difference between the groups was statistically significant. Conclusion: It seems to be feasible to perform seton by using a cheap, effective, easily inserted material, also in treatment of patients with more than one fistula while preserving anal continence.

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