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Privacy protection for patients with substance use problems
Hu LL,Sparenborg S,Tai B
Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation , 2011,
Abstract: Lianne Lian Hu1, Steven Sparenborg2, Betty Tai21Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 2Center for the Clinical Trials Network, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MDAbstract: Many Americans with substance use problems will have opportunities to receive coordinated health care through the integration of primary care and specialty care for substance use disorders under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Sharing of patient health records among care providers is essential to realize the benefits of electronic health records. Health information exchange through meaningful use of electronic health records can improve health care safety, quality, and efficiency. Implementation of electronic health records and health information exchange presents great opportunities for health care integration, but also makes patient privacy potentially vulnerable. Privacy issues are paramount for patients with substance use problems. This paper discusses major differences between two federal privacy laws associated with health care for substance use disorders, identifies health care problems created by privacy policies, and describes potential solutions to these problems through technology innovation and policy improvement.Keywords: substance abuse, patient privacy, electronic health records, health information exchange
Magnetic dead layers in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films probed by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in reflection
S. Valencia,A. Gaupp,W. Gudat,Ll. Abad,Ll. Balcells,B. Martinez
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: Surface magnetic properties of perovskite manganites have been a recurrent topic during last years since they play a major role in the implementation of magnetoelectronic devices. Magneto-optical techniques, such as X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, turn out to be a very efficient tool to study surface magnetism due to their sensitivity to magnetic and chemical variations across the sample depth. Nevertheless, the application of the sum rules for the determination of the spin magnetic moment might lead to uncertainties as large as 40% in case of Mn ions. To overcome this problem we present an alternative approach consisting of using X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in reflection geometry. Fit of the data by using a computer code based in a 4X4 matrix formalism leads to realistic results. In particular, we show that surface and interface roughness are of major relevance for a proper description of the experimental data and a correct interpretation of the results. By using such an approach we demonstrate the presence of a narrow surface region with strongly depressed magnetic properties in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films.
Bench-to-bedside review: Paediatric viral lower respiratory tract disease necessitating mechanical ventilation – should we use exogenous surfactant?
Martin CJ Kneyber, Frans B Pl?tz, Jan LL Kimpen
Critical Care , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/cc3823
Abstract: Each winter paediatric intensivists are challenged with infants and young children with viral lower respiratory tract disease (LRTD) necessitating mechanical ventilation (MV). In the majority of cases the causative agent is respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), although other viruses such as the parainfluenza virus, human metapneumovirus, adenovirus and influenza virus have also been implicated [1-4]. The number of infants hospitalized with RSV LRTD in the USA annually is currently above 100,000 and still rising [5]. Respiratory failure necessitating MV occurs in 2–16% of previously healthy infants. This percentage may increase to 36% in prematurely born infants or infants with chronic lung disease [6,7]. The duration of MV may be as long as 10 days [8]. The efficacy of corticosteroids or ribavirin in reducing the duration of ventilation and of stay in the paediatric intensive care unit has not been demonstrated [9].From a pathophysiological point of view, the use of exogenous surfactant seems rational. It was initially identified as a complex of lipids and proteins found at the air–liquid interface of the lungs, where its main function is to lower the surface tension [10-12]. A novel function of surfactant came from the emerging evidence that two surfactant proteins (SPs), namely SP-A and SP-D, are involved in the host immune response to various micro-organisms, including viruses [13]. This novel function gained further interest when it was found that these SPs are also expressed outside the lungs.The purpose of this article is to review the role of pulmonary surfactant in the pathogenesis of paediatric viral LRTD necessitating MV, and the potential role of exogenous surfactant as a treatment modality. These functions of surfactant are discussed separately.Pulmonary surfactant is a mixture of approximately 90% lipids and 10% proteins, synthesized within type II alveolar cells and secreted in the alveoli through exocytosis [14]. The best known function of surfactant is
Bragantia , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051997000100018
Abstract: effects of thermal phosphates on a dark red latosol chemical properties and their agronomic efficiencies were evaluated in a pot experiment with three consecutive lettuce crops, at the soil science department/fca-unesp, botucatu, state of s?o paulo, brazil. treatments, along with a control check (without fertilizer), consisted of applications to soils of 200 mg p/dm3 as superphosphate, fine and coarse thermophosphate (with micronutrients) and thermophosphate-mg. soil samples were collected, for chemical anaylisis, from all pots before each lettuce transplanting and after last harvest. p, ca and mg soil availabilities after coarse thermophosphate dressing were overestimated by the ion exchange resin methodology. coarse thermophosphate was not effective in reducing soil acidity, while fine thermophosphate increased soil ph value. due to lower solubility, coarse thermophosphate applications resulted in lower lettuce yields and fertilizer efficiencies than those of fine thermophosphate.
Efeito do nitrogênio e do lodo de esgoto nos fatores produtivos do feijoeiro
Lobo, Thomaz Figueiredo;Filho, Helio Grassi;Büll, Leonardo Theodoro;
Revista Ceres , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2012000100017
Abstract: the final disposal of sewage sludge has become one of the most important urban environmental problems. the volume of this waste is growing daily in both developed and developing countries, reflecting the expansion of collection networks and increased levels of treatment. the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of sewage sludge and n chemical fertilizers on bean yield components. composted sewage sludge was applied in december 2007 on common bean grown in no-tillage system. the experiment was arranged in a randomized block design, consisting of 6 treatments and 4 replicates defined as follows: t0 - no nitrogen fertilization; t1 - mineral nitrogen fertilizer according to the recommendations for the crop; t2 - 50% nitrogen fertilizer from sewage sludge and 50% in the mineral form; t3 100% nitrogen derived from sewage sludge; t4 - 150% nitrogen derived from sewage sludge; t5 - 200% nitrogen derived from sewage sludge. increasing the dose of sewage sludge promoted an increase in the number of pods, dry matter yield, grain yield and 1000 grain mass.
Valenzuela B,Andrea; Arteaga Ll,Antonio; Rozowski N,Jaime;
Revista chilena de nutrición , 2007, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-75182007000300003
Abstract: the metabolic syndrome (ms), also known as ?syndrome x? or ?insulin resistance syndrome?, is defined by the simultaneous presence, in an individual, of several risk factors which induce a higher risk of contracting diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. their common link is, probably, insulin resistance (ir) and/or hyperinsulinism. it is considered that the ms is caused by genetic and environmental factors including an imbalanced diet. a food consumption pattern typical of the mediterranean countries has been proposed as the reason for the low cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and the longer life expectancy in those countries. the present review discusses the characteristics of the mediterranean diet and its health benefits related to the ms
Longo Büll,Marilena; Fernandes Boaro Martins,Márcia Regina;
Revista chilena de anatomía , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-98682002000200001
Abstract: study on arterial coronary circulation was performed in 30 dog hearts, by using the dissection and clearing techniques. we observed that the heart is supplied by the right coronary artery (a. coronaria dextra) and three branches of the left coronary artery ( a. coronaria sinistra): paraconal interventricular ( ramus interventricularis paraconalis), septal ( ramus septales ) and circumflex arteries (ramus circumflexus). the left coronary artery arose from a trunk in the ventral aortic sinus and, when there was no trunk formation, it was found two different origins in the aorta, corresponding to the circumflex and paraconal interventricular arteries. the latter, after originating right anterior ventricular, left anterior ventricular and septal ventricular arteries, ended next to the heart apex. the circumflex artery presented its course to the left up to the atrial face, where it ended as subsinuous interventricular artery. arising from the circumflex artery, it was found the auricular ( rami auricularis), ventricular ( rami ventricularis) and septal (rami septales) branches and branches to the atrio-ventricular node ( nodus atrio-ventricularis). the septal artery (ramus septales) was observed to be originated from the paraconal interventricular artery, with lower frequence of the left coronary artery and in two cases of the circumflex artery. the right coronary artery presented no arterial trunk. in that place, there were two separate origins in the aorta or 2-3 origins in a common sinus. this artery emitted auricular, ventricular branches and to the atrio-ventricular node
Assesment of the water quality and prevalence of water borne diseases in Amassoma, Niger Delta, Nigeria
LL Nwidu, B Oveh, T Okoriye, NA Vaikosen
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: The chemical and microbiological properties were investigated at the bank and midstream of the Ammassoma River used for domestic water consumption. Also, retrospective study was conducted at Amassoma General Hospital to ascertain the extent of water borne diseases by studying the case notes of 100 subjects from 2005 - 2007. The carbon-oxygen demand (COD) and biological-oxygen demand (BOD)5 at the bank and midstream of the river are 3.664 ± 0.289 (mean ± SEM) and 2.112 ± 0.864 mg/L (p< 0.0634), 2.236 ± 0.161 and 1.83 ± 0.792 mg/L (p < 0.328), respectively. The number of faecal coliform detected in the river, at the bank and midstream are 581.5 ± 225.57; 1100 ± 306.19 and 63.0 ± 28.362 (p <0.0163) respectively. The number of patients with reported complaints and diagnosed with water related diseases are 13 (14.61%), 31 (34.83%) and 45 (50.56%) for the periods 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively. The water related diseases that were consistently reported and diagnosed for the period are cholera (3.37%), diarrhea (44.94%), dysentery (16.85%), and typhoid fever (34.83%). The quality of the water and the prevalence of water related diseases in the hospitals were casually related to the contamination of the river in the community.
Incretin mimetics: a novel therapeutic option for patients with type 2 diabetes – a review
Katrine B Hansen, Tina Vilsb ll, Filip K Knop
Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy , 2010, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/DMSO.S7004
Abstract: cretin mimetics: a novel therapeutic option for patients with type 2 diabetes – a review Review (5078) Total Article Views Authors: Katrine B Hansen, Tina Vilsb ll, Filip K Knop Published Date May 2010 Volume 2010:3 Pages 155 - 163 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/DMSO.S7004 Katrine B Hansen1, Tina Vilsb ll2, Filip K Knop2 1Department of Clinical Physiology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; 2Diabetes Research Division, Department of Internal Medicine F, Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Abstract: Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease associated with low quality of life and early death. The goal in diabetes treatment is to prevent these outcomes by tight glycemic control and minimizing vascular risk factors. So far, even intensified combination regimen with the traditional antidiabetes agents have failed to obtain these goals. Incretin mimetics are a new class of antidiabetes drugs which involve modulation of the incretin system. They bind to and activate glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptors on pancreatic beta-cells following which insulin secretion and synthesis are initiated. Since the compounds have no insulinotropic activity at lower glucose concentrations the risk of hypoglycemia – a well-known shortcoming of existing antidiabetes treatments – is low. Additionally, incretin mimetics have been shown to be associated with beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk factors such as weight loss, decrease in blood pressure and changes in lipid profile. Current clinical data on the two available incretin mimetics, exenatide and liraglutide, are evaluated in this review, focusing on pharmacology, efficacy, safety and tolerability. The review is built on a systematic PubMed and Medline search for publications with the key words GLP-1 receptor agonist, exenatide, liraglutide and type 2 diabetes mellitus up to January 2009.
Reliability of four experimental mechanical pain tests in children
Soee AL, Thomsen LL, Tornoe B, Skov L
Journal of Pain Research , 2013, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/JPR.S38514
Abstract: bility of four experimental mechanical pain tests in children Methodology (786) Total Article Views Authors: Soee AL, Thomsen LL, Tornoe B, Skov L Published Date February 2013 Volume 2013:6 Pages 103 - 110 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/JPR.S38514 Received: 25 September 2012 Accepted: 15 November 2012 Published: 05 February 2013 Ann-Britt L Soee,1 Lise L Thomsen,2 Birte Tornoe,1,3 Liselotte Skov1 1Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Headache Clinic, Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark; 2Department of Neuropediatrics, Juliane Marie Centre, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, K benhavn , Denmark; 3Department of Physiotherapy, Medical Department O, Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev, Herlev, Denmark Purpose: In order to study pain in children, it is necessary to determine whether pain measurement tools used in adults are reliable measurements in children. The aim of this study was to explore the intrasession reliability of pressure pain thresholds (PPT) in healthy children. Furthermore, the aim was also to study the intersession reliability of the following four tests: (1) Total Tenderness Score; (2) PPT; (3) Visual Analog Scale score at suprapressure pain threshold; and (4) area under the curve (stimulus–response functions for pressure versus pain). Participants and methods: Twenty-five healthy school children, 8–14 years of age, participated. Test 2, PPT, was repeated three times at 2 minute intervals on the same day to estimate PPT intrasession reliability using Cronbach’s alpha. Tests 1–4 were repeated after median 21 (interquartile range 10.5–22) days, and Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to describe the intersession reliability. Results: The PPT test was precise and reliable (Cronbach’s alpha ≥ 0.92). All tests showed a good to excellent correlation between days (intersessions r = 0.66–0.81). There were no indications of significant systematic differences found in any of the four tests between days. Conclusion: All tests seemed to be reliable measurements in pain evaluation in healthy children aged 8–14 years. Given the small sample size, this conclusion needs to be confirmed in future studies.
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