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Adapting a Database of Text Messages to a Mobile-Based Weight Loss Program: The Case of the Middle East
Selma Limam Mansar,Shashank Jariwala,Nawal Behih,Maahd Shahzad,Aysha Anggraini
International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/658149
Abstract: Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Qatar, a rapidly developing country in the Middle East, has seen a sharp increase in the prevalence of obesity. The increase can be attributed to several reasons, including sedentary lifestyles imposed by a harsh climate and the introduction of Western fast food. Mobile technologies have been used and studied as a technology to support individuals’ weight loss. The authors have developed a mobile application that implements three strategies drawn from proven theories of behavioral change. The application is localized to the cultural context of its proposed users. The objective of this paper is to present a method through which we adapted the messaging content of a weight loss application to the context of its users while retaining an effective degree of automation. The adaptation addressed body image, eating and physical exercise habits, and regional/cultural needs. The paper discusses how surveying potential users can be used to build a profile of a target population, find common patterns, and then develop a database of text messages. The text messages are automated and sent to the users at specific times of day, as suggested by the survey results. 1. Introduction Tackling the weight issue is a significant undertaking. Worldwide, the number of obese people has doubled in the past 20 years [1]. We explored ways in which mobile technologies can be adapted to meet environmental and cultural norms and thereby support individuals in their effort to lose weight. In this paper, we examine the case of the Middle East through the example of Qatar. According to the International Association for the Study of Obesity, the numbers for obesity for the Qatari population are alarming. The association ranks the country sixth on its list of the most obese countries worldwide. The numbers presented in [2] (cited by [3]) were overwhelming: for the 25–65 age group, 34.6% of the men were obese and 34.3% were overweight. For females in the same age group, 45.3% were obese and 33% were overweight. The figures are also alarming for children: [4] (cited by [3]) found that in the 12–17 age group, 28.7% of boys were overweight and 7.6% were obese. Additionally, 20.3% of the girls in the same age group were overweight and 4.5% were obese. A more recent study in Qatar [5] suggests slightly lower figures among children of 2–19 years old, but still a much higher percentage than the current 16.9% for American children in this age group as reported by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) [6]. Despite this disparity, the
Nature Beckons: An Eco-Feminist Reading of Pearl S. Buck's Portrait of a Marriage
Munira, Aysha
Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies , 2011,
Abstract: This paper makes no attempt to typify the parallelismbetween human female situation and the predicament ofnature which is one of the imperative points in ecofeministdiscourse. Like feminism, ecofeminism also has various huesand incarnations. The dichotomy between essentialist and constructionist perspectives resonates in any attempt to read commonality between human and ecological situations. A constructionist point of view would sound more viable to unpack the fictive oeuvre of a writer who was once considered at par with Virginia Woolf as a feminist writer (Conn 1996:248). Nevertheless, multiple readings of Pearl S. Buck's works are possible and it is interesting to read and detect essentialist streaks in a writer who fundamentally believes in women's autotelic existence. This paper is an evidence of multiplicity of reading and plurality of meaning as viable possibilities, belying intentional fallacy as the only valid source since participation of reader is important in the creation of meaning.
Effect of Particle Morphology on Sinterability of SiC- in Microwave
Lydia Anggraini,Kei Ameyama
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/741214
Abstract: The effect of particle morphology on the sinterability of microwave-sintered SiC-ZrO2 was evaluated in this paper. A comparison was also made against the electric furnace and resulted in faster heating rate because of the difference of heat transfer in the sintering processes. High-energy mechanical milling process has been applied to obtain the homogeneous particle morphology and finer particles size. The microstructure of finer particles of SiC-ZrO2 after milling was better in the region sintered by microwave. The microstructure in the sintered region was smaller for the coarser particles which were obtained by heterogeneous nonmilled powder mixture. The result of the Vickers hardness test was higher for the powder homogeneously dispersed SiC-ZrO2 after milling and sintering by microwave. These are influenced by the difference of individual electric properties of the initial SiC and ZrO2 which have an effect on the absorption of the microwave energy.
Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2000,
Abstract: As a device to exchange heat from hot fluid to colder fluid, a heat exchanger is supposed to have high effectiveness. Theoretically, the increase of fluid rate would increase the effectiveness. Yet, it makes the contact time among the fluids become shorter. Based on this phenomenon, a research is carried on to find out how the fluid rate affects the effectiveness of a Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger. The working fluid used is air. It is found out that the effectiveness would up to a certain value if the fluid rate increases and then it would decrease. The effectiveness of a Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger would be higher if the hot air flows faster (in the tube side) and the cold air flows slower (in the shell side). Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Sebagai alat untuk penukaran panas dari fluida dengan temperatur tinggi ke fluida dengan temperatur rendah, suatu heat exchanger diharapkan mempunyai efektivitas yang tinggi. Secara teoritis kenaikan kecepatan aliran akan menaikkan efektivitas. Namun, hal ini membuat waktu kontak menjadi singkat. Dari fenomena ini, ingin diteliti bagaimana pengaruh kecepatan terhadap efektivitas suatu Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger dengan udara sebagai fluida kerja. Dari hasil penelitian didapat bahwa efektivitas naik seiring dengan kenaikan kecepatan hingga suatu harga tertentu dan kemudian akan turun. Efektivitas Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger lebih tinggi jika udara panas mengalir dengan kecepatan tinggi (di sisi tube) dan udara dingin mengalir dengan kecepatan rendah (di sisi shell). Kata kunci: efektivitas, shell-and-tube heat exchanger.
Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2001,
Abstract: Shell-and-tube heat exchanger is a device commonly used to transfer heat. To enhance the heat transfer occurred and to support the tubes inside the shell, baffles are installed. Better heat transfer is obviously expected in a heat exchanger. A research is done to find out the effect of baffle used toward the effectiveness and pressure drop in heat exchanger. The result is that the effectiveness increases when the baffles are installed. Effectiveness increases as the spacing between the baffles is smaller until certain spacing, and then it decreases. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Shell-and-tube heat exchanger merupakan jenis alat penukar panas yang banyak digunakan. Untuk membuat perpindahan panas lebih baik dan untuk menyangga tube yang ada di dalam shell, maka sering dipasang baffle. Perpindahan panas yang lebih baik sangat diharapkan dalam suatu heat exchanger. Penelitian dilakukan untuk mengetahui pengaruh penggunaan baffle terhadap efektifitas dan penurunan tekanan dalam heat exchanger. Dari hasil penelitian didapat bahwa efektifitas meningkat dengan dipasangnya baffle. Efektifitas meningkat seiring dengan mengecilnya jarak antar baffle hingga suatu jarak tertentu, kemudian menurun. Kata kunci: penukar kalor, baffle, efektifitas.
Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2000,
Abstract: In a heat exchanger, there is heat transferred either from the surrounding or to the surrounding, which is not expected. A thermal insulator is used to reduce this heat transfer. The effectiveness of a heat exchanger will increase if the heat loss to surrounding can be reduced. Theoretically, the thicker the insulator the smaller the heat loss in a plate heat exchanger. A research is carried on to study the effect of an insulator thickness on heat exchanger effectiveness. The insulators used are glasswool and rockwool. It turns out that the effectiveness is increasing until a maximum point, and then decreasing when the thickness of the insulator is increasing. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dalam suatu heat exchanger selalu terjadi perpindahan panas ke atau dari lingkungan yang tidak diharapkan. Untuk mengurangi perpindahan panas ini digunakan isolator termal. Efektivitas heat exchanger akan meningkat jika panas yang hilang ke atau dari lingkungan dapat dikurangi. Secara teoritis untuk heat exchanger berbentuk kotak semakin tebal isolator termal yang digunakan semakin kecil panas mengalir ke atau dari lingkungan. Dalam penelitian ini dicari pengaruh ketebalan isolator termal terhadap efektivitas suatu plate heat exchanger. Percobaan dilakukan untuk 2 jenis isolator, yaitu glasswool dan rockwool. Hasil yang didapat adalah efektivitas akan meningkat sampai harga tertentu dan kemudian akan berkurang dengan penambahan ketebalan isolator termal. Kata kunci: isolator termal, efektivitas, plate heat exchanger.
Ekadewi Anggraini Handoyo
Jurnal Teknik Mesin , 2001,
Abstract: Since the heat absorbed by a flat plate solar collector is converted from electromagnetic energy of the sun, the glass cover used affects the heat absorbed dominantly. Considering the importance of the cover, a research is carried on to find out the affect of the spacing between cover and plate toward the plate's temperature which refer to the amount of heat absorbed. Covers used are clear glass and 'ice' glass with thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm each. From the research, it is found out that the plate's highest temperature is obtained when the cover used is a 3 mm clear glass with 20 mm spacing between cover and plate. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Karena panas yang diterima suatu kolektor surya plat datar berasal dari energi elektromagnetik dari matahari, maka kaca penutup yang digunakan sangat berpengaruh terhadap panas yang diterima. Mengingat pentingnya kaca pada kolektor surya, maka dilakukan penelitian untuk mengetahui pengaruh jarak kaca ke plat terhadap temperatur plat yang menyatakan besar panas yang diterima. Kaca yang digunakan untuk penelitian adalah kaca bening dan kaca es dengan ketebalan masing-masing 3 mm dan 5mm. Dari hasil penelitian didapat bahwa temperatur plat tertinggi dicapai saat kaca yang dipakai jenis kaca bening 3mm dengan jarak kaca ke plat 20 mm. Kata kunci: kolektor surya plat datar, kaca penutup, konveksi di antara 2 plat sejajar.
Performa Ayam Broiler yang Diberi Metabolit Aceto-Sacch dalam Air Minum
N. Ramli,Sofyan,Anggraini
Media Peternakan , 2007,
Abstract: This research was conducted to study the effect of addition of Aceto-Sacch metabolite (m-AS) product into drinking water on performance, percentage of intestine and caeca of broilers. One hundred and fifty birds of day old chicks (DOC) of ‘Hubbard’ strain were divided into 5 groups of treatments. The treatments were R0 (control diet + drinking water without Aceto-Sacch metabolite / 0% m-AS), R1 (R0 + 12.5% m-AS), R2 (R0 + 25% m-AS), R3 (R0 + 50% m-AS), Rk (commercial diet + 0% m-AS). Chicken were given diet and drinking water ad libitum. Feed intake, body weight gain and feed conversion were measured weekly. Throughout four weeks feeding trial, two animals from each group were taken and decapitated for measuring percentage of intestine and caeca. Data from completely randomized design were analyzed statistically by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and contrast orthogonal. Results showed that drinking water containing more than 25% m-AS (R2 and R3) reduced body weight, feed intake and increased percentage of small intestine and caeca. However, m-AS addition at 12.5% improved feed conversion ratio and slightly increased body weight gain. Addition of 9.0 % m-AS in total drinking water was the optimum level increasing performance of broiler. It is concluded that addition of 12.5 % m-AS product into drinking water could slightly increased body weight gain and improve feed efficiency of broiler chicken.
Tipologi Nasabah dan Perspektif Emik Terhadap Bank Syariah: Sebuah Pendekatan Konstruktivisme
Nori Anggraini, Muhammad Sholihin
Al Falah: Journal of Islamic Economics , 2016, DOI: -
Abstract: The research uses the qualitative approach. It is applied the constructivism paradigm. Based on data, it can be summaries that society mada a decision to be a consumer of Islamic Bank because of the external factors. These factors, then, a main element which constructs the emic perspective, oftenly. It is foundation to conclude the consumers pattern of islamic bank. The study shows various type of consumers such as the followers-functional and excited; functional, and symphaty and functional.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2006,
Abstract: A pregnancy is defined as high risk when there is a likelihood of anadverse outcome to the woman and or her baby that is greater than the incidence of that outcome in the generalpregnant population. Objectives: To determine the efficacy and predictive value of biophysical profile in detectingperinatal outcome. Design: Observational study. Setting: Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, PNS SHIFA KarachiPeriod: From February 2003 to October 2003. Patients and Methods: The study was carried on 100 randomlyselected high risk pregnant patients who reported to gynae OPD or were referred from different armed forces hospitalsfrom all over sindh . Manning’s biophysical profile excluding nonstress test and including only ultrasound basedparameters were employed for fetal screening ( BPS 8/8). These parameters include four variables i.e fetal breathingmovement, fetal tone, fetal movements, and amniotic fluid volume. Nonstress test and Doppler studies were used asbackup tests where biophysical profile was abnormal. All cases selected were admitted in the hospital and each hadan admission biophysical profile followed by subsequent monitoring. Parameters for abnormal perinatal outcome includefetal distress in labour, five minute apgar score less than 7/10, admission of newborn to intensive care unit and stillbirthor neonatal death. The result of last biophysical profile is compared with perinatal outcome. For statistical analysis thepredictive value, specificity and sensitivity are used to determine the ability of biophysical profile to predict an abnormalperinatal outcome. Results: Out of 100 cases 92 had a normal biophysical profile in the last scan of 8/8. 90 cases hada normal perinatal outcome with A/S > 7/10. In two cases A/S at 1 and 5 minute is < 7/10 with one baby shifted tonursery for delayed cry. 08 cases had an abnormal biophysical profile with scores of 4/8 and 2/8. There was one falsepositive who showed abnormal biophysical profile but baby was born with an A/S of 8/10 at 05 minutes. There was noneonatal death in this study group. The sensitivity of biophysical profile was 77.7%, specificity 98.90%. predictive valuefor a positive test was 87.5%, predictive value for a negative test was 97.8%. Conclusion: Biophysical profile is highlyaccurate and reliable test of diagnosing fetal status.
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