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Contrasting Transmission Dynamics of Co-endemic Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum: Implications for Malaria Control and Elimination
Rintis Noviyanti?,Farah Coutrier?,Retno A. S. Utami?,Hidayat Trimarsanto?,Yusrifar K. Tirta?,Leily Trianty?,Andreas Kusuma?,Inge Sutanto?,Ayleen Kosasih,Rita Kusriastuti
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2015, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003739
Abstract: Background Outside of Africa, P. falciparum and P. vivax usually coexist. In such co-endemic regions, successful malaria control programs have a greater impact on reducing falciparum malaria, resulting in P. vivax becoming the predominant species of infection. Adding to the challenges of elimination, the dormant liver stage complicates efforts to monitor the impact of ongoing interventions against P. vivax. We investigated molecular approaches to inform the respective transmission dynamics of P. falciparum and P. vivax and how these could help to prioritize public health interventions. Methodology/ Principal Findings Genotype data generated at 8 and 9 microsatellite loci were analysed in 168 P. falciparum and 166 P. vivax isolates, respectively, from four co-endemic sites in Indonesia (Bangka, Kalimantan, Sumba and West Timor). Measures of diversity, linkage disequilibrium (LD) and population structure were used to gauge the transmission dynamics of each species in each setting. Marked differences were observed in the diversity and population structure of P. vivax versus P. falciparum. In Bangka, Kalimantan and Timor, P. falciparum diversity was low, and LD patterns were consistent with unstable, epidemic transmission, amenable to targeted intervention. In contrast, P. vivax diversity was higher and transmission appeared more stable. Population differentiation was lower in P. vivax versus P. falciparum, suggesting that the hypnozoite reservoir might play an important role in sustaining local transmission and facilitating the spread of P. vivax infections in different endemic settings. P. vivax polyclonality varied with local endemicity, demonstrating potential utility in informing on transmission intensity in this species. Conclusions/ Significance Molecular approaches can provide important information on malaria transmission that is not readily available from traditional epidemiological measures. Elucidation of the transmission dynamics circulating in a given setting will have a major role in prioritising malaria control strategies, particularly against the relatively neglected non-falciparum species.
The Development of An Analytical Overlay Design Procedure
Djunaedi Kosasih
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2008,
Abstract: Pavement structural evaluation using pavement modulus values resulting from back calculation process on non-destructive deflection data has been adopted to quantify objectively the conditions of existing pavements under various traffic loading and environmental conditions. However, such an advanced technique is not yet followed widely by advances in analytical overlay design procedures. One possible reason is perhaps due to its requirement to perform complex computations. A new module of computer program BackCalc has been developed to do that task based on the allowable maximum deflection criterion specified by the Asphalt Institutea 83. The rationale is that adequate overlay thickness will be computed by iteration to result in theoretical maximum deflection that closely matches against the specified allowable maximum deflection. This paper outlines the major components of the program module illustrated by using a practical example. The overlay thickness obtained was found to be comparable with that of the known AASHTOa 93 method
Iman Supardi,Ottoh Kosasih
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Abstract: To determine the risk of medical personnel for the acquisition on hepatitis B infection, we performed a prevalence survey for serologic evidence of exposure to this virus. During January 1987 through May 1987 two serologic markers (HBs Ag and anti HBs) had been taken from 381 nurses and 60 administrators in the Borromeus General Hospital, Bandung. The results were as follows : Six personnel ( 6% ) of the exposed group (381 nurses) were positive for HBs Ag and 37 (9,7%) were positive for anti HBs. Of the 60 administrators, 3 (5%) were positive for anti HBs and none were HBs Ag positive. These data indicate that HB V serological examinations of health workers are very important, and support the concept that paramedics should be considered for vaccination with hepatitis B vaccine, not only for their personal protection but also to prevent the remote but real possibility of transmission of HB infection to patients.
Eriawan Rismana,Kosasih Satiadarma
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Abstract: Analytical method of O6-methylguanine compound by differential pulse voltammetry using a glassy carbon electrode had been developed. O6-methylguanine could be analyzed in acetate buffer solution pH 4.2, Mcllvaine modification buffer solution pH 1.2 and borax solution 0.05 M pH 9.2. O6-methylguanine could be the best analyzed in acetate buffer solution pH 4.2. Peak potential (Ep), detection limit and quantitation of O6-methylguanine were 977 ± 7mV, 2.8 x 10-6 M and 6.8 x 10-6 M, respectively.
Harinaldi,Budiarso,Warjito,Engkos Achmad Kosasih
Makara Seri Teknologi , 2012,
Abstract: Automobile aerodynamic studies are typically undertaken to improve safety and increase fuel efficiency as well as to find new innovation in automobile technology to deal with the problem of energy crisis and global warming. Some car companies have the objective to develop control solutions that enable to reduce the aerodynamic drag of vehicle and significant modification progress is still possible by reducing the mass, rolling friction or aerodynamic drag. Some flow control method provides the possibility to modify the flow separation to reduce the development of the swirling structures around the vehicle. In this study, a family van is modeled with a modified form of Ahmed's body by changing the orientation of the flow from its original form (modified/reversed Ahmed body). This model is equipped with a suction on the rear side to comprehensively examine the pressure field modifications that occur. The investigation combines computational and experimental work. Computational approach used a commercial software with standard k-epsilon flow turbulence model, and the objectives was to determine the characteristics of the flow field and aerodynamic drag reduction that occurred in the test model. Experimental approach used load cell in order to validate the aerodynamic drag reduction obtained by computational approach. The results show that the application of a suction in the rear part of the van model give the effect of reducing the wake and the vortex formation. Futhermore, aerodynamic drag reduction close to 13.86% for the computational approach and 16.32% for the experimental have been obtained.
Darmansyah Tjitradi,Syahril Taufik,Bengawan L. Kosasih
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2003,
Abstract: in Bahasa Indonesia : Beton mutu tinggi merupakan sesuatu yang saat ini masih asing dalam pelaksanaan, konstruksi di Indonesia, tetapi dengan kemajuan teknologi yang memudahkan pembuatannya, dapat diharapkan pemakaiannya dalam waktu mendatang. Artikel ini membahas transformasi diagram tegangan-regangan beton mutu tinggi menjadi segi empat ekivalen seperti biasa digunakan untuk beton mutu biasa.
Effects of Freeze Vacuum Drying and Heating from Condenser s Heat Loss on Drying Rate and Microstructure of Aloe Vera
Nasruddin M. Idrus Alhamid,Engkos A. Kosasih,Muhamad Yulianto
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjasci.2011.335.343
Abstract: This study presents an effect heating from condenser s heat loss from top and bottom positions of the extraction process using freeze vacuum drying on drying rate, drying time and microstructure of aloe vera. Extraction by thermal process involves removing water contained inside the aloe vera and releasing it into the environment. Freeze Vacuum Drying (FVD) can be used to extract aloe vera without impairing its structure, color or nutritional value although the process requires a high level of energy consumption. Results of the experiments showed that capturing and using heat from a condenser s heat loss increased the drying rate and reduced drying time. Heater temperatures at the top and bottom positions were 22 and 30°C, respectively for a combination heater temperature at the top was 26 and 24°C at the bottom changes in microstructure were examined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
Comportamientos de riesgo para la salud en estudiantes colombianos recién ingresados a una universidad privada en Barranquilla (Colombia)
Alonso Palacio,Luz Marina; Pérez,Miguel ángel; Alcalá,Gabriel; Lubo Gálvez,Ayleen; Consuegra,Adriana;
Revista Salud Uninorte , 2008,
Abstract: objective: to investigate the health knowledge and behaviors of first year college students attending a private university in colombia. materials and methods: this descriptive study had a sample population of 540 students randomly selected from 2500 eligible students in the population. data were collected using a modified version of the youth risk behavior survey developed by the centers for disease control and prevention in the us. data were analyzed using spss v. 13. findings. the average age in the sample was 18 years of age, 52.7% of the sample population were women, 13.5% were considered overweight and 2.6% were obese. 20% of the sample walks more than 10 minutes per day, and an additional 20% walks less than 30 minutes on a daily basis. forty three percent listens to music as a stress management technique. over two thirds of the study participants have consumed alcohol at least once in their lifestyle, 35.2% have smoked, 56% use some form of contraceptive methods, and 51.1% reported being sexually active. only 1.1% of study participantsreported an sti, 4.3% had considered suicide in the last year, and 65,2% had actually tried to commit suicide. conclusions: risk behaviors are prevalent among first year collage students making important to design strategies designed to ameliorate their influence in the health status of adolescents.
Estimation of Secondary Meteorological Parameters Using Mining Data Techniques Estimación de parámetros meteorológicos secundarios utilizando técnicas de Minería de Datos
Rosabel Zerquera Díaz,Ayleen Morales Montejo,Gil Cruz Lemus,Alejandro Rosete Suárez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i3.30
Abstract: This work develops a process of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) at the Higher Polytechnic Institute José Antonio Echeverría for the group of Environmental Research in collaboration with the Center of Information Management and Energy Development (CUBAENERGíA) in order to obtain a data model to estimate the behavior of secondary weather parameters from surface data. It describes some aspects of Data Mining and its application in the meteorological environment, also selects and describes the CRISP-DM methodology and data analysis tool WEKA. Tasks used: attribute selection and regression, technique: neural network of multilayer perceptron type and algorithms: CfsSubsetEval, BestFirst and MultilayerPerceptron. Estimation models are obtained for secondary meteorological parameters: height of convective mixed layer, height of mechanical mixed layer and convective velocity scale, necessary for the study of patterns of dispersion of pollutants in Cujae's area. The results set a precedent for future research and for the continuity of this in its first stage. El presente trabajo desarrolla un proceso de descubrir conocimiento en bases de datos (Knowledge Discovery in DataBases, KDD por su siglas en inglés) en el grupo de Medio Ambiente, del Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría y en colaboración con el Centro de Gestión de la Información y Desarrollo de la Energía (Cubaenergía) con el objetivo de obtener un modelo de datos para estimar el comportamiento de los parámetros meteorológicos secundarios a partir de datos de superficie. Se detallan algunos aspectos relacionados con la minería de datos y su aplicación en el entorno meteorológico; además, se seleccionan y describen la metodología CRISP-DM y la herramienta de análisis de datos WEKA. Se utilizan las tareas de selección de atributos y de regresión, la técnica de redes neuronales de tipo perceptrón multicapas y los algoritmos CfsSubsetEval, BestFirst y MultilayerPerceptron. Se obtienen modelos de estimación para los parámetros meteorológicos secundarios: altura de la capa de mezcla convectiva, altura de la capa de mezcla mecánica y velocidad convectiva de escala, necesarios para el estudio de los modelos de dispersión de contaminantes en la zona de la Cujae. Los resultados obtenidos constituyen un precedente para futuras investigaciones, así como para la continuidad de esta en su primera etapa.
Comportamientos de riesgo para la salud en estudiantes colombianos recién ingresados a una universidad privada en Barranquilla (Colombia)
Luz Marina Alonso Palacio,Miguel ángel Pérez,Gabriel Alcalá,Ayleen Lubo Gálvez
Revista Salud Uninorte , 2008,
Abstract: Objetivo: Determinar los comportamientos de riesgo para la salud en estudiantes recién ingresados a una universidad privada durante el segundo semestre del 2006 y el primer semestre del 2007. Materiales y métodos: Estudio descriptivo; muestra: 540 estudiantes de un total esperado de estudiantes al momento de realizar el cálculo de 2500 jóvenes. Se suministró un cuestionario modificado del Youth Risk Behavior Survey, desarrollado y validado por los Centros de Control y Prevención de Enfermedades. Se utilizó SPSS v13. Resultados: Promedio de edad: 18 a os; mujeres: 52,7%. El 13,5% presentó sobrepeso y 2,6% obesos, 1 de 5 camina más de 10 minutos al día y 1 de 5 camina todos los días menos de media hora. Para el control del estrés: 43,3% escucha música; el 67.2% ha consumido alcohol; 35,2% ha fumado. El 51,5% inició vida sexual; 56,6% utiliza método para planificación familiar. Prevalencia de enfermedades de transmisión sexual: 1.1%. En el último a o el 4,3% ha considerado el suicidio; de éstos 65,2% han realizado intentos. Conclusiones: Las conductas de riesgo son prevalentes por lo que se hacen imprescindibles estrategias para modular su influencia sobre la salud a corto y largo plazo.
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