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Cytogenetic of Male Infertility
Lutfiye Ozpak,Ayfer Pazarbasi
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Infertility by definition, is not to get pregnant within one year of regular sexual relationship without protection, affects 15-20% of reproductive age couples. Approximately 30% of infertility cases are male originated. Male infertility is caused by endocrine-related genetic defects affecting urogenital system function. These defects adversely affect subsequent spermatogenesis, sexual function, fertility, early embryonic stage of sexual maturation. Autosomal and gonosomal, numerical and structural chromosome abnormalities and related syndromes rank at the top causes of male infertility. Similar chromosome abnormalities are detected in male infertility and as the rate of these abnormalities increase, it was found to reduce sperm count especially in azospermic and oligozoospermic men. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2011; 20(4.000): 230-245]
Genetics of Cancer
Ayfer Pazarbasi,Mulkiye Kasap
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 2003,
Abstract: Uncontrolled cell proliferation causes cancer in many cases. There are many biological control systems to ensure that cell division is implemented when required by specific cells. There are a number of different ways that cell proliferation can be initiated. Quiescent cells are activated by various signal transduction pathways entailing cascades of protein phosphorylations that activate successive intermediary proteins and, in the end promote the expression of genes that encode cell division proteins. When necessary, apoptosis is triggered and cells are selectively destroyed. Usually cancer formation requires mutations in somatic cells that affect diverse aspects of the cell proliferation process and apoptosis. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2003; 12(4.000): 328-339]
Cancer Pathways
Ayfer Pazarbasi,Mulkiye Kasap,Halil Kasap
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: A ”cancer pathway” is a cellular regulatory system whose activation or inactivation by a genetic or epigenetic mutation is essential for the development of at least one human canver. Typically, cancer pathways become evident by alterations in different components of the same regulatory system in individual cases of one cancer type or in distinct cancers. By this latter criterion, several regulatory systems can be regarded as prototypic cancer pathways. These comprise the MAPK pathway, the TP53 regulatory system, and the cell cycle regulatory net work centered around RB1. These pathways all interact with each other. Further pathways and proteins are also connected to them, such as the PI3K pathway, the PKC kinases, the STAT pathway, the NFκB pathway, and the TGFβ response pathway. The third group of cancer pathways comprises the WNT and Hedgehog response pathways and the NOTCH regulatory system. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2011; 20(4.000): 187-229]
The Presence of Translocation [t(16;19)(q24;q12)x2] between Two Copy of Non-homologous Chromosomes at a Case with Atypical Facial Appearance and Mental Retardation
Nilgun Tanriverdi,Ayfer Pazarbasi,Dilara Suleymanova Karahan,Ilker Guney
Cukurova Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Purpose: Mental retardation is a common handicap (2-3% of the general population) with an unknown cause in more than 50% of mentally retarded patients. Important causes are chromosome abnormalities which are detectable in 4-28% of cases, depending on the patient selection and techniques used. Aim of the study was to determine possible association between atypic facial appearance, mental retardation and the translocation [t(16;19)(q24;q12)x2] between two copy of non homolog chromosomes. Materials and Methods: Chromosomal analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes from the proband and her family were performed with standart protocols at the Cukurova University hospital in Turkey. Results: We assessed the second and third generation of the family in which the translocation between chromosomes 16 and 19 segregates: one of the three progenies with the karyotype 46,XY, t(16;19)(q24;q12) was heterozygote for the translocation and presented normal phenotype. One of the three progenies with the karyotype 46,XY presented normal phenotype also and the third with the karyotype 46,XY [t(16;19)(q24;q12)x2] was the proband. The parents were consanguinous, heterozygote for the translocation, and presented normal phenotype. Conclusions: Atypialc facial appearance and mental retardation could be associated with the homozygote translocation. These findings can be used in clinical genetics and may be used as an effective tool for reproductive guidance and genetic counseling. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(3.000): 540-542]
Evaluation of the cytogenetical results of 4707 cases diagnosed with amniocentesis.
Ayfer Pazarbasi,Osman Demirhan,Deniz Tasdemir,Erdal Tunc
Cukurova Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: PURPOSE: Amniocentesis is a very crucial diagnostic procedure for preventing the birth of genetically defective fetuses in order to decrease the prevalence of genetic diseases in populations. METHODS: The karyotyping of 4707 fetuses was carried out in our department during the years of 2000-2009 from the samples of amniotic fluids, CVS, fetal tissues and urines which were sent from departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Balcali Hospital and other regional hospitals. RESULTS: The mean maternel and gestational age of pregnant women evaluated for prenatal diagnosis were 29.1 years of age and 18.8 months respectively. Among 4707 fetuses that were karyotyped; 2284 fetuses were males and 2205 fetuses were females and 218 (4.63%) fetuses had various chromosomal abnormalities. Consequently, male to female ratio of fetuses that were examined was 1.03. The advanced maternal age pregnancies followed by positive triplescreening were related to the highest rate of chromosomal abnormalities. The mean age of pregnant women having fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities was found to be 33 years of age which suggest that fetal chromosomal abnormalities were associated with maternal age. Numerical chromosomal abnormalities predominated the structural chromosomal abnormalities (55.5% vs to 44.5%). The numerical chromosomal abnormalities with an incidence of 47.9% trisomy 21, 14.1% trisomy 18, 8.7% Klinefelter Syndrome, 7% monosomy X, 6.6% trisomy 13, 1.7% trisomy X, 1.7% XYY Syndrom, 10% mosaics and the others represented the remaining. Of the structural abnormalities 35% were balanced while the 4% were unbalanced. The frequent structural abnormalities were 25.3% 46,XX/XY, inv(9)(p11;q12) and 19.5% 46,XX/XY, inv(9)(p11;q13). Balanced and unbalanced translocations, deletions and duplications were alsocontributed to chromosomal abnormalities in lesser extent. CONCLUSIONS: Corollary to literature and our findings revealed that the advanced maternal age and certain environmental factors can increase the risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Fetal chromosomal abnormalities representing 4.63% in our study group is crucial and underlines the importance of prenatal diagnosis for healthier pregnancies. [Cukurova Med J 2011; 36(1.000): 8-14]
The influence of pericentric inversion in 10th chromosome on aggressive behavior and hyperactivity
Nilgun Tanriverdi,Ayfer Pazarbasi,Dilara Karahan,Ayse Avci
Cukurova Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Aggressive behavior and hyperactivity are neurodevelopmental diseases with unknown pathogenesis. Pericentric inv(10)(p11.2;q21.2) mutation is frequently encountered in cytogenetic laboratories. This mutation is accepted as a polymorphic variant and is phenotypically silent, but in some cases it has been associated with neurodevelopmental diseases like autism. After blood culturing, standard chromosome obtaining procedure was applied to patients. In this study, clinical and cytogenetical findings of a boy with developmental delay, mental and motor retardation, attention deficit and hyperactivity have been reported. As a result of chromosome analysis, on chromosome 10, a large pericentric inversion between p11.1 and q22.q bands has been found. Karyotype analysis was also performed to mother, father and siblings of the patient and they have been found to have normal karyotype. It is plausible to consider a relation between inv(10) and some behavioral problems. Additionally, molecular studies targeting 10p-q critical region will be more informative for the true identification of this disease. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(1.000): 108-113]
Prenatal Diagnosis
Ozge Ozalp Yuregir,Selim Buyukkurt,Filiz Koc,Ayfer Pazarbasi
Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Prenatal diagnosis is the process of determining the health or disease status of the fetus or embryo before birth. The purpose is early detection of diseases and early intervention when required. Prenatal genetic tests comprise of cytogenetic (chromosome assessment) and molecular (DNA mutation analysis) tests. Prenatal testing enables the early diagnosis of many diseases in risky pregnancies. Furthermore, in the event of a disease, diagnosing prenatally will facilitate the planning of necessary precautions and treatments, both before and after birth. Upon prenatal diagnosis of some diseases, termination of the pregnancy could be possible according to the family's wishes and within the legal frameworks. [Archives Medical Review Journal 2012; 21(1.000): 80-94]
Polymorphisms in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene in Turkish women with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
Pazarbasi,Ayfer,Kasap,Mülkiye,Güzel,Ali írfan,Kasap,Halil
Acta Medica Okayama , 2007,
Abstract: The genetic background predisposing pregnant women to pre-eclampsia/eclampsia (PE/E) is still unknown. The aim of the current study was to investigate whether there is an association between the TNF-alpha-308 and 850 polymorphisms and PE or eclampsia. In this study, 40 cases of eclampsia, 113 cases of PE and 80 normotensive control cases were genotyped for the TNF-alpha-G-308A and C-850 polymorphisms. At position 308, the replacement of Guanine with Adenosine was denoted as TNF2. We found a significant difference between the TNF2 allele frequencies of the eclamptic, pre-eclamptic and normotensive controls. TNF2 (AA) polymorphism frequency was significantly higher among the eclamptics and pre-eclamptics (control : 5%, PE : 13.3%, E : 12.9%). A significantly different genotype distribution of C-850T polymorphism was observed between the PE/E and control groups, with the frequency of the variant TT genotype being significantly reduced in the preeclamptics (PE : 17% ; E : 17.5%) when compared with the control group (24.3%). We have demonstrated an association between TNF-alpha polymorphisms and pre-eclampsia susceptibility. However, it is not known whether C-850T polymorphism has a functional effect on the TNF-alpha gene. In addition, it was not possible to determine whether this polymorphism promotes the progression from PE to eclampsia because of no statistically significant difference between eclampsia and the controls.
Determination of Critical Micel Concentration of PEG-10 Tallow Propane Amine: Effects of Salt and pH  [PDF]
Nese Ataci, Ayfer Sarac
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2014.51004

Most applications of surfactants depend on formation and characteristics of micelle. In this study we measured critical micelle concentration (CMC) of cationic surfactant N, N’, N’-polyethylene (10)-N tallow-1, 3-di amine propane (PEG-10 tallow) in aqua solution by using electrical conductivity and surface tension methods. The CMC value of PEG-10 tallow with two different methods was found very close to 1.40 × 10?3 M with electrical conductivity, and 1.41 × 10?3 M with surface tension. It also investigated the effect of inorganic salt (NaCl) and pH on micellization of cationic surfactant PEG-10 tallow. With increasing addition of NaCl, formation of micelle structure resulted in a higher CMC. However, at low salt concentrations smaller CMC value was observed comparing the critical micelle concentration of individual PEG-10 tallow. When it comes to the effect of changing pH in CMC of the PEG-10 tallow , it was clearly found that micelle formation or CMC of surfactant was independent on alkaline pH (between 6 and 10),

Trade Liberalization, Import Penetration and Unionization: The U.S. Experience  [PDF]
Ayfer Gurun, G. Geoffrey Booth
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2016.61010
Abstract: In the aftermath of World War II there has been a worldwide trend for countries to pursue policies to enhance free trade in order to improve their economic wellbeing. Nevertheless the benefits are associated with free trade and many generate unwanted consequences to segments of a nation’s populace. With this thought in mind, we investigate the impact of import penetration originating from low-wage countries on the unionization rates in U.S. We find that import penetration originating from low-wage countries decreases unionization rates, with a 1% increase in import penetration reducing unionization rates by slightly less than 2% within three years after controlling for several factors that may affect unionization rates. If only imports from China and India (both low-wage countries) are considered, the reduction almost doubles. Our findings are consistent with the argument that firms are reluctant to collaborate and contract with unions that ask for sticky labor costs and multiyear contracts because these provisions often result in declining profit margins.
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