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Optimization and Characterization of Chitosan Films for Transdermal Delivery of Ondansetron
AslSedef Can,Meryem Sedef Erdal,Sevgi Güng?r,Y?ld?z ?zsoy
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18055455
Abstract: The aim of this study was to develop novel transdermal films of ondansetron HCl with high molecular weight chitosan as matrix polymer and 2-(2-ethoxy-ethoxy) ethanol (Transcutol ?) as plasticizer. In this context, firstly the physicochemical properties of gels used to formulate transdermal films were characterized and, physicochemical properties and bioadhesiveness of the transdermal films prepared with chitosan gels were assessed. The impact of three different types of terpenes, namely limonene, nerolidol and eucalyptol on in vitro skin permeation of ondansetron from transdermal films were also examined. ATR-FTIR measurements were performed to investigate the effects of the chitosan film formulations on in vitro conformational order of stratum corneum intercellular lipids after 24 h permeation study. The results showed that the chitosan gels consisting of Transcutol ? as plasticizer and terpenes as penetration enhancer may be used to prepare transdermal films of ondansetron due to the good mechanical properties and bioadhesiveness of the transdermal films. Eucalyptol (1%) showed higher permeation enhancer effect than the other terpenes and control. ATR-FTIR data confirmed that finding in which eucalyptol induced a blue shift in the both CH2 asymmetric and symmetric absorbance peak positions indicating increased lipid fluidity of stratum corneum.
Soundscape and the Adaptation of Soundscape to Covered Spaces
Asl? ?Z?EV?K,Zerhan Yüksel CAN
Megaron , 2011,
Abstract: Soundscape, as urban noise is termed, is essentially a qualitative approach which aims to discover ways to improve the “sonic environment”. A possible analogy can be assumed for the acoustic quality of some types of covered spaces which have a function similar to urban spaces. Furthermore, it can be proposed that such covered spaces may have a specific, distinct and recognizable sound environment - hence, a “soundscape” occurs which is created both by the architecture and the sound sources. This study takes a further step in suggesting that the acoustic comfort or sound quality of these spaces cannot be sufficiently dealt with via noise parameters. This paper aims to show the possibility of evaluating the acoustical quality of covered spaces, such as shopping centers, through soundscape studies. The formation of streets is the basic spatial design concept that connects open and closed shopping areas. For this reason the researchers chose to study a modern and an historical shopping center and a modern and a traditional street, both of which have shopping as a basic function, The soundscapes of these open and closed shopping areas were determined by soundwalks and listening tests. The objective and subjective findings of this study showed that covered shopping areas have a specific soundscape that can be evaluated by the soundwalk method regardless of whether the environment is open or covered.
The Femininization of Migration and Migrant Women's Organizations
?a?la ünlütürk Uluta?,Aslcan Kalfa
Fe Dergi : Feminist Ele?tiri , 2009,
Abstract: Since the 1970s social and economic changes, the collapse of the welfare state and neoliberal economy policies have created conditions through which women have been affected more negatively. As a result, migration flows have gradually feminized. With the collapse of the welfare state and the rise of the participation of women to the labour force, the demand of care services has proliferated; with the commodification of sexuality and the rise of pornography, sex sector has grown. In this context migrant women have gradually worked in the sex sector and domestic work. Discrimination based on being a woman and a migrant has combined with various risks. In this way, there has been extremely negative working and living conditions in destination countries. In this process different types of migrant organizations have composed a basis for women to demand their rights, to act with solidarity and to get stronger.
Questions of Culture in Distance Learning: A Research Review
Sedef Uzuner
International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning , 2009,
Abstract: This paper reviews past research that focused on questions of culture in distance learning. Of specific interest are the studies that examined the influence of culture on students’ learning and engagement in asynchronous learning networks (ALNs). The purpose of this review is three-fold: to present the state of knowledge concerning the questions of culture in distance learning, to highlight important methodological issues that past research has left unresolved, and to provide practical insights into teaching culturally and linguistically diverse online communities of learners. For these purposes, 27 studies are examined and the findings are reported under the following two categories: What do studies focusing on questions of culture in distance learning tell us? What implications do they suggest for practice and future research? Also, the paper provides methodological insights for researchers who wish to investigate the cultural dimensions of distance learning in future studies.
Comparison of the Knowledge and Attitudes of Midwives about Breastfeeding with Breastfeeding Behaviors of the Mothers They Provide Counseling
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: Midwives and nurses are considered as the essential sources of information about feeding and nutrition of the babies, who encourage breastfeeding and support the mother. In this study, it is aimed to compare the knowledge and attitudes of midwives and nurses about breastfeeding with breastfeeding practices of the mothers they provide counseling on baby feeding.Patients and Methods: The present study was carried out on 161 mothers having babies aged 12-18 months who lived in Edirne and on 59 midwives and nurses who had conducted their counseling and follow-up visits. Data were collected via two questionnaires prepared for the midwives and mothers.Results: Midwives/nurses reported that they were visited by each mother for a mean of 6.5±2.9 times during their pregnancy. Twenty-two of them had fed their babies only with breast milk for at least six months and 33 of them had suckled their babies for at least 12 months. Of the mothers, 65 had fed their babies only with breast milk for at least six months, while 82 had suckled their babies for at least 12 months.Conclusion: This study stresses the importance that nurses/midwives should enhance mothers' consciousness for a successful breastfeeding. It is important that midwives should provide continuous support to mothers, which can be achieved by continuous professional training to midwives, nurses and other health staff regularly.
Third Term Democrat Party Government (1957-1960): Political Repression and The Investigation Council
Sedef Bulut
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2009,
Abstract: The policies that Democrat Party carried out especially after 1957 elections has been much criticized until today. In that period the relations between the government and the opposition became considerably tense. n nü, leader of CHP, engaged in hard opposition activities against DP and collaborated with other parties. DP government made some anti-democratic laws sequentially in order to hinder the opposition and the press. As the economic difficulties and anxieties increased, the government became more aggressive. In consequence of political crisis, social polarization and student activities the military seized power on 27 May 1960. In this article, political activities of the 5th Menderes Government and their place in Turkish political life will be analyzed.
Acute mercury poisoning: a case report
Sezgin Sarikaya, Ozgur Karcioglu, Didem Ay, Asl? Cetin, Can Aktas, Mustafa Serinken
BMC Emergency Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-227x-10-7
Abstract: A 36-year-old woman presented to the ED with a three-day history of abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. One week ago her daughter had brought mercury in the liquid form from the school. She had put it on the heating stove. One day later, her 14-month old sister baby got fever and died before admission to the hospital. Her blood pressure was 134/87 mmHg; temperature, 40.2°C; heart rate 105 bpm and regular; respiration, 18 bpm; O2 saturation, 96%. Nothing was remarkable on examination and routine laboratory tests. As serine or urinary mercury levels could not be tested in the city, symptomatic chelation treatment with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) was instituted with regard to presumptive diagnosis and history. At the 7th day of admission she was discharged without any sequelae or complaint. At the discharge day blood was drawn and sent for mercury levels which turned out to be 30 μg/dL (normal range: 0 - 10 μg/dL).Public education on poisoning and the potential hazards of mercury are of vital importance for community health.Acute and chronic mercury exposure represents a potential threat to community health. Mercury poisoning can occur as a result of occupational hazard or suicide attempt. Mercury is silver-colored and liquid at room temperature. Mercury is available in inorganic and organic forms. All compounds of mercury are toxic but differ in the routes of absorption, clinical findings, and responses to therapy. Methylmercury, the soluble form is neurotoxic. Elemental (organic) mercury is especially hazardous for children since it is in liquid form and can easily be found around [1].The clinical effects of mercury poisoning depend on the form and the route of entry to the organism. Neurologic, gastrointestinal and renal systems are predominantly affected depending on the route of exposure.This article presents a 36-year-old case admitted to emergency department (ED) with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea caused by accidental inhalation and skin exposure of metallic mercury
Modification of the Surface Properties of Core-Shell Semiconductors and Their Effects on the Photodecolorization Activity and Adsorption  [PDF]
Shahab K. Asl
Modern Research in Catalysis (MRC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/mrc.2017.61005
Semiconductor-based photocatalysts have been extensively studied for oxidative photodestruction of organic pollutants in wastewaters, releasing non-toxic substances such as Azo dyes. Various synthesized catalyst specimens were characterized to determine the correlation between preparation conditions (catalyst type, dopant, microstructure, preparation routs, optical and physico-chemical properties) on the photocatalytic activity. Some researchers focused on the process parameters to optimize them to reach higher photoactivity. The specific surface areas, crystalline size, charge and pretreatment of the surface have significant effects on the physical and photocatalytic properties of the semiconductors. The surface sites of catalyst (TiO2) were modified by doping ZnS nanoparticles in the form of Core-Shell structure and the photocatalytic activities were determined by using color degradation and hydrogen production tests. The dye adsorption isotherms of photocatalyst were determined using UV-Vis spectroscopy. The specific surface properties were determined from BET, Zeta meter and Particle size analyzer tests. Photocatalytic decolorization of AR and water splitting test were applied to understand the relation between the surface properties and the photocatalytic activity. The result indicated that core-shell prepared samples had different surface suitable sites to cooperate in photocatalytic reaction.
Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphate Biofertilizers on Morphological and Agronomic Characteristics of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)  [PDF]
Ali Nasrollahzadeh Asl
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2017.72008
Abstract: In order to investigate the effects of Barvar-2 phosphate biofertilizer and nitroxin biofertilizers on agronomical characteristics of sesame, an experiment was carried out as factorial based on randomized complete block design with three replications and two factors in Khoy city, northwest of Iran, in 2014 growing seasons. The factors were as follows: phosphorus fertilizer in three levels (control, barvar-2 phosphate bio-fertilizer with 100 kg triple superphosphate per hectare and 200 kg triple superphosphate per hectare) and nitrogen fertilizer in four levels (control, nitroxin bio-fertilizer with urea at rate of 100 kg·ha1, nitroxin biofertilizer with urea at rate of 150 kg·ha1 and urea at rate of 200 kg·ha1). The results showed that a significant effect of nitrogen and phosphate biofertilizer, on plant height, branches per plant, pods per plant, seed in pod, oil percent, seed yield and harvest index. Maximum seed yield of 1274.37 and 1232.5 kg·ha1 was obtained from treatments of 200 kg·ha1 triple superphosphate and barvar-2 phosphate biofertilizer besides 100 kg·ha1 triple superphosphate. For nitrogen biofertilizer, maximum seed yield of 1264.83 and 1246.12 kg·ha1 was obtained from treatments of 200 kg·ha1urea and nitroxin biofertilizer besides urea 150 kg·ha
Analysis of Microwave Cavity Loaded with Lossy Dielectric Slab by Means of Mode Matching Method and Optimization of Load Location
Okan Sule;Sedef Kent
PIER M , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIERM10061707
Abstract: An analysis has been presented by means of mode matching method for two microwave cavities of different sizes which are fed by TE10 waveguide and which are loaded with lossy dielectric slab type material. The accuracy of the results obtained is presented together with the comparison of the results which are obtained by HFSS numerical method. The optimization of the load location has been performed in order to maximize the electrical field on the material. The principle of this optimization is based on finding the existence of the positions in which S11 reflection coefficient is the lowest. When the feeding guide for the two different microwave cavities is entirely at the centre of the resonator, the reflection coefficient distribution change has been detected according to the different positions of the material in the oven, and then the lowest positions have been found out. The electric field changes in the detected positions have been recorded.
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