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Factors Affecting Male’s Reproductive Health Behaviour in Punjab, Pakistan
Yasir Nawaz,Ashfaq Ahmad Maann,Muhammad Iqbal Zafar,Tanvir Ali
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition , 2012,
Abstract: In Pakistan, male involvement in reproductive health started long before the concept of a holistic approach emerged from ICPD in 1994. Men are far behind the knowledge about contraceptives, authority of decisions making, religiosity, exposure of media, health attitude, physical cost, male violence, drugs and family planning services. These circumstances have damaging-effect on men's reproductive health as well. The poor reproductive health of men in the entire Pakistan has been reported in many studies. The different national and international agencies have shown a great concern on this alarming situation of men's deteriorating reproductive health status. They have recommended to investigate the men reproductive health behaviour in relation to different aspects. A cross sectional study has been conducted in 3-districts of Punjab province. One tehsils from each district will be selected randomly and sample of 272 men from Tehsil-1 i.e. Rawalpindi, 197 from Tehsil-2 i.e. Bahawalpur and 131 from Tehsil-3 i.e. Toba Tek Singh. From each Tehsil equal no. of respondents were selected from rural and urban areas by random sampling technique to explore the research objectives. In this way the total sample size was 600, 300 from rural and 300 from urban areas. A well-structured questionnaire consisting of open ended and close ended questions was prepared in the light of research objectives. Descriptive statistics such as frequency distributions mean, standard deviation was worked out to describe the data. Bivariate analysis along with the application of different statistical tests such as chi-square test and gamma test according to the nature of the level of measurement of variables under study was applied to examine the relationship between variables. It was concluded that there was strong positive relationship between age, education and income of the respondents and their reproductive health behaviour.
Practicing of Women Reproductive Health Rights: A Road Map for HIV Prevention
Kanwal Asghar,Ashfaq Ahmad Maann,Muhammad Iqbal Zafar,Tanvir Ali
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition , 2010,
Abstract: Denying of reproductive health rights encompasses the problems of HIV and STDs/STIs, unintended pregnancy and abortion and infertility. The present study was designed to identify vulnerability (towards HIV/AIDS) and violence against women due to lack of knowledge at reproductive health rights. It was found that those married women who were agreed that HIV/AIDS and STD/STIs are preventable had ‘highly consistent’ attitude towards the RHR practice. Similarly, statistically highly significant positive relationship was observed from the correlation coefficient Somers’d (p<0.0001) between the perception of married women about the RH-Security and their attitude towards the practices of RHR. It was suggested that in addition to the information that HIV/AIDS and STD/STIs are preventable diseases married women must have information and knowledge about the preventive measures. Only then they can insist for the adoption of any RH-Service to her partner or spouse.
Paradigm Shift in the Microfinance Sector and its Implications for Theory Development: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Ashfaq Ahmad Khan
Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Financial and non-financial subsidized resources at the disposal of international donoragencies available for continued support of the microfinance sector are not unlimited. One ofthe strategies resorted to by the donor community to ensure supply of financial resources tothe sector was to make it lucrative to private-sector investment. Thus, for more than a decadenow, the donor community has been emphasizing profitability on the part of microfinanceinstitutions to enable the sector to attract commercial capital. This move on the part of thedonor community led microfinance institutions to adapt both functionally and structurally tobetter cope with donor’s expectations and show them profits. Many microfinance institutionsset example of successful adaptation and reorientation of their tangible and intangibleorganizational elements to enable them to survive under these new conditions. Laughlin’s(1991) Model of Organizational Change provides a theoretical base for understanding such anorganizational change in the light of changing external circumstances. While the Modelplacated all the relevant research questions, it did not fully explain all the trends observed inthe empirical data collected for the study, which lent a room for development in the Model.
Influence of absorber doping in a-SiC:H/a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H solar cells
Influence of absorber doping in a-SiC:H/a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H solar cells

Muhammad Nawaz,Ashfaq Ahmad,
Muhammad Nawaz
,Ashfaq Ahmad

半导体学报 , 2012,
Abstract: This work deals with the design evaluation and influence of absorber doping for a-Si:H/a-SiC:H/a-SiGe:H based thin-film solar cells using a two-dimensional computer aided design (TCAD) tool. Various physical parameters of the layered structure, such as doping and thickness of the absorber layer, have been studied. For reliable device simulation with realistic predictability, the device performance is evaluated by implementing necessary models (e.g., surface recombinations, thermionic field emission tunneling model for carrier transport at the heterojunction, Schokley-Read Hall recombination model, Auger recombination model, bandgap narrowing effects, doping and temperature dependent mobility model and using Fermi-Dirac statistics). A single absorber with a graded design gives an efficiency of 10.1% for 800 nm thick multiband absorption. Similarly, a tandem design shows an efficiency of 10.4% with a total absorber of thickness of 800 nm at a bandgap of 1.75 eV and 1.0 eV for the top a-Si and bottom a-SiGe component cells. A moderate n-doping in the absorber helps to improve the efficiency while p doping in the absorber degrades efficiency due to a decrease in the VOC (and fill factor) of the device.
Overwintering Population of Maize Stem Borer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) at High Altitudes of Kashmir
Muhammad Ashfaq,Khawaja Farooq- Ahmad
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2002,
Abstract: The present work regarding the overwintering population of maize stem borer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) at larval stage was conducted in order to determine degree of overwintering population and the level of infestation of this pest at different localities of Azad Kashmir. Off 1796 stubbles of maize, present findings showed that over all high population of C. partellus (29.1%) larvae was recorded from locality Chota Gala while the lower (18.73%) was from Rawalakot locality. Whereas greater population (27.77%) of overwintering was found on the stubbles of maize genotype “Kashmir Gold” than “Sarhad White” (20.75%). A significant difference in overwintering population was found among all the studied localities. The percentage of infestation (on the basis of exit hole on stubbles) caused by C. partellus was significantly (P<0.001) high (27.77%) on “Kashmir Gold” than on the “Sarhad White” (15.99%) in all the studied areas. No clear relationship was found between the stem thickness and the overwintering population of maize stem borer or its infestation.
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Forest Cover Change in Tehsil Barawal, District Dir, Pakistan  [PDF]
Anwar Sajjad, Ahmad Hussain, Umar Wahab, Syed Adnan, Saqib Ali, Zahoor Ahmad, Ashfaq Ali
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.69149
Abstract: The forests of Pakistan replicate plentiful climatic, physiographic and edaphic differences in the country and these forests face a serious problem of deforestation. Geographic information system (GIS) techniques and remote sensing (RS) from satellite platforms offer a best way to identify those areas of deforestation, and thus a GIS and RS based study was conducted in tehsil Barawal, district Dir (U) to analyze forest cover change. The main objectives of the study were to: 1) identify different classes of land use and land cover, and its spatial distribution in the study area; 2) determine the trend, nature, location and magnitude of forest cover change; and 3) prepare maps of forest-cover change in different time periods in the study area. To assess the objectives remote sensing and GIS techniques were utilized. A supervised image classification technique was applied on Landsat 5 satellite images of 2000 and 2012. Five main classes such as agriculture, forest, barren land, snow and water were identified. The results showed that the area of forest, barren land, agriculture, water and snow in year 2000 was 49.54%, 43.38%, 5.19%, 1.40% and 0.49% and the area in 2012 was 37.17%, 41.36%, 12.69%, 5.05% and 3.72% respectively. Furthermore 2.02% decrease in barren land, 12.37% decrease in forest and 7.5% increase in agriculture land were identified. Due to high deforestation rate and increased agricultural activities, it is recommended that awareness campaign should be launched in the study area to protect and conserve this forest from further deforestation.
Physical Factors Affecting Consumption and Coefficient of Utilization of Various Food Plants by Mythimina separata (Walk.)
Muhammad Ashfaq,Abrar Ahmad,Amjad Ali
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2000,
Abstract: The leaves of sugarcane, rice and maize were utilized the maximum by M. separate with coefficient values of 71.06, 70.57 and 69.29 per cent, respectively, while it was minimum in leaves of water grass (27.79%). Hair density did not show significant correlation with consumption values but it was significantly negative with coefficient of utilization. Thickness and moisture contents played a significant role with negative and positive responses with consumption and coefficient utilization, respectively. The actual contribution of Morpho-physical factors on cumulative basis was 52.1 and 68.9 percent for consumption and utilization, respectively.
Mrpho-physical Factors Affecting Consumption and Coefficient of Utilization of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)
Muhammad Ashfaq,Khawar Jawad Ahmad,Amjad Ali
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: The selected plants in order of preference on the basis of consumption were Sorghum > Maize > Bermuda grass > Tomato > Cotton (NIAB-98) > Alfalfa > Rice >Castor oil > Okra > Cattail > Cotton (CIM-446) > Horse purslane > Rape seed > Winter cherry> Calotrope. The order of the preference on the basis of Coefficient of Utilization (CU) was Sorghum > Bermuda grass > Maize > Cotton (NIAB-98) > Tomato > Winter cherry > Castor oil > Alfalfa > Okra > Rice > Cotton (CIM-446) > Horse purslane > Calotrope > Rape seed > Cattail. None of the plants was found completely resistant to H. armigera. The correlation between food consumption and CU was significantly positive. Moisture content showed positive while thickness of leaf lamina played negative role both for consumption and CU. Moisture percentage alone contributed 50.8% and 40.5% role towards resistance in term of consumption and CU, respectively. The cumulative effect of all the morpho-physical plant factors was 80.1% for consumption and 57.8% for CU.
Does Compensation and Demographical Variable Influence on Teachers Commitment and Job Satisfaction? A Study of University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Talat Islam,Zulifqar Ahmad,Ishfaq Ahmed,Ashfaq Ahmad
International Journal of Business and Management , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v7n4p35
Abstract: Education is very important for the developing nations for their survival in global competitive environment. Quality education is almost impossible without satisfaction and commitment of the teachers. This study is aimed to find the influence of compensation and demographical impact on the commitment and job satisfaction of the teachers. The data was collected from 169 faculty members; SPSS was used to analyze the data. The findings of the study indicate that compensation is positively associated with both teacher’s commitment and job satisfaction. Findings of the study also revealed that married and female teachers are more satisfied and committed with their institutions. Similarly satisfaction and commitment level of the teachers increased with the increase in their job experience.
Showkat Ahmad Wani,K. W. Shah,Mir Ashfaq Ahmad
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2012,
Abstract: Preliminary phytochemical investigation of aqueous and methanolic rhizome extracts of Rheum emodi followed by their TLC profiling were carried out. Phytochemical analysis reveals the presence of diverse groups of phytoconstituents in two different extracts (aqueous and methanolic rhizome extracts). Chemical constituents also show different Rf values in two different solvent systems.
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