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Early Cretaceous Index Benthic Foraminifera from Northeast of Torbat-e-Heydarieh Area (Esfiyukh Section)  [PDF]
Nahid Khodashenas, Ali Asghar Aryaei, AliReza Ashouri
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2014.45016

The first study of early cretaceous succession in Northeast of Torbat-e-Heydarieh, led to recognition of 30 genera and 25 species of benthic foraminifera such as Rectodictyorbitolina sp., Dictyoconus arabicus, Orbitolina discoidea,Palorbitolina lenticularis, Mesorbitolina parva, Orbitolina kurdica,Praeorbitolina sp., Valvullammina picardi, Pseudocyclamina lituus, Charentia cuvillieri

Benthic Foraminiferal and Calcareous Algae Assemblages in the Tirgan Formation (Urgonien Facies Type) in South Flank of Ghorogh Syncline (North of Chenaran), NE Iran  [PDF]
Hoda Yavarmanesh, Seyed Hamid Vaziri, Ali Asghar Aryaei, Davood Jahani, Mohsen Pourkermani, Ebrahim Khademi Bouriabadi
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.76054
Abstract: In this research, the Tirgan Formation in the south flank of Ghorogh Syncline (north of Chenaran), northeastern Iran with the thickness of 251 was studied. This section consists of limestone, marly limestone and shale with impressions of echinoderms toxasteridae family, many of foraminifera from orbitolinidae family and also lots of calcareous algae that create facies variation along with other non-skeletal allochems. Micropaleontological investigation has been carried out on 90 thin-sections. These criteria reveal that an equivalent of the Urgonian facies type (in France-Swiss area) and open marine, low depth sedimentary basin are extended in the Kopet-Dagh basin. In this article, we tried to introduce some of the important foraminiferal and calcareous algal assemblages of this area.
Barremian-Aptian Dasycladalean algae, new and revisited from the Tirgan Formation in the Kopet Dagh, NE Iran
Taherpour Khalil Abad Morteza,Conrad Marc André,Aryaei Ali Asghar,Ashouri Ali Reza
Carnets de Géologie , 2010,
Abstract: Abundant, diversified algal assemblages comprising more than 25 species of Dasycladales are described from Barremian-Aptian limestone deposits of the Tirgan Formation in NE Iran. New species are described: one of them possibly belongs to a new endosporate genus, tentatively assigned the Triploporellaceae; two others, Clypeina ? sp. 1 and Rajkaella ? sp. 1, are left in open nomenclature. The widely distributed, locally abundant Montiella ? elitzae is revisited, because of the presence of a complete, exceptionally well preserved specimen. Yet to be demonstrated, the species is a junior synonym of Turkmenaria adducta Maslov, also originally described from the Kopet Dagh. Other species found in the Arkan section have already been reported from remote locations, primarily in Europe, in areas corresponding to the Northern and/or Southern Tethyan domains. Some of them are known only from the Hauterivian and/or the Barremian, excluding the Aptian, thus dating the lower part of the Arkan section as Barremian, but not excluding the Late Hauterivian.
Psychological effects of infertility in clinical varicocele patients  [PDF]
Ali Asghar Ketabchi, Mahsa Ketabchi
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.38083
Abstract: Objective. The general objective of this study was to analyze the perception and attitude of Clinical varicocele patients treated for infertility at the Shafa Hospital of Kerman, Iran. Method. This is a case control study of 62 infertile patients with Clinical varicocele, they invited to participate to a survey by demographic and Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) questionnaires prior to the surgical procedure and compared the results with a control group (50 age matched healthy men), from April 2009 to May 2010 at the Shafa Hospital of Kerman, Iran. Results. In the study group 45% of patients (28/62) said that they used to isolate themselves from the public. 32 % (n = 20) patients have doubt about the results of operation, % 20 (n = 12) believed operation will cause erectile dysfunction; 16 % (n = 10) declared that their infertility problem is mainly due to their wife infertility not themselves; 17.7 % (n = 11) of them divorced (regarding to infertility). Hamilton Depression Rating Scale were respectively (28.8 +/– 6.5) and (15.6 +/–1 7) in the study and control groups (p = 0.001). Conclusions. Clinical varicocele patients have a very negative perception about their condition specially whose primary infertility and in comparing to general population have more depression grades. So, it is strongly recommended that for improve their psychological status by detailing their problem and changing negative perception and attitude to encourage them to follow and continue treatment options.
Asghar Ali
The Professional Medical Journal , 2000,
Abstract: Before 1980 open surgery was treatment of choice for ureteric calculi but with the development ofureteroscopy most of the lower ureteric stones are managed endoscopically and surgery is reserved only thefor stones which are not managed by expectant treatment or endoscopically.OBJECTIVES : (1) To offer minimally invasive surgery for ureteric stones. (2) To compare the outcomeof various treatment modalities. (3) To compare the economy of various modalities. DESIGN: Prospectivestudy. SETTING: Department of surgical unit-I Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur PERIOD: January1997 to December 1998. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Hundred patient with ureteric calculi wereadmitted. RESULTS: Male to female ratio was 2:1. Majority (49%) of patients were young male, usuallybelow the age of 40 years. Most of the stones (72%) were radio opaque. The sites of the stones were eitherat the upper end of ureter (30%) or lower end of ureter (59%). Expectant treatment was offered in 29 cases,retrograde catheterization in 12 cases, dormia extraction in 4 cases and ureterolithotomy in 55 cases. Thesuccess rate of expectant treatment was 85.29%. Dormia extraction 50%, and 100% in case of openureterolithotomy. The complications rate was 30% with ureterolithotomy. CONCLUSION: Majority ofstones pass spontaneous by specially of lower part and smaller size. Dis-impaction of stone is possible withuretric catheterization. Uretroscopy is minimally invasive and achieves more than 90% success. Openuretrolethotomy has 100% success rate but is relatively invasive procedure. It should preferably be used afterfailure of non-invasive modalities.
Land Cover Classification and Forest Change Analysis, Using Satellite Imagery-A Case Study in Dehdez Area of Zagros Mountain in Iran  [PDF]
Ali Asghar Torahi, Suresh Chand Rai
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2011.31001
Abstract: The importance of accurate and timely information describing the nature and extent of land resources and changes over time is increasing, especially in mountainous areas. We have developed a methodology to map and monitor land cover change using multitemporal Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and ASTER data in Zagros mountains of Iran for 1990, 1998, and 2006.Land-use/cover mapping is achieved through interpreta-tion of Landsat TM satellite images of 1990, 1998 and TERRA-ASTER image of 2006 using ENVI 4.3. Based on the Anderson land-use/cover classification system, the land-use and land-covers are classified as forest land, rangeland, water bodies, agricultural land and residential land. The unsupervised image classifi-cation method carried out prior to field visit, in order to determine strata for ground truth. Fieldwork carried out to collect data for training and validating land-use/cover interpretation from satellite image of 2006, and for qualitative description of the characteristics of each land-use/cover class. The land-use/cover maps of 1990, 1998 and 2006 were produced by using supervised image classification technique based on the Maxi-mum Likelihood Classifier (MLC) and 132 training samples. Error matrices as cross-tabulations of the mapped class vs. the reference class were used to assess classification accuracy. Overall accuracy, user’s and producer’s accuracies, and the Kappa statistic were then derived from the error matrices. A multi-date post-classification comparison change detection algorithm was used to determine changes in land cover in three intervals, 1990–1998, 1998–2006 and 1990–2006. To evaluate the change maps for the 1990 to 2006 interval, we randomly sampled the areas that classified as change and no-change and determined whether they were correctly classified. The maps showed that between 1990 and 2006 the amount of forest land de-creased from 67% to 38.5% of the total area, while rangelands, agriculture, settlement and surface water in-creased from 30.8% to 45%, 1.2% to 7.0%, 0.3% to 7.5% and 0.6% to 1.8%, respectively. The area was dominated by 35.9%, 28.9% and 29.3% dense forest, 42.2%, 46.4% and 43.2% open forest and 21.9%, 24.8% and 27.5% degraded forest in 1990, 1998 and 2006, respectively. During 16 years span period (1990-2006) about 10170.3 ha, 2963.4 ha, 351.7 ha and 3039.2 ha of forest lands were converted to range-land, agriculture, water body and settlement. The overall five-class classification accuracies averaged 78.6% for the three years. The overall accuracy of land cover change maps, generated from
MAC Sub-Layer Analysis with Channel Estimation in Broadband Power Line Communication  [PDF]
Mohammad Khaled Andari, Seyed Ali Asghar Beheshti
Communications and Network (CN) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2011.33017
Abstract: Broadband power line communication (BPLC) gained a lot of interest because of low cost and high performance communication network in access area. In this paper physical (PHY) layer and medium access control (MAC) sub-layer of BPLC are considered. Furthermore, effects of bit error rate (BER) are analyzed in MAC sub-layer. Powerful turbo convolutional code (TCC) and wideband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) are used in PHY layer. Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) and virtual slot multiple access (VSMA) are taken into consideration in MAC sub-layer. Multilayered perceptrons neural network with backpropagation (BP) learning channel estimator algorithm compare to classic algorithm in for channel estimating. The simulation results show that the proposed neural network estimation decreases bit error rate then in MAC sub-layer throughput increases and access delay is decreased.
Electronic and Optical Properties of Nanostructures and Its Relationship with Harari Index  [PDF]
Ali Asghar Khakpoor, Bahare Agahi Keshe
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2015.38001
Abstract: The topological index of molecular graph is a number that attributed to the molecular graph and is valid than graph isomorphism, this number can reflect the properties of the molecules. In this study, Harari index in family phenacenes was calculated with some electronic and optical properties desired for a number of elements of the family, a model for predicting the electronic and optical properties by Harari index was prepared. To offer this model using mathematical software, electronic and optical properties of phenacenes calculated and compared with the data sources.
Applied Techniques in Tracking Moving Targets in Marine Using Image Processing  [PDF]
Hossein Kardan Moghaddam, Ali Asghar Yarifard
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2016.64042
Abstract: Moving objects tracking is one of the most used categories in the realm of machine vision that has attracted attention of so many researchers in recent decades. Video tracking has various applications in military industries, protective systems and machine vision. Target tracking algorithms vary according to their usages. In this paper, it has been attempted to discuss and analyze mobile target tracking techniques and algorithms in Marine.
The Best Piecewise Linearization of Nonlinear Functions  [PDF]
Mohammad Mehdi Mazarei, Ali Asghar Behroozpoor, Ali Vahidian Kamyad
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.520305
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a method for finding the best piecewise linearization of nonlinear functions. For this aim, we try to obtain the best approximation of a nonlinear function as a piecewise linear function. Our method is based on an optimization problem. The optimal solution of this optimization problem is the best piecewise linear approximation of nonlinear function. Finally, we examine our method to some examples.
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