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Maltrato infantil: Una acción interdisciplinaria e interinstitucional en México. Consenso de la Comisión para el Estudio y Atención Integral al Ni o Maltratado. Segunda Parte
Arturo Loredo Abdalá,Jorge Trejo Hernández,Corina García Pi?a,Armando Portillo González
Salud mental , 2011,
Maltrato infantil: Una acción interdisciplinaria e interinstitucional en México. Comisión Nacional para el Estudio y la Atención Integral al Ni o Maltratado. Primera parte
Arturo Loredo Abdalá,Jorge Trejo Hernández,Corina García Pi?a,Armando Portillo González
Salud mental , 2010,
Maltrato infantil y síndrome de muerte súbita del lactante: estrategias para el diagnóstico diferencial
Loredo-Abdalá, Arturo;Trejo-Hernández, Jorge;Jordán-González, Nancy Teresa;López-Navarrete, Gloria;Mu?oz-García, Armando;Perea-Martínez, Arturo;Ridaura-Sainz, Cecilia;
Boletín médico del Hospital Infantil de México , 2006,
Abstract: in the last 2 decades there has been an alarming increase in violent behavior which has resulted in severe injuries to children, that is, child abuse (ca). there is a large number of forms of child aggression, physical abuse being one of them (pha). while it is not the most common, it may be the cause of severe bodily and emotional harm; it may present as a subtle event or as major aggression which could be fatal. the sudden infant death syndrome (sids) is an unexpected and sudden occurrence for which no clinical nor autopsy explanation can be given. there are reports on the possible relation between pha and the ca based on the fact that between 3.5 and 5% of the cases of sids are actually instances of ca. the incidence of this problem in mexico is not known. given the great similarity of family and social history as well as initial clinical findings in both settings, the accurate diagnosis is very difficult. in order to make an accurate diagnosis between these 2 conditions, we propose in this paper a specific approach to be followed by every professional involved in child care, especially by those who handle cases of violence in this age group.
Indústria e servi?os na Macrometrópole Paulista: para a caracteriza??o produtiva de um amplo espa?o econ?mico
Abdal, Alexandre;
Nova Economia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-63512010000200002
Abstract: this article aims to investigate sao paulo's post 1985 locational patterns, with special attention to the development of a wider economic territory, named sao paulo's macrometropolis - constituted by sao paulo's metropolitan region (spmr) and its adjoining regions. its main characteristic is the existence of linkages amongst manufacture and productivity services, in such a pattern that the first tends to become intensive outside spmr and the second, inside it. a further issue must be noted, however. the manufacture remains highly concentrated in spmr. in other words, at least in the case of spmr, the development of productivity services should not be understood as a substitute for manufacture.
Evaluating Model for E-learning Modules According to Selected Criteria: An Object Oriented Approach
Qabas Abdal Zahraa Jabbar
Computer and Information Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v5n5p69
Abstract: This paper aims at developing an applied system to evaluate the e-Learning Modules (eLMs) depending on selected related criteria. Those criteria concern with many fields as well as many factors like, learning theories, computer science, instructional computer, software engineering, educational sciences, language criteria, economical factors, etc. Therefore the authors expressed the term of selected criteria to reflect the meaning of integrated factors of the environment deals with the developed eLM. However eLM for any subject requires for a systematic steps of integrated work depending on the model which is considered by the developer. Mostly the output of a stage represents the input of the next step. Our model will cover all steps in details. Thus such model could be considered not only to evaluate the developed eLMs but it could be used during process of developing because many items of criteria are designed so as to be a guide for developer during development of eLM. Developer should consider eLMs while he/she develops an eLM. Finally the authors presented selected eLM to apply the evaluating model, outcomes of the evaluations process lead to the needful conclusion.
Transverse shear warping functions for anisotropic multilayered plates
Alexandre Loredo
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: In this work, transverse shear warping functions for an equivalent single layer plate model are formulated from a variational approach. The part of the strain energy which involves the shear phenomenon is expressed in function of the warping functions and their derivatives. The variational calculus leads to a differential system of equations which warping functions must verify. Solving this system requires the choice of values for the (global) shear strains and their derivatives. A particular choice, which is justified for cross-ply laminates, leads to excellent results. For single layer isotropic and orthotropic plates, an analytical expression of the warping functions is given. They involve hyperbolic trigonometric functions. They differ from the z - 4/3z3 Reddy's formula which has been found to be a limit of present warping functions for isotropic and moderately thick plates. When the h/L and/or the G13/E1 ratios significantly differ from those of isotropic and moderately thick plates, a difference between present warping functions and Reddy's formula can be observed, even for the isotropic single layer plate. Finite element simulations agree perfectly with the present warping functions in these cases. For multilayer cross-ply configurations, the warping functions are determined using a semi-analytical procedure. They have been compared to results of 3D finite element simulations. They are in excellent agreement. For angle-ply laminates, the above process gives warping functions that seem to have relevant shapes, even if the choice for global shear values cannot be justified in this case. No finite element comparison has been presented at this time because it is difficult to propose boundary conditions and prescribed load that permit to isolate the shear phenomenon.
A multilayered plate theory with transverse shear and normal warping functions
A. Loredo
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2015.08.084
Abstract: A multilayered plate theory which takes into account transverse shear and normal stretching is presented. The theory is based on a seven-unknowns kinematic field with five warping functions. Four warping functions are related to the transverse shear behaviour, the fifth is related to the normal stretching. The warping functions are issued from exact three-dimensional solutions. They are related to the variations of transverse shear and normal stresses computed at specific points for a simply supported bending problem. Reddy, Cho-Parmerter and (a modified version of) Beakou-Touratier theories have been retained for comparisons. Extended versions of these theories, able to manage the normal stretching, are also considered. All these theories can be emulated by the kinematic field of the present model thanks to the adaptation of the five warping functions. Results of all these theories are confronted and compared to analytical solutions, for the bending of simply supported plates. Various plates are considered, with special focus on very low length-to-thickness ratios: an isotropic plate, two homogeneous orthotropic plates with ply orientation of $0$ and $5$ degrees, a $[0/c/0]$ sandwich panel and a $[-45/0/45/90]_s$ composite plate. Results show that models are more accurate if their kinematic fields (i) depend on all material properties (not only the transverse shear stiffnesses) (ii) depend on the length-to-thickness ratio (iii) present a coupling between the $x$ and $y$ directions.
Exact 3D solution for static and damped harmonic response of simply supported general laminates
Alexandre Loredo
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2013.09.059
Abstract: The state-space method is adapted to obtain three dimensional exact solutions for the static and damped dynamic behaviors of simply supported general laminates. The state-space method is written in a general form that permits to handle both cross-ply and antisymmetric angle-ply laminates. This general form also permits to obtain exact solutions for general laminates, albeit with some constraints. For the general case and for the static behavior, either an additive term is added to the load to simulate simply supported boundary conditions, or the plate bends in a particular way. For the dynamic behavior, the general case leads to pairs of natural frequencies for each order, with associated mode shapes. Finite element simulations have been performed to validate most of the results presented in this study. As the boundary conditions needed for the general case are not so straightforward, a specific discussion has been added. It is shown that these boundary conditions also work for the two aforementioned laminate classes. The damped harmonic response of a non symmetrical isotropic sandwich is studied for different frequencies around the fundamental frequency. The static and undamped dynamic behaviors of the [-15/15], [0/30/0] and [-10/0/40] laminates are studied for various length-to-thickness ratios.
Educa??o e trabalho: a inser??o dos ocupados de nível superior no mercado formal
Lima, Márcia;Abdal, Alexandre;
Sociologias , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222007000100009
Abstract: this article is aimed at understanding the impact of complete higher education on the situation of individuals in the job market. for that, its reference was a crucial attribute in terms of qualification: belonging to the formal world. based on rais data, it seeks to demonstrate how the combination of quality of legal labor situation and quality of the workforce plays a significant role on income in the job market. furthermore, in order to verify the weight of local social-productive dynamics in the workings of the job market, the issues investigated were examined in three metropolitan areas: s?o paulo, porto alegre, and salvador.
The salt of the earth
Silvia Padilla Loredo
Medwave , 2012,
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