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现代图书情报技术 , 2007,
Abstract: ?分析数字水印的理论基础,对比几种常用的数字水印算法,详细介绍arnold数字图像置乱和逆变换还原原理及算法思想,使用matlab对算法可行性和健壮性进行验证。实现一种基于interopencv库和arnonld变换数字水印模型。
计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: ?鉴于二值图像的特殊性,提出了一种适用于二值图像的水印算法。该方案结合arnold置乱算法,通过翻转图像内满足视觉约束条件的像素来达到添加水印的目的。实验表明,使用该算法不仅改善了水印的不可见性,提高了水印的嵌入容量,而且实现了水印的盲提取。
计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: ?以数字水印技术为背景,介绍了基于二值图像arnold变换置乱和周期性,详细地讨论置乱度,提出了一种图像分块后像素值方差和像素点与4邻域灰度差值相结合的最佳置乱度计算方法。实验结果表明,该最佳置乱度计算方法能很好地反映二值图像的置乱程度并与主观视觉效果相一致。
计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: ?提出基于小波包的离散小波变换和均值量化的音频水印算法。该算法的主要特点是:1)将音频信号根据嵌入的水印图像大小自适应地分段。利用arnold变换对水印图像进行预处理,消除水印图像的相关性,提高图像的抗攻击性。2)采用小波包的离散小波变换,增加嵌入和提取效率,提高水印的透明性。3)水印信息嵌入到均值中,有较好的不可感知性。仿真实验表明:嵌入水印后音频的不可感知性较高,能够有效地抗击有损压缩、低通滤波和剪切等攻击。
Digital Water Marking for Digital Anti-forgery Applied Research

Jin Dawei Zhou Ning Chen Yongyue,

现代图书情报技术 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper analyzes the digital watermark rationale,contrastes several kinds of commonly used digital watermarks algorithm.The paper introduces the Arnold digital image set at chaotic and the principle of inverse transformation return to original state.The algorithm feasibility and the toughness are carried out by Matlab.Finally,this paper realizes a digital watermark model based on Inter the OpenCV class and the Arnonld transformation.
Encrpyted and adaptive digital watermarking algorithm in DCT domain

DING Liu,CHENG Xian-yi,XU Bo,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Aiming at the defect of self-adaptability in normal digital watermarking algorithm of DCT domain, proposed an encrypted and adaptive digital watermarking algorithm using Arnold and DCT transformation. Transformed the watermarking by Arnold transformation before being embedded. On the one hand, it reduced the relativity among watermarking data. On the other hand, it also hugely increased the security of watermarking through dealing with watermarking data. Embedded some DCT coefficients in watermarking by JPEG matrix. It dynamically and adaptively adjusted the embedded intensity, which made it have a good effect in embedding .At the same time, it ensured the concealed character of watermarking. The experiment shows that the proposed algorithm has very strong robustness for some common image processing operations such as median filtering, Gauss noise, salt-pepper noise and JPEG compression, etc attack.
The best image scrambling degree of binary image based on Arnold transform

HUANG Liang-yong,XIAO De-gui,

计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: In the context of digital watermark technology, this paper introduced binary image based Arnold transform and periodicity, and discussed the calculation methods of image scrambling degree in detail so that it elaborated the best formula of image scrambling degree with the combination of pixel value variance as well as pixels and 4 differ of the gray-level. The results show that the calculating method of the best image scrambling degree can well reveal the consistency of binary image scrambling degree and subjective visual effects.
Watermarking in binary image based on Arnold transformation

LIU Fang,JIA Cheng,YUAN Zheng,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: In view of the particularity of binary image, a digital watermarking algorithm was proposed for binary image. Watermark was put into an original image by using Arnold transformation and flipping the pixels which met the visual constraints. Experimental results show that the algorithm not only improves the unobtrusiveness and embedding capacity of watermark, but also realizes the blind watermarking.
Encryption Algorithm of Colored Watermark Image Based on Arnold Transform and Lorenz Chaos System


计算机系统应用 , 2012,
Abstract: This algorithm uses the Arnold transformation and the color image scrambling definition, to solve the Lorenz chaos system's dynamic equation, to obtain three chaos sequences. Then it carries on scrambling processing after Arnold scrambling's each color component. The simulation experiment result indicated that this algorithm has overcome the Arnold transformation and the Lorenz chaos system's shortcoming, can resist many kinds of attacks, enables the high security of the colored watermark image.
北京邮电大学学报 , 2008, DOI: 10.13190/jbupt.200801.97.060
Abstract: 提出了一种新的图像数字水印算法.利用纠错编码和Arnold变换对二值水印图像进行预处理,将其作为水印嵌入到原始灰度图像的位平面中,提高了算法的安全性.在嵌入位置的选择上,通过在Arnold置乱过程中对最佳置乱度的计算,生成密钥Key,生成和再现水印嵌入位置,实现了水印的盲提取.仿真和攻击检测试验表明,该算法对常见的噪声干扰和图像处理方法,如高斯噪声、椒盐噪声、JPEG压缩、剪切等具有鲁棒性.
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