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Moral Dilemma Judgment Revisited: A Loreta Analysis  [PDF]
Armando Freitas da Rocha, Fábio Theoto Rocha, Eduardo Massad
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2013.38066

Background: Recent neuroscience investigations on moral judgment have provided useful information about how brain processes such complex decision making. All these studies carried out so far were fMRI investigations and therefore were constrained by the poor temporal resolution of this technique. Recent advances in electroencephalography (EEG) analysis provided by Low Resolution Tomogray (Loreta), Principal Component (PCA), Correlation and Regression Analysis improved EEG spatial resolution and made EEG a very useful technique in decision-making studies. Methods: Here, we reinvestigate previous fMRI study of personal (PD) and impersonal (ID) moral dilemma judgment, taking profit of these new EEG analysis improvements. Results: PCA analysis disclosed three different patterns of brain activity associated with dilemma judgment. These patterns are proposed to disclose the neural circuits involved in benefit and risk evaluation, calculating intention to act and controlling decision-making. Regression analysis showed that activity at some cortical areas favors action implementation by increasing intention to act, while activity at some other areas opposes it by decreasing intention to act. Comparison with Existing Methods: Compared to the previous fMRI results, Loreta and PCA revealed a much greater number of cortical areas involved in dilemma judgment, whose temporal and spatial distribution were different for ID compared to PD. The present paper suggests that whenever final temporal details of the decision making process are desired,

Brain and Law: An EEG Study of How We Decide or Not to Implement a Law  [PDF]
Armando Freitas da Rocha, Eduardo Massad, Fabio Theoto Rocha, Marcelo Nascimento Burattini
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2014.412054
Abstract: Brazil has introduced a referendum regarding the prohibition of firearm commerce and propaganda arguments have invoked socially and personally driven issues in the promotion of voting in favor of and against firearm control, respectively. Here, we used different techniques to study the brain activity associated with a voter’s perception of the truthfulness of these arguments and their influence on voting decisions. Low-resolution tomography was used to identify the possible different sets of neurons activated in the analysis of the different types of propaganda. Linear correlation was used to calculate the amount information H(ei) provided to different electrodes about how these sets of neurons enroll themselves to carry out this cognitive analysis. The results clearly showed that vote decision was not influenced by arguments that were introduced by propaganda, which was typically driven by specific social or self-interest motives. However, different neural circuits were identified in the analysis of each type of propaganda argument, independently of the declared vote (for or against the control) intention.
The Brain as a Distributed Intelligent Processing System: An EEG Study
Armando Freitas da Rocha,Fábio Theoto Rocha,Eduardo Massad
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0017355
Abstract: Various neuroimaging studies, both structural and functional, have provided support for the proposal that a distributed brain network is likely to be the neural basis of intelligence. The theory of Distributed Intelligent Processing Systems (DIPS), first developed in the field of Artificial Intelligence, was proposed to adequately model distributed neural intelligent processing. In addition, the neural efficiency hypothesis suggests that individuals with higher intelligence display more focused cortical activation during cognitive performance, resulting in lower total brain activation when compared with individuals who have lower intelligence. This may be understood as a property of the DIPS.
Mental retadation: a MRI study of 146 Brazilian children
Rocha, Armando Freitas da;Leite, Cláudia da Costa;Rocha, Fábio Theoto;Massad, Eduardo;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;Angelotti, Sueli Aparecida de Oliveira;Gomes, Eloisa Helena Garcia;Oliveira, Carla Cristina M.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2006000200003
Abstract: we report results of a magnetic ressonance imaging (mri) study of 146 brazilian children, whose intelligence quotient scored less than 70. 50% of mri examinations did not exhibit any signal of structural lesion (n group), whereas a focal thinning at the junction of the body and splenium of the corpus callosum; ventricular asymmetry; periventricular leukomalacia; gliosis and arachnoid cysts were among the most frequent findings in the remaining of subjects (l group). maternal stress and altered blood pressure were the most frequent findings in the pre-natal history of both n and l children. familial antecedents of mental deficiency were reported in 30% of both groups, whereas familiar history of alcoholism was important in n group (60% in n versus 0% in l groups). neuropsychomotor development was delayed in 80% of the children in both groups. aggressiveness is the most frequent finding in the post-natal children history.
Casado da Rocha,Antonio; Menéndez Viso,Armando;
Praxis Filosófica , 2008,
Abstract: this article offers a perspective on recent developments in bioethics, a field in which the distinction between fact and value is pervasive. by surveying how the word “value” is used in principle- based, mainstream biomedical ethics, it is shown that some uses enforce an essentialist tendency to speak of values as freestanding entities.as an illustration and explanation of the increasing pervasiveness of this language, both in english-speaking and spanish-speaking bioethics, we describe the role of “value talk” in recent writings by diego gracia.we focus on how his proposal of a methodology for bioethics uses the fact/value dichotomy, and analyse his position in relation to the agenda for the debate on the concepts of health and disease proposed by george khushf. as a conclusion, we suggest an alternative way of thinking about values in order to overcome the dichotomy.
Mathematical Modeling for Isotherms of Mango Pulp Powder, Obtained by Atomization  [PDF]
érica Mil? de Freitas Felipe Rocha, Sueli Rodrigues, Marcos Rodrigues Amorim Afonso, José Maria Correia da Costa
Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences (JEAS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jeas.2014.41002
Abstract: Mango, as the other fruits, is a perishable food that can be easily deteriorated and presents high levels of post-harvest loss. Therefore, dehydration is an important alternative to use the production excess. In this context, this work aimed at evaluating the hygroscopic behavior of the integral mango pulp powder, obtained by atomization, by means of adsorption isotherm. After applying BET’s, GAB’s, Henderson’s and Oswin’s mathematical models, it was possible to identify that the equations for two models were perfectly adjusted to the experimental results of mango pulp powder. Henderson’s model was the best adjusted experimental curve and showed the lowest average error (E) and the highest determination coefficient (R2) at all temperatures studied.
Diagnosis of Boron Deficiency in Green Dwarf Coconut Palm  [PDF]
Leandro Glaydson da Rocha Pinho, Pedro Henrique Monnerat, André Assis Pires, Marta Simone Mendon?a Freitas, Claudio Roberto Marciano
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/as.2015.61015
Abstract: The diagnosis of boron deficiency in coconut palms has been hampered by lack of information about its distribution in the plant. Two experiments were conducted, one in a greenhouse to induce boron deficiency in dwarf green coconut palms, and other in the field, in which the plants received doses of boric acid, B(OH)3. The objective was to verify symptoms of boron deficiency and boron content variation in canopy, leaves and folioles (or leaflets). Boron deficient plants led leaves and folioles to become deformed. The deficient and sufficient contents of boron varied significantly in the canopy, but did not vary in leaves. The boron content increased significantly from bottom to the apex of the folioles in both treatments. To survey the level of boron in the coconut palm, the ideal is, using samples taken from the youngest leaf, to calculate the relation between the boron content in the apex of the foliole and the content in the center or in the folioles bottom, with minimum values 2.2 or 2.7, respectively.
A??es neuroprotetoras da vitamina C no corpo estriado de ratos após convuls?es induzidas pela pilocarpina
Freitas, Rivelilson Mendes de;Tomé, Adriana da Rocha;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832010000300002
Abstract: background: seizures may produce neuronal damage in several areas and especially in limbic structures. objectives: this study aimed to evaluate the neuroprotective effects of vitamin c in the histopathological changes observed in rat striatum after seizures. material and methods: healthy wistar rats were divided into four groups. the first group was treated with 0.9% saline (control group) and the second one with pilocarpine (400 mg/kg, p400 group). third and fourth groups were treated with vitamin c (250 mg/kg), 30 minutes before receiving p400 (p400 + vit c group) or 0.9% saline (vit c group), respectively. after the treatments, all groups were observed for 24 hours, sacrificed and dissected out to remove their brains for histopathological analysis. results: the group p400 presented seizures that progressed to status epilepticus in 75% of the animals. pretreatment with vitamin c produced a 35% reduction in this index. p400 and p400 + vit c groups revealed 80% and 20% of animals with brain injury, respectively. in p400 group, lesion severity of the striatum was 50%. in turn, in striatal region of animals treated with p400 + vit c group, we detected a reduction of 40% in the severity degree. discussion: pilocarpine-induced seizures are installed by the cholinergic system and propagated by free radicals and by glutamatergic system, leading to brain damage. the antioxidant drugs may have therapeutic potential for epileptic patients to protect against brain injure through removing free radicals produced, suggesting that vitamin c may influence epileptogenesis and promote neuroprotective actions during seizures.
O currículo em educa o de jovens e adultos em Maceió na perspectiva de rede temática
Adriana Rocely Viana da Rocha,Marinaide Lima de Queiroz Freitas
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o de Jovens e Adultos , 2013,
Abstract: Nestes escritos, enfatizamos a experiência de uma proposta curricular na perspectiva de rede temática no II segmento da Educa o de Jovens e Adultos, em Maceió, em escolas públicas municipais. é uma investiga o de base qualitativa, que se utilizou da entrevista e de grupo focal, que permitiram, por meio das vozes e dos olhares dos sujeitos envolvidos, a análise dos avan os e limites dessa experiência curricular. Os avan os evidenciados ficaram no plano político-pedagógico, principalmente em fun o do comprometimento dos atores envolvidos. Os limites ficaram por conta dos condicionantes institucionais, que para serem superados, requer que os gestores públicos assumam, de fato, uma política educacional voltada para as camadas populares na rede pública municipal de educa o de Maceió
Confiabilidade de vigas metálicas dimensionadas pela norma brasileira NBR 8800
Freitas, Marcílio Sousa da Rocha;Castanheira, Aparecida Mucci;Freitas, Arlene Maria Sarmanho;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672007000200008
Abstract: the study of structural reliability is related to the assessment the probability of limit state violations in a structural system. once the designer defines the relevant limits of the structural system, the safety level of these limits must be evaluated. a reliability study of hot-rolled i beams in a flexure limited state, designed in accordance with brazilian code nbr 8800 (1986) and draft of new nbr 8800 (2003) was done by the first order reliability method (form). variations of the reliability index (b) versus slenderness are plotted, and finally a methodology to obtain uniform reliability in a limited-state domain by adopting correction procedures for the strength factor is presented.
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