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Computed tomography guided needle biopsy in the head and neck region
Hellenic Archives of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , 2011,
Abstract: SUMMARY: Introduction: The search for new methods of diagnostic identification of lesions and diseases in cases posing differential diagnostic challenges, as well as the objective of creating the least possible discomfort for patients, have led to the application and use of new technologies. Guided biopsy is a technique used to obtain biopsy samples, avoiding open biopsy and by extension, the possibility of tumour dissemination. Aim: In this paper, we seek to present the experience we have gained from using computed tomography guided needle biopsy in cases involving differential diagnostic difficulties. Material-Method: This technique was applied in cases of lesions in the head and neck region,where neither fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) nor open biopsy could be used to establish diagnosis. In areas where post-operation or post-radiation scars are present,imaging is necessary, especially when suspicion of recurrence is raised. The identification of benign lesions or local recurrence of malignant tumours can help prevent surgical interventions or malpractices. Results: The diagnostic accuracy of computed tomography guided needle biopsy was very high, since in 90% of the cases presented here it helped establish the correct diagnosis. Conclusions:Computed tomography guided needle biopsy is a safe technique in the hands of experienced interventional radiologists and maxillofacial surgeons.
Juvenile psammomatoid ossifying fibroma. Case report
Hellenic Archives of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , 2012,
Abstract: Ossifying fibroma (OS) represents a slow growing, benign neoplasm that belongs to the greater group of fibro-osseous lesions. Based on its histological features, ossifying fibroma is divided into: a) juvenile trabecular OS and b) juvenile psammomatoid OS which affects mainly the paranasal sinuses of children and teenagers aging from 5 to 15 years.A rare case of juvenile psammomatoid ossifying fibroma in a 30 year old male patient located in the left mandibular ramus is presented. Treatment plan included radical surgical excision of the lesion and restoration with autologous osteochondral graft from the 6th rib of the ipsilateral side.
Clustering High-Dimensional Data: The Expression of E-cadherin, CD44 and p53 Molecules in Lip Cancer
Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Biostatistics , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: Clustering techniques can determine which expression patterns are important and which genes contribute to such patterns. We evaluate performance on data from a lip carcinoma study in Greece. Lip carcinoma is one of the most common malignant oral and maxillofacial tumours and in advanced clinical stages has a poor prognosis. E-cadherin, CD44 and p53 molecules are associated with cellular adhesion. Material and Methods: To prepare for clustering, we divided each of the median normalized gene expression values by the range of that gene. Next, we set our prior parameters and we performed the final inference using pooled sets of Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) runs. After pooling the chains, we grouped the data into clusters and selected E-cadherin, CD44 and p53 molecules using the marginal median model as cut off. The selection of a small set of genes is advantageous here. A small number of selected genes is appealing to biologists because they constitute a manageable set of candidates on which further studies can be performed. Results: E-cadherin, CD44 and p53 molecules were selected as discriminatory. Results highlight the fact that clustering method has successfully selected genes that are biologically consistent with current research and that provide strong biological validation of the cluster configuration suggested. Conclusion: A clustering method that takes advantage of known substructure in the data when simultaneously clustering high-dimensional data with an unknown number of clusters, and selecting the best discriminating variables for those clusters implies the opportunity to handle bigger datasets. When analyzing real data, clustering has found three genes that agree with current biological research and literature and that provide biological validation of the cluster configuration. Overall, clustering can provide biologists with both useful and manageable information for further experimental research.
Benign Fibrous Histiocytoma of the Buccal Mucosa: Case Report and Literature Review
Paraskevi Giovani,Anna Patrikidou,Aris Ntomouchtsis,Soultana Meditskou,Henri Thuau,Kostas Vahtsevanos
Case Reports in Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/306148
Abstract: Benign fibrous histiocytoma is an interesting and challenging entity even in its most usual, cutaneous presentation. Noncutaneous presentation is extremely limited, even more so for the mucosa of the head and neck area. We herein report such a case, describing the clinical characteristics of the lesion, complete diagnostic evaluation, management, and follow-up. Diagnostic histopathological challenges are specifically illustrated. A complete review of the relevant literature is also included.
The use of biodegradable osteosynthesis materials in orthognathic surgery
Aris Ntomouchtsis, Lampros Zouloumis, Maria Lazaridou, Nikolaos Topouzelis, Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, Nikolaos Lazaridis
Hellenic Archives of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , 2010,
Abstract: Bioadegradable osteosynthesis materials are an alternative solution to titanium material that have been used for many decades. Their introduction into Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was gradual, and now they are also used in osteotomies. Patients - methods: Representative cases of patients who underwent osteotomies, in which osteosynthesis was achieved by means of bioabsorbable material are presented. Results: Depending on their individual preoperative planning, patients underwent the following operations: typical LeFort I maxillary osteotomy, mandibular sagittal split osteotomy and horizontal genioplasty to correct progenism. In 3 of these 4 cases, no complications were reported in the immediate postoperative period. In one case of bimaxillary osteotomy, the bioabsorbable material was fractured at the LeFort I osteotomy line. That patient underwent a second operation, and the bioabsorbable devices were replaced by titanium plates. Conclusions: It can be said that, after their introduction into craniofacial traumatology, biodegradable materials claim their share in orthognathic surgery as well. In certain cases of orthognathic osteotomies and following instructions for their use, bioabsorbable osteosynthesis material can produce significant benefits for patients, without sacrificing preoperative orthognathic planning.
Squamous cell carcinoma of the lip commissure. A 10-year retrospective study (1995-2004
Aris Ntomouchtsis, , Chrisoula Iliopoulou, Eleni Papadopoulou, Nikolaos Kechagias,, Konstantinos Vahtsevanos, Kiriaki Kitikidou,, Eleni Bourlidou, Konstantinos Antoniades, Konstantinos Kontos
Hellenic Archives of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , 2011,
Abstract: The lips which constitute special anatomic structures, exposed in various irritant and traumatic factors, have increased danger to develop pathological lesions. A retrospective study of patients with squamous cell carcinomas of the lip commissure treated in the department of OMFS of the Cancer Hospital during the period 1995-2004 is presented.Thirteen such cases were studied and statistically analyzed,12 men and 1 woman. 8 farmers, a profession with intense exposure to the solar radiation. 10 patients presented with neck metastases, 3 at the time of initial examination, and 7 at a later point. 9 from the 10 patients were submitted to neck dissection, while 1 was not treated surgically due to lung metastases. The follow-up of the patients had an average of 49.23 months. Today six patients (46.17%) are disease free, three(23.07%) died from the disease and four (30.76%) from other reasons. Patients with lip carcinomas of the commissure usually are found to be at advanced stages, which lead to wide excisions and complex reconstruction. In these patients a selective neck dissection should be performed for a N0 neck and a modified radical neck dissection for a N+ neck.
Comparison Effectiveness Breast Milk and Dry Sterile Gauze to Treatment Umbilical Cord  [PDF]
Aris Hartono, Nasrul Hadi Purwanto
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2016.62010
Abstract: Infection of the umbilical cord has been the cause of illness and death constantly in different countries. Each year 500,000 infants die from neonatal tetanus and 460,000 infants die from bacterial infections. One way that is currently being developed is the use breast milk. Various kinds of content of nutrients and substances that exist in breast milk may reduce the risk of incidence of the infection so that the baby can avoid the incidence of umbilical cord infection. This type of research is quasy experiments with static group comparison. The research data are obtained by researchers using observation sheet, then the data are tabulated. Results of the observation of the time required in the treatment of breast milk and umbilical cord using dry Sterile gauze then compare and conclusions draw an average release time of each media. From the results, the average time of the release of the umbilical cord using breast milk is for 127.41 hours and the average time of the release of the umbilical cord using dry Sterile gauze is for 157.38 hours. From the results of correlation Mann Whitney test with significance level α = 0.05 is obtained significance value (p) of 0.00. It takes a more active research and in a greater scope to conduct more studies in the use of breast milk to use for umbilicard cord of the baby. That requires the active participation of various stakeholders to provide support in implementing it.
Shoreline Change Analysis in Demak, Indonesia  [PDF]
Komariah Ervita, Muh Aris Marfai
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2017.88059
Abstract: Demak Regency is located in Central Java Province Indonesia bordering the Java Sea. Intense activities in the coastal area of Demak have caused changes in the shoreline. This paper aimed to determine the shoreline change for 25 years and to identify the major factors that influenced those changes in the coastal area of Demak. A shoreline change analysis was conducted based on Multitemporal Landsat satellite imagery with sensors of Thematic Mapper (TM), Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (ETM+), and Operational Land Imager (OLI). This study used the data from multitemporal Landsat imagery of year 1990, 1994, 1999, 2002, 2008, 2011, and 2015. Identification of the shoreline was performed through band ratio, histogram threshold, and composite band 457 methods. An erosion and accretion analysis has been done using the wind data via the processing of Wind Rose Plot (WRPLOT), wave prediction using Sverdrup Munk Bretschneider (SMB) method, tide data processing to know the value of Mean High Water Level (MHWL), Mean Sea Level (MSL), Mean Low Water Level (MLWL), and Lowest Low Water Level (LLWL), as well as currents data processing that has been implemented to achieve the goal. The research results showed that the shoreline change in Demak Regency was quite distinct compared to several previous years due to erosion and accretion processes. The greatest shoreline change happened in Sayung District and Wedung District. Sayung District was likely to experience erosion process while Wedung District tended to show accretion process. Several physical factors that became the major influence on these changes were the wind, waves, currents, and tides.
Endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer: A ten-year cohort study of women living in the Estrie Region of Quebec, Canada
Aziz Aris
Journal of Ovarian Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1757-2215-3-2
Abstract: We collected data of women diagnosed with endometriosis, ovarian cancer or both, between 1997 and 2006, from a population living in the Estrie region of Quebec. We performed this retrospective cross-sectional study from the CIRESSS (Centre Informatisé de Recherche évaluative en Services et Soins de Santé) system, the database of the CHUS (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Sherbrooke), Sherbrooke, Canada.Among the 2854 identified patients, 2521 had endometriosis, 292 patients had ovarian cancer and 41 patients had both ovarian cancer and endometriosis. We showed a constant increase in the number of ovarian cancer (OC) between 1997 and 2006 (r2 = 0.557, P = 0.013), which is not the case for endometriosis (ENDO) or endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer (EAOC). The mean age ± SD was 40.0 ± 9.9 and 53.9 ± 11.4 for patients having ENDO and OC, respectively. Mean age of women with EAOC was 48.3 ± 10.8, suggesting an early onset of ovarian cancer in women having endometriosis of about 5.5 years average, P = 0.003. Women with ENDO were at increased risk for developing OC (Rate Ratio [RR] = 1.6; 95% Confidence Interval [CI] = 1.12-2.09). Pathological analyses showed the predominance of endometrioid type (24.4%) and clear-cell type (21.9%) types in EAOC compared to OC, P = 0.0070 and 0.0029, respectively. However, the serous type is the most widespread in OC (44.5%) in comparison to EAOC (19.51%), P = 0.0023.Our findings highlight that the number of cases of ovarian cancer is constantly increasing in the last ten years and that endometriosis represents a serious risk factor which accelerates its apparition by about 5.5 years.According to Ovarian Cancer Canada citing Statistics from the National Ovarian Cancer Survey: Perspectives of Canadian Women and Health Care Professionals (1999) [1]. Ovarian cancer (OC) affects about 1 in 70 Canadian women. About 2300 new cases of ovarian cancer are found in women in Canada each year. About 1600 Canadian women die each year of this di
Origen del melanocito normal y maligno
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2009,
Abstract: melanocytes are specialized cells that produce melanin, the most important pigment responsible for the coloration of skin, eyes and hair. the origin of melanocytes, their migration during the embryo development process from the neural crest to the epidermis, the molecular signals involved in the acquisition of both differentiated and functional states, and the issue of keeping undifferentiated reserve cells or stem cells will be discussed in this article. on the other hand, these facts will be related to the origin of melanoma, tumor pathology derived from the transformation of melanocytes. particularly, the etiology and the different models proposed to explain the origin of this disease will be discussed, especially the model of cancer stem cells.
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