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Bile acid biosynthesis and its regulation
Areta Hebanowska
Post?py Higieny i Medycyny Do?wiadczalnej , 2010,
Abstract: Bile acid biosynthesis is the main pathway of cholesterol catabolism. Bile acids are more soluble than cholesterol so are easier to excrete. As amphipathic molecules they participate in lipid digestion and absorption in the intestine and they help to excrete free cholesterol with bile. They are also ligands for nuclear receptors regulating the expression of genes involved in cholesterol metabolism. Interconversion of cholesterol into bile acids is an important point of its homeostasis. Seventeen enzymes are engaged in this process and many of them are cytochromes P450. Bile acid synthesis initiation may proceed with the “classical” pathway (starting with cholesterol hydroxylation at the C7α position) or the “alternative” pathway (starting with cholesterol hydroxylation at the C27 position). Two additional pathways are possible, though their quantitative significance is small (initiated with cholesterol hydroxylations of C24 and C25 positions). Oxysterols produced are not only intermediates of bile acid biosynthesis but also important regulators of metabolism. Bile acid biosynthesis takes place in the liver, but some enzymes are also present in other organs, where they participate in regulation of cholesterol metabolism. Those enzymes are potential targets for new drugs against cholesterol metabolism disturbances. This article is a brief description of the bile acid biosynthesis pathway and participating enzymes.
El barroco y sus máscaras: Vida y sucesos de la Monja Alférez
Areta Marigó, Gema
Anuario de Estudios Americanos , 1999,
Abstract: También existieron en el mundo fronterizo de las Indias mujeres rebeldes que lucharon por la integridad de una parte de su ser. La Vida y sucesos de la Monja Alférez es sin lugar a dudas uno de los casos más interesantes de simulación barroca, porque con el disfraz llegó el escándalo y una teatralidad imposible de soportar. La confesión de Catalina de Erauso ejecuta ese doble movimiento propio de una vida en confusión y dispersión: el de huida de sí, y el de buscar algo que le sostenga y aclare. (Así lo ense a al menos María Zambrano). Como alegoría fundamental, la imposibilidad de guardar el secreto y los efectos de una comunicación controlada por la jerarquía.
El Chorlo de Espolón (Vanellus cayanus) en Argentina
Jensen,Roberto; Areta,Juan I.;
El hornero , 2007,
Abstract: the status of the pied plover (vanellus cayanus) in argentina has not been thoroughly evaluated. after almost 90 years since the only argentine specimen was collected in misiones province (subsequently reported lost) and a sight record from 20 years ago, we photographed a pied plover in salta province and rediscovered the unique misiones skin. the presence of the pied plover in argentina could be attributed to short distance movements. we present and analyse previous records for the species in argentina.
Dos nuevos dormilones para la avifauna argentina (Chordeiles acutipennis y Caprimulgus maculicaudus) y comentarios sobre hábitat, comportamiento y geonemia en Paraguay
Bodrati,Alejandro; Areta,Juan Ignacio;
El hornero , 2010,
Abstract: we present records of two caprimulgid species hitherto unreported for argentina: the lesser nighthawk (chordeiles acutipennis), and the spot-tailed nightjar (caprimulgus maculicaudus). the genus caprimulgus would thus be represented by five species in argentina, and the genus chordeiles by three. chordeiles acutipennis was observed (without formal evidence) in the provinces of salta, chaco and formosa, and caprimulgus maculicaudus was observed and tape-recorded in misiones province. we discuss fieldmarks of chordeiles acutipennis. we provide other observations and records of both species in paraguay, where chordeiles acutipennis is considered hypothetical, and also describe the display of caprimulgus maculicaudus in detail.
Comportamiento, identificación y relación con la floración de ca?as del Espiguero Negro (Tiaris fuliginosa) en Misiones, Argentina
Areta,Juan I.; Bodrati,Alejandro;
El hornero , 2008,
Abstract: we report numerous sightings of the sooty grassquit (tiaris fuliginosa) at four localities in the interior atlantic forest of misiones, argentina: parque provincial caá-yarí, puerto iguazú, parque nacional iguazú, and three sites at península andresito. we recorded grassquits feeding on seeds of cola de zorro (setaria sp.), and on two bamboo species: takuarusu (guadua chacoensis) and takuarembo (chusquea ramosissima). we describe the habitats in which our sightings took place, foraging behaviour, vocalizations and some aspects of breeding. we also provide data on plumage and other external features of the sooty grassquit that allow for a safe discrimination from other similar seed-eating birds in the atlantic forest. the patchy geographic distribution pattern of the sooty grassquit, its nomadism, its presence in argentina close to the end of the seeding of takuapi (merostachys claussenii) and in seeding takuarembo stands, and its abundance during the seeding of takuarusu suggest that long term survival of this species might be more dependent upon bamboo seeding than has been previously suspected.
Daytime pattern of post-exercise protein intake affects whole-body protein turnover in resistance-trained males
Moore Daniel R,Areta Jose,Coffey Vernon G,Stellingwerff Trent
Nutrition & Metabolism , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1743-7075-9-91
Abstract: Background The pattern of protein intake following exercise may impact whole-body protein turnover and net protein retention. We determined the effects of different protein feeding strategies on protein metabolism in resistance-trained young men. Methods Participants were randomly assigned to ingest either 80g of whey protein as 8x10g every 1.5h (PULSE; n=8), 4x20g every 3h (intermediate, INT; n=7), or 2x40g every 6h (BOLUS; n=8) after an acute bout of bilateral knee extension exercise (4x10 repetitions at 80% maximal strength). Whole-body protein turnover (Q), synthesis (S), breakdown (B), and net balance (NB) were measured throughout 12h of recovery by a bolus ingestion of [15N]glycine with urinary [15N]ammonia enrichment as the collected end-product. Results PULSE Q rates were greater than BOLUS (~19%, P<0.05) with a trend towards being greater than INT (~9%, P=0.08). Rates of S were 32% and 19% greater and rates of B were 51% and 57% greater for PULSE as compared to INT and BOLUS, respectively (P<0.05), with no difference between INT and BOLUS. There were no statistical differences in NB between groups (P=0.23); however, magnitude-based inferential statistics revealed likely small (mean effect±90%CI; 0.59±0.87) and moderate (0.80±0.91) increases in NB for PULSE and INT compared to BOLUS and possible small increase (0.42±1.00) for INT vs. PULSE. Conclusion We conclude that the pattern of ingested protein, and not only the total daily amount, can impact whole-body protein metabolism. Individuals aiming to maximize NB would likely benefit from repeated ingestion of moderate amounts of protein (~20g) at regular intervals (~3h) throughout the day.
Autonomia das escolas públicas: limites e possibilidades/Autonomy in public school: limits and possibilities
Areta Held Previatti,Maria Eugênia Castanho,Carolina Messora Bagnolo
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2007,
Abstract: O presente estudo teve como principal problemática o exame da autonomia da escola pública. Procuramos investigar os fatores que influenciam essa autonomia a fim de constatar se existem mais possibilidades ou mais limites. Para isto priorizou-se a pesquisa bibliográfica e, a fim de considerar a prática e ter dados empíricos para análise, foram realizadas duas entrevistas com profissionais da educa o de diferentes institui es: um da unidade escolar e outro da Diretoria de Ensino. Os dados mostraram que, apesar da legisla o garantir maior autonomia para a escola, esta continua sofrendo um controle exagerado dos órg os superiores. Conclui-se que a luta por uma escola mais aut noma e igualitária é árdua, porém constitui-se como um processo possível de realiza o. The present article discusses and analyses the autonomy in Public Schools. We have investigated the factors that influence this autonomy aiming to demonstrate the existence of more limits or possibilities. In order to do that, we prioritized the bibliographic research. Also, to consider the praxis and have real data for the analysis, two interviews were done with professionals from education: one from a school and the other from the “diretoria de ensino”. The data collected indicates that, despite of the fact that brazilian laws guarantee more autonomy to the schools, they continue to suffer an exaggerated control from superior institutions. We Conclude that the fight for a more autonomic and equal school is very hard, but constitutes itself as a process that can happen. Keywords Escola pública --- Autonomia --- Burocratiza o --- Public school --- Autonomy --- Bureaucracy
Mouse gastrocnemius muscle regeneration after mechanical or cardiotoxin injury
Areta M. Czerwinska,Wladyslawa Streminska,Maria A. Ciemerych,Iwona Grabowska
Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica , 2012, DOI: 10.5603/18710
Abstract: The goal of our study was to compare the skeletal muscle regeneration induced by two types of injury: either crushing, that causes muscle degeneration as a result of mechanical devastation of myofibers, or the injection of a cardiotoxin that is a myotoxic agent causing myolysis of myofibers leading to muscle degeneration. Regenerating muscles were analyzed at selected intervals, until the 14th day following the injury. We analyzed their weight and morphology. We also studied the expression of different myosin heavy chain isoforms as a molecular marker of the regeneration progress. Histological analysis revealed that inflammatory response and myotube formation in crushed muscles was delayed compared to cardiotoxin-injected ones. Moreover, the expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms was observed earlier in cardiotoxin-injured versus crushed muscles. We conclude that the dynamics of skeletal muscle regeneration depends on the method of injury.
El Maracaná Lomo Rojo (Primolius maracana) en Argentina: ?de plaga a la extinción en 50 a?os?
Bodrati,Alejandro; Cockle,Kristina; Areta,Juan Ignacio; Capuzzi,Gabriel; Fari?a,Rodrigo;
El hornero , 2006,
Abstract: parrots are often considered crop pests; however, they differ from other pest species because they are k strategists (long lifespan, low fecundity). such species are unlikely to recover easily from lethal control, which is often used to reduce their damage to crops. the blue-winged macaw (primolius maracana) is virtually extinct in argentina, and although habitat loss has been cited as the principal cause of its disappearance, this is not a sufficient explanation. based on 779 days of field work, interviews with local farmers, and the biology of the blue-winged macaw, we conclude that one of the fundamental causes of its disappearance from argentina may have been lethal control by farmers.
Tres especies del género Tityra en Argentina
Bodrati,Alejandro; Roesler,Ignacio; Areta,Juan Ignacio; Pagano,Luis G.; Jordan,Emilio A.; Juhant,Matías;
El hornero , 2008,
Abstract: we present the first record of the masked tityra (tityra semifasciata) in argentina. we observed and photographed a male on 17 january 2008 in parque nacional iguazú, misiones. the bird was in the canopy, in a mixed-species flock that included the other two species in the genus, the black-tailed tityra (tityra cayana) and the black-crowned tityra (tityra inquisitor). we describe the main features that diagnose tityra semifasciata semifasciata from the similar tityra cayana braziliensis. the presence of tityra semifasciata in northern misiones province might have been favoured by the ongoing deforestation of the interior atlantic forest, as occurs with other bird species recently added to the avifauna of misiones.

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