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Interface de recuperación para catálogos en línea con salidas ordenadas por probable relevancia
Archuby, Gustavo Gabriel;Cellini, Julián;González, Claudia Marcela;Pené, Mónica Gabriela;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652000000300001
Abstract: presents an information retrieval interface model for public access catalogs (opals) on cds/isis platform, based on the similarity principle. the proposal aims at ordering the results of vector queries according to their relevance. the underlying theoretical principle is described, as well as the implementation of the model.
Alimentación del Cabecitanegra Austral (Carduelis barbata) durante el oto?o
Archuby,Diego I.; Marti,Lucas J.; Montalti,Diego; Soave,Guillermo E.; Camperi,Aníbal R.; Arambarri,Ana M.; Darrieu,Carlos A.;
El hornero , 2007,
Abstract: the contents of 28 stomachs of the black-chinned siskin (carduelis barbata) were analyzed from an autumn collection from the north of patagonia. all stomachs contained food. the mean mass was 0.209 g. eleven items (seven vegetal and four animal) were identified in the samples. the plant fraction was predominant (85.8% in weight) and corresponded to the families asteraceae, brassicaceae, chenopodiaceae and solanaceae. camelina microcarpa and sisymbrium sp. were the more abundant seeds. the animal fraction was represented only by insects (14.2%) in the orders diptera (larvae) and homoptera (families psyllidae and aphididae). aphididae was represented by pterocomma populeum in many samples. gastroliths were present in all samples, with a mean mass of 0.093 g. the high proportion of insects in the diet of the black-chinned siskin is striking considering that it belongs to a family of seed-eaters.

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