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The hydrogen atom with an origin centred singularity
Aquino, N;
Revista mexicana de física , 2011,
Abstract: we study the problem of a hydrogen atom with an infinitely repulsive singularity at the origin, in two cases: in the first, the electron is free to move throughout space, while in the other, the system is confined in a spherical box of impenetrable walls centred at the nucleus. we show that spherically symmetric s states cannot exist in these systems.
Achatina fulica no Brasil
Mauricio Aquino
REDVET , 2010,
Abstract: ResumenO Brasil é um dos 17 países que reúnem, juntos 70% de todas asespécies animais e vegetais catalogadas no planeta. Estima-se que apenas o Brasil hospede entre 15-20% de toda a biodiversidade do planeta, além de possuir o maior número de espécies endêmicas do mundo. (GISP, 2010) Mas, existem também, as espécies animais e vegetais que s o introduzidas num ecossistema ou país onde n o existia, intencional ou acidentalmente e que, na grande maioria das vezes s o danosas ao meio ambiente, sendo chamadas de invasoras.
A constru o do currículo em parceria com o projeto educativo La construcción del curriculum en sociedad con el proyecto educativo
Mirian de Albuquerque Aquino Aquino
Informa??o & Informa??o , 2006, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.2006v11n1p
Abstract: O presente texto prop e refletir sobre a constru o de um currículo em sintonia com o projeto educativo frente ao cenário das mudan as tecnológicas. Insere uma discuss o que articula educa o e informa o visualizando as mudan as possíveis na realidade dos cursos de forma o humana. Mobiliza a complexidade dos saberes morinianos e as contribui es freireanas para tecer uma pedagogia da informa o como uma alternativa que ajude a reduzir a ênfase no ensino repetitivo e suas técnicas convencionais. Prop e uma intera o dos educadores e educandos se confrontam com as novas formas de aprendizagem. Faz um “link” com autores que discutem as tecnologias da informa o e comunica o e sua rela o com o educativo.
De la indignación moral a las protestas colectivas: la participación de los migrantes zapotecos en las marchas de migrantes de 2006
Aquino Moreschi, Alejandra;
Norteamérica , 2010,
Abstract: based on ethnographic research in the los angeles area and interviews with zapotec migrants, the author analyzes what it was that made it possible in spring 2006 for these migrants to come out to demonstrate en masse. this empirical material is analyzed using nancy fraser's theoretical reflections about the public space, and the author argues that the mobilization was possible thanks to the opening up of many "subordinate counter-publics" where public opinion, solidarity, and collective identity were produced. this made it possible for the moral indignation sparked by the bill to turn into an unprecedented collective mobilization.
A escrita como modo de vida: conex?es e desdobramentos educacionais
Aquino, Julio Groppa;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022011000300013
Abstract: drawing on foucault's main reflections about the act of writing, the present essay expounds the intrinsic correlation between ways of writing and ways of living at schools, pointing out the daily agony involved in the writing practices conducted in these contexts. this means that, within the procedures of writing, superlative forces are in battle, both in the sense of the unifying attack of the subjectivation modes implied therein, and in the direction of a radical transfiguration of these same modes aiming at their multiplication. deepening the theoretical discussion, the text approaches the question of self writing, as formulated by foucault, as a disproportionate sculptural effort in favor of a subjective dispersion, rarefaction and, then, elision. next, three recurring arguments about school writing are analytically questioned: its categorization in genres, its examining function, and its subordination to reading. with this critical examination, the purpose is to destabilize the bases for justifying a kind of representational and scientificist appropriation of the school writing activities, as well as to conjure up scenarios divergent from the mainstream. lastly, it is also an objective here to view writing as a circumstance propitious to the existential styling of the writer, having in mind, with foucault, the indispensible effort of resistance and ethical self-creation in the face of the subjectivation games typical of school practices. it is the inextricable movement of difference and variation that a writing liberated from the pedagogical conventions of the time affords and, at the same time, demands of all those who pursue it.
Cultura, identidad y poder en las representaciones del pasado: El caso de los zapotecos serranos del norte de Oaxaca, México
Aquino C,Salvador;
Estudios atacame?os , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-10432003002600008
Abstract: indigenous peoples' historical memory has been linked to colonial political institutions and to institutions that have taken part in the construction of the contemporary state. indigenous peoples have nonetheless reformulated these institutions to shape social memories and alternative identities. by creating local hegemonies, and on the basis of their historical experience of exploitation and oppression, they have generated new political and cultural forms in order to construct alternative social projects and claim their rights
Constructing quality-adjusted price indices from revenue and cost data
DeSouza, Sergio Aquino;
Estudos Econ?micos (S?o Paulo) , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-41612007000400003
Abstract: this paper shows how to construct quality adjusted price indices without direct observation of product-level data (prices, quantities and characteristics). the technique used here allows for a welfare based measurement of price change using commonly available (at least for the manufacturing sector) plant-level data on revenue and cost. however, one has to be explicit about the evolution of the outside good quality and the structure of demand and supply. using data on the colombian beer industry and combining the methodologies originally proposed by katayama, lu and tybout (2003), desouza (2006a) and trajtenberg (1990) i am able to uncover the demand parameters and build welfare-based price indices for the 1977-1990 period.
Migrantes chiapanecos en Estados Unidos: Los nuevos nómadas laborales
Aquino Moreschi, Alejandra;
Migraciones internacionales , 2010,
Abstract: this article analyzes the migratory experience of a group of chiapanecan youngsters of tojolabal origin from the municipality of las margaritas, chiapas, who migrated to the united states between 2003 and 2006. these young people were the first people to engage in the a migration adventure, which enables us to what gives us the possibility of closely observe the emergence of a transnational migration process from an area where this kind of phenomenon had not previously existed. the main objective of this paper is to show how chiapanecan youngsters have managed to build up their migration processes on their own within a context characterized by unstable and fragmented social conditions-typical of the present capitalist system-that have obliged them to change their living and working places continuously, as well as living with uncertainty and at risk. in other words, the author is interested in showing the personal and collective solutions that these new migrants have found in order to adapt to and work in a context defined by what richard sennet has called the culture of new capitalism.
Entre el <> y el <>: la migración a Estados Unidos vista desde las comunidades zapatistas
Aquino Moreschi, Alejandra;
Migración y desarrollo , 2009,
Abstract: chiapaneco migration to the united states is a recent and increasingly large phenomenon that is transforming local dynamics across the state, even in zapatista municipalities where emigration had been delayed during times of struggle and perceived dialogue opportunities. today, migration is wearing down the movement and creating a new set of subjectivities. this paper reconstructs the migration phenomenon in a zapatista community of the lacandon jungle and, in doing so, intends to show the ways in which it leads to a communal conflict involving two different types of subjectivities as different actors argue over the meaning of migration and how to manage it. i will also show how, in the midst of great tension, zapatista communities go through a stage of defensive retreat when faced by this new process.
Os sentidos e significados atribuidos ao saber cultural no currículo
Henn,Iara Aquino;
Av?? , 2010,
Abstract: the current article is a result of a research accomplished in the pedagogical proposal of education of youngsters and adults of a public school in brazil. the meaning that young people and adult attribute to the knowledge built in their lifelong and the meanings that are produced in relation their culture with the other knowledge. from the discussions of authors like silva (2004, padilha (2004), hall (1997,2003), arroyo (2001), fonseca (2002) we indicate three categories to understand and discuss about the relation of meaning/culture/knowledge: the meaning attributed by epja to the knowledge brought by the students; the ways of disposition and the relation that constitute from the cultural cognition in the pedagogical proposal and its interferences in the configuration of subjectivity; the participation of the students in the proposal as a possibility of feeling themselves as authors of their culture.

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