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How Fatigue Is Experienced and Handled by Female Outpatients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Anne Beck,Palle Bager,Peter Errboe Jensen,Jens F. Dahlerup
Gastroenterology Research and Practice , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/153818
Abstract: Background. Fatigue is a significant aspect of everyday life for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and it influences their health-related quality of life. Little is known about fatigue from the patient’s perspective. Aim. To investigate how female IBD patients experience and handle fatigue. Methods. The study included 11 female outpatients. These patients were 40–59 years old and had IBD ≥ one year and a significantly increased fatigue score. Patients with severe active IBD, anaemia, comorbidity, or pregnancy were excluded. The included patients agreed to participate in a semistructured interview. The interviews were analysed using Malterud’s principles of systematic text condensation. Results. The patients described physical and mental symptoms of fatigue that led to social-, physical-, and work-related limitations with emotional consequences. To handle fatigue, the patients used planning, priority, acceptance, exercise, and support. Two of the eleven patients used exercise on a regular basis. Surprisingly, some patients indicated that they did not need to talk with professionals about their fatigue unless a cure was available. Conclusion. Fatigue in IBD includes physical and mental symptoms that limit the patients’ social-, physical-, and work-related lives. Despite this, some patients expressed that they had chosen to accept their fatigue. 1. Background Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), comprising Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), is a chronic medical condition with unknown aetiology, but genetic and environmental factors likely have an influence on progression of the disease. The symptoms can include diarrhoea, bloody stools, abdominal pain, and extraintestinal manifestations such as fatigue. Fatigue is a well-known symptom in chronic diseases, including IBD, and it is often connected to complaints and worries among IBD patients [1–3]. Despite the lack of an accepted definition of fatigue, it can be described as a persistent, overwhelming sense of tiredness, weakness, or exhaustion resulting in a decreased capacity for physical and/or mental work [4, 5]. Due to the lack of an accepted definition and the fact that fatigue is a subjective and unspecific symptom, it can be a challenge to adopt the right measurement tools for fatigue diagnosis and quantification [4]. This was expressed in a review from 2010 that identified 252 different ways to measure fatigue in chronic diseases, of which 150 have only been used once [6]. Over the last decade the interest in fatigue has increased [7]. However, a review from 2010 by van
Study protocol: follow-up home visits with nutrition: a randomised controlled trial
Anne Marie Beck, Stine Kj?r, Birthe S Hansen, Rikke L Storm, Kirsten Thal-Jantzen
BMC Geriatrics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2318-11-90
Abstract: This single-blind randomised controlled study, will recruit 160 hospitalised geriatric medical patients (65+ y) at nutritional risk. Participants will be randomly allocated to receive in their homes, either 12 weeks individualised nutritional counselling by a registered dietician complemented with follow-up by general practitioners or a 12 weeks follow-up by general practitioners alone.This trial is the first of its kind to provide individual nutritional intervention combined with follow-up by general practitioner as an intervention to reduce risk of re-admission after discharge among geriatric medical patients. The results will hopefully help to guide the development of more effective rehabilitation programs following hospital admissions, which may ultimately lead to reduced health care costs, and improvement in mobility, independence and quality of life for geriatric patients at nutritional risk.ClinicalTrials.gov 2010 NCT01249716Undernutrition is common in old people admitted to the hospital and nutritional state often deteriorates further during hospital stay [1]. Therefore, at discharge a high amount of old patients will still be undernourished or at-nutritional risk: A recent study among 2076 old rehabilitation patients (80.6 y) have found that 85% were at risk of undernutrition (MNA 17-23.5) or undernourished (MNA < 17) according to the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) and that length of stay was higher in those two groups compared with the well-nourished (p < 0.001) by 18.5 and 12.4 days respectively [2]. And an older study among old people (81 y) discharged to their own home has found that those with empty refrigerators were more frequently readmitted and three times sooner than those who did not have empty refrigerators [3].Potentially the period after discharge is the most important time to intervene, because hospital stays are generally short and getting shorter.Further, according to the Resolution from the Council of Europe patients in need of nutritio
Semantic-Communicative Structure and Word Order in Mandarin Chinese  [PDF]
Antoine Tremblay, David Beck
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2013.31010

In some languages more than in others, communicative considerations—such as what a message is about, what information is new or old, and whether this or that participant is in the Speaker’s focus of attention—constrain the structure of a sentence. The goal of the present paper is to describe how different Semantic-Communicative Structures affect word order in simple mono-transitive sentences without coverbs or adverbial phrases in Mandarin Chinese. The discussion is couched in the Meaning-Text framework, relevant parts of which are clarified at the onset of the paper. We argue that Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) sentences are communicatively unmarked in that they do not signal any particular communicative consideration. Other word orders, however, specifically encode certain communicative considerations. This is the case of Prolepsisi-Subjecti-Verb-Object (PiSiVO) and Object-Subject-Verb (OSV) sentences, which are discussed here.

Circumbinary Gas Accretion onto a Central Binary: Infrared Molecular Hydrogen Emission from GG Tau A
Tracy L. Beck,Jeffrey. S. Bary,Anne Dutrey,Vincent Piétu,Stephane Guilloteau,S. H. Lubow,M. Simon
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/754/1/72
Abstract: We present high spatial resolution maps of ro-vibrational molecular hydrogen emission from the environment of the GG Tau A binary component in the GG Tau quadruple system. The H2 v= 1-0 S(1) emission is spatially resolved and encompasses the inner binary, with emission detected at locations that should be dynamically cleared on several hundred-year timescales. Extensions of H2 gas emission are seen to ~100 AU distances from the central stars. The v = 2-1 S(1) emission at 2.24 microns is also detected at ~30 AU from the central stars, with a line ratio of 0.05 +/- 0.01 with respect to the v = 1-0 S(1) emission. Assuming gas in LTE, this ratio corresponds to an emission environment at ~1700 K. We estimate that this temperature is too high for quiescent gas heated by X-ray or UV emission from the central stars. Surprisingly, we find that the brightest region of H2 emission arises from a spatial location that is exactly coincident with a recently revealed dust "streamer" which seems to be transferring material from the outer circumbinary ring around GG Tau A into the inner region. As a result, we identify a new excitation mechanism for ro-vibrational H2 stimulation in the environment of young stars. The H2 in the GG Tau A system appears to be stimulated by mass accretion infall as material in the circumbinary ring accretes onto the system to replenish the inner circumstellar disks. We postulate that H2 stimulated by accretion infall could be present in other systems, particularly binaries and "transition disk" systems which have dust cleared gaps in their circumstellar environments.
The Phosphate Transporter PiT1 (Slc20a1) Revealed As a New Essential Gene for Mouse Liver Development
Laurent Beck,Christine Leroy,Sarah Beck-Cormier,Anne Forand,Christine Salaün,Nadine Paris,Adeline Bernier,Pablo Ure?a-Torres,Dominique Prié,Mario Ollero,Laure Coulombel,Gérard Friedlander
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009148
Abstract: PiT1 (or SLC20a1) encodes a widely expressed plasma membrane protein functioning as a high-affinity Na+-phosphate (Pi) cotransporter. As such, PiT1 is often considered as a ubiquitous supplier of Pi for cellular needs regardless of the lack of experimental data. Although the importance of PiT1 in mineralizing processes have been demonstrated in vitro in osteoblasts, chondrocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells, in vivo evidence is missing.
Unemployed women and their roles - Revisiting old debates and german examples
Ex aequo , 2008,
Abstract: the increase in women?s participation in the labour market over recent decades allows us to consider implications of changed situations not only within work but also on the margins of the labour market and when unemployed. this paper considers women?s coping strategies when unemployed in light of other roles that they might hold. by utilising the example of the formerly socialist, eastern part of germany, where women?s involvement in the labour market was encouraged and even enforced, underlying assumptions about how women cope with unemployment are analysed. the centrality of employment in east german unemployed women?s biographies results in responses to redundancy that differ from those in the west. it is suggested that the social construction of gender via work identities and the individual and social importance attached to employment are central when determining the responses and coping strategies of the unemployed. moreover, there are indications that alternatives to employment can include work based and non-gendered roles.
O acalanto e o clarim (Literatura, tirania, express?o): ensaio sobre a multid?o literária
Beck, Philippe;
Alea : Estudos Neolatinos , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-106X2011000100006
Abstract: the article introduces the problem of literary crowd, in a conceptual-polemical way, outlining an analysis of expressive individualism and the expressive élan that founds it. his most important question probably relates to the meaning of our ambivalence about writing. the problem of expression is the problem of the movement by which each one allows himself to make public what he brings, passing through him or working him.
Recent developments in superstatistics
Beck, Christian;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332009000400003
Abstract: we provide an overview on superstatistical techniques applied to complex systems with time scale separation. three examples of recent applications are dealt with in somewhat more detail: the statistics of small-scale velocity differences in lagrangian turbulence experiments, train delay statistics on the british rail network, and survival statistics of cancer patients once diagnosed with cancer. these examples correspond to three different universality classes: lognormal superstatistics, χ2-superstatistics and inverse χ2 superstatistics.
Galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields – a concise review
R. Beck
Astrophysics and Space Sciences Transactions (ASTRA) , 2009, DOI: 10.5194/astra-5-43-2009
Abstract: The strength of the total magnetic field in our Milky Way from radio synchrotron measurements is about 6 μG (0.6 nT), averaged over a radius of about 1 kpc around the Sun. Diffuse polarized radio emission and Faraday rotation of the polarized emission from pulsars and background sources show many small-scale magnetic features, but the overall field structure in our Galaxy is still under debate. – In nearby galaxies, radio synchrotron observations reveal dynamically important magnetic fields of 10–30 μG (1–3 nT) total strength in the spiral arms. Fields with random orientations are concentrated in spiral arms, while ordered fields (observed in radio polarization) are strongest in interarm regions and follow the orientation of the adjacent gas spiral arms. Faraday rotation of the diffuse polarized radio emission from the disks of spiral galaxies sometimes reveals large-scale patterns which are signatures of regular fields generated by dynamos, but in most galaxies the field structure is more complicated. – Strong magnetic fields are also observed in radio halos around edge-on galaxies, out to large distances from the plane. The ordered halo fields usually form an X-shaped pattern. Diffuse polarized radio emission in the outer disks and halos is an excellent tracer of galaxy interactions and ram pressure by the intergalactic medium.
Alglucosidase alfa: Long term use in the treatment of patients with Pompe disease
Michael Beck
Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management , 2009, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/TCRM.S5776
Abstract: lglucosidase alfa: Long term use in the treatment of patients with Pompe disease Review (3105) Total Article Views Authors: Michael Beck Published Date September 2009 Volume 2009:5 Pages 767 - 772 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/TCRM.S5776 Michael Beck Children’s Hospital, University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany Abstract: Pompe disease is a lysosomal storage disorder characterized by muscle weakness and cardiomyopathy. It shows a broad variability regarding the clinical severity as well as the age of onset. In the past, two different recombinant enzyme preparations have been developed for the treatment of Pompe patients: α-glucosidase, produced in rabbit milk, and α-glucosidase, produced in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines. The CHO enzyme received marketing approval in 2006 after it was proven to be effective in ameliorating muscle strength and improving heart function. The other has not been approved. The clinical efficacy of this enzyme preparation could be confirmed by several clinical trials in patients with different age of onset and disease severity. Enzyme replacement therapy, however, has its limitations due to unsatisfactory access of recombinant α-glucosidase to the muscle cells and due to the formation of antibodies. To overcome these therapeutic restraints, the development of a more effective enzyme preparation may become necessary.
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