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Pasquale Martiniello,Giovanni Annicchiarico,Anna R. Bruno,Giovanni Caternolo
eSci Journal of Crop Production , 2012,
Abstract: Buffalo livestock represents profitable economy and sustainable farming activity in the Mediterranean area. The main claim of dairy farming is requirement of forage for sustaining buffalo feeding, particularly during lactation time. In land of EU Mediterranean environments, feeding forage is provided by cultivation of annual double sown crops. The most popular cropping system (referred as model) is based on irrigated Italian ryegrass and corn. The continuous cultivations of model, indeed the favourable economic and technical advantages, promotes constrains of biochemical parameters in topsoil and fitness of buffalo popularity in environments. Furthermore, survey of challenge for enlarging the popularity of buffalo breeding in harsh Mediterranean land, has been determined by cultivation of double sown models under rainfed condition. Sowing time, irrigation treatment and crops of the model influenced the production of dry matter (DM) and milk forage unit (MFU). The production of MFU ha-1 among models range from 3594 to 7438 in winter and 10256 to 15266 in spring under rainfed and 5042 to 9035 in winter and 11940 to 24003 in spring under irrigated. The total MFU ha-1 of winter-spring models range from 16962 to 30815 under irrigated and 13951 to 18097 under rainfed. Three years of continuous growing models reduced the beginning content of organic matter (OM), in winter and spring sown grasses models, by 4.3 g kg-1 under irrigated and 3.1g kg-1 under rainfed while the models based on annual legumes the reduction was lower (2.2 and 1.4 g kg-1, respectively). The experiments evidenced variability among models and singled out equipotent models able to satisfy the MFU, sustain biochemical soil parameters and allow opportunity to enlarge the fitness of buffalo in EU Mediterranean-type climate environments.
World Trade Logics and Measure of Global Inequality: Regional Pattern and Globalization Evolution between 2003-2012  [PDF]
Bruno G. Rüttimann
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2014.44019
Abstract: The economy is globalizing. But how are the different economic world regions performing regarding globalization of trade flows? Why are they performing differently? Globalization is not only the increase of international trade between certain preferential geographic areas of economy, but also the resulting increase of interweavement of trade flows between different geographical areas, independent of the amount of trade. This paper is a revised and expanded version of the paper entitled “World Trade and Associated Systems Risk of Global Inequality: Empiric Study of Globalization Evolution between 2003-2011 and Regional Pattern Analysis” presented at International Conference on Applied Economics (ICOAE2013), Istanbul, 27-29 June, 2013. This paper analyzes the evolution of world trade flows between 2003-2012 and performs a cross-section analysis of the year 2012. The economic interweavement will be measured by an inequality risk metric applied to the supply-demand matrix. This risk indicator is based on the concept of statistical entropy resulting in an inequality risk measure, giving an indication for the degree of economic globalization and the evolution of globalization in different geographical regions. In addition, it analyses the governing rational of globalization evolution. The result of this research shows that economic trade flows are globalizing, but with clear different regional patterns, not only between globalizing and de-globalizing regions, but also within the globalizing and de-globalizing regions itself. The emerging economies such as China or the Middle East are globalizing whereas mature economies such as North America and Europe are de-globalizing, confirming for globalization of the inverse Kuznets evolution. The different patterns between the different economic world regions can be explained by using the Globalization Type’s Model as well as the Central Theorem of Globalization.
Discourse about Linear Programming and Lean Manufacturing: Two Different Approaches with a Similar, Converging Rational  [PDF]
Bruno G. Rüttimann
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2015.81010
Abstract: In recent years, the Toyota Production System has also assumed in western manufacturing plants a predominant position. Lean Manufacturing, as it is usually called in the occidental world, aims at a “Single-piece-flow” job handling and has its advantages compared to the classic “Batch and Queue” job handling. On the other hand, mathematical Linear Programming optimization techniques have passed into oblivion, having obtained the feel to be inappropriate for production planning. Although the two approaches have different aims and application, they give particular attention to scarce resources. The concepts of “bottleneck” in Lean Manufacturing and “shadow price” in Linear Programming are complementary. The paper shows the different focus of the two approaches and crystallizes their synergic values.
Functional Analysis of PGRP-LA in Drosophila Immunity
Mathilde Gendrin, Anna Zaidman-Rémy, Nichole A. Broderick, Juan Paredes, Micka?l Poidevin, Alain Roussel, Bruno Lemaitre
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069742
Abstract: PeptidoGlycan Recognition Proteins (PGRPs) are key regulators of the insect innate antibacterial response. Even if they have been intensively studied, some of them have yet unknown functions. Here, we present a functional analysis of PGRP-LA, an as yet uncharacterized Drosophila PGRP. The PGRP-LA gene is located in cluster with PGRP-LC and PGRP-LF, which encode a receptor and a negative regulator of the Imd pathway, respectively. Structure predictions indicate that PGRP-LA would not bind to peptidoglycan, pointing to a regulatory role of this PGRP. PGRP-LA expression was enriched in barrier epithelia, but low in the fat body. Use of a newly generated PGRP-LA deficient mutant indicates that PGRP-LA is not required for the production of antimicrobial peptides by the fat body in response to a systemic infection. Focusing on the respiratory tract, where PGRP-LA is strongly expressed, we conducted a genome-wide microarray analysis of the tracheal immune response of wild-type, Relish, and PGRP-LA mutant larvae. Comparing our data to previous microarray studies, we report that a majority of genes regulated in the trachea upon infection differ from those induced in the gut or the fat body. Importantly, antimicrobial peptide gene expression was reduced in the tracheae of larvae and in the adult gut of PGRP-LA-deficient Drosophila upon oral bacterial infection. Together, our results suggest that PGRP-LA positively regulates the Imd pathway in barrier epithelia.
Algebraic entropy of generalized shifts on direct products
Anna Giordano Bruno
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1080/00927870903337984
Abstract: For a set $\Gamma$, a function $\lambda:\Gamma\to \Gamma$ and a non-trivial abelian group $K$, the generalized shift $\sigma_\lambda:K^\Gamma\to K^\Gamma$ is defined by $(x_i)_{i\in \Gamma}\mapsto (x_{\lambda(i)})_{i\in\Gamma}$. In this paper we compute the algebraic entropy of $\sigma_\lambda$; it is either zero or infinite, depending exclusively on the properties of $\lambda$.
Semitopological homomorphisms
Anna Giordano Bruno
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Inspired by an analogous result of Arnautov about isomorphisms, we prove that all continuous surjective homomorphisms of topological groups f:G-->H can be obtained as restrictions of open continuous surjective homomorphisms f':G'-->H, where G is a topological subgroup of G'. In case the topologies on G and H are Hausdorff and H is complete, we characterize continuous surjective homomorphisms f:G-->H when G has to be a dense normal subgroup of G'. We consider the general case when G is requested to be a normal subgroup of G', that is when f is semitopological - Arnautov gave a characterization of semitopological isomorphisms internal to the groups G and H. In the case of homomorphisms we define new properties and consider particular cases in order to give similar internal conditions which are sufficient or necessary for f to be semitopological. Finally we establish a lot of stability properties of the class of all semitopological homomorphisms.
Adjoint entropy vs Topological entropy
Anna Giordano Bruno
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Recently the adjoint algebraic entropy of endomorphisms of abelian groups was introduced and studied. We generalize the notion of adjoint entropy to continuous endomorphisms of topological abelian groups. Indeed, the adjoint algebraic entropy is defined using the family of all finite-index subgroups, while we take only the subfamily of all open finite-index subgroups to define the topological adjoint entropy. This allows us to compare the (topological) adjoint entropy with the known topological entropy of continuous endomorphisms of compact abelian groups. In particular, the topological adjoint entropy and the topological entropy coincide on continuous endomorphisms of totally disconnected compact abelian groups. Moreover, we prove two Bridge Theorems between the topological adjoint entropy and the algebraic entropy using respectively the Pontryagin duality and the precompact duality.
Extremal k-pseudocompact abelian groups
Anna Giordano Bruno
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: For a cardinal k, generalizing a recent result of Comfort and van Mill, we prove that every k-pseudocompact abelian group of weight >k has some proper dense k-pseudocompact subgroup and admits some strictly finer k-pseudocompact group topology.
Topological entropy for automorphisms of totally disconnected locally compact groups
Anna Giordano Bruno
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We give a "limit-free formula" simplifying the computation of the topological entropy for topological automorphisms of totally disconnected locally compact groups. This result allows us to extend several basic properties of the topological entropy known to hold for compact groups.
A soft introduction to algebraic entropy
Anna Giordano Bruno,Luigi Salce
Arabian Journal of Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s40065-012-0024-3
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