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Catalytic Behaviour of Mesoporous Cobalt-Aluminum Oxides for CO Oxidation
Ankur Bordoloi,Miguel Sanchez,Heshmat Noei,Stefan Kaluza,Dennis Gro?mann,Yuemin Wang,Wolfgang Grünert,Martin Muhler
Journal of Catalysts , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/807545
Abstract: Ordered mesoporous materials are promising catalyst supports due to their uniform pore size distribution, high specific surface area and pore volume, tunable pore sizes, and long-range ordering of the pore packing. The evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) process was applied to synthesize mesoporous mixed oxides, which consist of cobalt ions highly dispersed in an alumina matrix. The characterization of the mesoporous mixed cobalt-aluminum oxides with cobalt loadings in the range from 5 to 15?wt% and calcination temperatures of 673, 973, and 1073?K indicates that Co2+ is homogeneously distributed in the mesoporous alumina matrix. As a function of the Co loading, different phases are present comprising poorly crystalline alumina and mixed cobalt aluminum oxides of the spinel type. The mixed cobalt-aluminum oxides were applied as catalysts in CO oxidation and turned out to be highly active. 1. Introduction Supported metal oxide catalysts have attracted much attention in recent years due to their widespread applicability in industrially and academically important reactions. The extent and nature of the interaction, dispersion, and reducibility of the metal oxides depend on the synthesis method, loading, calcination temperature, and time. Cobalt supported on alumina is a typical catalyst, which is specially important for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Conventionally, the preparation of cobalt catalysts is performed by incipient wetness impregnation using suitable cobalt precursors on commercial alumina at low pH. Weak interaction is normally observed between the positively charged alumina carrier and the cobalt cations resulting in relatively large crystallite sizes [1–4]. Continuous efforts have been made in the last few decades by several groups [5–7] to synthesize porous alumina with high surface area by high-temperature dehydration of bulk powders [8], modified sol-gel synthesis in the presence of organic moieties [9, 10], different surfactants [3], block copolymers [11–14], or evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) with colloidal precursors and amine structural agents [15, 16]. These materials represent an active support, which may participate positively or negatively in the formation of the final catalysts. Moreover, the methods of hard templating [17] (carbon template) and microwave irradiation [18] in the presence of surfactants have been applied to synthesize alumina materials with crystalline, ordered, and uniform mesopores. However, this process is very time consuming and hardly scalable for industrial applications. Ordered mesoporous materials
Economics of Offshore IT Outsourcing: An International Trade Perspective  [PDF]
Bijoy Bordoloi, Anne Powell
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2013.44032

In recent times, offshore outsourcing of Information Technology (IT) products and services, including software development and maintenance activities, has been an issue of much controversy in the United States, with popular sentiment being against outsourcing in the mass media. Is offshore outsourcing really bad for the US economy? If yes, why did so many US companies, including IT companies, start outsourcing to begin with and still continue to do so? For that matter, why doesn’t the federal government simply ban it as a national policy? To provide some possible answers to these questions, this paper examines the issue of offshore outsourcing from the perspectives of international trade theory and the unique cost characteristics of “information goods”.

How Immigration Law Impacts the Household Life of F-2 Wives in the USA  [PDF]
Samit Dipon Bordoloi
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.410009
Abstract: This paper utilizes a feminist framework to examine the impact of immigration policies on the family and household life of wives of international students. The research process included interviews with thirty-two wives who came to the US on a F-2 visa, along with analysis of immigration policies. Immigration regulations, which prohibit wives from accessing full-time education and employment opportunities, reinforce traditional gender identities within the family. Migration is associated with a loss of power and unequal status within the marital relationship. F-2 wives report a significant increase in their burden of unpaid reproductive labor. The findings of this study contribute to the growing body of literature on how the migration of families to the United States is shaped by gendered institutions.
International Journal for Basic Sciences and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Self-concept and education are interrelated as far as personality development is concerned. School education is the core of the wider term “Educational growth” and no one can deny that success in school education builds self esteem and self confidence which leads to better adjustment with self and with the group. This article is a noble endeavor to identify the differences in hostellers and non-hosteller on various dimensions of self concept i.e. behaviour, intellectual and school status, physical appearance and attributes, anxiety, popularity and happiness and satisfaction.
International Journal for Basic Sciences and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: There is a real association between school effectiveness and community participation as overall and in all the fivedimension such as Community participation in improving school complex, Community participation in resource mobilization, Community participation in organizing social-cultural activities, Community participation in the management of school and Community participation in improving academic environment of the school. In this article, an attempt is made to discuss community participation as overall and dimension-wise on school effectiveness.
Monitoring of Moisture in Transformer Oil Using Optical Fiber as Sensor
S. Laskar,S. Bordoloi
Journal of Photonics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/528478
Abstract: This paper describes an optical fiber sensor and temperature sensor-based instrumentation system to measure the moisture content in transformer oil. The sensor system consists of (i) Diode Laser Source, (ii) a bare and bent multimode fiber as sensor probe, (iii) an LDR as detector, (iv) LM35-based temperature sensor, and (v) microcontroller system having a trained ANN for processing and calibration. The bare and bent optical fiber sensor and the temperature sensor LM35 are used to provide the measures of refractive index (RI) and temperature of a transformer oil sample. An ATmega32-microcontroller-based system with trained ANN algorithm has been developed to determine the moisture content of the transformer oil sample by sampling the readings of the bare bent optical fiber sensor and the temperature sensor. 1. Introduction Fiber optic sensors offer unique advantages, such as immunity to electromagnetic interferences, stability, repeatability, durability against harsh environment, and fast response. Therefore, they are used for the measurement of physical parameters such as temperature [1], pressure [2], acceleration [3], curvature measurement [4], hydrocarbon monitoring [5], and host of other applications. Power transformers are one of the most expensive investments in electric power systems [6]. They are fundamental components of electric power systems, and their reliability is an important factor in the operation of the system [7]. The transformer oil is a good insulating material. However, due to some inevitable factors, some unwanted particles like water and gas can contaminate the oil. As a result, insulation strength gets reduced that may result in partial discharge of transformer oil [8]. Model-based online detection method [6], partial discharge method [7], chromatography, radiofrequency method, infrared spectroscopy, neural network method [9], and so forth are some of the techniques developed for detection of moisture content of transformer oil. The dielectric parameter ( , relative permittivity) of transformer oil indicates the quality of the oil as the insulation property is concerned. Again, square of refractive index is represented as relative permittivity of an optical material. Therefore, the moisture content in transformer oil sample can be related to the change in refractive index of the sample. In fact, the measure of refractive index provides information about the turbidity of a liquid [10]. An optical fiber sensor for measuring the refractive index of liquid, based on the measurement of the input and output power of a multimode
Intangible pressures in Jammu and Kashmir
Ankur Datta
Forced Migration Review , 2012,
Abstract: History, inheritance and uncertainty affect the experience of being male, young and displaced in Jammu and Kashmir. Displacement has upset their life-plans, and the gulf between their immediate reality and their aspirations is considerable.
Ankur Pandit
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: With in the complex system development throughout the industries, Software has taken on a new, enhanced role and now directly impacts not only product success, but also the safety. Software Reliability & Quality Assurance (SRQA) for Safety- Critical Software (SCS) having the key role in mission success. The term Safety-Critical Software means software systems whose failure may lead to loss of life or severe injury like software used for missile, satellite, cancer radiation therapy machine etc. Every country now a day’s emphasize on faster approach for developing mission. SCS involves high risk in design, development and installation. Also it is responsible for controlling, monitoring number of hardware systems inside a system. Thereby making it more important than ever to ensure the reliability and quality of software products. SRQA covers all stages of the software development process, with specific activities to assure both the processes used and the product development. In this paper aframework-based approach based on standards of reliability and quality is proposed for SRQA of SCS.
Need for a realistic mental health programme in India
Barua Ankur
Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine , 2009,
Abstract: India, with a population of a billion, has very limited numbers of mental health facilities and professionals in providing mental health care to all the people. The disability associated with mental or brain disorders stops people from working and engaging in other creative activities. Gradual implementation of district mental health programme in a phased manner with support of adequate managerial and financial inputs is the need of the day. Trained mental health care personnel, treatment, care, and rehabilitation facilities should be made available and accessible to the masses. The voluntary organizations should be encouraged to participate in mental health care programme.
Design and Comparative Study of Three Photovoltaic Battery Charge Control Algorithms in MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment
Ankur Bhattacharjee
International Journal of Advanced Computer Research , 2012,
Abstract: This paper contains the design of a three stagesolar battery charge controller and a comparativestudy of this charge control technique with threeconventional solar battery charge controltechniques such as 1. Constant Current (CC)charging, 2. Two stage constant current constantvoltage (CC-CV) charging technique. Theanalysis and the comparative study of theaforesaid charging techniques are done inMATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Here thepractical data used to simulate the charge controlalgorithms are based on a 12Volts 7Ah Sealedlead acid battery.
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