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A Identidade Gerencial de Chefes de Departamento de Universidades Federais em Minas Gerais
Angelo Brigato Esther,Faviane Teixeira da Silva,Beatriz Assis Melo
Gerais : Revista Interinstitucional de Psicologia , 2010,
Abstract: Currently, the issue of identity emerges as a central concept in the studies regarding the singularities of individuals atwork. Although the conceptual conceptions are different, they refer to the representations that individuals elaborateabout themselves and others, being constructed in relation with the other, as a result of several socializationprocesses. Therefore, the organizations may be considered a privileged space of construction of identities. Theresearch aims at comprehending how the heads of departments build their identities at work. Heads of academicdepartments of two federal universities in Minas Gerais were interview, and their depositions were analyzed bymeans of thematic analysis. The depositions indicate the configuration of a multifaceted identity, once theenvironment in which they work confers upon them and requires a specific performance, with a term, variabletargets, and a decision-making process mixed with interests and power relations which are not always clear.
As competências gerenciais dos reitores de universidades federais em Minas Gerais: a vis?o da alta administra??o
ésther, Angelo Brigato;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512011000600011
Abstract: in the context of the business management managerial competencieshave been discussed, and their articulation should culminate with the achievement of organizational goals. this logic has penetrated the field of public administration. the federal universities have been implementing changes since the mid-1990s, when the government attempted to implement the "managerial public administration" philosophy. the aim of the paper is to analyze the competenciesattributed to the presidents of federal universities, with the expectation of contributing to a greater understanding of their actions. for this purpose, deans vice chancellors and pro-rectors from eight federal universities, all of which are located in minas gerais state, were interviewed. the results show the dominance of political competence, albeit lacking the domination of others considered relevant for public managers.
A identidade institucional da universidade brasileira segundo atores macrossociais relevantes: convergências e conflitos
Angelo Brigato ésther
Revista Gest?o Universitária na América Latina : Revista GUAL , 2012, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5007/1983-4535.2012v5n3p199
Abstract: The analysis about the institutional identity of the brazilian university is an arduous task, to the extent that there are speeches of various social actors with various political-ideological perspectives not always convergent, which earn "updates" along the historical time, in order to not only avoid anachronisms, but above all folding in the defense of positions. For this porpose, many devices are used, making use of statistics, quantitative comparisons and quality, but in a way that is not always contextualized. In this article, we perform an analysis about the official speeches of what we call here "relevant macrosocial actors", seeking to identify convergent and divergent aspects, in trying to clarify how these actors define the institution of the university brazilian, i.e. as they define and describe the institutional identity of brazilian university. We do not end the matter nor the possibilities, but the goal is to identify the basic conception of macrosocial actors in its more conceptual aspect, i.e. it is not to identify operational procedures about universities. On the contrary, it is pointing out and discussing the identities defended and proposeds, from the fundamental reference expressed in brazilian legislation, that represents the position of central government.
Rela??es de trabalho e inova??o tecnológica na gerência de sistemas de uma organiza??o produtora de jornais
Ansaloni, José Armando;ésther, Angelo Brigato;
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-65551999000200007
Abstract: management of production systems of newspapers in a communication corporation were studied, aiming to identify and analyse the impact of adopting new technologies of production and definition of new acting areas in labour relations. employees in producting and pre-printing of newspapers were interviewed to give us informations concerning the present work situation and that of the period immediately prior to the adoption of the new technology. employment and jobs were observed to be eliminated and the labour process was widely remodelled, the management of the labour force achieving more flexible and liberal forms. there was a process improving with some traits of reengineering process. departaments became work teams, with smoothed supervison, in an endeavour to promote employee's integration and paticipation in the process. the more democratic attitude assumed by the leaders also seems to have contributed to the evolution in labour relations and in the increase of productivity. however some practices of the organization constitute rather a traditional management and labour relations model. the adoption of new technologies of production is faced as a positive and necessary factor which cannot be put off.
A constru??o da identidade gerencial dos gestores da alta administra??o de universidades federais em Minas Gerais
ésther, Angelo Brigato;Melo, Marlene Catarina de Oliveira Lopes;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512008000100004
Abstract: identity emerges as a central concept when referring to manager as an actor and a differentiated professional category, and concerns to representations of the individuals about themselves and the others, constructed as a result of several socialization processes. organizations are a privileged space of identification and self-concept construction. this paper aims at discussing how top managers at federal universities in minas gerais construct their managerial identities. data were collected by episodical interviews with the top managers of eight federal universities in minas gerais, and documental research, and were analyzed by the thematic analysis. the results show that managers live in a context of conflict between the historical mission of the university and the economic and managerial logics of productivity, efficiency and outcome. they also live in a context with many political interests. the result is the configuration of a multiple and relatively fragile identity (politicians, managers and academics), which is contradictory sometimes.
Transi??es, prazer e dor no trabalho de enfermagem
Lima Júnior, José Humberto Viana;ésther, Angelo Brigato;
Revista de Administra??o de Empresas , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-75902001000300003
Abstract: this article aims at the understanding of the factors linked to the genesis of pleasure and suffering as they are experienced by nursing workers in their labor performance. based on the premises of labor relations, focusing the work organization and the working conditions, allied to contributions from christophe dejours, who analyzes the themes of pleasure and suffering within the work, we brought into evidence the particular aspects of the relationship between labor and suffering/pleasure process expressed by nursing workers who work in both public and universitarian hospital. concerning the nursing trajectory from white angel to a professional, we could observe that it has been marked by conflicts, preconception, suffering and battles for labor space. abandoning the position of peripheral and vulnerable knowledge, we verify nowadays the efforts of the nursing workers to construct a new image that contemplates strategies of revalorization of the professional statute, self-developing control, a motivating career plan and work contents based on new paradigms, thus becoming privileged and active actors to improve community health conditions and propellents of new ideas in order to implant a vanguard administration model in the hospital organizations
Cenários da diversidade: variedades de capitalismo e política industrial nos EUA, Alemanha, Espanha, Coreia, Argentina, México e Brasil (1998-2008)
Delgado, Ignacio Godinho;Condé, Eduardo Salom?o;ésther, Angelo Brigato;Salles, Helena da Motta;
Dados , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582010000400006
Abstract: this article analyzes how different institutional domains related to varieties of capitalism appear in the literature (corporate governance, relations between companies, industrial relations, employer-employee relations, and qualification processes) in the united states, germany, spain, korea, argentina, mexico, and brazil, and adds dimensions like the relationship between the business community and the state and patterns of insertion in the national economies and the world market, in order to identify the different institutional configurations in which enterprises operate in these countries. the article then describes the main characteristics of the industrial policies developed by the various countries, considering their relevance for both these configurations and the brazilian context, in order to identify the institutional policies and changes that could help brazil achieve greater success in increasing the companies' capacity for technological innovation.
School Mental Health Services: Signpost for Out-of-School Service Utilization in Adolescents with Mental Disorders? A Nationally Representative United States Cohort
Marion Tegethoff, Esther Stalujanis, Angelo Belardi, Gunther Meinlschmidt
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099675
Abstract: Background School mental health services are important contact points for children and adolescents with mental disorders, but their ability to provide comprehensive treatment is limited. The main objective was to estimate in mentally disordered adolescents of a nationally representative United States cohort the role of school mental health services as guide to mental health care in different out-of-school service sectors. Methods Analyses are based on weighted data (N = 6483) from the United States National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement (participants' age: 13–18 years). Lifetime DSM-IV mental disorders were assessed using the fully structured WHO CIDI interview, complemented by parent report. Adolescents and parents provided information on mental health service use across multiple sectors, based on the Service Assessment for Children and Adolescents. Results School mental health service use predicted subsequent out-of-school service utilization for mental disorders i) in the medical specialty sector, in adolescents with affective (hazard ratio (HR) = 3.01, confidence interval (CI) = 1.77–5.12), anxiety (HR = 3.87, CI = 1.97–7.64), behavior (HR = 2.49, CI = 1.62–3.82), substance use (HR = 4.12, CI = 1.87–9.04), and eating (HR = 10.72, CI = 2.31–49.70) disorders, and any mental disorder (HR = 2.97, CI = 1.94–4.54), and ii) in other service sectors, in adolescents with anxiety (HR = 3.15, CI = 2.17–4.56), behavior (HR = 1.99, CI = 1.29–3.06), and substance use (HR = 2.48, CI = 1.57–3.94) disorders, and any mental disorder (HR = 2.33, CI = 1.54–3.53), but iii) not in the mental health specialty sector. Conclusions Our findings indicate that in the United States, school mental health services may serve as guide to out-of-school service utilization for mental disorders especially in the medical specialty sector across various mental disorders, thereby highlighting the relevance of school mental health services in the trajectory of mental care. In light of the missing link between school mental health services and mental health specialty services, the promotion of a stronger collaboration between these sectors should be considered regarding the potential to improve and guarantee adequate mental care at early life stages.
Secre??o da insulina: efeito autócrino da insulina e modula??o por ácidos graxos
Haber, Esther P.;Curi, Rui;Carvalho, Carla R.O.;Carpinelli, Angelo R.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302001000300003
Abstract: insulin plays a central role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis and acts in a coordinated fashion on cellular events that regulate the metabolic and growth processes. the insulin receptor b-subunit, which contains an intrinsic tyrosine kinase activity, undergoes tyrosyl autophosphorylation and is activated in response to insulin binding to the extracellular a-subunit. subsequent steps in insulin signal transduction are mediated via the phosphorylation of specific intracellular proteins, including insulin receptor substrate-1 (irs-1). in peptide motifs with the sequence tyr-met-x-met (ymxm) or tyr-x-x-met (yxxm), tyrosine phosphorylated irs-1 serves as a docking protein that interacts with signaling proteins containing sh2 or sh3 domains, such as the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (pi 3-kinase), thereby transmitting the signal downstream. the pancreatic b cell insulin receptor seems to mediate positive feedback for insulin secretion. alterations in the molecular mechanisms of insulin signaling provide a potential link between insulin resistance and their impaired release, observed in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. insulin resistance is also associated with elevated levels of free fatty acids (ffa) in the blood that may act directly on the exocytotic machinery to secrete insulin. the present review also describes the possible fatty acids and insulin signaling interactions on insulin exocytosis in pancreatic islets.
Secre o da insulina: efeito autócrino da insulina e modula o por ácidos graxos
Haber Esther P.,Curi Rui,Carvalho Carla R.O.,Carpinelli Angelo R.
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2001,
Abstract: A insulina exerce um papel central na regula o da homeostase da glicose e atua de maneira coordenada em eventos celulares que regulam os efeitos metabólicos e de crescimento. A sub-unidade beta do receptor de insulina possui atividade tirosina quinase intrínseca. A autofosforila o do receptor, induzida pela insulina, resulta na fosforila o de substratos protéicos intracelulares, como o substrato-1 do receptor de insulina (IRS-1). O IRS-1 fosforilado associa-se a domínios SH2 e SH3 da enzima PI 3-quinase, transmitindo, desta maneira, o sinal insulínico. A insulina parece exercer feedback positivo na sua secre o, pela intera o com seu receptor em células B pancreáticas. Altera es nos mecanismos moleculares da via de sinaliza o insulínica sugerem uma associa o entre resistência à insulina e diminui o da secre o deste horm nio, semelhante ao observado em diabetes mellitus tipo 2. Uma das anormalidades associadas à resistência à insulina é a hiperlipidemia. O aumento do pool de ácidos graxos livres circulantes pode modular a atividade de enzimas e de proteínas que participam na exocitose da insulina. Essa revis o descreve também os possíveis mecanismos de modula o da secre o de insulina pelos ácidos graxos em ilhotas pancreáticas.
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